The Truth Behind St. Patrick’s Day

The holiday known as St. Patrick’s Day is much more than just rowdy leprechauns and even rowdier parades – March 17th celebrates the life of an actual man whose exemplary deeds and actions elevated him to sainthood.   Hibernophile. Celtophile. Gallophile. The terms above refer to those who admire any and all things related to the Emerald Isle along […]

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Saturn: The Anti-Agnostic – December 2002: Earth and Saturn had an extraordinarily close encounter. The ringed planet was only 1.2 billion km from Earth – about as close as it could get – and its rings were tipped towards us. The view through a telescope was simply breathtaking.

I slowly stepped up to the lens and as trite as this sounds by both myself and, what I then saw took my breath away – quite literally.

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Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton: A Love Writ in Water

In 1964, three of the greatest interpreters of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” converged to mutually star in the film, “Becket”- Peter O’Toole, Sir John Gielgud, and Richard Burton. During the first week of shooting, the three acting greats dined together on the film’s set. Although usually known for his Victorian sense of propriety, Sir John impishly presented […]

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