Newtown’s Mass Shootings – A Hamlet Forever Changed, Part II


Angel grieving

Written originally on the day Newtown’s mass shootings took place – 12/14/12

In the summer of 2011, an event of unforeseen tragedy occurred in a part of the world ironically known for its wonderland of winter activities and picturesque landscapes. On the recreational island of Utoya in July of 2011, the worst modern mass murder in Norway’s history took place when a lone gunman, dressed as the local police hunted and killed 92 people, the vast majority of them under the age of 25.

In my 3 part series, “Norway’s Day of Deadly Discord”, I discussed the pertinent roles the asteroid of confusion, Eris, played alongside The Moon, the planet of Home and Emotional Security during Scandinavia’s darkest modern day, resulting in the World being asked to re-examine the words,“Homeland Security”, both together and seperately.

I also discussed how the astrological interpretations of many of the planets’ positions over the quaint Norwegian vacation island on that July day were so eerily literal, such as Mars’ positioning in Gemini being astrologically translated as a person considered to be “home grown” being equipped with the Mars-ruled tool of a gun and dressed in the Martian garb of law enforcement.

The gruesome events which unfolded in the hamlet of Newtown, Connecticut not only appear to be equally as literal, but like Norway’s shootings, also bear global ramifications by virtue of the localized, or “home grown” traits which lay behind this occurrence of history-making mass murder.

God’s Finger Penetrating “Home” along with the World’s Sense of Security

In my 3 Part Series involving the Phone Hacking Scandal of the Murdoch Media Empire entitled, “The Humbled Become The Hunted: Nemesis & The Murdoch Empire”, I describe that rare astrological configuration known as a “Yod” or “Finger of God” as follows:

“A Yod, or Finger of God is the formation of 3 planets into an isosceles triangle… Two planets are at the base corners and have 150 degree demarcation lines emanating from the base to the triangle’s tip where the 3rd, or “pointed to” planet is positioned. With the visual emphasis directed to the 3rd planet, the influences associated with this planet are of major karmic importance for the Yod person, since the notion behind the Finger of God formation is that it appears as if a Higher Power is pointing at or directing things toward the 3rd planet’s positioning. “

At the time of the shootings, the chart cast for Newtown, Connecticut reveals not just one, but two Yods, or Fingers of God – one pointing to the planet which oversees Blessings, but also rules over the concepts of Expansion and Exaggeration, Jupiter . The other Yod pointing to the heavenly body which represents the archetypal Feminine in its most “Light-less” form, The Dark Moon, Lilith.

The Biblical Myth of Lilith, The Demoness Child Slayer

In Astrology, the Moon not only represents a person’s overall level of emotional feeling, but also indicates the influence, or emotional imprint which a person’s Mother has over an individual’s psyche. In short, the role of Motherhood and the act of maternal nurturing is represented by the placement of The Moon in any given person’s birth chart.

Being called “The Dark Moon”, not only does the heavenly body called Lilith follow the same elliptical path as the Moon, but astrologically, she represents the Moon’s foil. Archetypally, Lilith is The Moon’s balancing lunar force of anti-Motherhood, since mythologically, she was the Demoness mother of Biblical legend who actively destroys her own children.

Lilith is one of the few astrological influences whose origin stems from the Bible. In the Old Testament, Lilith was Adam’s first wife in the Garden of Eden and was considered his equal since she, like the Bible’s first Man, was created from the earth and was brought to life during the same time of Adam’s making.

According to some sources, Lilith refused to lay beneath Adam in order to pro-create, since she considered this physical positioning to be a subservient act. When Adam insisted, Lilith proceeds to give the most extreme Biblical version of Kiss Off by daring to say before Creation’s first Male, “the Ineffable Name of God” and then flying off into the Air and straight out of Eden.

Adam, by all Biblical chauvinistic accounts, refuses to be one-upped by of all things under Creation, a woman, so he proceeds to woefully complain before the Lord God Jehovah. He repeatedly whines to The Creator of All Life about his newly single status while constantly whine-begging for Lilith to be returned to the Garden.

LGJ, for the main purpose, I would think, of simply putting a lid on Adam’s incessant moaning, sends 3 Angels to scour the earth to fetch Lilith.

Playing upon the male subconscious fear of the strong woman, despite Lilith being a human female upon her exit of Eden, at this point of the twisted tale Adam’s former spouse has now transformed into a Demoness, which spawns hundreds of demon children by the time the Angels catch up with her.

Lilith retains her feminine power and autonomy from Men by refusing to return to Eden, as well as brokering a deal with the Angels.

The demoness consciously allows 100 of her demon offspring to die every day, provided the Angels and God leave her alone.

The Angels agree and vacate the demoness’ presence, leaving Lilith vowing to seek revenge by swearing to kill as many of Adam’s descendants as she can – while they are still in the state of childhood.

The Psychological Lilith of Astrology

According to Frater RKB in the very informative article, “The Black Moon Lilith”, psychologically, The Dark Moon represents,

“one’s hidden nature, the unconscious in which psychic demons breed in the darkness of ignorance. An understanding of Lilith’s position in the natal chart is considered to be important to understanding how one can become aware of one’s “dark side” and bring unconscious or self-defeating patterns of behavior to light.”

One of the definitive interpreters of astrology, Robert Hand, describes Lilith on as:

“…the Dark Moon indicates some form of castration or frustration, frequently in the areas of desire, a powerlessness of the psyche, or a general inhibition. On the other hand, it shows where we question ourselves, our lives, our jobs, and our beliefs. I feel this is important, since it gives us the opportunity to “let go” of something. The Dark Moon shows where we can let the Whole flow into our selves, without putting an “I” in the way, without putting up a wall in the form of ego. At the same time, it doesn’t indicate passivity – on the contrary – it symbolizes the firm will to be open and trusting, to let the Greater World flow through one, relying entirely on the great laws of the universe, on that which we name God. To prepare us for this opening, the Dark Moon creates a necessary void.”

Newtown’s Lilith Focused Yod

As stated earlier, at the time of the shootings, the chart over Newtown had 2 Yods, one which pointed to the Dark Moon, Lilith. The other pointing the biggest planet, otherwise known as “The Great Benefic”, Jupiter.

The base planets of Lilith’s Yod are formed by Pluto and Saturn. The base planets of Jupiter’s Yod are formed by the Moon and Saturn.


In Part I, the societal role of Saturn was discussed with its current positioning in Scorpio, the sign of Death along with its event significance by being the “chart ruler” for the chart cast for the shootings.

The Moon

The prominence of the Earth’s only satellite in the chart of Newtown is yet another cosmic reiteration to today’s society that the supposed “War on Terror” can occur anywhere, even at “home”. The mysterious terrorist who speaks a foreign tongue and wears non-traditional garb is no longer the main focus of fear for society’s potential harm. Like Norway’s mass murders, Newtown’s darkest day has once again shown the world of the 21st century that volatile waves of mass violence can come from the localized home grown who, quite often, reside in the same neighborhoods and bordering picturesque hamlets as we do.

As we saw with the myth of Lilith, anything astrologically “lunar” archetypally deals with the concepts of one’s Mother, maternal nurturing, and Motherhood, at large.

It has recently been confirmed that among the group of 26 slain in Newtown was the gunman’s Mother. Curiously, the woman was employed by the institution where the killings occurred, namely The Sandy Hook Elementary School, but her body was found at the home where she and the perpetrator resided, with the cause of death being numerous gunshots to both the face and heart.

Given the fact it usually takes one bullet to kill a person, along with the as yet to be confirmed detail which tells of the murder weapons supposedly being purchased and registered in the name of the killer’s mother, the motivations which drove the gunman into action seem to be of an intensely emotional and painfully personal nature. The killer’s rampage may very well have been activated by a sudden and intense release of deeply felt, long held resentments the gunman had been harboring towards his mother.


Astrologically, Pluto represents the force of Death but also of Transformative Change. Since 2008, the outermost planet of the Solar System has been positioned in the sign of the Economy, Capricorn. Despite the Moon and Pluto forming the foundations of 2 seperate Yods, they are in a close 2 degree conjunction. This conjunction between the closest heavenly body to the Earth with the furthest would hint that the source behind that which caused the force of Death, would, in all liklihood, be in a financially difficult state at that time (Pluto/Capricorn), as well as would most likely hail locally from the area, or one of the “home grown” by virtue of the presence of the planet of the Homeland, the Moon.

Lilith’s Yod Positioning

Keeping in mind the mythological source of The Dark Moon refers to an offspring-killing demoness, the fact that Lilith is the “pointed to” Yod planet in Newtown’s chart is truly astounding, not only by its legendary interpretation, but also by its sign positioning as well. At the moment of the shootings, Newtown’s Lilith was placed in Gemini, the sign, which when applied to the Ages of Man relates to the ages of 6-12, the years when a person is in the process of learning as much as they can about the world at large around them.

Said another way, the sign of Gemini, which oversees the learning institutions of elementary schools at large within its astrological domain, developmentally translates to the Age of Man which correlates to that of the elementary school student. This Gemini Lilith is positioned beneath the horizon on the border between the 4th and 5th Houses. The 4th House being the House of Home or Homeland, and the 5th being the House of Children.

Along with each being the “pointed to” Yod planets at the time of the shootings, Lilith and Jupiter were also at a very close, 1 degree conjunction to each other in the sign of Gemini. Recalling that Jupiter is the planet which deals with the concepts of expansion or exaggerated growth, the chart over Newtown on the morning of December the 14th now takes the focal point of karmic interest, that being the elementary school student and expands upon it.

Jupiter’s presence alongside Lilith’s in the sign of Gemini now speaks of a particular day being heavy with karmic overtones, where The Universe’s attentions would be cosmically concentrated and intensely focused on a large grouping of elementary school children, all between the ages of 6 – 12.

Resolution Found amongst the Planets Not In Aspect

As mentioned in Part I, the sky over Newtown, Connecticut at the fated time of 930 AM on the 14th of December displayed a number of highly karmic planetary placements, the most noteworthy of these being the Sun having no aspects within the sign of Sagittarius.

Humanity’s concept of a “day” on Planet Earth is marked by the rising and setting of our Sun. Keeping in mind that of all the heavenly bodies of the Solar System, the Sun is the one astrological planet which almost always has some form of interaction with the rest of the other travelling planetary orbs, it cannot be emphasized enough that the occurrence of an unaspected Sun is incredibly rare, just as it is karmicly significant.

I see the Sun’s unaspected condition at the time of the Newtown murders as the Universe’s way of providing warning to every resident of Planet Earth, that the desecration of Life which transpired on December 14th, must never happen again – within the lifetimes of those who were present on this plane of existence on that day and within Mankind’s history, overall.

The key to humanity’s fulfillment of both understanding and genuinely paying heed to this most dire of cosmic warnings lies within the last planetary placement of high karmic relevance within Newtown’s chart which has yet to be discussed – an unaspected Mars.

Unaspected Mars & The Violent Volatility of Guns

Just as the Sun’s state of being unaspected is a truly rare event heavy with karmic meaning, Mars’ having no aspects is just as intense and comsically significant since this planet’s influential energies are based solely on the number of aspects it has with the rest of the Solar System.

Regardless of these aspects being ease filled (trine) or challenging (square), the more interactions Mars has with the rest of the residents of our Solar System, the more its presence can be felt and the stronger an influence its competitive energies have over we Earth Folk.

An unaspected Mars can be energetically likened to a can of Coke that has just been dismantled from a paint thinning machine which has been in high powered “shake” mode for the last 24 hours.

With nothing to interact with, the pent up energy of the planet of energy becomes exponentially fast, highly pressurized, and dangerously volatile.

Very much like a fully cocked bullet placed within a fully loaded chamber of a particular metallic contraption, which not only was the tool of action chosen by the killer on the day of Newtown’s murders, it falls under the rulership of the planet which rules over every variation of action and aggression – The Gun.

The repurcussions of Mars’ immensely pressurized, highly pent up reserves of dangerously volatile, unaspected energies being released into our world through those very things which the God of War rules over naturally, namely Guns, resulted in the slaughter of 26 souls, 20 of them children between the ages of 6 and 7 years old.

Twenty innocent little children, whose purity of age had yet to even hear of, let alone understand, the notion of that Life-ending concept which we call Death, along with 6 adults, each of whom heroicly placed themselves between the children under their charge and the killer in order to preserve that soul affirming concept which we call Life, itself.

The blood from these angelic innocents and self-sacrificing heroes that spilled over the hamlet of Newtown when the planet named after the God of War was being denied interaction with anything else in the Universe are the most powerful of karmic messages for all the World to mark and pay heed going forward.

If Mankind still wishes to have a Future, Guns and Firearms can no longer be a part of the world’s immediate Present and beyond. These tools of Mars which bring Death and the unspeakable and infathomable pain which accompany their presence, must be permanently removed from the psyche of the Common Man. A psyche which once assumed the life of a child or adult would never be in danger should they be attending elementary school, high school, or college. But in the aftermath of the soul darkening events which have come to pass at such institutions of learning as Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, and now Sandy Hook Elementary, society can no longer delude itself with that false presumption of security.

If we wish for Civilized Society’s history to still unfold, the presence of Guns and Firearms must be banned, finally and for good.

May Perpetual Light shine upon the souls of those pure and innocent babes who left this world on the 14th of December, 2012, and upon the souls of the brave women who sacrificed their lives so that Purity and Innocence could prevail.

And may a day eventually come when both Peace and Forgiveness enfold the hamlet of Newtown and all who reside there with open arms. Amen.


Newtown Shootings ChartAstrological chart cast over Newtown, CT at time of the shootings around 931AM on the morning of December 14th, 2012.


LilithAn ancient depiction of the demoness mother of the New Testament, Lilith


Newtown Town Picture
May the people of Newtown eventually come to find Peace once more.



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