Josef & Magda Goebbels: Scorpios Bound in Power, Purity, and Propaganda – Part II

Goebbels FamilyThe family that lives in lies together, dies together.
Josef and Magda Goebbels & children

As mentioned in Part I, the range of years associated with the Second World War are truly unique for their sociological significance.  Alongside the rise and fall of Nazism, this historically exclusive period of time bears another aspect of noteworthy distinction which must be mentioned. In the decade preceding World War II, a scientific event took place that would serve as a major source of influence over the development of the Nazi Party as well as greatly affect the life of their Minister of Propaganda in particular – Man’s observational discovery of the furthest planet orbiting around the Sun, better known as Pluto.

Discovering the existence of a remote ice ball in the furthest most reaches of the known Solar System may seem inconsequential to many, but astrologically, Pluto’s discovery in 1930 was a ground breaking event of astronomical proportions.  Not only had another planet been added to our working knowledge of the heavenly bodies that revolve around the Sun, Pluto forever altered humanity’s model of the heavens otherwise known as the Zodiac.

Anything that affects humanity as a whole can never be analytically isolated unto itself nor removed from the time period associated with its entrance upon our world’s stage. The planet named after the ancient Roman god of the Underworld is no exception to this rule. For not only is Nazism a social phenomenon that is thoroughly Plutonian, the man responsible for its dissemination was himself, a son of Pluto given the fact Josef Goebbels along with his wife Magda were both born beneath the sign which Pluto rules over, Scorpio.

Upon its discovery, the planet having the longest orbital path around the Sun was given rulership over the middle of the water signs known for its intensity and depth of feeling better known as Scorpio. One can readily see why when observing Pluto’s astrological influence over the following areas of human life, overall:

Power, Control, Survival Instinct, Sexuality, Death and Anything considered Deadly, That which is Taboo or Forbidden, The Occult, That which is hidden or beneath the surface of things, That which is unspoken, That which is Perverse

For those who insist that Pluto still doesn’t qualify as a planet due to its extremely small size and even more extreme distance from both the Sun and our planet, allow your Author to prove its astrological importance by comparing its period of discovery with that of the other two furthest planets within our Solar System.

The existence of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were each stumbled upon by we Earth folk over the last three centuries, and the events which simultaneously occurred on this planet at the time of their discoveries are a direct reflection of the astrological influence each holds over humanity at large.

Uranus – the planet of individuality, rebellion, and revolution was discovered in 1781. The only planet bearing a Greek mythological name versus the Roman rest was discovered in the midst of Western History’s two biggest Revolutions – the American in 1776 and the French in 1789.

Neptune – the planet of the non-tangible, High Art, and charity was discovered without a telescope through the non-tangible means of mathematics in 1846. Immediately following the Watery planet’s discovery came some of the best examples of High Art were created through the Romantic Movement, as well as the emergence of society’s first charitable institutions such as hospitals, orphanages, and poor houses.

Pluto – the planet named after the ancient Roman god of the Underworld that oversees anything power driven yet hidden was discovered in 1930.  In this country alone during that time, Prohibition was the law of the land in the United States with boot-legging and the underground distribution of alcohol being controlled by organized crime groups, namely the Mafia.  The movie business in America underwent major change with censors removing anything perverse from film scripts but with writers and actors managing to keep things interesting by adding words and double entendres that could be interpreted much further than just their surface definitions.

Also during the year of Pluto’s discovery, a significant shift occurred in European politics. 1930 saw an overturning of political seats change hands within Germany’s governing body of the Reichstag. A newly made and not well known political party named “National Socialist” which only had 2% of the ruling body’s voting members in 1928 had seemingly spiked overnight to 18% in 1930.

Three years following the discovery of the planet which rules over such political concepts as totalitarianism and fascism, the Nazis eventually grew to dominate the Reichstag, with their members holding 44% of the voting body in 1933 and their leader, Adolf Hitler, assuming Germany‘s top political position as Chancellor that year, as well. This in turn would lead to the Reichstag’s overthrowing by fire, Hitler seizing absolutist power by becoming dictator, and all Germans having to face forced membership into the Nazi Party.

It all sounds pretty Plutonian, wouldn’t you agree?

Scorpio’s planetary ruler also oversees that which is unspoken and hidden beneath the surface but which still holds great power, none the less. Knowing full well that Nazi doctrines could never be blatantly stated through the mass media, Josef Goebbels still managed to spread his Party’s mindset of evil lies in the most manipulative of ways through the use of subliminal imaging.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
Josef Goebbels

As mentioned in Part I, the Minister of Propaganda had successfully trained his people into fearfully perceiving a foreign force known as Jewish intellectualism was soon to invade and destroy their world as they knew it.  With that fear firmly put into place mentally, Goebbels stoked Germany’s sense of  irrational paranoia by adding visual reinforcement. Nazi antisemitic film initially began by showing images of Jewish men holding bags of money, immediately followed by flash images of hundreds of rats running rampant through dimly lit, inner-city streets at night to equivocate the Nazi belief that Jews were vermin who were slowly but surely taking over Germany.  This rodent-like association went a step further when the Ministry of Propaganda synthesized both themes into one disturbing image of overt hatred.

Nazi Jew as RatA poster visually synthesizing the Nazi association of Jews with vermin.  The poster’s header “Rotten” or “Ratten” in German translates to “Rats”.

Conversely, adhering to the Nazi belief the Germans were a master race of humans, Goebbels visually assimilated recruitment into Germany’s branch of military storm troopers known as the “SS” with the idealized heroism associated with the Teutonic warriors of Norse myth, given the supposed fact soldiers admitted into this elitist division of the military were chosen based on their pedigrees of racial purity.

SS Recruitment Poster circa 1940

To promote the Nazi Euthanasia Program covertly called the “T4” Plan which sent untold numbers of physically and mentally disabled Germans to organized killing centers, Goebbels emphasized how different these people were from the Aryan ideal by filming asylum patients or retarded children with bright lighting from below, giving their intensely lit faces a disturbingly sinister effect of shadowing when shown in Propaganda film reels.

The Scorpio seeped Nazi idealogy into his country’s educational system as well by incorporating issues like the T4 Plan into the schooling of Germany’s children, such as the following Math problem from a 1938 elementary school textbook (RM meaning Reich’s Marks):

1. The construction of a lunatic asylum costs 6 million RM. How many houses at 15,000 RM each could have been built for that amount?

Probably the greatest delusion of disbelief which the Minister of Propaganda successfully convinced the German people to wholeheartedly embrace was the theory of Aryanism.  As stated earlier, the Nazis prescribed to a false genetic belief that the ethnicity categorized as the Aryan race was superior to all others, as evidenced by their blonde hair, blue eyes, and lean athletic bodies. A cursory glance made in either direction of the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, or of his Propaganda Minister showed that both men were clearly not members of this special club of a master race, given their dark hair and in Goebbel’s case, brown eyes and physically deformed body.

Goebbels a pure blooded Aryan Chicago Daily News 1937

A caricature of Josef Goebbels by the Chicago Tribune in 1937 with the caption
“A pure blooded Aryan?”


Through one of his greatest triumphs of deceptive propaganda, Josef Goebbels not only managed to give the impression that he was a model Aryan, he successfully duped the German public into believing his wife and children were the ideal example of an Aryan family by which to imitate. Knowing the most effective propaganda was visual in nature, when the Minister of “Public Enlightenment” began to personally promote this lie of Nazified example, he chose a fellow Plutonian to assist him in setting the false standard.

Enter Magda Goebbels, Scorpio and “First Lady” of the Nazi Party.



Hochzeit J. Goebbels: auf dem Wege zur Kirche.
Goebbles’ Wedding Day, December 19th, 1931 with Adolf Hitler (seen in back) serving as Best Man

Much like his beloved Fuhrer, Josef Goebbels was anything but the Aryan ideal with his black hair, 5’5” frame, congenitally withered left leg, and clubbed foot.

Much like her beloved Fuhrer, Magda Friedlander came from questionable parentage which automatically disqualified her from being the Aryan ideal with her having multiple marriages and her step-father being a Jew.

Despite these limitations, the couple born beneath the Plutonian sign of regeneration and transformational change, Scorpio, became Nazi Germany’s role model husband and wife along with their award winning family of Nazified example.

Among the many lies presented to its people, the Nazi Propaganda machine stressed the most importance over the preservation and sanctity of the “German Family” and its moral ideals of “familial non-perversion”.  This societal standard was reinforced with the institution of “The Mother’s Cross of Honor”, the highest award of service a woman living in Nazi Germany could receive. A decorative recognition of model German motherhood based solely on sheer volume, the Mother’s Cross came in three degrees or classes, of Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Gold recipients bore the Reich eight or more children. Silver winners produced six to seven offspring and receivers of the Bronze gave birth to a minimum of four to five bouncing Nazi babies.

Nazi Mother's Cross Awards
The 3 variations of the Nazi Mother’s Cross in Bronze, Silver, and Gold

Magda Goebbels was the first recipient of The Mother’s Cross in 1938 when she was publicly decorated with a 2nd Class distinction, or Silver medal for successfully mothering a son, fellow Scorpio Harald, from a previous marriage along with producing six children for the Reich and with the Minister of Propaganda himself, no less, 5 girls: Helga, Hildegard, Holdine, Hedwig, and Heidi (a Scorpio whose birthday of October 29th she shared with her father) and one boy: Helmut. All of which can be seen in this chapter’s icon.

The reasoning for each child’s name starting with an “H” should be more than obvious.

“Love is meant for husbands, but my love for Hitler is stronger, I would give my life for it.”
Magda Goebbels

Scorpios have an innate ability for sensing power and utilizing those in positions of power as best they can. Magda Goebbels was far more than just a Nazi baby cranker. The Minister of Propaganda’s wife born beneath the sign of the Scorpion was not only admired by The Fuhrer, she eventually became one of his close confidants, as well. Hitler clearly enjoyed Magda’s presence as evidenced by the German leader regularly inviting the Scorpionic mother and her six bouncing Nazi babies to his Alpine residence at the Eagle’s Nest.

Hitler taking a walk with Helga Goebbels
Hitler regularly invited Magda Goebbels and her many children to visit at the Eagle’s Nest with the Fuhrer especially favoring Helga Goebbels, seen here on a special stroll alone with the dictator.

Despite his propaganda loudly promoting the sanctity of the German family, Josef Goebbels was regularly consumed by his more base Scorpionic desires and partook in numerous sexual affairs throughout the course of his marriage. Unfortunately for him, the silly Nazi must have forgotten that not only was he a Scorpio, his wife was as well.


The womanizing Propaganda Minister was shocked to silence upon being summoned to the Fuhrer’s presence one day in 1938 only to be informed by Hitler that his affair with a famous Czech film star was over effective immediately and the actress was being deported back to her native country….all because Magda had complained to him.


Both Scorpios were devoted to their leader to an unthinkable fault.   From all accounts it appears the Goebbels’ family not only believed all the propaganda hype, they resolutely refused with a most unshakable obstinance to see the realistic light of day, both literally and figuratively.

As Berlin was close to being completely surrounded by the approaching American armies from the West and Russian troops from the East, Josef, Magda, and their six children followed their Fuhrer into his underground bunker. Rather than face the humiliation of surrender or have their children smuggled out of harm’s way, the Scorpionic couple stubbornly stayed by Hitler’s side and did the unthinkable.

Helga Goebbels corpse
A photo of the freshly poisoned corpse of Hitler’s favorite Goebbels child, Helga.

On May 1st, 1945, Josef and Magda Goebbels poisoned each one of their six children before committing Scorpionic suicide, with him shooting her before aiming his pistol at himself.

The personification of the perfect Nazi family remained loyal to their idealism of Evil right until the very end.

After their deaths, an attempt was made to burn Josef and Magda’s bodies but with barely any petrol available, the job was only partially done. In a most ironic twist of karmic Fate, the Minister of Nazi Ideology and Propaganda was beaten by his own game. Upon discovering his corpse, the Russians proceeded to print images of Josef Goebbels’ partially burned face as a tool of Communist Propaganda on millions of newspapers and street posters throughout the Soviet Union to represent both Nazi cowardice and defeat for all the world to see.


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