Winston Churchill: Envisioning Victory in the Darkest of Times

Bush Obama Churchill

“The New England Historic Genealogical Society traced the family trees of the three major presidential candidates. US presidential hopeful Barack Obama is a distant relative not only of President George W Bush but also of wartime British prime minister Winston Churchill according to US researchers.”ABC News, March 26th, 2008

“We do not want war. We have done everything within our power to reach a peaceful solution. Even though the international community refuses to understand our rightful aims, we are willing to take strong and determined measures to release an oppressed nation from the shackles of tyranny and to remove the threat that is aimed against us. History will show that justice followed the success of our arms.”
– Adolf Hitler, before the outbreak of World War II

“You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is Victory. Victory at all costs. Victory in spite of all terrors. Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.”
– Winston Churchill, before, during and after World War II

The placement of the planet Mercury in my birth chart is quite curious. Mercury is the planet that oversees human communications of every kind, speech in its countless variations of style, and the processes of thought and the rational mind, overall. At the time of my birth, Mercury was in retrograde motion, another way of saying the closest planet orbiting,, the Sun ,from Earth’s perspective appeared to be going in backwards motion which translates to an astrological dynamic of intensely looking back at the past and longing for what has already been, in the sign that considers the past a very potent force, Cancer. However, simultaneously my Mercury was placed in the Aquarian or 11th house, a place in one’s birth chart where only the future matters.

For me, having a sense of history is imperative if there is any hope for a future for myself, my country, or the world at large.

Unfortunately, most Americans’ idea of history stretches as far back as September 11th, 2001. Anything before that is all mashed together, kind of like that experimental stuffing you swore you’d perfect next Thanksgiving. For now at least,  the solidified goop of historical mish-mash made up of hacked off chunks from the American Revolution, World War II (definitely NOT World War I) along with a few random battles stored in that cold and mostly dark area of your rational mind that retains historical fact and significance, much like a frayed Tupperware container with a scribbled label placed on top that reads: “Old stuff no one cares about”.

Most Americans (and Brits for that matter) aren’t aware that if it weren’t for a predominantly choice few factors, we’d all be speaking German with a required semi- knowledge of either Italian Propaganda Verbs or Militant Japanese Commands.

The most significant of those factors being a Sagittarius named Winston Churchill.

Therefore, how karmicly and historically significant is the fact that our current Commander and Chief of the Free World shares shreds of DNA with not only his predecessor but also from a son of Jupiter who literally changed the course of history as all of us know it today.

Doris Kearns Goodwin, THE voice of American history in her Pulitzer Prize winning account of FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt’s lives during the Second World War, “No Ordinary Time” states that in May of 1940, the fate of the Western World was for the most part lost to the overwhelming force that was Nazi aggression.  However, this grim state of affairs altered significantly due to the most miraculous of minute margins. The Allies were able to recover from the reeling confusion of the Third Reich’s fast approaching tsunami of well-equipped and well trained military due to a few key blunders stemming from Hitler’s foolish pride. Blunders, which in turn translated to last minute luck along with multiple lightning speed actions by the British troops at Dunkirk.

Last minute luck and multiple lightning speed actions, by the way, are two staples of living a person born beneath the sign of the Centaur will often use to optimally function. The two usually jump start the Sagittarian’s inborn sense of Jupiterian good fortune to work at maximum potential resulting in them not only avoiding the flames of annihilation but having the laurels of victory land in their lucky laps.

Winston Churchill Top Hat“I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.”
– Winston Churchill, Sagittarian

It was after this “miracle at Dunkirk” that Churchill would transform the “happy go lucky”, laid back attitude of his natural Sagittarian self into the solitary voice of optimism, faith and futuristic hope for the fighters of Freedom and Fascist oppression. Through his uplifting speeches of fiery foresight, Winston Churchill would prove to be the only beacon of light the British people would see as they clamored for their lives in the blinding darkness during the Nazi Blitzkrieg in the summer of 1940.

Ms. Goodwin’s text emphasizes the influence Churchill’s optimistic words had on the entire world when he delivered his first speeches after Dunkirk, which in every way reflect his Sagittarian viewpoint:

“Churchill’s rousing words bestowed a mythical meaning on Dunkirk that would live in the hearts of Englishmen for generations to come. “So hypnotic was the force of his words,” British philosopher (a Sagittarian occupation) Isaiah Berlin has written, “so strong his FAITH (a domain of Sagittarius’ 9th house) , that by the sheer intensity of his eloquence he bound his spell upon the British people until it seemed to them that he was indeed speaking what was IN their hearts and minds.” If they possessed the courage (a trait belonging to fire signs at large) and determination he perpetually saw in them, it was because he had helped to create it by the intensity of his belief (trait of the evolved Sagittarian) in their qualities. “They conceived a new idea of themselves. They went forward into battle transformed by his words.”
“No Ordinary Time”, page 63

British OptimismA comic from the Evening Standard in 1940. The caption has the train officer saying to a depressed-looking passenger: “No, Sir, only ‘Confident Smilers’ this end. ‘All is lost Brigade’ right at the back.”

Even when most of London was smoldering from the flames of the Blitzkrieg bombs the Nazis dropped relentlessly night after night in July of 1940 and many English wanted to immediately capitulate to surrender, Churchill did not falter to constantly inspire his people to not only hope for victory but to envision themselves in a future where they had defeated the Nazis. Being the action oriented fire sign that he was, Churchill brought this vision of a victorious future home by constantly waving a “V” with his fingers whenever he was in public until the end of the war.  How interesting that Churchill’s physical act to reinforce his fiery Sagittarian optimism is the image used in the 21st century when discussing the genetic thread which ties the President of our recent past, George Bush with the President of our unfolding future, Barack Obama.

They say history repeats itself. The clouds of change may not be darkening by a force as threatening and deadly as Nazi Fascism but Americans appear not to be nearly as motivated with American pride as they used to be in times past. The world view at large has been tinged with fearful caution by a global economy brought close the brink of peril on more than one occasion as of late. Added to that the simultaneous presence of other “Hope Killers”: Tsunamis that rock the Earth off of its axis, an ever growing awareness of terrorism on the world’s stage, natural disasters made more effusive and deadly by global warming, and antibiotic resistant- pandemic viruses just to name a few.

As my Cancerian 11th house Mercury sees it, survival of this planet depends on every individual, and not just the world’s leaders, to get seriously Sagittarian in only the most positive sense of the word by embracing an evolved Sagittarian philosophy of hope best said by Sir Winston himself, when he implored the Free World to:

Winston Churchill never give up

Dedicated to the memory of my uncle, Edward Naylor, Sagittarian & decorated World War II Military Hero

One thought on “Winston Churchill: Envisioning Victory in the Darkest of Times

  1. Excellent article dedicated to one of the world’s greatest leaders who was destined to be in the right place at the right time in history. Well written with superb historical data.


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