The Fall of David Petraeus – The Phoenix Charred by the Flames of Desire

David Petraeus & Paula Broadwell(

November 9th.

A fatefully significant date in the life of security chief supreme, David Petraeus. Not only is November 9th when the 4 Star General submitted his resignation as Director of the CIA to the President of the United States in 2012, it also marks the birth of the person who brought about the military leader’s fall into disgrace, since the 9th of November is the date of birth of Mr. Petraeus’ mistress, Paula Broadwell.

Astrologically, being born during the second week of November makes Paula Broadwell a Scorpio, and she isn’t the only one.

With his date of birth being two days prior to Ms. Broadwell’s, November 7th to be exact, the military commander laden with such high hopes was himself also born beneath the sign represented by both the Scorpion and the Phoenix of mythological legend.

Like Paula Broadwell, David Petraeus was born a Scorpio as well.

The sex scandal between David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell, which most assuredly stands to be one of the most notoriously incriminating of its kind within the 21st century has at its core – two Scorpios.

Fascinatingly, the actions taken by these two Scorpios, both with others and among themselves, were discovered and thoroughly investigated while the Sun was placed in the same sign which both protagonists of this news making tryst were born under.  But even more karmicly pertinent and cosmicly unsurprising, the Petraeus Scandal took place not only while the Sun was in Scorpio in November of 2012 but also while the planet known as “The Lord of Karma”, better known as Saturn, was positioned in the sign of the Scorpion as well.

Saturn – Society’s Watchdog

Astrologically, each of the planets of our Solar System affect, or “rule” over particular areas of human life. Some heavenly bodies are associated predominantly with their positive influences over the residents of Earth. Others, like the ringed planet most especially, are known strictly for their negative traits. Saturn is considered to be the “Task Master” of the Solar System and rules over the most challenging aspects of human existence such as restriction, loss, hardship, and pain. But just as I teach that everything in the Universe holds both the Yin and Yang, or positive and negative energies of potential, I firmly believe the ringed planet is Mankind’s greatest astrological teacher. Saturn reinforces its influences of difficulty in a truly constructive manner through the most memorable of karmic learning tools otherwise known as “Life’s Lessons Learned the Hard Way”.

Despite the utilization of such sobering teaching methods, along with bearing various dark and weighty titles of cosmic significance like “The Great Malefic” and “The Lord of Karma”, I personally view the influences of the planet Saturn very much like a societal watchdog for the residents of Planet Earth.

At any given moment, the ringed planet is positioned in one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac and takes roughly 2 ½ to 3 years to travel through each sign in its entirety. It is during those nearly 3 years of transitory travel through each Zodiacal sign that Saturn acts as a societal beacon for our world. The Great Malefic will take the unevolved traits of whichever sign it is positioned in at any given moment and will make them society’s standards as to how we humans should NOT behave or act during the duration of its transitory visit through that particular sign.

In October of 2012 Saturn entered the sign of Scorpio and transited through that sign for 2 ½ years through September 17th, 2015. With Scorpio being the sign that rules over human sexuality and all things of a sexual nature, it stood to follow that throughout the end of 2012 until 2015, a good portion of humanity’s most newsworthy transgressions would be of a Scorpionic nature.

In other words, sex scandals were to be all the sinful rage during that particular range of time.

Less than two weeks after The Lord of Karma’s entrance into Scorpio, a sex scandal of truly shocking proportions emerged which grabbed the attention of the national press. On October 18th, 2012 it was revealed that 30 years of never before seen reports of sexual misconduct were being released to the public for the first time occurring within the age old American institution of The Boy Scouts.

Earlier I mentioned how everything has the potential to tap into the Universal energies of Yin/Yang, Positive/Negative, Evolved/Unevolved. Keeping that cosmic theory in mind, a Zodiacal sign cannot be wholly focused on just one aspect of human life. Therefore, the sign of the Scorpion isn’t concerned strictly with just matters of a sexual nature.

There are two areas of life which truly motivate this intense and most emotionally deep of signs. Intriguingly, both of these areas utilize Sex as a favored weapon of attraction: Power and Desire.

The Power of Attraction and the Attraction of Power

Scorpios inherently can sense Power and instinctively know who wields it and who doesn’t. Intrinsically aware that Knowledge is one the greatest forms of Power, only the Scorpio’s closest friends and family know a fair portion of who they really are. To the world the Scorpio doesn’t know, they are enigmatic, mysterious, and unless allowed access, impossible to get to know.

Mystery, Power, Secrets – Required traits for someone to be extremely well versed in if they wish to head an institution like the CIA, and who better than a Scorpio General to do it.

Unfortunately, the Scorpio would encounter another of his kind who was so drawn to Power, her desire to be near it would be all consuming.

The Phoenix & the Flames of Desire


Most aren’t aware the sign of Scorpio has two astrological representations – the scorpion and the phoenix. Where many a Scorpion can be overcome by the force of Power, through either abuse or misuse, the mythological Phoenix is a creature which resurrects itself into re-birth by its ability to overcome the Flames of Desire.

Legend speaks of this other worldly bird being comprised of the very thing which takes its life – Fire. The winged creature can put up with its inherent nature of fiery desire for just so long before extinguishing itself into a pile of disintegrated ash.

This mythological tale can be readily applied to those born beneath the sign of Scorpio. The Scorpio has an inherent awareness of the force of Desire early on in life and knows that unless some form of control or inner strength is utilized, they’ll be pulled down by their desires like a leaf in a whirlpool.

Unfortunately for Paula Broadwell, the aforementioned Scorpionic inner awareness was absent within her psyche.

A Sun That Didn’t Know How To Set

In Astrology, when a planet has no aspects or inter-relation with any of the other planets, it’s categorized as being “unaspected”. An unaspected planet is a force unto itself. Because it has no give or take by interacting with any of the other heavenly bodies at the time of a person’s birth, an unaspected planet acts independently, and the traits associated with that planet behave on their own accord. Said another way, the unaspected planet operates over a person with a dynamic of influence that is separate from the rest of the individual’s personality as a whole.

Unaspected planets unto themselves are relatively uncommon but among the residents of our Solar System, an unaspected Sun is quite the cosmic rarity. The Sun is astrologically considered a planet and because other heavenly bodies lie between the Earth and the Sun, namely Mercury and Venus, the center of our Solar System almost always is aspected to one or more of the other planets. Not only is an unaspected Sun extremely rare, by virtue of its uncommonness it is also considered to be a marking that is highly karmic as well.

On that fateful day of November 9th, Paula Broadwell’s Scorpionic Sun was unaspected at the time of her birth.

The Sun astrologically represents an individual’s ego or overall sense of Self. When a person is born with an unaspected Sun, their sense of self is either missing or dormant, causing some to seek a self-identity by mirroring the strongest qualities they see in the personalities of others. But even though the Sun is unaspected, it still is very much present within an individual’s psyche. Quite often, the traits of the sign the Sun is placed in at the time of a person’s birth have a life of their own, almost as if that individual is comprised of two separate entities: the Self that is unaspected and that which makes up the remainder.

Many times the traits of a person’s unaspected Sun will be triggered by another who has one of their planets in close aspect to it. For Paula Broadwell, her Scorpionic sense of Self was triggered awake upon meeting a strong and enigmatic man of power whose Sun was a mere two degrees away from hers.

Encountering a high powered general who had access to much of the world’s top secret information had an allure which must have been addictively intoxicating to a woman born with an unaspected Sun in Scorpio. With her Scorpionic sense of self ignited and awakened, Ms. Broadwell’s attraction to the flames of Desire acted on its own accord, with nothing to subvert her from self- immolation.

Hence, the unevolved Scorpionic traits of jealousy and over possessiveness are the very things that got Paula Broadwell caught and exposed her affair with one of the most powerful military men in the world who had access to a goodly portion of the most highly classified information imaginable.

With society being told of this secretive tryst between two Scorpios of such high repute and notoriety, the Lord of Karma has sent the rest of us an exemplary message during its transit through the sign of the Scorpion that no one is immune from the flames of Desire.

….Not even 4 Star generals.


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*Brad Kronen has written an astrological dating guide for each sign of the Zodiac.  The link for the sign of our two Scorpionic guests of honor can be accessed below:


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