Libra – Radical Extremists of Peace, Truth, and Justice

Libra Scales with Sword
Libras are extremists. Libras are radicals. Libras believe in anarchy.

Remain calm, everyone.  The statements above are in no way proof that the mini panic which recently befell society involving the constellation of Ophiucus subdividing the Zodiac into 13 signs instead of its original 12 is in any way valid resulting in each sign now possessing personality traits that are indicative of anything BUT that sign’s inherent qualities.

However it must be clarified the three sentences which begin this piece are to some extent true, but only during the most dire of circumstances.  Despite their sign’s association with such anti-anarchistic attributes such as impeccable manners along with possessing the finest of aesthetic taste, within each and every Libran lies the heart of the most extreme radical who will do whatever it takes and stop at nothing

…..should they sense Peace or Justice be under serious threat.

The graciously mild mannered sign known for its knack of avoiding confrontation better than any given Walmart entrance equally possesses the potential to confront the powers that be with an in-your-face aggressiveness that would make even The Donald himself run for cover.  The sign that usually needs a full change of seasons before deciding upon anything remotely definitive can become radically decisive at will should they believe the concepts of Peace or Justice to be at stake.

Gracious manners versus brash aggressiveness.
Side stepping non-confrontation versus confrontational combativeness that boldly steps forward
Small scale indecision versus large scaled decisiveness that borders on the extreme.

The force which places each of these diametrically opposed qualities side by side together is the very same thing that stimulates the typical Libran personality most – Duality.  But Libran duality is so much more than just “Up/Down” or  “High/Low”.  The sign which prefers things to be both peaceful and harmonious can just as easily dualistically disturb the peace in the most subversive of ways.

For small scaled example, being ruled by Venus, the planet of Pretty, one would assume the animal assigned to the sign of the Scales would be some sugar coated prissy thing of a beast like a Pekingese Puppy or a preening peacock.

Not quite.

Snakes, lizards along with any variation of small reptile such as iguanas dualistically serve as this sign’s representative animals.

Venus doesn’t only deal with being pretty, the planet named after the Roman goddess of Beauty also oversees  the concepts of Peace and Harmony as well. What the Love goddess definitely does NOT deal with is confrontation in any of its variations. It is because of their ruler’s influence of planetary prissiness that the typical Libran will avoid or repress anything confrontational, if only to maintain keeping the Peace around them.  BUT should said Peace become threatened, the same Scale person will practically wage their own private war with a zeal that would impress even the most fanatical of extremists.

Consider the following Libran lot:

Gandhi & The Salt March of 1930

Mahatma Gandhi battled against British imperialism while simultaneously fighting for his country’s freedom when he led the notorious “Salt March” of 1930.  Under colonial rule, Great Britain imposed taxes on nearly every day to day item in India which in turn generated large profits for the British East India Company. The everyday item taxed hardest was one that Indians used most – common table salt.  In 1930, the taxed price of salt had shot so high, many Indians could no longer afford it, causing a massive spike in various salt related diseases such as iodine deficiency. In the early spring of that same year, Mahatma Gandhi and 78 others responded to this monetary injustice by making a 240 mile march by foot to the coastal town of Dandi.  Upon his arrival the Libran holy man waded into the Arabian Ocean and proceeded to defy British colonial law by making his own salt out of sea water.

What began as one man’s expression of peaceful protest transformed into India’s first act of civil disobedience with tens of thousands of Indians mass protesting their country’s colonial rulers. Gandhi’s use of pacifism as a  declaration of non-violent defiance inspired many to speak out against the injustices being imposed upon indigenous cultures and minority groups around the world.  The most noteworthy of these being Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. who embraced Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence by often referencing India’s Salt March of 1930, as seen below.

Gandhi Salt March

Eleanor Roosevelt – The Ultimate Libran Diplomat

Upon learning of the Nazi “Final Solution” early on during the Second World War Eleanor Roosevelt tried to regularly disturb the peace of not only her husband’s frantic daily agenda as President but also attempted to interrupt Congress as often as she could in order to petition that emergency VISAS for Europe’s Jewish children be granted for them to gain entrance into the United States. Despite the Libran First Lady’s many attempts to disturb the political peace, a deaf ear was turned by the American government to her disruptions none the less.

One of the most politically impressive traits associated with the sign of the Scales is diplomacy.  Eleanor Roosevelt’s karmic destiny as one of the world’s greatest diplomats was only just beginning upon leaving the White House in 1945. America’s First Lady during the Depression and Second World War would end up leading the first delegation to represent the United States at the newly established United Nations, the world’s peacekeeping establishment which officially formed at the sign of Peace’s cusp on October 24th, 1945. Mrs. Roosevelt would also go on to be the first diplomatic chair the U.N. Commission on Human Rights.  The radical Libran diplomat directly played a part in keeping the Peace of the post-war world at large by drafting the Declaration of Human Rights as seen below. This first of its kind document boldly stipulated the fundamental rights which belong to every member of that large international group better known as the human race.

Eleanor Roosevelt Document of Human Rights
Eleanor Roosevelt looks at the final copy of “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” she co-wrote for presentation to the then newly established United Nations in 1948.

The French Beauty Hailed as the 2nd Coming of Venus comes after Animal Abusers with a Divine Vengeance

Brigitte Bardot, the Venus ruled French sex symbol who at the height of her attractive powers was likened to the goddess Venus herself, has risked her life numerous times and has been imprisoned on more than one occasion after being arrested for such non-Libran criminal activities as disturbing the peace and breaking and entering – all in the name of animal rights.

Sting Fights The Bitter Sting of Latin American Injustice

Gordon Matthew Sumner, former lead singer of The Police, popularly known as “Sting“, was horrified upon hearing of the junta mass murders in Latin America throughout the 1980’s. The Libran songwriter responded to these acts of violent injustice through an outlet that was peaceful but made quite a strong statement none the less – music. Sting became a major force for peace activism in defense of the many junta victims who disappeared without a trace when he penned the song “They Dance Alone”.  This simply arranged but hauntingly poignant piece of music describes the powerful act of peaceful defiance Latin American women have memorably displayed by holding photographs of their missing husbands/sons/uncles/brothers/friends and dancing with them in front of government municipal buildings.
John Lennon – Wager of War on War Itself

One of the best examples of the radically Peace keeping Libra whose scales were tipped into blissful balance through his key 1 on 1 partnerships is singer, songwriter, and humanitarian, John Lennon. Born a Libra with an Aries Ascendant, the  planet which rules over aggression and war, Mars, was placed in the Peace oriented sign of the Scales at the time of John’s birth. Lennon made “Peace” much more than just a pretty concept, the former Beatle wielded it as his own battle cry by declaring war on War, itself. When the Fab Four dissolved, this radical Libran wasn’t content to rest on his luxurious laurels, Lennon instead put both himself and his family at constant risk by organizing and attending “sit-ins” which called for an end to the Vietnam War. Using his celebrity as a weapon of mass promotion , the former Beatle managed to draw the attention of the media and the press to his numerous disruptions of the peace made in the name of Peace by elevating each event to the level of international news.

Jumping from that scale of extremes, the House which Libra naturally oversees is the 7th House of Marriage and 1 on 1 Partnerships. Lennon’s 7th house ruler was in the sign of Libra at his birth. With his 7th House placed in the sign which naturally rules over it,  John’s union to Aquarian Yoko Ono is probably one of the best and closest examples of “true love” one could find. You’d be hard pressed in this day and age to find a couple that simply ADORED each other as did John and Yoko with each 0ther. Film footage of the famous pair showed them not just in their own world of romantic idealism, the Air signed lovers appeared to have been in a state of romantic bliss just by merely being in each other’s presence.

One of my favorite songs penned by Mr. Lennon is simply entitled “O Yoko” where John talks of being in the middle of a mundane task such as shaving and bathing before his thoughts are flooded with the words “O Yoko, my love will turn you on.” Doesn’t get more romantically Libran than that, folks.

Lastly, the 7th house is also the house of 1 on 1 partnerships and the song writing team of Lennon and McCartney is rivaled by none. As John was balanced in love with Libra’s perfect partner of Aquarius, so too were his artistic endeavors harmoniously blessed whenever  he and his fellow air sign, Gemini Paul McCartney wrote songs together. McCartney himself once said in an interview that Johns presence would “restore equilibrium” whenever he got stuck writing a song. A classic example of this was when Sir Paul was in a state of impatient frustration while writing the song “Getting Better All The Time“. McCartney was plunking out the line “I admit it’s getting better.” which Lennon harmoniously balanced off with “It couldn’t get much worse.

By playing the role of war’s worst enemy, John Lennon’s radically fanatical actions as both a Libra and as an actively involved member of the human race during his very short time on this planet have contributed to keeping the peace for the world at large, right until the present day.

John Lennon Peace ProtestJohn Lennon and Yoko Ono declared war on war itself through their non-violent gatherings of protest known as “sit ins”.  The couple’s most notorious sit in was called “The Bed in for Peace” and was held at Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth Hotel in 1969.  In the midst of the media circus at this event which called for the ending of the Vietnam War, Lennon wrote a Peace anthem that could just as easily be called the mantra of the radically fanatic Libra, “Give Peace a Chance“.

John Lennon WarholJohn Lennon – Artistically depicted in Libra’s colors of pastel pink and blue is one of the best examples of that sign’s elite group whose radical fanaticism helped keep the Peace of the world at large.


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