Norway’s Day of Deadly Discord: Homogeny, Patriotism, & Eris – Part I

Norway flag

Death is an event we are always unprepared for, no matter how well informed of its imminent arrival. Death always leaves us in a state of stupefied shock, regardless whether we saw its presence or not. Death has a finality that is irreversible and unchanging.

Although an integral part of Life, for the most part, Death is always an unsettling experience.

All of this is especially so when Death visits unexpectedly or when It descends upon those who are young with much of their Life still in the realm of potentiality.

For the people of Norway, both aspects of Death at its utter, shocking worst very much apply.

On the late afternoon of Friday, July 22nd, a car bomb detonated in the administrative district of Norway’s capital, Oslo, killing 7 people. One hour later, a man dressed as a police officer went on a shooting spree at a summer youth camp on the island of Utoya, killing at least 85 people to date.

Nearly all of the camp’s victims were under the age of 25, most in their mid-teens.

This is the worst case of mass murder in Norway’s history since the Second World War and is being recorded as the worst killing spree in the modern history of Scandinavia.

Just as the core foundation of Norse Mythology has key intrinsic differences from most of the world’s ancient mythologies, the horrors which befell Oslo on Friday stand apart from the rest of those deadly occurrences defined as occassions when numerous people are taken down in one period of time, otherwise known as a mass murder.

As if Friday’s blood bath in northern Europe wasn’t mind numbing enough in its own right, after reviewing an astrological chart for Oslo on its blackest day in the 21st century, The Universe is once again giving humanity the starkest of reminders that global vigilance is needed going forward, as well as relaying to all of us the message that terror can be unleashed just as readily from those who are home grown as it can from the disturbed acts of fanatical foreign zealots.

The Goddess Of Discord Descends

When Osama binLaden was reportedly captured and killed on May 1st, 2011, I published “Of Mars, Marines, & Mefistofele: The Death Of Osama bin Laden And The Bloody Bunch Reunion”. In that article, I discussed how literal the theory of “As above, Is below” was showing itself to be with the grouping of eight heavenly bodies being crammed together in the aggressive militaristic sign of Aries, while at the same time on Earth, the most wanted man in the Western World was being beseiged and subsequently executed in Pakistan.

This massive planetary gridlock in the fire sign of aggressive action was noteworthy, not just for the literal nature of the violent, war-like events which were being mirrored on our planet at that time, but specifically within that convergence of heavenly bodies, 3 were positioned at the exact same degree of Aries, the 22nd, and their symbolistic combining of mythological representation acted as a message of karmic heed for the world at large going forward from that point onwards.

The 3 heavenly bodies located at the 22nd degree of Aries on the first day of May were two planets whose names were of ancient Roman mythological origin and dealt with the human themes of leadership and war, Jupiter and Mars, along with an asteroid named after the ancient Greek Goddess of Strife, Discord, and Confusion, Eris.

My description of how Eris made her mythological presence known whenever she descended to Earth has an eerily similar feel to a particular policeman coming upon a group of teenagers who had just gotten word of a bomb explosion in town and him announcing to them he had come to clarify and help:

The Goddess of Discord had a knack for making an entrance onto the world’s stage in the moments either directly before or after a major conflict or confrontation, whenever we foolish mortals thought everything was said and done.

The terrifying thing about Eris is mistakenly assuming her actions are boisterously loud and obnoxiously attention getting, since she rules over such unnerving things as Strife and Confusion. Whenever the Goddess of Discord arrived on Earth, she would blend in with the antique wallpaper and perform the slightest of actions, which would eventually snowball into periods of violent chaos that marked the history of Man. “

I ended the piece with an equally eery prediction of hope based on precaution:

Humanity needs to ensure that the spring of 2011 isn’t remembered as the lull before Eris’ storm of Discord befell the world.”

Stupefyingly, not only does Eris play a prominent role behind Norway’s Day of Discord, but as the mass murders were occurring, the goddess of Strife stood shoulder to shoulder next to the heavenly body astrologically associated with the most personalized of core human qualities, among them being emotional security and homeland patriotism, The Moon.

Just as during the death of bin Laden, Eris was once again joining influential forces by forming a conjunction with a planet….once again at the 22nd degree of Aries. This time around, extra symbolic emphasis was stressed with Venus being placed in the Moon ruled sign of Cancer at 22 degrees, and the karmic destiny, or North Node of Oslo being positioned at the 22nd degree of the Jupiter ruled sign of Sagittarius.

All of this transpiring on the 22nd day of July.

And that’s just the tip of the fjord frost….Part II soon to come.

In Part II, Brad will discuss the mythological origins of the ancestral people from the land of ice and snow  how Norse Myth differs from other ancient cultures yet very much applies to the karmic significance of Norway’s darkest modern day.

In Part III, Brad will interpret the chart of Oslo for July 22nd and will show how jaw droppingly literal the heavenly bodies mirrored the grim unfolding of events last Friday as well as how everything relates to the mystical repetition of the number 22.


*Brad Kronen has written numerous books, many of them focusing on Astrology’s role in key historic events, namely one this article mentions right at its very beginning – World War II.  Kronen’s book entitled “The Cosmic Force of War” looks at how both Astrology and the force of War had crucial parts to play especially in the two most pivotal historic events which took place during the previous century – World Wars I & II. “The Cosmic Force of War” can be purchased at  Click on the link below to see a complete listing of Brad’s self-published work:

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