Muammar the Mutable: Contradicting Views regarding the Life of Muammar Gaddafi – Part III


Muammar the Mutable:
Contradicting Views regarding the life of Muammar Gaddafi
Part III
Brad Kronen

Libya Flag Old
True to its former leader’s duality, the new flag of Libya is its old flag before Gaddafi took over in 1969. Let’s hope this does not signify: same day, same totalitarian style rulership, different flag. (



For we passion filled, mistake mongering, imperfect humans, nothing is absolute. Nothing in our realm of existence is neither all good nor all bad, infallible nor totally worthless. The same very much applies in Astrology. Every sign of the Zodiac has its strengths and weaknesses. Every sign has key character flaws, yet in their own unique way, every sign is truly beautiful.

It’s when we humans feel our individual selves are exempt from or above this realm of existence and forget we are merely vessels and not the source, that problems come about which usually snowball into extremely difficult circumstances not just for the mistaken individual, but for everyone else within that person’s vicinity as well.

As we shall see in the final part of this series, Muammar Gaddafi was not exempt from this realm of existence. In the days leading to his capture and death on October 20th, 2011, key astrological factors were activated like a karmic pinball machine which served as divine decrees for all of humanity, reminding us that no one is perfect nor all powerful.

However, after observing the highly mutable nature of Mr. Gaddafi’s astrological foundation, I strongly feel that the diametricly opposite sentiment equally applies and should be clearly stated:

No one should die like an animal as Muammar Gaddafi did on October 20th, 2011.

Before analyzing the fated astrological transits which occurred on the day Gaddafi died, one last aspect to the Libyan leader’s birth chart must be taken into consideration – Communication.

As stated in Part II, Muammar Gaddafi was born with 5 planets placed in the sign of Gemini at his birth. The most important thing in life for a Gemini is to communicate. For Gaddafi, this was a driving force of both motivation and expansion, since his natal Jupiter, the planet of expansion, was placed at the last karmic degree in the sign of The Twins.

Part II also discussed how Gemini’s natural House of rulership was the 3rd, the House of Communication as well as the House of One’s Neighborhood, or Local Area. This would indicate one of Gaddafi’s main goals in life was to influence and expand communications not only for himself and his country, but for his local area in its entirety as well, namely the continent of Africa as a whole.

RASCOM & The African Satellite

At the end of the 20th century, communications to and from Africa with the rest of the world were exorbitantly high priced since a foreign satellite, many times 2, had to be utilized for any kind of intercontinental telecommunication. Realizing the issue would only become gradually more outrageously expensive than the $500 million already being paid in annual leasing fees at that time, 45 African nations banded together and formed RASCOM (Regional African Satellite Communication Organization with an inexplicable M at the end) in 1992. RASCOM’s goal was to pool together African collateral by approaching financial institutions like The World Bank and The IMF for the remainder of money needed in order to purchase and instill an African satellite, which in turn would greatly reduce communication costs, as well as keep the flow of communication finances within the continent.

14 years passed.

The international banks dragged their feet. Their barely moving, circle running actions tacitly told RASCOM the Western financial powers did not want to relinquish their handsomely priced satellite leasing fees.

Upon hearing about the endlessly ineffective waiting game, along with the stratospheric interest rates being asked for RASCOM’s loan if and when that should ever occur, Gaddafi took swift and immediate action.

The Libyan leader not only promptly settled the issue by fronting $300 million of the satellite production’s overall bill of $500 million, Gaddafi also empowered the entire continent by having the remainder of the money be loan sourced from 2 African banks, thus having the entire deal from inception to completion be exclusively by and for Africans.

The end result – RASCOM and the entire continent of Africa receiving its first communications satellite on December 26th, 2007.

Which leads us to the first of two newly introduced heavenly bodies and their influence in modern astrology, especially during the time of RASCOM’s satellite launching – the asteroid Nessus.


Discovered in 1993, Nessus is named after the 3rd of the mythological centaurs, Pholus and Chiron being the other two, who although immortal, still die due to various mishaps befalling each man-beast.

In myth, both Chiron and Nessus’ deaths are caused by that klutz of a superstrong hero, Hercules. Chiron is the victim of the graceless hulk’s overexcitement.  While teaching archery to the clumsy teen Titan, young Herky becomes all thumbs and drops more than one poisoned arrow directly onto Chiron’s foot/hoof.

With Nessus, things get a little less accidental and a lot less innocent. The Schwartzenegger of myth catches the centaur trying to force play wild horsey (aka rape) with his wife, Deianera. Hercules then proceeds to shoot an arrow dipped in the  poisonously acidic blood of The Hydra and directly hits the lecherous man-beast. As Nessus lay dying, he collects his flowing blood in a vile and gives it to Deianera, telling her the steaming dark fluid would act as a potion that would ensure Hercules to always be faithful.

Silly mortal, tricks are for Centaurs!

Deianera, whose name is Latinized from the Greek meaning “husband destroyer“, just happened to be questioning her allure at that moment in time since she was, after all, wife # 3 for the big heroic lug.  Hercules’ easily influenced wife then decides to douse one of the strong man’s favorite comfort tunics with Nessus’ blood.

In revenge for his death, Nessus’ blood is, in reality, burning poisonous acid which upon the shirt touching Hercules’ skin removes a goodly portion of it by the time Deianera comes rushing in upon her wailing husband. Out of sheer agony, Hercules throws his big ‘ole heroic body on a lit funeral pyre to put a lid on both the poison and his life, followed by Deianera bungee jumping (sans cord) directly onto a sword.

The End.

Nessus in the Birth Chart

The astrological authority of the Centaur Asteroids, Melanie Reinhart, describes Nessus’ influence in one’s birth chart as well as by transit thusly:

“The 3rd Centaur to be discovered is one that seems to address issues to do with the abuse of power, and it too has ancestral implications. It seems that Nessus brings opportunities to understand and release deep patterns of helplessness, being taken advantage of, and being oppressed. This is particularly relevant for people raised in a culture where they are in a minority group.  Nessus activations correspond with times when things really do end, finish and transcend to another level, when release occurs and when the turning point is reached. This sometimes happens through an intensification of suffering.”

Astrologer Eric Francis has this to say regarding noteworthy transits of Nessus:

“in some situations Nessus speaks to the conclusion of the karmic cycle involved: the truth revealed, the perpetrator caught, the situation resolved, responsibility taken.”

Onto our final and most recent member of newly introduced as well as discovered astrologically pertinent space rock which plays a key role in the birth chart of Gaddafi – Orcus.


“The Erinyes assisted at the bearing of Horkos (Oath), whom Eris (Strife) bore, to be a plague on those who take false oath.” – Hesiod, Works and Days

Orcus, whose name in Greek is Horkos, was recently discovered in 2004 and was born directly into the Family of Darkness from Greek myth. When your Mom and Aunties are ladies of such murderous distinction, the goddess of strife, Eris, and her Blister Sisters, the triple sibling force of murderous revenge better known as The Furies (Erinyes in Greek), how can you be anything else BUT a havoc wreaking, massively oversized Hell’yun, that’s ever ready to bust human heads at even the hint of some fool of a mortal bearing  false oath?

Orcus in the Birth Chart

The asteroid Orcus has an almost identical orbital path as Pluto’s, and therefore is associated with all things Plutonian but with one major difference – whereas Pluto’s decimating powers are internalized from within, Orcus’ are all entirely external events which befall those having key transits or birth chart markings with this underworld themed space rock.

Astrologer Mark Andrew Holmes has made these key observations regarding Orcus’ influence in the birth chart:

“Astrologically, Orcus seems to indicate the following: death, audacity, “seizing the day”, dissent, ravaging, corruption, a fallen state, heavy or strong retaliation, having something to say, giving up or giving in.”

Take those Orcian?/Mork from Orcus traits and apply them to a person’s overall personality and what’s it spell? Muammar Gaddafi, born with his Sun conjunct Orcus by 1 degree.

Eerily, has this rather uncanny statement regarding key Orcus transits:

“With Orcus transits,…. you might have to deal with broken promises in your career or be publicly punished as a result of breaking your word. That is because Orcus is the ancient punisher of broken oaths. It sounds creepy.”

No more creepy than some 2 bit comedy show predicting the correct year of a dictator’s death 14 years prior to it happening. (See opener to Part II if unsure about the aforementioned creepy reference.)

October 20th, 2011

On October 20th, 2011 the world watched with horror, glee, closed eyes shut, or with buttered popcorn as a disgraced former dictator  was found hiding in a sewerage pipe begging for his life, was caught, sodomized, and killed – all on video.

Holding aside any/all deplorably animalistic traits associated with that gruesome day, Muammar Gaddafi’s life seemed destined to conclude as an event put on public display on that fated day according to the following observations:

Transiting Moon Conjunct Mars in Fall in Cancer – To sum this planetary aspect in one phrase, “One’s people turning against you in your hometown, resorting towards violence due to long held hard feelings.” The Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer, the sign of one’s past, one’s home and also one’s hometown. As said in Part I, the mutable nature of Gaddafi’s life which fluctuated between extreme poverty and immense power was made complete by the leader being captured in the town of his very humble birth. The emphasis of Gaddafi being caught by his former soldiers at the origin of his birth is strongly emphasized with Mars, the planet of violence, soldiers, and war positioned next to the Moon in its ruling sign of Cancer. There could be no other location for his capture to be as humiliating as it was in Sirte, the town where Gaddafi was born and hailed from. Sadly Gaddafi’s natal Mars in Cancer being in its utter fall, or worst possible sign, would indicate the Libyan leader was not a very good combatant and most likely was a lousy shot as well, foretelling that when he was captured, he would readily surrender at the first possible chance, without fighting to the death.

Transiting Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus Conjunct Natal Venus and Natal Nessus in Taurus Simultaneously Opposed by Transiting Nemesis in Scorpio: Sounds simple enough, right? Gaddafi’s capture occurred during a Jupiter Retrograde in the sign of Taurus. For simplicity sake, here’s the barest of basics of an interpretation. Taurus is the sign of money and of banking. Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus. When one is born with Venus in its ruling sign of Taurus, one tends to have a powerful attraction to both money and extremely expensive things. When Nessus is 1 degree away from Venus in Taurus, that particular attraction is the cause of one’s downfall. The fair Deianera of myth, whom the centaur Nessus tried to abuse and violate, now is replaced with the green stuff/the root of all evil/moolah, itself..

Libya’s leader may have been a great source of aid and support for some choice people and causes but when considering factors such as his super exclusive homes and, jacuzzi equipped jet planes, the man was in all truth a slave to materialism. Added to that, there are many indications that Mr. Gaddafi and his extended family, much like Tunisia’s ruling dynasty, extorted untold amounts of money from Libya’s highly profitable oil revenues. With a transiting retrograde Jupiter, the planet of exaggeration and of good fortune, directly over Nessus and a mere 1 degree from Venus, the planet of Beauty, Gaddafi’s obscene wealth and obsession with looking young and surrounding himself with beautiful people (especially his all female, fully made-up, high heeled wearing bodybuilding guard who called themselves  the Amazonian Guard that traveled with him at all times) became quite obvious to all. Obviousness that was on display for everyone to see when considering all three planets were placed in the sign of money and material things, Taurus.

You too would have to wear sunglasses day or night whenever constantly flaunting one’s obscenely wealthy wardrobe, jewelry, and cars to the world at large. Plus, mass quantities of diamonds can be REALLY blinding in the direct desert sunlight.

With all the bling bling and moolah being constantly flaunted and flagrantly displayed in front of Libya’s populace, many of whom were far below the poverty level, it should be fairly obvious why Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance was summoned as indicated by her exact opposition to Gaddafi’s natal Nessus and Venus in Taurus and placed in the sign of death and vengeance, Scorpio. The placement of Nemesis in Scorpio, in and of itself, speaks of vengeance of a deep emotional nature which blatantly showed to all that the tables had turned by the reigns of power and control being reversed 180 degrees.

Transiting Retrograde Uranus in Aries Conjunct Natal Moon and Natal Eris in Aries Opposed by Natal Neptune in Virgo and Natal Ixion in Libra

Gaddafi was reputed to have oddly erratic behavior, much of it deviating from the norm through his speech or choice of words, (which in his defense, with five planets in Gemini, I don’t know how the man actually managed to ever NOT talk or babble). Soon after the Egyptian Revolution took place in January of 2011, the Libyan Revolution began to take effect. As the atmosphere in Libya was dramatically changing both quickly and ominously, an announcement was made that Mr. Gaddafi would be holding a press conference in his barricaded stronghold?

There was an actual conference but it was with Gaddafi and himself, despite the large number of stupefied journalists who were present.

The meeting with the international press commenced with Colonel Gaddafi being asked what his plan was going forward now that Libya was in a state of revolt like Tunisia and Egypt, and with the Libyan people  demanding a democratic change of power.

It should be added I was personally listening to this via the radio and in real time.

There was a very long pause and I clearly remember Gaddafi slowly repeating a word in Arabic numerous times that didn’t need to be translated. The dictator couldn’t understand why the question directed towards him contained the word “revolt”. From then on, Gaddafi spoke, and spoke, and spoke some more, informing this ignorant news servant that for his very limited information, every single man, woman, and child in Libya had undying love for him and that this little reporter man was clearly mistaken and needed to be better prepared for these type of engagements before wasting everyone’s time by asking such inane questions which certainly didn’t apply to their current assembly.

I don’t recall any other questions being asked past that point. Possibly because every invited guest was slowly walking backwards out of the room and smiling very, very hard before breaking into a full scale sprint as soon as they were out of the building.

That very grim, pseudo comical event sums up the rest of the planets in this particular transit. Neptune, the planet of deception (of others, but in this case of the self, and big time) placed in the sign of realistic matters and details, Virgo, was in a wide conjunction with the asteroid Ixion, the astrological representation of one being unaware yet seriously offensive to the gods, placed in Libra, the sign ruled by the Goddess of Love….of every single man, woman, and child. Both of these self delusional planets were in opposition to the asteroid of dumbfounded confusion, Eris, positioned next to the planet of self understanding, the Moon, which were both placed in the sign of Everyone loves ME!, Aries.

Any questions? I thought not.

Transiting South Node Conjunct the Natal Sun and Natal Orcus – On October 20th, 2011, the South Node, which is the polar opposite point to the North Node of Karmic Destiny, was exactly conjunct Muammar Gaddafi’s Sun and conjunct his Orcus by 1 degree. With the astrological symbol of the karmic past hovering over the astrological representation of the self, the Sun, the Universe was officially putting an end to the loquacious life of Muammar the Mutable.

Practically everything involving 21st century politics, both domestic and foreign, is immensely layered and complex. There never seems to be an easy answer or choice of candidate whom everyone will be satisfied with and united behind. But as I have discovered with the life and death of Muammar Gaddafi, a true assessment can never be made unless every dimension of a person or situation is reasonably presented.

It is crucial for all of us going forward to realize we cannot let any given political mindset dominate our views of the world, or worse, tell us what to think. For those who are resolute in believing Gaddafi was pure evil, how much better or morally sound are we if the actions taken to remove this supposed agent of evil were just as morally bereft?

I have arrived at the conclusion that Muammar Gaddafi was neither a hero, nor a saint. By that same token, I also feel the man is undeserving of any hysteria-based titles of evil distinction after researching how much he achieved in the name of his people and his continent. Achievements which I never once heard mentioned on the nightly news or any other form of American media during his rather lengthy appearance on the world’s stage.

With that in mind, our current world stage is very much in a state of vast, overwhelming change. It is up to each of us to be steadfast in whatever future course of action we decide to take, provided our decisions are confidently sound and made after assessing every reasonable perspective going forward.

Gaddafi Natal

The birth chart of Muammar Gaddafi had a heavy emphasis in mutable signs, his life was just as mutable. Here we see the natal chart with the transiting planets (in green) on the day Gaddafi was killed. (

Nessus killed by Hercules

Marble sculpture of Nessus being killed at the mighty hands of Hercules by the Florentine artist Giambologna, circa 1599. (


The Romans may have excelled in conquering a goodly portion of the Western World but not so much in originality. The imagery used for their god of false oaths, Orcus was a borrowed mish mash from other mythologies.  The hawk face was stolen from the Egyptian god Horace and the fright wig of snakes was snatched off the head of the gorgon Medusa of ancient Greece. (

Libya Flag Gaddafi

The flag of Libya under the rule of Gaddafi was at its most basic and simple. May it remind us fallible mortals that we are all mere vessels and never the Source, since Green signifies change but also Life renewing itself as well. (


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