Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera – A Marriage of Mismatched Muses

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera may have found it close to impossible to harness their individual forces of creative self expression within their marriage, however their influence over each other has allowed for these mismatched Muses to inspire the world at large with their artistic legacies that are like no other and expansively grow more and more with the passage of Time.

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Brad Kronen’s Welcome to the Zodiac Series: Cancer

Cancer is the one sign I have consistently observed where a significant portion of those born beneath it refrain from tapping into the full potential of their sign’s natural strengths. Crabs of both genders should know one of the best ways for a human to ensure their death in Mother Nature’s Queendom is by simply crossing paths 1 inch the wrong way with the young of any wild animal comparable in size to us.

The Mother of said wild animal whose path you just crossed 1 inch too far will make sure you see the error of your ways… killing you 10 times before ‘ya hit the ground.

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Beneath the Surface – The Cancerian Camera of Ringo Starr, Part II

It began with an overlooked box.

Placed on a high shelf, the box had changed locations after numerous moves, numerous times. Nobody considered opening it.

Until 2012, when much to Ringo Starr’s delight he discovered the box contained old postcards that went back as far as 50 years earlier.

And that was just the tip of the sentimental iceberg.

While in the process of “tidying up”, the man known as the “Fourth Beatle” came across a hitherto unopened drawer that when discovered, revealed the most priceless of treasures – hundreds of photographic negatives, the majority taken during a time when the Beatles were still a band and more popular than the big G himself, 1964-1970.

With every photo being taken by the Fourth Beatle, himself.

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Beneath the Surface – The Cancerian Camera of Ringo Starr, Part I

The Funny one. The Last one. The Fourth one.

These are some of the various nicknames that have been tagged onto the personage of Ringo Starr, former drummer and part time vocalist for the band that many regard to be the most influential group in rock history – The Beatles.

Being a Beatles aficionado myself, I’ll be the first to admit the Water signed members of The Fab Four got the short end of the stick when it came to the band’s overall global popularity and international fandom. True to their astrological elements, the Watery duo of Ringo the homey Cancerian and George the humble Piscean quietly took an emotionally sensitive back seat to the non-stop jet stream of verbal communication and creatively rich ruminations that emanated from the Air signed duo of Libran John Lennon and Gemini Paul McCartney.

Despite the majority of the Free World waiting with anxious anticipation over every thought and utterance that came from the powerhouse pair of Lennon & McCartney during the height of the band’s popularity, the watery members of the Fab Four seemed content simply in being exactly just that.

However among the Beatle obsessed, it’s inherently understood The Fab Four didn’t become a musical religion in their own right due to Ringo and George meekly shutting up, looking pretty, and playing their respective instruments whenever needed. Both Water signed mop tops were crucial contributors to the Beatles’ stratospheric success by ways that were indicative of their shared astrological element of Water.

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Napoleon & Josephine: A Truly Mythic Love

The amorous reputation between the early 19th century Emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife the Empress Josephine is legendary and considered by many to be one of the greatest Loves of all time.

However, when observed through a historic lens of romantic reality, this Love of mythic proportions is knocked far from its pedestal of idealism, revealing itself to be a relationship led by misdirected bad timing that was rife with uncertainty.

The Battle of Waterloo may be the event which brought about the undoing of one of history’s most influential statesmen and military leaders, but from a personal perspective, many consider Napoleon’s relationship with his wife Josephine to have been both his greatest triumph and defeat.

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Defending The Human Family: Facing A Global Pandemic in these Not So United States

Some of the darkest pages of America’s History deal primarily with one evil in particular – Slavery.  Where in times of old, humans beings were treated as if mere pieces of property through the sin of Slavery, its presence still echoes across the ages to the Present day in the form of this country’s broken race relations.  Despite all parties being American citizens, those who are not Caucasian still find themselves in the 21st century being singled out with many non-whites today being treated as if they were citizens of a lesser, second class kind.  More often than not this is especially the case whenever a person of color must deal with the police.

Horrifyingly, the tragic fate which recently befell George Floyd is nothing new.  Police officers abusing their power through the harassment, violence, and deaths of this country’s black citizens is as old as American History, itself but has become even more prevalent especially over the last 5 decades.  Recent victims who lost their lives to police brutality that immediately come to mind are Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Willie Tillman, among countless others. George Floyd’s name may be one of the most recent but it certainly won’t be the last addition to a list that shows how exponentially worse  America’s race relations have become lately, along with the abuses of power displayed by the police.

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A Plague on Both Your Houses: Astrologically Analyzing America’s Role in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The recent astrological weather has indicated that America and the world at large can no longer act upon decisions based strictly on the needs of individual economies or in the best interest involving the finances of a choice few, the world must move forward as a united whole with humanity basing all of its upcoming actions in scientific fact strictly unto itself.

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Saturn Transits Aquarius, Part I: The Past Merges at Present

March 11th, 2020 – The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declares the Corona Virus to be a global pandemic with the strong likelihood of the virus making its presence in every country on the planet.

March 11th, 2020 – The heavenly body known as the “Lord of Karma” transits into the highly karmic or last degree of the sign it naturally rules over, or in other words the planet Saturn becomes newly positioned in the sky at 29 degrees Capricorn.

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Susan B. Anthony – Mother of the Aquarian Age & Beyond, Part I: The Female Aquarian of American Representation

The current calendar year unto itself is a highly significant time which marks the evolutionary expansion of American democracy. 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, otherwise called the “Suffrage Amendment” which is better known as the Women’s Right to Vote.  This year also honors the pioneer who tirelessly fought for the rights of women in this country, since 2020 marks the 200th birthday of the founder of Women’s Suffrage in the United States, the great Susan B. Anthony.

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Brad Kronen Writes His Second Historical Book of Non-Fiction, “The Controversial Life of Pius XII, The Wartime Pope”

March of 2020 stands to be a pivotal time both for the Vatican’s future as well as its past. Brad Kronen’s second history book of non-fiction entitled “The Controversial Life of Pius XII, The Wartime Pope” takes an in depth look at the life of the man who could  soon gain entry into Catholicism’s hallowed hall of spiritual elite by becoming “Pope Saint Pius XII” or may soon be recognized as one the Catholic Church’s deepest sources of shame.

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Luck Gets Lean and Mean: Jupiter Transits Capricorn, Part II – Societal Predictions

Capricorn may be the sign of Jupiter’s “fall”, another way of saying the planet’s most challenging environment for its energies to function in, but we must keep in mind, Jupiter is the planet of  Abundance and provides  Luck, Blessings, and positive energy wherever its location in the Heavens.

The Great Benefic’s “good stuff” will still accompany the largest planet in our Solar System  as it transits through the sign of its fall, aka Capricorn, but much like that sign’s overall style of dress, Jupiter’s abundance will mirror their new surroundings by becoming more  demure and toned down versus vibrantly overt or flashy.

With that in mind, those who are natural risk takers or extremely lucky by nature may perceive the King of Planet’s upcoming transit as a period completely void of the Jupiterian “good stuff”.  The Great Benefic’s luck and blessings will still be present but in a more subtle, far less obvious way.

Conversely, those who believe themselves to be naturally unlucky may be pleasantly surprised during Jupiter’s upcoming transit through the sign of its fall that not only has their usual bout of bad luck subsided but that a noticeable change of good fortune has finally come their way.

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