Brad Kronen’s Welcome to the Zodiac Series: Cancer

Cancer is the one sign I have consistently observed where a significant portion of those born beneath it refrain from tapping into the full potential of their sign’s natural strengths. Crabs of both genders should know one of the best ways for a human to ensure their death in Mother Nature’s Queendom is by simply crossing paths 1 inch the wrong way with the young of any wild animal comparable in size to us.

The Mother of said wild animal whose path you just crossed 1 inch too far will make sure you see the error of your ways… killing you 10 times before ‘ya hit the ground.

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Brad Kronen’s Welcome to the Zodiac Series: Gemini

Gemini is the first representative of the element of Air which utilizes the functions of the rational mind as its primary tool to get through life. Not surprisingly, the foundation behind this most mentally agile of signs’ key phrase is rationally based – “I THINK”.

Mix all that mutably mental material up and you have the makings of a Gemini with a razor sharp mind kept forever young by approaching each day as a chance to learn something new about the world or on the unevolved side of the dualistic fence, a Twin born person being the perpetual motor mouth whose non-stop babble reflects just how much they actually know of a whole lot of nuthin’ .

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Life is like a bowl full of Uni-antlered Bull Elk

A video emerged on the internet the other day showing a woman being attacked by an elk. Supposedly she had gotten too close within the animal’s zone of personal space resulting in the beast charging at the woman, knocking both her and her picture taking cell phone to the ground. The incident was captured on film by two forest rangers who following the animal’s assault proceeded […]

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The Mother of Us All: The Nurturing Nature of Roy Horn

Roy Horn’s specialized gift for being a feline Dr. Doolittle quickly became obvious and apparent. The entertainment duo’s inner circle of friends and co-workers speak of Roy’s connection with his many large cats with an almost mystical respect: “Siegfried treats the animals like colleagues,” says Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn. “But they’re Roy’s children.”

Per close friend, Lance Burton, “Roy can communicate with these animals on a level that none of the rest of us are aware of.”

Unfortunately, Saturn’s two favorite tools to emphasize its most effective “lessons learned the hard way” are pain and loss. And the “The Lord of Karma” chose to give Roy Horn a crash course in one swooping lesson with as big a karmic impact and emphasis as humanly possible.

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Unleashing More than just Showers – The Firearmed Flames of April, Part II

Cusp – a transitional period of astrological time occurring between two signs of the Zodiac which bears the influences of both signs. That’s the very most astrologers will consensually agree upon whenever attempting to define the astrological term listed above that’s heatedly disputed over to the present day. Some astrologers say a cusp period lasts 5 […]

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Unleashing More than just Showers – The Firearmed Flames of April, Part I

Remember that nursery school one liner of a rhyme adults often say to children around this time of year to justify the heavier than usual precipitation associated with the month of April?

“April showers bring May flowers.”

Even with that being the atmospheric case, the 3rd week of the 4th calendar month has been delivering a lot more than just a heavier flow of rainfall in recent memory. The time period astrologically known as the last week of Aries has also been raining down buckets of fire and hailstorms of bullets upon our heads with yearly regularity, as well.

Over the last 25 years and throughout much of history, the most notorious news breaking events that have taken place during the 3rd week of April have all involved the following traits: Violence, Large scale fires or explosive bursts of flame, and every variation of firearm imaginable.

Events such as:
Oklahoma City Bombing, Siege of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, Columbine High School Shootings, Virginia Tech Shootings, BP Explosion and Oil Spill

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The Tale of Cupid & Psyche – Part XIII: Dining with the Queen of the Dead

None of us truly know our own strength until it’s tested. And the two greatest tests a person’s strength can face are “Weariness” and “Loneliness”. Each unto itself is hard enough to persevere through but the presence of both working in tandem is one of the most daunting trials a mortal’s sense of strength can undergo. From the very […]

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