Georgia O’Keeffe & Alfred Stieglitz: A Bond Forged in Artistry and Romance

Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O’Keeffe were each artistic geniuses in their own right and from a personal perspective, geniuses are never easy to deal with and tend to be difficult at best, especially when two of them reside under the same roof together.

The Scorpio and the Capricorn were inherently aware of each other’s genius temperaments and their marriage wouldn’t have lasted past a year if a sense of relaxed trust wasn’t instilled in their matrimonial bond from the start.

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The Myth of Orpheus & Eurydice

  Once, a radically long time ago, there lived an ancient rock star named Orpheus and man, did he have it made! Among mortals, no one made music like Orpheus played his ancient string guitar formerly called a lyre.  And as if that incredible talent unto itself wasn’t enough, no human voice could ever hope to sing […]

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