Norway’s Day of Deadly Discord: Homogeny, Patriotism, & Eris – Part III

Norwegian SS Ski Battalion

Norway’s 2011 mass murders are the worst in Scandinavian history since World War II.  Hatred from that period echoes into the present day not only with the killer’s 1,500 page manifesto where he claims to be a modern “Knight Templar” helping to fight against the “Islamification” of Europe but also it was discovered that Norway’s gun man was a member of the Swedish Neo-Nazi group, “Nordisk”.  Above shows a vintage WWII Nazi recruiting poster for Norwegian men to join the “Norwegian Ski Battalion” that according to the zombie skier’s helmet  was part of the SS.  The words above say in Norwegian, “Join us up north!”

To adapt.

This Darwinian verb has been the predominant reason why humans have managed to remain living on this planet. Accompanying that verb is the assumed and unspoken evolutionary factor of variation. In order to adapt, a plant, animal, person, or society must incorporate variations of all kinds into their environments.

In Part I, I mentioned how the Universe mirrored the capturing and killing of Osama bin Laden on May 1st, 2011  by having a large grouping of planets be placed in the sign of militaristic aggression, Aries. Within that grouping, 3 heavenly bodies in particular were all placed at the same exact degree of that sign, the 22nd – Jupiter, Mars, and the asteroid Eris.

On July 22nd, Eris was once again at the 22nd degree of Aries, but this time, the emphasis went from the very loud grand scale waging of war, as represented by the asteroid’s conjunction with Jupiter and Mars, to the opposite end of the astrological spectrum. Eris was now next to the planet which represents Home, Homeland, Mother, and Motherland, The Moon.

With Aries being the sign of the self, an Aries Moon, when relating it to a noteworthy societal event occurring on Earth, can be interpreted as an issue concerned with Homogeny.

In the 21st century, homogeny is practically extinct within the Western World. Almost every society, group, and country these days is comprised of every variation of color, creed, and ethnicity amongst its members. There are exceptions, such as The Amish for example, but here we have a homogenous society whose homogeny is partly identified by a refusal to modernize.

The myth of Eris is powerful since The Goddess of Discord acts as a warning to humanity to be as open as we can with our perception of the world at large. It’s when we mortals assume or presume that things are most definitely said and done/black and white/unequivocably set in stone that the Goddess of Strife and Confusion takes her cue and makes her entrance onto the stage of Man.

Seeing Eris in the same location of the sky as the God of War, Mars, and The Head Honcho of the Heavens, Jupiter, at the time of bin Laden’s death motivated me with trepidation to write in my article, “Of Mars, Marines, & Mefistofele” these words:

“Keeping in mind how Eris operates, it is imperative we do not fall into the trap of thinking now that Ding, Dong, the Anti-Christ is dead, everything will all work out and terrorism is forever vanquished! Eris enters whenever mortals foolishly feel all is said and done and everything is complete. Seeing the joyful reactions of the American public in the streets and other public venues to the death of bin Laden only creates seeds of Vendetta which begin to germinate in the hearts of many upon viewing such folly. Plus, Starting or listening to mythic rumors of bin Laden being the vanquished Anti-Christ is a perfect tool to lull us into false hope right before Eris commences her dirty work.”

And commence she did.

With the Goddess of Discord placing herself next to the planet of the Personal and of Patriotism, the Moon, Eris threw in the world’s face a nice, big smoke screen on July 22nd.

Upon hearing the first news reports of a bomb being detonated in Europe, almost everyone thought this was once again the doings of al-Quaeda or at the very least, a Muslim suicide bomber.

When the media spoke of mass killings in Oslo a short time later, it was presumed the dark forces of various Islamic extremists were working in synchronous tandem, only to hear….

a Norwegian did this?

Amid the confusion and terrifying strife of gunshots at the summer youth camp on the island of Utoya, Eris stood smirking in the backdrop with her arms folded. Terror can come from foreigners but just as devastatingly, from the home grown as well.

It is the literal symbolism behind Oslo’s chart for the fated day of July 22nd which makes this message more than abundantly clear.

When most hear the word “Norway”, many think of cozy wooden houses in the snow, filled with smiling, waving inhabitants as they embark on a bright, shiny day filled with skiing, skating, and some form of activity involving chocolate.

Just as we saw in Part II how the tales from Old Norse times differed from the rest of the worlds mythologies with their Sun & Moon deities, the killings which occurred in Norway do not neatly fall into the “typical Mass Murder” file.

In order to get as clear a perspective as rationally possible as to why the murder of so many innocent teenagers had to come to pass, the natal chart of the killer must be touched upon before analyzing the startling literalness of where the planets were positioned on the blackest day in Norway’s modern history.

Oslo’s killings differ from the norm of the typical mass murder formula by two crucial details – the perpetrator did not take his own life and survived.

The Jupiter, Ixion, & Progressed Moon of Anders Behring Breivik

Since no birth time is available for Anders Breivik, a detailed analysis cannot be done of his birth chart. None the less, when tracing 3 heavenly bodies in particular, Jupiter, the asteroid Ixion, and most importantly The Moon, through Breivik’s natal and into his progressed chart for the day of July 22nd, a pattern of unevolved extremes of perception can be seen which internally fumed past the boiling point and crescendo’d into the most violent of overt actions last Friday.

Oddly enough, I centered a writing piece around the myth of Ixion during the previous holiday season, not realizing until very recently there was an asteroid named after the mortal who paid dearly for his self righteous rage. Please read my article which is part of my “Goodwill Towards Men” Series entitled, “Sagittarius: Tartarus Welcomes You!” to fully read the myth behind the murderous man.

The positionings of the two planets and asteroid will be briefly discussed as they relate to Anders Breivik’s birth chart and his progressed chart cast for July 22nd. A Progressed chart is where the planets of one’s birth chart are progressed to a certain point in time and are analyzed from an evolutionary perspective.


As stated earlier, the Oslo killings are atypical from other mass murders – the perpetrator did not take his life and in fact survived. Upon first glance at Breivik’s chart, one can see his motivation for living – being born with an unaspected Jupiter in the sign of Leo. Jupiter is by far the largest of our Solar System’s heavenly bodies that orbit around the Sun. From a perspective of unevolution, the King of Planet’s placement in the sign of melodrama and royalty, Leo makes its own voluminous size equally matched with grandiose self importance. When it is unaspected, meaning the planet has no interrelaton with the rest of the chart, a person can develop a Messiah complex, where every thought and word uttered by that person are of the UTMOST importance (case in point, a rambling manifesto that is 1500 pages long) and every action is performed with a sense of noblesse oblige that’s for the good of all the little people around his mighty personage. I surmise Breivik had no intentions of doing himself in on July 22nd, if for the simple reason he wasn’t done pontificating yet. Maybe that’s why his request to publicly speak in front of the media during his trial has been immediately shot down by the presiding judge.

Astoundingly on July 22nd, Breivik’s progressed Jupiter was both highly karmic at 29 degres and exalted, or placed in the sign it functions best in, the Moon ruled sign of Cancer. This would hint that on that fated day, Breivik felt his actions were being done in the name and best interest of the people of Norway (patriotism of Cancer) and most likely saw his deeds being in the same realm of infallibility as the divine right of Kings (exaggerated importance of Jupiter).


It was just this week I learned there was an asteroid named after one of the most egregious sinners in ancient Greek myth, Ixion. After reading various astrologers’ interpretations on what the asteroid represents in human behavior as well as observing the placement of Breivik’s natal and progressed Ixion, I had no choice. The space rock’s influence is far too crucial to be overlooked in regards to the Oslo mass murders. Interestingly, Ixion was only very recently discovered, on a date you may have heard mentioned already – the 22nd of May, 2001.

The descriptions of how this asteroid’s influence is displayed in our personalities should be convincing enough:

Uncontrolled righteous rage

Ixion’s “phantasmagoria will push him beyond the curtain of reality when circumstances are below his taste.”

“Religious fanatics are born along this line, those well meaning fellows that send humanities to death, schizoid nationalists, new Hitlers, media magnates, Islamic terrorists, highlanders, beings of war and chaos.”

In a Progressed Chart, The Moon is the most important planet of influence. Whereas Jupiter was in its best possible sign to make the most of an exaggerated effect on July 22nd, Breivik’s Progressed Moon was placed in its worst sign, or “utter fall”, the sign of Death, Scorpio. The Progressed Scorpio Moon was exactly on Breivik’s Vertex, a karmic cause and effect point, along with being 1 degree away from his Progessed Ixion. In other words, on July 22nd, Anders Breivik acted from the deepest core of vitriolic hatred within him, knowing full well what he did on that day would seal his fate.

Oslo’s Chart – July 22, 2011

Along with interpreting The Sun and Saturn which were both positioned at highly significant degrees, I will interpret six other aspects in the Heavens, all of which were positioned at the 22nd degree over the city of Olso on the 22nd day of July: Venus, Mars, Eris, The Moon, Nessus, and The North Node.

Sun @ 29 degrees Cancer in the 8th House – The 29th degree is the last degree of a sign before another sign begins. It is considered karmicly significant and serves to emphasize the themes of that sign before a new one begins. The Sun can be seen as the Norwegian people as a whole. That day would have karmic significance regarding their sense of Home, Patriotism, and its People with The Sun in the Moon ruled sign of Cancer. The significance would be centered around the theme of Death, since the Sun was placed in the 8th House that day.

Moon & Eris @ 22 degrees Aries in the 5th House – The significance of The Moon conjunct Eris has already been discussed, as well as their coloring in the sign of violent action, Aries. What’s key to note is the House placement of this central themed planetary meeting – the 5th. The 5th House is the House of One’s Children and of Fun & Recreation. The Goddess created her penultimate strife, confusion, and discord by having this bloodbath occur in the pastoral beauty of the Norwegian countryside at a summer camp of recreation, as well as confusing the world, especially Norway itself, by having the perpetrator be one of their own, or in other words, a child/son of Norway who killed numerous young people, many of whom could be categorized as being mere children.

Venus @ 22 degrees Cancer in the 8th House – Close to the karmic Sun, the Goddess of Love was in the sign of Patriotism, the sentimental Past, and Idyllic surroundings but fatefully placed in the House of Death. The Prime Minister of Norway stated the Isand of Utoya was one his most beloved places where he would vacation to since his childhood years, that now has been turned into Hell itself. Disturbingly, with what was touched upon with Anders Breivik’s natal chart, I’m sure we’ll be hearing him quoted as saying his heinous deeds were committed out of “love” for his country.

At the end of Part II, I mentioned how in the days leading to July 22nd, Norway was viewed through a homogenous lens, for better or worse. On one end, the Northern European country was seen by the world as a permanently peace covered place where terror would never descend upon, even more so by a Norwegian perpetrator.

On the other was Anders Breivik’s sense of homeland patriotism – A cookie cutter society comprised of citizens that looked, spoke, and thought alike and where variation of any kind was despised.

With Venus in the sign of the homeland in the 8th House of Death, Norway’s Homogeny had to die. Oslo’s murders made the world realize terror didn’t pertain to just Islamic extremists. Along with the realization that those who inflexibly demand a homogenous society with no variation hearkened back to a time when a word was publicly used which is now illegally banned – “Untermannern” or “Underneath Men”, a term the Nazis used for anyone who was not a racial member of the Aryan race.

Sadly, when Norwegian authorities searched the home and possessions of Anders Breivik, it was discovered the young Norwegian had ties to Nordisk, Sweden’s neo-Nazi party.

Mars @ 22 degrees Gemini in the 8th House – Mars is the planet of action and motion as well as guns, violence, and the police. Gemini is the sign of one’s local area or neighborhood as well as the sign of one’s peers. Witnesses from the shootings at the summer camp state the teenagers were all gathered round trying to get news about the bombing in town, when, from a distance, they saw an approaching policeman, dressed in uniform, who spoke Norwegian, was around their age, and announcing to them he had come to help. With Mars’ placement being in the House of Death, this was nightmarishly not to be the case.

Nessus @ 22 degrees Aquarius in the 3rd House – Nessus transits signify the end of falsely hopeful innocence usually occurring through events or periods of intense suffering. This occurred in the House of one’s local area or neighborhood and in the sign of the masses, both Norway’s and the World’s.

Before completing this grim picture with the interpretation of Saturn and Oslo’s North Node, let’s talk numbers.

The Mystical Numbers of 22 and 11

In numerology, the numbers 22 and 11 are considered “master” numbers. They function best in an environment that is evolved, spiritually oriented, and extends beyond individual concern. Both are considered master builder numbers since they have the potential to turn the most dream oriented of goals into reality.

They do this by joining their hard working forces with as many varieties of people as they can, without trying to control every person and situation, or losing faith in the abilities of others.

The foundation from which the mystical power of the number 22 is based in, is the number 4 (2 + 2), the basic building block number of 4 corners and 4 walls and the astrological number of Cancer, its ruling House, the 4th, and its ruling planet, The Moon.

Saturn @ 11 degrees Libra in the 10th House – Saturn is known as “The Lord of Karma” and is associated with Life’s Lessons Learned through Pain, Loss, or Hardship. Saturn is exalted, or works best in, the sign which represents Justice itself, Libra. Saturn also is the natural ruler of the 10 th House of Status, Career, and The Public. With Saturn being in its exaltation, and in its ruling House, and at the master builder number of 11, The Universe is informing us this issue is not just Norway’s hardship and pain, it’s humanity’s as well and we must all rebuild our perceptions together as a unified whole going forward.

The North Node @ 22 degrees Sagittarius in the 2nd House – The North Node represents karmic destiny. In this particular case, it refers to the karmic destiny resulting from an event at a particular place, thus it speaks of the general direction and energies Oslo will be destined to go towards in the times that follow Norway’s Day of Deadly Discord.

Earlier, I presented a borderline offensively cartoonized version of how the rest of the world pictured Norwegian culture. From a personal perspective this was said with true admiration and respect due to the impact a few children of Oslo directly had in my life. My mother’s childhood hero growing up was the multi Gold medal winning, Olympic figure skater and film star, Norwegian Sonja Henie who was said to have skated with pure joy. Along with the fact I was trained as an opera singer specifically in a style of singing called “The Swedish Technique”, a Scandinavian approach to voice production which emphasizes power and resonance through every gear of the vocal range, giving the singer a seamless sound no matter how high or low the notes may be. The singer who best embodied The Swedish Technique was a soprano from Oslo who has been called “the greatest voice of the 20th century”, the great Kirsten Flagstad.

Sagittarius is the inherently optimisitic sign since they are ruled by the planet of blessings, Jupiter. It is when things seem their most dark and insurmountable that the Sagittarian insists everything will work out, even if they have not the slightest clue as to any of the details how this will happen or even in what direction to take the first step.

The 2nd House is the House of Material Assets, also known as the House where one builds.

Norway’s wounds are still excruciatingly fresh and painfully blinding. The process of healing and figuring how to even begin moving on from this blackest of tragedies will take a goodly amount of time. The North Node of Oslo at the master builder number of the 22nd degree in the sign of optimism, Sagittarius, all occurring in the House where one builds, confirms to me that Joy will eventually return to the people of Norway, both in their daily existence as well as in their pride of being Norwegians.

Norway Mass Shootings Chart

Six heavenly objects were placed at the 22nd degree, or Master Builder number, over the skies of Oslo and Utoya Island on the 22nd of July.

Sonja Hiene

Oslo girl, Sonja Henie was a 3 time Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skating Champion (1928, 1932, 1936), who also established a successful film career in Hollywood as seen in this promo shot from the film “Happy Landing”, costarring Don Ameche, 1938. (

Kirsten Flagstad on Norway Airlines

During World War II, Americans mistakenly judged the great soprano, Kirsten Flagstad to be a Nazi sympathizer when she returned to occupied Oslo in 1941. It was later learned after the war her husband was arrested by the Gestapo and her stepson was in the Norwegian Resistance. Flagstad’s image on the jet tail of Norwegian Airlines today. (


*Brad Kronen has written numerous books, many of them focusing on Astrology’s role in key historic events, namely one this article mentions right at its very beginning – World War II.  Kronen’s book entitled “The Cosmic Force of War” looks at how both Astrology and the force of War had crucial parts to play especially in the two most pivotal historic events which took place during the previous century – World Wars I & II. “The Cosmic Force of War” can be purchased at  Click on the link below to see a complete listing of Brad’s published work:

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