Brad Kronen’s Book “Santa Claus, Saints, & Sagittarius” Uncovers the Origin of Both Santa Claus & Jolly St. Nick!

In his book entitled “Santa Claus, Saints, & Sagittarius”, Brad traces the origins of Santa Claus through various astrological, religious, and historic sources. The book’s culmination is when Brad makes a first of its kind astrological discovery about the life of the actual man whose numerous good deeds Santa’s essence is modeled after – a 3rd century Turkish bishop named Nicholas of Myrna.

The book also displays Saint Nicholas’ many acts of generosity through paintings made during the Middle Ages and Renaissance that unto themselves may convince even the staunchest of Scrooges that Yes, Virginia! There IS a Santa Claus.

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Death & The Maidens – Sylvia Plath, Assia Wevill, and Ted Hughes

Their highly charged romance has been described as “the Romeo and Juliet of the 20th century” and their conjoined artistry has been likened to “a poetic powerhouse rivaled only by Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning”. Despite all the literary and poetic accolades heaped upon the two, the relationship between the greatest poets of their Age, Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, is made hollow by the nature of the couple’s highly tragic Fate.

To be expected, the marriage between these Fixed sign intellectuals appears to have always been fueled by both the Leo’s and Scorpio’s inherently intense passions but even with that said, your Author must emphasize the following astrological relationship rule:

A marriage between two Fixed Signs is never “easy” by virtue of the varying degree of “challenge” that is constantly present.

And a marriage between two Fixed Signs who are each important in their own individualized right that has no sense of compromise between the two, is undoubtedly doomed.

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Valentine Words of Warning – King Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette: How NOT to behave within a Partnered Relationship or Reign of Rulership

The union between the King and Queen of France, Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette sets a memorable standard on how NOT to behave within a partnership be it via a marriage or a monarchy. For not only did the relationship between the 18th century rulers not survive due to both parties repeating negative behavior cycles inherent within their Virgo Scorpio union, their cyclical blunders were the cause behind neither of the two royals surviving at all.

The King and Queen’s failure to trust each other along with their inability to communicate openly and honestly between themselves are the key factors which make their royal partnership one of the most tragic (and gruesome) examples of its kind in all of Western History.

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Georgia O’Keeffe & Alfred Stieglitz: A Bond Forged in Artistry and Romance

Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O’Keeffe were each artistic geniuses in their own right and from a personal perspective, geniuses are never easy to deal with and tend to be difficult at best, especially when two of them reside under the same roof together.

The Scorpio and the Capricorn were inherently aware of each other’s genius temperaments and their marriage wouldn’t have lasted past a year if a sense of relaxed trust wasn’t instilled in their matrimonial bond from the start.

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Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton: A Love Writ in Water

Towards the end of his not so long lived life, Richard Burton was asked by a friend what the epitaph on his grave should read. Without pausing, the actor quoted the English Romantic poet John Keats saying, “Here lies one whose name was writ in water.”

Apt words said by a person whose birth occurred while the Sun was placed in the element of Water in the sign of Scorpio. A phrase which could just as easily been applied if the epitaph included both himself and the love of his life, fellow Water sign, Elizabeth Taylor.

There’s an old astrological adage that at first glance sounds almost dimwitted for its obviousness, but its meaning holds far more of a profound significance: “Water Reflects.” Should a person born beneath the element of Water experience inner doubt or question their self-worth, quite often they’ll “reflect” the strongest aspects of their surroundings. This mirroring effect of the Water sign could take the form of imitating another in closest vicinity with the strongest ego or by the Watery person “reflecting” the traits of their overall environment should they stand out substantially more than any one person’s personality.

The love affair between actors Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton was notoriously well known in part because at its tempestuous core were two Water signs desperately trying to find their own sense of self within each other’s famous reflection.

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Ike & Tina Turner: The Duo that did Things “Nice and Rough”

Tina Turner.

Despite the two words listed above being associated with a famed celebrity whom much of the world adores and admires, they speak of a fabricated creation.

The surname of “Turner” represents a branding of Scorpionic control since it refers to the last name of its domineering creator. The significance of the first name is important only for its phonetic similarity to a female superhero from the world of comic books, Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.

Before the musical duo that was “Ike and Tina” is examined any further, some realistic truths must first be relayed. Much like how society’s perception of his natal sign has become more and more myopic in the present day, with only the most cartoon-like aspects of the unevolved Scorpio personality being noticed, Ike Turner is viewed by many in the 21st century strictly through a distorted lens of the most evil, villainous kind. Case in point, the character of Ike Turner from the film, “What’s Love Got To Do With It” ranked #4 in Vibe Magazine’s “Best Movie Bad Guys”.

Unbeknownst but factually true none the less, there is a lot more behind the man whose name will most likely go down in Rock History primarily as “that drugged up crazy dude who beat up Tina”.

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Brad Kronen’s Welcome to the Zodiac Series – Scorpio

Renowned astrologer Brad Kronen presents the archived recordings from his “Welcome to the Zodiac“(WTZ) series, a group of 12 introductory lectures originally broadcasted on, each dedicated to one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  In each show, Brad explains everything you’d ever want or needed to know about those particular residents of that […]

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The Life-Affirming Lifeless Ones: The Ghosts of Charles Dickens’ “Christmas Carol”

Christmas isn’t all merely festive uber-jolliness and hyper ho-ho-ho-ing, you know. “The most wonderful time of the year” also deals with being scared out of one’s wits or at a bare minimum temporarily freaked out with sudden fear. Why else would a ghost story heavy with the psychological abuse of intense serial haunting be a rock solid foundational part of the Christmas tradition? This particular holiday piece takes a fresh new look at an old well-loved Christmas favorite by analyzing the key characters of the world’s most famous ghost story who are next to never given much thought outside of the parts they play – the ghosts from Charles Dickens’ timeless holiday tale, “A Christmas Carol”.

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Hedy Lamarr – Beauty is the Beast

She was voted “the most beautiful woman in the world”. A title she loathed and could never fully shake off.

With her raven flowing hair, perpetually pouted lips, alabaster China Doll skin, and exceptionally large, electrically transluscent blue eyes, no one’s beauty could compare to that of the exotic actress born beneath the sign which rules over both Sexuality and Desire, Scorpio.

Scorpios enjoy having an aura of mystery hovering around them and the most beautiful woman in the world was no exception to this Scorpionic rule since it has only recently become widely known the most desired woman from Hollywood’s Golden Age also possessed one of the most inventive minds of her generation as well.

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Josef & Magda Goebbels: Scorpios Bound in Power, Purity, and Propaganda – Part II

As mentioned in Part I, the Minister of Propaganda had successfully trained his people into fearfully perceiving a foreign force known as Jewish intellectualism was soon to invade and destroy their world as they knew it. With that fear firmly put into place mentally, Goebbels stoked Germany’s sense of irrational paranoia by adding visual reinforcement.

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Josef & Magda Goebbels: Scorpios Bound in Power, Purity, and Propaganda, Part I

In no uncertain terms, Josef Goebbels was a PR and marketing genius who used propaganda to brainwash an entire nation into accepting his mindset of evil through both conscious and subconscious means. Standing barely over 5 feet tall and disabled by a clubbed foot that isolated him from birth, the dark haired, dour faced man deluded his people into thinking that not only were they a master race of humans that were superior above all others, but that he and his family were the perfect prototypes by which to model themselves by.

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The Fall of David Petraeus – The Phoenix Charred by the Flames of Desire

November 9th.

A fatefully significant date in the life of security chief supreme, David Petraeus. Not only is November 9th when the 4 Star General submitted his resignation as Director of the CIA to the President of the United States in 2012, it also marks the birth of the person who brought about the military leader’s fall into disgrace, since the 9th of November is the date of birth of Mr. Petraeus’ mistress, Paula Broadwell.

Astrologically, being born during the second week of November makes Paula Broadwell a Scorpio, and she isn’t the only one.

With his date of birth being two days prior to Ms. Broadwell’s, November 7th to be exact, the military commander laden with such high hopes was himself also born beneath the sign represented by both the Scorpion and the Phoenix of mythological legend.

Like Paula Broadwell, David Petraeus was born a Scorpio as well.

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All Hail the Newly Crowned King of Moons!

The planet known as “The Great Benefic”, Jupiter may be the “King of Planets” but the planet known as “The Great Malefic”, aka Saturn now has more courtiers. Citizens of Earth, let it be known that the planetary spotlight that was taken up for so long by Jupiter, the King of Everything has now been usurped as of this past October 7th! With it being officially announced that 20 new moons orbit around the ringed planet, Saturn currently has the most Moons of 82 edging out Jupiter’s long time record of 79. The ringed planet now bears another title of distinction as the newly crowned “King of Moons”.

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Shirley Verrett – Artistic Versatility at its Penultimate Best

When Shirley Verrett switched fachs from mezzo-soprano to soprano much of the opera world didn’t know what to think since hardly ever did a singer make such a drastic transition while still in their vocal prime. One can only assume the constant hemming and hawing from those associated with such a pristine art form that got shaken up over the slightest bit of change must have worn out La Verrett over time. I made this presumption after walking along the fountained plaza of Lincoln Center one day in the late 1980’s to see banners being newly put on display along the cultural center’s entire perimeter which stated in big bold letters:


To which I murmured aloud, “What vocal coglioni!”
(If you’re not sure what that foreign word means, good.)

Through those simply worded banners, Shirley Verrett was telling every nay-sayer in the classical world in no uncertain terms to Fach Off.

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Brexit’s Imminent Arrival & Great Britain’s Political State of Inertia – Part II

“Loose talk about proposals for negotiations is irresponsible. We agreed that it is now time for Boris Johnson to produce his own proposals in writing – if they exist. If no proposals are received by the end of September, then it’s over.”

– Atti Rinne, Prime Minister of Finland and current President of the European Union with Emmanuel Macron, President of France at a Paris press conference on September 18th, 2019.

Going by the words of the EU President Atti Rinne said on September 18th, it appears Britain’s current Prime Minister hasn’t even gotten around to putting any of the United Kingdom’s concerns in writing at this beyond critical stage of the Brexit game.

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Brexit’s Imminent Arrival & Great Britain’s Political State of Inertia – Part I

With less than a month to go as the imminent deadline of October 31st draws ever nearer for Great Britain to make its final decision whether to retain an active role within the European Union, it’s still anyone’s guess if the United Kingdom goes forward into the future allied with the EU or whether the sovereign nation chooses to withdraw from this European conglomeration of countries and in effect opts to “Brexit”.

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A Brad Kronen Book Signing for his latest book “We All SCREAM for Halloween”!


Hot off the press.  It’s a Halloween hit of horrifying proportions.


Halloween Book


for Brad Kronen’s Latest Book

“We All **SCREAM** for Halloween!
(And Hold our Breath for Christmas)”

Venture into the night and meet the man who is making everyone SCREAM for Halloween!

Thursday, October 24th, 2019   6 – 8 PM

Mystic Journey Bookstore
1624 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, California 90291





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