Born Beneath a Self Combusting Sun: Arnold, Bill, Martha, and Monica

The hubris of many an unevolved Sun ruled person is the mistaken belief of them thinking he or she is equal to the Gods and above reproach from the Laws of Man. What began as an astrological “connect the dots” of recognizing a running theme of the Leo basking in the spotlight of fame with that same Leonine personality being the cause of their own undoing has unfolded further out into “The Grid” of the Cosmos, with the birth chart taking on an entirely new dimension of meaning and karmic purpose.

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Divine Disabilities

Nothing in the Universe exists that is all positive or entirely negative. To affirm that notion there are gifts one can receive that are based in the hardship and suffering a person has gone through. This applies to both mortals and immortals alike.

Known as the “disabled deity”, the god of Fire, Volcanoes and Artisans of all kinds better known as Hephaestus faced such a dilemma.

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Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera – A Marriage of Mismatched Muses

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera may have found it close to impossible to harness their individual forces of creative self expression within their marriage, however their influence over each other has allowed for these mismatched Muses to inspire the world at large with their artistic legacies that are like no other and expansively grow more and more with the passage of Time.

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Life is like a bowl full of Uni-antlered Bull Elk

A video emerged on the internet the other day showing a woman being attacked by an elk. Supposedly she had gotten too close within the animal’s zone of personal space resulting in the beast charging at the woman, knocking both her and her picture taking cell phone to the ground. The incident was captured on film by two forest rangers who following the animal’s assault proceeded […]

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