Elie Wiesel – Modern Day Zacharias & Messenger to Humanity, Part II

Elie Wiesel
Elie Wiesel – Messenger to Humanity

Luke 1:10-13 –
And it came to pass, that while he executed the priest’s office before God in the order of his course, According to the custom of the priest’s office, his lot was to burn incense when he went into the temple of the Lord. And the whole multitude of the people were praying without at the time of incense. And there appeared unto him an angel of the Lord standing on the right side of the altar of incense. And when Zacharias saw him, he was troubled, and fear fell upon him. But the angel said unto him, Fear not, Zacharias, for thy prayer is heard.”

If one could say there was an astrological representation of God or a Higher Power, it would be the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter = The Great Benefic = The Astrological Representation of The Big “G”

The heavenly body known as the “The Great Benefic” is by far the largest planet in the Solar System . This term of beneficence assigned to the King of Planets is both symbolic and literal. Astrologically, Jupiter symbolically represents blessings from a Higher Power, opportunities or bestowments which hold the potential to materialize into great benefit for us on Earth, as well as the archetypal virtues of Faith and Hope. The gargantuan planet also benefits Planet Earth and those who reside here quite literally by acting as a buffer with its mighty magnetic fields, so that our tiny bespeckled blue marbled home is not barraged and pulverized by every large sized asteroid or wandering space boulder.

As I write this piece, The Great Benefic is currently located in the sign of Taurus, which rules over all that is material, especially those materials which hold value or worth, in particular, anything monetary. Under the Bull’s domain we find such monetarily based things as money itself, the banking industry as a whole, and anything related to the stock market, including investments both bought and sold. This will be a key factor to remember, given that at the time of Elie Wiesel’s birth the King of Planets was positioned in the Heavens in the sign of Taurus, along with the fact the human source of Wiesel’s 2nd Trial of Faith was not only born with his Sun in Taurus, but natally has a stellium of 3 other planets positioned in the sign of the Bull as well.

Saturn = The Great Malefic = The Goat Doesn’t Have Cloved Feet For Decorative Purposes Only

Keeping the same planetary mindset, if Jupiter is God, then Saturn is the Devil. Termed the “The Great Malefic“, Saturn is the planetary Simon Le Gree which foils Jupiter’s God-like, superheroesque image, by ruling over Man’s greatest fears, restrictions and inhibitions.

As stated in Part I, at the time of Elie Wiesel’s birth on September 30th, 1928, the Ringed Planet was placed in the Heavens in the sign of Sagittarius, a karmic indication hinting that the greatest tests of the soul would lie within the domain of one’s philosophy of Life. Plus, by virtue of the sign’s mutable quality, this testing would occur on more than one occasion over the course of the lifetime of the person born with The Great Malefic placed in the sign of Faith, Hope, and Optimism.

“I was the accuser, God the accused. My eyes were open and I was alone – terribly alone in a world without God and without man.”
– Elie Wiesel, Night

Saturn In Sagittarius – God Becomes The Philosophical Enemy

When one is born with Saturn natally placed in the sign which is ruled by The Great Benefic, aka Sagittarius, the role of The Devil is played by The Big “G” Him/Her/Its Self, and God becomes the soul’s source of relentless anguish and unanswered pain.

Howard Sasportas in his book co-written with my astrological mentor, Liz Greene, “Dynamics Of The Unconscious” describes Saturn in Sagittarius as the fear of bearing “the burden of consciousness”.

Liz Greene, in her pivotal work which ushered in the modern view regarding the influences of Saturn on human behavior, “Saturn: A New Look At An Old Devil”, describes the particular dilemma of restrictive loss a person born with Saturn in Sagittarius must face:

“The prison of Saturn in Sagittarius….is built through loss of hope and faith….The man with Saturn in Sagittarius usually finds he has to be his own priest, pope, and saviour because all moral and ethical values lie within him.”

The old school Sagittarian activity of “philosophy” takes on an entirely new and painful meaning with this Saturnine placement. The person born with Saturn in Sagittarius will grapple with God over regular philosophical meals which usually commence with “Why do bad things happen to good people?” served as a cold appetizer before the double course of non-resolution is served, not necessarily hot but heated to be sure. The first portion being the probing hunt which searches for the purpose behind the person’s own individual existence and the final course consisting of the relentless desire to grasp the meaning of Life, overall.

As can be inferred, the Saturn in Sagittarius person seems destined never to leave this philosophical meal either morally satisfied or in any way philosophically satiated.

The existential purpose behind the meaning of Man is a common source of inner angst shared by many born with Saturn in any of the fire signs. Some of the best concrete examples of this Saturnine psychological state of mind are the works of Viktor Frankl, an Aries born with Saturn in the same fiery sign. Like Elie Wiesel, Frankl endured the Hell of Auschwitz and his philosophical search for meaning during his post-War years moved him to write some of the greatest psychological literature of the 20th century. His books “Man’s Search For Meaning”, “The Will To Meaning”, and “The Unheard Cry For Meaning” form the core of Logotherapy, a psychological therapy of existential analysis created by Frankl which focuses on a person’s “will to meaning”.

What better than two quotes from Dr. Frankl’s seminal work, “Man’s Search For Meaning” to begin the analysis of Elie Wiesel’s Second Trial Of Faith.

“What is to give light must endure burning.”

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Elie Wiesel’s Second Trial of Faith, God, and Man

On November 27th, 2008, the planet of death and transformational change, Pluto, had newly entered the sign of the corporate and of the economy, Capricorn. Less than 2 weeks later on December 10th, the FBI received a phone call from 2 brothers stating their father had just admitted to them that his wealth and securities investments firm was “one big lie.

The world had just been made aware of Bernie Madoff and the worst case of financial fraud in U.S. history.

Including fabricated gains, the total dollar amount of lost funds in Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was $65 billion (yes, with a “B”) dollars, which included not only all of Elie Wiesel’s life savings, but all of the funding for The Elie Wiesel Foundation For Humanity, which totaled $15.2 million was wiped clean as well.

“We gave him everything, we thought he was God, we trusted everything in his hands.” – quote said by Elie Wiesel about Bernie Madoff, CNBC.com

In my 3 part series which discussed the current transit of Jupiter through the sign of Taurus, “Bovine Blessings” I had this to say about Mr. Madoff and his very unevolved Taurean tendencies:

“Not only is “the greediest man of the 21st century” a Taurus, he has a stellium of 4 planets placed in the sign of the Cash Cow – Sun, Moon, Uranus, and the Goddess of Greed herself (Taurus’ planetary ruler, Venus) at a highly karmic 29 degrees. As if that wasn’t materialistically maniacal enough, Madoff’s karmic Venus is at an almost exact by 1 degree square to The King of Planets. When a person born with the Sun and Moon in Taurus also has that sign’s planetary ruler, Venus, placed in her ruling sign at the highly karmic 29th degree, along with that very karmic ruler of Taurus harshly squaring Jupiter, it can be likened to a Black Hole of Greed, where the more millions Madoff acquired, the bigger the Black Hole of Need expanded, eventually reaching a point of no return where his unquenchable desire to acquire would never be satisfied, no matter the amount.”

What is so powerfully painful about this 2nd trial of faith for Wiesel, who in the early part of his life had everything and everyone forcibly removed and taken from him, is to have this devastating theft of all that was monetarily material not only occur during his twilight years, but for it to be committed by a fellow Jew, and a remorseless one at that. A Jew who also claimed to be “philanthropic” and dared to discuss ethics with the Nobel Peace Prize winner during the first of only 2 meetings together.

Astoundingly, Elie Wiesel has been criticized by numerous sources for not having the capability to forgive Bernie Madoff. In February of 2009, Wiesel was asked at his first official public appearance after the Madoff debacle broke 3 months earlier, if he could forgive the man who is now in prison with a 150 year jail term. Elie replied:

“Forgiveness must be sought, and Madoff doesn’t appear capable.”

In rebuttal to the criticisms of non-forgiveness, it must be mentioned that the loftiest title bestowed upon Mr. Wiesel, Messenger To Humanity, contains the word “Human”. Elie Wiesel is just that, and I believe one would be very hard pressed to find any given human within the population of the planet who in the initial months following the shock of learning their entire life savings amassed over 40 years was completely eradicated could be so easily forgiving of those who were responsible for such a devastating loss.

Additionally, in Part I I mentioned how I had heard Mr. Wiesel being interviewed on the radio and how his buoyant repetition of the word “beginning” motivated me to look further into the astrological foundation of this extraordinary man. That interview took place on the day President Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize in October of 2009, almost a year after the world learned about Bernie Madoff’s attrocities of deception. At that time, I did not know that Mr. Wiesel and his foundation had lost everything, and going by his joyous words which beamed a radiant hope for the future, I would imagine everyone else who was unaware of his situation would have guessed he had either. Based on my perceptions of hearing the voice of the Nobel Laureate on the radio that day, Elie Wiesel had not forgotten his soul’s moral right to, in the words of Viktor Frankl, “choose one’s own way.”

Astrological Analysis of Wiesel’s 2nd Trial

None of us can change the misfortune that has already come to pass on Elie Wiesel. But despite the sting of realizing a man who had already witnessed so much suffering had to very recently undergo yet another trial of such severe, overwhelming loss, the astrological Universe hints of karmic reconciliation.

Saturn & the Conscious Effort of not being Saturnine

When Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was made known in December of 2008, Saturn was in the later degrees of the sign of Virgo. Despite a difference in signs, given Elie Wiesel’s Sun is in the early degrees of Libra, Saturn was within wide enough range to directly affect him. By the time Saturn entered Libra at the time of my hearing his interview on the radio in October of 2009, Mr. Wiesel could have easily portrayed himself to be Saturn’s Libran poster spokesperson who was thoroughly well versed with that planet’s influences of restrictive loss drenched with restrictive fear and inhibition. Instead, the Messenger To Humanity transcended his individual woes by focusing on what the world stood to gain at that moment in time.

The Passion Play of Jupiter

At the beginning of this piece, I mentioned how Jupiter is currently in the sign of Taurus and shall continue to be until this upcoming June. I also mentioned how Jupiter can symbolize bestowments, especially those which carry the potential of yielding beneficial gain at some point in the near future. Furthermore, I described Taurus as the sign which oversees money. More specifically, the sign of the cash cow and of bull markets rules over any and all investments of a monetary nature.

In what appears to be the most supreme of ironies, the human representative responsible for the Nobel Laureate’s Second Trial of Faith was born with his Sun in an EXACT conjunction in the same sign as Mr. Wiesel’s natal Jupiter AND natal Chiron. Said another way, not only was Bernie Madoff born under the same sign that Elie Wiesel’s astrological representation of God was placed in, but the Sun of the financially notorious criminal is at the exact same degree as the vessel of Truth’s natal Jupiter and natal Chiron, an asteroid which symbolically is the astrological representation of Pain itself. All are joined together in the sign of money, the material, and of investments, Taurus, at the 8th degree, a number which represents death, transformation, and “other” people’s money.

When arranged formulaicly:

Elie Wiesel’s financial (Taurus) investments (Jupiter) were destined to cross paths (conjunction) with Bernie Madoff’s person (Sun) and experience exorbitant pain (Chiron) through a massive (Jupiter) misappropriation of funds (Chiron’s influence amplified by its exact conjunction to Jupiter in Taurus).

The exact conjunction of Wiesel’s natal Jupiter and natal Chiron with Madoff’s Sun at the eighth degree of Taurus paints before the world a true Passion Play, made complete by the union of these 2 men, who at their core are karmic foils of each other. Numerologically, the number 8 deals with death and other people’s money, but just as importantly, 8 is also the number astrologically associated with transformational change that comes from the deepest levels of the soul. With one person’s Jupiter and Chiron joined with another’s Sun at the 8th degree of Taurus, the stage of the passion play is set. The earnest good and insidious darkness of Man are joined together in the sign of materialism and money, resulting in all parties being poisoned by the pain of endless consumption brought about by the Black Hole of Greed.

Jupiter’s Passion Play ends with our two diametrically foiled leading men, both left with nothing, or perhaps it’s karmicly better to say, both are left with no-things.

On one end of the cosmic spectrum, one foil is a man devoid of all tangible assets, but left even more karmicly sound than ever before, which in turn, hints of a bright future for his soul, made even more luminescent by the power of reconciliation.

On the opposite end, the passion play’s curtain falls on the other foil who is left a mere husk of a man. Since his tangible assets were his soul, the removal of all things monetary renders him devoid of his humanness, resulting in the inability to feel any kind of remorse, which in turn, leaves him reconciled in knowing there is no future for him, whatsoever.

Mr. Wiesel is currently experiencing his “Jupiter Return”, a most advantageous time when Jupiter returns to the sign it was positioned in at the time of a person’s birth. The placement of the asteroid Chiron in the birth chart represents the principle of Pain, but the Zodiacal sign the space rock is placed in at the time of one’s birth also dualistically symbolizes the area of Life where a person has the greatest potential to heal oneself once that core Pain subsides. With Chiron’s placement being in the sign of the Cash Cow, Taurus, I firmly believe that not only will the Messenger to Humanity recover most, if not all of the monies he and his foundation have lost, but that Elie Wiesel’s soul will eventually be able to find forgiveness for Mr. Madoff, regardless of the latter’s inability to feel its humanness through the emotion of remorse.

The North Node – Elie Wiesel’s North Node, or overall karmic destiny, is in the sign of Gemini. The Hindus believe if one is born with their North Node in Gemini, they are truly blessed, since Gemini rules over one’s every day, ordinary world and the soul will evolve simply by existing there. Given how extraordinary Elie Wiesel’s every day world has been over the course of his life, we can only imagine how immensely vast his leaps of evolutionary growth have been which his soul has already accrued thus far.

The Moon – Elie Wiesel was born during a Full Moon, a time when the Moon is positioned in the polar opposite sign of the Sun and is fully illuminated in the evening sky. Through his actions, and more importantly, reactions of “choosing his own”, the man who time and again has consciously transcended his personal needs for the awareness or better good of all, serves as a beacon of evolved light for not just his own individualized Night, but for all of ours as well.

Like Zacharias, Elie Wiesel’s tests of faith are destined to dissolve and his anguish shall be lifted. By virtue of his noble actions and evolved reactions to the trials he has faced, The Messenger To Humanity’s prayers, which have yearned to know philosophical peace with both God and his fellow Man shall be heard and Temperance shall soon soothe his soul.

*Brad Kronen is a prolific author and has written a book about The Holocaust entitled “The Ethics of Auschwitz” which focuses on the lives of Oskar Groening and Saint Edith Stein but also references the life and philosophy of Mr. Wiesel.  “The Ethics of Auschwitz” can be purchased at amazon.com and for further information click on the link below:

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