Newtown’s Mass Shootings – A Hamlet Forever Changed, Part I

Newtown Town Center
Newtown Connecticut will never return to its former self of being one of New England’s most quaint hamlets after the unspeakable horrors which occurred there on December 14, 2012.

*Written originally on the day Newtown’s shootings took place – 12/14/12

On the afternoon of December 14th, I was in the Hollywood branch of the DMV getting my driver’s license renewed. Upon showing my Connecticut birth certificate, the eyebrows of the state employee rose in surprise.

“You from where those shootings happened?”

“Two towns away.” I replied, my eyes focusing downwards towards the badly scuffed tiled floor of the government office.

My initial discovery of hearing about one of the worst mass murders in American history occurring in my home state had been announced on the radio as I drove towards the DMV, allowing my first reaction of stupefied shock to thankfully occur privately while alone in my car.

When the radio announcer specified the state of Connecticut, I immediately assumed a major, centralized city within the second smallest state of the Union such as Hartford, the capital, Bridgeport, the seventh poorest city in the nation, or even New London, a major coastal hub for the United States Navy.

When further specification stated the location of the not to be believed horror as “Newtown”, my brain couldn’t absorb the remainder of the grim new flash still being reported as I turned the car engine off.

Newtown is as quaint and quiet a village hamlet as any you’ll find throughout all of Connecticut, throughout all of New England for that matter. Nestled in the upper Southwestern section of the tiny state, it would take a 20 minute drive in any direction before one came across any of Connecticut’s so called “cities”. Newtown’s main square is the pristine poster place representing the essence of New England as a whole. The veneer of the town’s center is quintessential Connecticut by its simple and austere outward appearance. Matching the no frills, but straightforward and earnest personality of the typical Connecticutian, the center of Newtown is adorned with little to no ornamentation, yet the clean lines and defined angles of the square’s buildings and church steeple, along with its massive flag pole, which bore an equally massive American flag, made this Connecticut hamlet visually striking and geographically unique. Newtown’s town square was always picture postcard perfect any time of year, but most especially during that one season which the entire state of Connecticut is unmatched in its stunning atmospheric beauty – the autumn.

But the picture postcard perfection now has been permanently tainted with an indelible stain.

For the remainder of that quaint New England hamlet’s history, the Autumn, especially the tail end of the Autumn of 2012 will be forever remembered, and devastatingly, not for its technicolor foliage or record harvest of pumpkins or squash.

Like Columbine, Colorado, Newtown, Connecticut will be hereby associated with Murder on the grandest of scales and in the most terrifyingly tragic of terms, with the slaughter of 20 innocent children and 6 adults, at of all hallowed places, an elementary school ranging from Kindergarten through the 4th grade.

As a professional astrologer, I was compelled to cast a chart of this nightmarish event. As one who hailed from the Nutmeg State, I had to see if there were any signs from the Heavens as to why one of the most quaint hamlets from my home state should be permanently marked and scarred .

With little to no information being given as of yet, the chart cast over this quiet Connecticut hamlet at the time of the shootings is, at this point, purely my conjecture. This initial interpretation will most assuredly be“fleshed out” as more information about the event, and the gunman and his history in particular, is released.

An Event Most Personal For All the World To Mark

Upon casting a chart for Newtown, CT at 930 AM EST, the approximate time of the shootings, noteworthy karmic markings arise which speak of both personal vendetta and simultaneously, as global warnings for all to mark and remember.

Saturn in Scorpio: Chart Ruler and Societal Marker Placed in the sign of Death

In my piece about the Petraeus scandal, I mentioned how the planet called “The Lord of Karma”, otherwise known as Saturn, was the astrological influence for all of society, and that its sign placement was the area of Life in which society should veer from any kind of deviant, or unevolved behavior. Simultaneously, whatever sign Saturn is currently placed in tends to be the area of Life which contains most of the time periods most shocking news headlines. With The Lord of Karma’s transition into the sign of Scorpio this past October, it’s astrologically no surprise that the latest media shockers have been of the sex scandal’d variety.

Unfortunately, Scorpio is the sign of both Sexuality and of Death itself.

At the time of the shootings, Capricorn was on Newtown’s Ascendant, which makes Saturn the planetary chart ruler, or the planet which holds the most prominence. In particular, the cosmic prominence would be The Lord of Karma’s Scorpionic positioning, making Death, itself, the focal and most pertinent issue of the day.

Aquarius/Leo Interception

What makes this chart appear so personalized is the interception of Aquarius and Leo in the respective 1st and 7th Houses. An interception occurs when 2, (never 1), signs are completely “engulfed” within the domain of an entire astrological House, or area of Life. The signs which are intercepted are ignored/overlooked/negated but are still very much present, none the less.

With Aquarius, the sign of equality, groups, and friendship being intercepted in the 1st House of Self, the chart hints of a person who desperately wanted to fit in and be part of the local crowd, but simply couldn’t. A sense of alienation or of being ostracized is strongly indicated with this interception, by virtue of an individual trying to fit in amongst the local crowd or resident peers with the same success rate as jamming a squared indenture with a rounded peg.

With Leo, the sign of leadership and dramatic attention being intercepted within the 7th House of Partnership, the astrological influence speaks of that same ill-fitting person emerging from out of the woodwork and taking drastic action, most likely with the intent of being noticed by a choice few which that square pegged individual felt the most spurned or rejected by.

An Unaspected Sagittarian Sun

The time of year during which the shootings occurred, most painfully is praised as being “the most wonderful time of the year” – Christmastime. At the time of the grim event, the Sun was “unaspected”, meaning it stood solitarily apart from the rest of the chart, by virtue of its having no aspects with any other heavenly body at that moment in time.

Interestingly enough, the Petraeus sex scandal involves an Unaspected Sun as well, with Paula Broadwell being born with her Sun being unaspected in Scorpio. In my piece about that scandalous event, I described why the Sun being unaspected is so noteworthy, both astrologically and karmicly:

Unaspected planets unto themselves are relatively uncommon, but amongst the residents of our Solar System, an unaspected Sun is truly quite rare. The Sun is astrologically considered a planet and because other heavenly bodies lie between the Earth and the Sun, namely Mercury and Venus, the center of our Solar System almost always is aspected to one or more of the other planets. Not only is an unaspected Sun extremely rare, by virtue of its uncommonness it is also considered to be a marking that is highly karmic as well.”

On an individual level, an unaspected Sun would hint of a person needing to find their ego, or sense of self, through others, on a societal level an unaspected Sun speaks of an individual feeling completely overlooked and non-existent by others around him.

Tragically, with the Sun not interacting with the rest of the chart, the themes of its sign placement would be cut off as well, namely the optimistic good cheer that is normally associated with the sign of Sagittarius and of Christmastime, overall.

The remaining astrological interpretation of one of the worst mass murder sprees in America’s history to follow in Part II.

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