Saturn Transits Sagittarius: A Planetary Passion Play, Part III

Lady Luck
Will Lady Luck’s cards be trumped by the Lord of Karma’s lessons learned the hard way?

As stated in Part I, when reduced to their basic essences, Saturn could be viewed as the planet of “Work” and Sagittarius, the sign of “Luck”. Put them together and what’s it spell? “Gambling”. Below are Brad Kronen’s theorized predictions as to how the gambling industry will be affected over the next three years by Saturn’s upcoming transit through the sign of Sagittarius.

It’s estimated the casino gaming market in the United States alone generates approximately $60 billion annually and the worldwide online gaming market is projected to reach $111 billion in 2015.

With numbers like that, how could The Lord of Karma NOT get involved with an industry that seems to be ever expanding and gaining more and more of an online presence with each passing year? As stated in Part I, Sagittarius is the “Lucky” sign, and the best way to cross paths with Lady Luck is by gambling.

Saturn’s upcoming presence in the sign of Luck will most likely affect the gambling industry in a variety of ways. It all depends on which kind of gambling institution one wishes to lose their shirt in, namely gambling that’s reality based, aka the casino, or gambling of the online cyber kind.

Casino Gambling – The two Meccas of gambling within the U.S. are Las Vegas and Atlantic City Even with that said, it seems as if Lady Luck has turned her back on both places as of late, given how seriously rough things have been for the two gambling centers over the last few years.

Las Vegas was one of the country’s hardest hit areas affected by the 2008 Financial Crisis. The desert city was in the midst of a building boom when the Recession hit, resulting in entire neighborhoods looking eerily too much like the ghost towns of the Old West due to construction projects being abandoned in mid-swing and completed homes falling into foreclosure.

Positioned along New Jersey’s southern shore, Atlantic City was a favorite vacation and recreation spot for both gamblers and non-gamblers alike,

….until the last week of October in 2012.

The East Coast gambling center was an area hardest hit by the raging winds and torrential rainfall of Hurricane Sandy, when the massive storm pummeled the mid-Atlantic coastline during the autumn of 2012. Gambling centers not only rely on their casinos to be up and running, but local neighboring hotels as well, and both money making venues were severely damaged and barely functioning following Sandy’s unexpected visit to the Jersey Shore.

Many forget the ringed planet oversees the concept of “structure” and Saturn is also considered to be an “economic” planet, especially in regards to the influential pull both real estate and property values have over local economies. At first glance, one might shudder at the thought of Saturn joining forces with the Lucky sign, but not so when applied to the “physical” side of gambling.

Expect to see the structures of both Las Vegas and Atlantic City steadily gain ground and stabilize over the next three years, with Las Vegas’ real estate and property sales being resuscitated and Atlantic City making a full recovery by replacing what was damaged and destroyed with that which is new and improved.

Regarding the physical side of gambling, The Lord of Karma won’t need to impart its lessons of tough love upon Lady Luck when he comes to visit her neck of the woods, especially after realizing that for America’s two biggest gambling centers things couldn’t have gotten much worse.

For online gambling, it’s a different Saturnine story altogether.

Online Gambling

Did you know online gambling is currently illegal in the United States? Swear to Saturn!

Not only that, I’ll wager my astrological millions double or nothing that the tiny fraction of readers who actually are familiar with the legal tidbit mentioned above can’t guess the 3 states which are the only exceptions to Lady Luck’s online presence being unlawful?

Nevada – due to it being Viva Las Vegas’ home state.

It stands to follow the second state couldn’t be any other than the one which houses the Gambling Mecca of the East – New Jersey.

Atlantic City must be quite the powerful force of gambling unto itself, since the third and final state where online gambling isn’t currently illegal lies within close vicinity of the Atlantic Coast’s gambling center – Delaware.

Despite what’s already been said about its association with unusually good Luck, many may be surprised to hear the sign ruled by The Great Benefic, Sagittarius, oversees the Law, itself.

And these days, no other area of Life is legally greyer than that Luck driven cyber activity otherwise known as Online Gambling.

Currently, there are no federal guidelines within the United States which regulate online gambling, technically making the cyber activity (except in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware) illegal.

But wouldn’t you know it? A certain ringed planet with a super bad rep that happens to oversee such things as making rules and regulations is about to transit through the sign which oversees Lady Luck’s favorite pastime at home, namely Online Gambling.

Perfect timing for a legislative bill like the “Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act of 2013” to be passed by Congress. The bill, which was first drafted in, you guessed it, 2013 proposes to enact federal legislation that would allow states to license and regulate online gambling.

If passed, online gambling would no longer be considered an illegal activity throughout the country and internet gambling transactions would be regulated by a proposed subdivision established within the Department of the Treasury called the “Office of Internet Gambling Oversight”.

New York Republican Congressman Peter King who introduced the bill to Congress has this to say about the federal regulation of online gambling, “A common federal standard will ensure strong protections for consumers, protect against problem and underage gambling and make it easier for businesses, players, lawmakers and regulators to navigate and freely participate.

Although introduced in June of 2013, the Internet Gambling bill is strongly opposed by conservatives who wish to block its passing in favor of the rights of individual states. Some politicians have gone so far as proposing the American government ban the limited online gambling considered to be legal and state-sanctioned.

Saturn may be the planet of restriction, but as mentioned earlier, The Lord of Karma governs over such government run actions as administration and regulation. With the planet of regulation soon to cross over into the sign associated with both Lady Luck and the Law expect to see the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act of 2013 being passed by Congress within the next 3 years of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius, so that online gambling is legalized throughout the entire Land of the Free.

Thanks to the Lord of Karma, we’ll soon enough be singing that Broadway ditty made popular by Sagittarian singer, Frank Sinatra, “Luck be a Lady….and a Law“.

In regards to that luck driven gambling activity held nearest and dearest to the sign of Sagittarius, namely Horse Racing, internet bets and wagers are permitted under the Interstate Horse Racing Act of 1978.

It seems that Horse laws dealing with Luck have their Sagittarian privileges.

Lady Luck Picture:

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