Now is the Winter of History’s Discontent: Richard III’s Revised Remains, Part III

King Richard IIIA portrait of King Richard III by an unknown artist.  Note the raised right shoulder indicating the monarch’s severe scoliosis.

*Originally written on February 8th, 2013

Part the Third: This Son of York made Glorious….Last Summer

On August 25th, 2012, the same date in 1485 when the body of King Richard III was buried, according to John Rous “without funeral solemnity”, an excavation began in a car park in modern day Leicester, an English town 100 miles north of London. The purpose of the dig was to search for and possibly find the remains, if any, of England’s last monarch from the House of York, Richard III.

The site where this major archaeological undertaking occurred was based on the initial intuitive inklings of one person – Philippa Langley.
Philippa Langley with facially reconstructed Richard IIIPhilippa Langley whose incredible sense of intuition was the foundation for Richard III’s remains to be discovered is seen with a model of the king’s reconstructed face.

Jaw-droppingly, the excavation came upon significant evidence not just on the dig’s first day, but during its first hour with its first dig of soil.

On the day the excavation broke ground, the remains  of a human skeleton were uncovered a mere 2 feet (68 cm.) below the earth’s surface. A skeleton, which when seen in its entirety while still in the dirt, plainly showed a huge curvature of the spine, along with 10 not so visibly obvious wounding marks to its skull.

FILE- This is an undated file photo released by the University of Leicester, England, showing the remains human skeleton found underneath a car park in Leicester, England, September 2012, which has been declared The untouched skeletal remains of King Richard III as they were discovered in August of 2012.  Note the visibly obvious curvature of the spine.

Enter Forensic Science & DNA Testing.

As Fate would have it, historian John Ashdown-Hill had already been in the process of doing extensive research on the last ruling son of York by genetically tracing the descendants of Richard III’s sister, Anne of York, through the centuries to the present day with a definable DNA link. After obtaining a DNA swab from the mouth of one of Richard III’s sister’s living descendants, Michael Ibsen, a Canadian cabinet-maker, the genetic material of the living was compared to that of the skeletal dead.

Resulting in a genetic match.

Carbon dating of the skeletal remains narrowed down the time period of exactly when the person whom the bones belonged to had died. With the carbon dated time frame ranging between the years 1485 – 1550, the excavated bones scientifically passed modern testing once more, given the monarch’s death having taken place in August of 1485.

Enter Karmic Astrology.

As a karmic astrologer, I have observed that the Heavens provide symbolic indication whenever human remains are discovered which bear historical significance.

In my published piece, “Indiana Bones & The Temple of Exhumes”, I discussed how the remains of two well known figures in religious and Art History located 46 miles apart from each other were given public recognition during the same week in June of 2010.

Science was able to provide additional data regarding the life of a notorious religious figure whose remains were already known and identified. The mummified body of St. Rose of Viterbo was scientifically analyzed with the latest technological methods in order to verify that the venerated nun who died at the age of 18 expired from a rare congenital heart defect known as Cantrell’s Syndrome.

Even more appropriate for our history re-writing tale, the remains found of the 2nd notoriously known figure during the late spring of 2010, whose death was for centuries a total mystery, were confirmed to be those of the master Baroque painter, considered to be one of the most influential artists of all time – Caravaggio.

In that bone rattling piece, I observed how in June of 2010, the planets were mirroring these bone and mummy oriented discoveries by virtue of their specific placements in the Heavens at that time.

Richard III’s excavation is no exception.

Richard III Natal

The natal chart of Richard III. Note the 1st House afflicted Saturn, an indication of a weakened skeletal structure, or curvature of the spine.

Like Caravaggio, Richard III was born a Libra, with his date of birth being October 2nd, 1452 at Fotheringhay Castle in central England. Since there are no known birth records, based on historical physical descriptions of the king, as well as the most recent forensic information regarding his remains, I astrologically theorized the birth of the last Plantagenet King to have occurred roughly between the hours of 6:10 AM and 7:10 AM, using 6:42 AM as the median time.

This birth time was calculated to reflect that the sign of Libra was on the monarch’s Ascendant at the time of his birth.

The Ascendant, or Rising Sign, is where the horizon was placed at one’s birth, and a person will physically take on the traits of the sign positioned there. Having Libra on the Ascendant gives a person, male or female, delicate features, in particular facially. When a male is born with a double emphasis in the Venus ruled sign of Libra, (in Richard’s case, Sun and Ascendant) the body’s overall shape will tend to be much more slender than the typical male build. Practically every physical description of the last King of York consistently state the monarch had a slender build that was so delicate in nature, it was considered almost “feminine” in form.

Richard’s skeleton confirms this, according to osteo-archaeologist, Dr. Jo Appleby, who states, “The analysis of the skeleton proved that it was an adult male but was an unusually slender, almost feminine, build for a man.”

Dr. Appleby also describes the King having a wider than usual sciatic notch of the pelvis, a feminine feature which a minority of males can be born with.

Based on these feminizing physicalities, Richard III was determined to have a double emphasis of the sign that the Sun was positioned at 9 degrees in at the time of his birth, Libra.

Saturn – The Sovereign of Skin and Bones

With any archaeological find of historical significance, by far the most important planet of influence is the ringed planet known as The Lord of Karma, Saturn.

Each planet of the Solar System is associated with a part of the human body. With the Lord of Karma also being called “the planet of structure”, Saturn rules over the parts of the body which enable us to have structural form, namely the skin and bones.

It is Saturn’s positioning at the time of Richard’s birth, as well as when the excavation took place, which astrologically indicate that the remains found beneath a car park in Leicester were indeed those of the last anointed sovereign of the House of York.

The Astrological Birth Marking of an Afflicted Spine

Richard III Excavation
The chart over the town of Leicester at the ground breaking starting time of the excavation. Note Saturn once again being in Libra in the 1st House, as it was at the moment of Richard’s birth.

In a natal, or birth chart, planets located in the House of the Body, or First House, tend to have an effect on the physical body.

As previously mentioned, Richard III’s Ascendant, or Rising Sign, is theorized to be in the same sign as the Sun was at his birth, Libra. With that in place, both the planets Mercury and Saturn were positioned in the monarch’s House of the Body at the time of his birth. Conversely at this time, the planet of the physical body, Mars, was placed in opposition to Saturn by exact degree in its ruling sign of Aries, thus causing an “affliction” or stressful pull of energy to Saturn’s placement.

The overall self, represented by the Sun’s placement in the birth chart is weakened, given its positioning in the 12th, or “hidden” House.

Saturn’s affliction in the House of the Body, by being placed in exact opposition to the physical planet Mars, would indicate the bones of the physical body would be structurally weakened, overall. But the body’s weakest structural link, in particular, would point to the physical area that is Sun ruled, given the Sun’s weak placement in the sign of its fall as well as its positioning in a “hidden” House.

Since the Sun rules over the body part of the upper spine which runs from the lower neck down to the shoulder blades, Richard III’s natal chart indicates there would be structural weakness, or abnormality, in that part of the body, most likely resulting in an enhanced bending, or curvature of the spine.

Both the remains of Richard III and the monarch’s astrological birth chart confirm that Shakespeare’s menacing murderer with the monstrous deformity of a hunched back emerged with cartoon-like exaggeration from the core truth of the ruler being born with severe scoliosis, or curvature of the spine.

Saturn & Ceres: Witnesses to the Excavation

As previously stated, the excavation for Richard III’s remains began on August 25th, 2012, with the initial discovery of the first findings of a human skeleton occurring within the first hour of digging.

When casting a chart over Leicester for the 25th of August at approximately 9:37 AM, the Ascendant is in the same sign as it was at Richard’s birth, Libra, as well as Saturn in the sky that day was placed in the same sign and House as Richard’s natal Saturn, Libra in the 1st House.

Saturn’s placement in Libra along with Mars’ positioning in Scorpio in the excavation site’s First House during the first hour of digging symbolically can be translated to:

The bones (Saturn) of a person born beneath the sign of the Scales (Libra) would come into prominence at that time, most likely by actions taken (Mars) regarding the person’s manner of death (Scorpio).

With the Horizon being placed at the time of the excavation at 8 degrees Libra, the aforementioned bones would be physically related to a person with an affiliation towards 8 degrees Libra, or with less than a degree of difference, 9 degrees, most particularly of the monarch born when the Sun was positioned at the 9th degree of the sign symbolized by the Scales of Justice, King Richard III.

Lastly, when looking at the birth chart of Richard III, also within his 1st House of Self and the Body is the asteroid Ceres, positioned at 25 degrees Libra. Ceres is the Roman name for Demeter, goddess of the Harvest. In myth, when Demeter’s daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades, Lord of the Underworld, she cast the earth into a barren state, thus causing the season of Winter.

Ceres’ placement in the birth chart deals with not just loss, but Death itself and one’s rights to death or dying, since Ceres’ only child was taken against her will to the land of the Dead.

With Saturn, the planet of karma, bones, and Time, being placed by exact degree at the time of the excavation as Ceres was positioned at the time of Richard III’s birth in the sign represented by the scales of Justice, Libra, the Heavens have decreed that the rightful memory of this King, long buried with a reputation so falsely maligned, be finally unearthed so that it may bask beneath the light of Human Reason for as long as History shall continue to mark the passage of Time, itself.

Richard III Crown and coffin
Richard III was given a burial befitting a king with a crown placed atop the coffin containing his remains at Leicester Cathedral on March 26th, 2015.  The coffin was hand made by Michael Ibsen, one of the last descendants of the House of York.

Philippa Langley MBE medal

Philippa Langley has not only dealt with the last ruler of the House of York but also has encountered the current ruler from the House of Windsor, when Queen Elizabeth II presented the lady whose intuitive abilities discovered the remains of a long lost king with a Member of the Order of the British Empire medal, or MBE, on October 9th, 2015.

Update- A Response from Philippa Langley after being sent this series:

“Dear Brad, Many thanks again for your work and for helping to show to your readers and visitors that King Richard was not the Black Legend the Tudors have wanted us to believe for more than half a millennia.”

*Brad Kronen has written over 30 books, many of them dealing with his 2 biggest passions in Life: Astrology and History.  Brad’s most recent literary series are 12 unique books which are relationship and dating manuals for each sign of the zodiac entitled “Love in the Stars”.  The edition written for King Richard III’s Sun sign is entitled “Love in the Stars: Libra Edition” and can be purchased at by clicking on the link below.  Click on the link to view every sign’s edition or to view an entire list showing all of Brad’s self published work!


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