Pearl Harbor: A Cosmic Date which will Live in Infamy – Part I

Pearl Harbor USS Shaw

Although more than 70 years have passed, the shock is still palpable when seeing authentic Pearl Harbor photos, such as this one taken from Ford Island displaying the massive explosion and subsequent burning waters from the bombing of the USS Shaw.

Pearl Harbor: A Cosmic Date which will Live in Infamy

*Originally written on the 70th Anniversary of the Attacks of Pearl Harbor: 1941-2011

Part I: A Foundation of Miscommunication, Isolation, and Obsolescence

“…December 7th, 1941. A date which will live in infamy.”Opening statement from the radio speech President Roosevelt gave to both Congress and the American public asking for a Declaration of War the day after the Pearl Harbor attacks.

Being the genealogist for both sides of one’s family in an age well before computers, let alone the internet, can be quite a challenge…especially when you’re  just 11 years old.

That was my age when my grandmother passed away in the spring of 1980 and subsequently  when I came upon an unfamiliar guest attending the gathering in her home following her funeral services. The man looked as if he were my grandmother’s age of 85, not knowing at the time he was only in his late 50’s. He mostly kept to himself, sitting alone in a far corner of my grandmother’s living room while various relatives ate, drank, and laughed around him, loudly updating each other on the latest happenings occurring in their lives and the lives of their children.

What struck me were his eyes.

In a word, they were huge. The hue of the old man’s irises were almost identical to mine, a diaphanous crystalline blue but his eyes seemed almost suspended, as if being projected onto his face from some distant yet powerful source. Despite his prominent kitchen witch-like chin, from the opposite end of the room the man’s saucer sized, suspended blue eyes seemed to be the only feature on his very long face. Although he personally didn’t focus on anyone in particular, if one were looking in the general direction of where he sat, the end result would be one’s gaze repeatedly being ensnared staring at the old man’s eyes.

I didn’t realize this was the first time I was in the presence of someone haunted by the past.

When my Gemini mind revved into a heightened state of unbearable curiosity, I asked the nearest relative about the old man’s identity. I was told in a hushed tone by my Uncle Bud, “Why, that’s your Daddy’s cousin, John. Fought in the War. Never was the same after Pearl Harbor.”

Upon hearing mention of the event which forced the United States to become an active participant in the monumental global chess game otherwise known as World War II, I proceeded to ask my uncle the location of the closest notebook and pen for the purpose of interviewing my hitherto unbeknownst cousin who bore witness to one of the most crucial events in America’s history.

Leaping forward to the present day….

While in the checkout line of my local supermarket last week, I thought of my cousin John when my gaze fell upon a magazine with a front cover commemorating the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. The intrepid 11 year old genealogist was now the intrepid adult karmic astrologer with the same mental curiosity that would not relent should a probing inquiry present itself before him. As I looked at the magazine’s crisp black and white front cover, I thought to myself, “I wonder if the astrological climate was significant on the day Pearl Harbor was attacked.”

Allow me to say that Curiosity obliterated the cat and nearly decimated the astrologer, folks, the event is THAT rife with astrological and karmic significance.

But in order to grasp the full cosmic profundity of this commemorated historic event, the tiniest foundation of “Pearl Harbor 101” must be presented first.

For those thinking they will simply barf if they have to actually read a mini-history lesson, consider this:

– It’s not just history, it’s cosmic history.

– To quote my history loving self from my article, “Giving Thanks To Victory and Veterans”, if it weren’t for some crucial people and events during the earliest parts of World War II, such as Winston Churchill and the attacks at Pearl Harbor, “…we’d all be speaking German with a required semi- knowledge of either Italian Propaganda Verbs or Militant Japanese Commands.”

With that said, let’s set into place our foundation, using both astrology and history as the main ingredients for our cemented cosmic base!

America the Neutral

Two vastly important historical factors must be established in order to fully realize the astrological significance behind the events leading up to Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, before the attacks took place:

  1. A War which would evolve into a full scale global conflict was already well under way for 2 years, 3 months and 6 days before Pearl Harbor. There are a few historians who would adamantly disagree, but the general consensus is that World War II began on September 1st, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland, resulting in declarations of war by England and France on Adolf Hitler and the German people.  France would subsequently succumb to the Nazis after being almost immediately overtaken and defeated by the German army nine months later in June of 1940.
  2. During those first 2 years, 3 months and 6 days of war before Pearl Harbor, the United States clearly stated its position regarding the ever growing displays of European aggression – Neutrality.

Only President Roosevelt and a choice few others were fully aware that America’s staunch stance of being decidedly neutral while Hitler’s troops goosestepped and devoured most of continental Europe was not strictly due to just the vocal objections of American Isolationists who didn’t want the United States to be dragged into yet another European centered War. FDR knew that if war hypothetically arrived on his country’s threshold at that moment in time in the summer of 1940, all was lost due to the unpreparedness and non existence of America’s Armed Forces. A non-existent American military, which at that time the remainder of the Free World deluded themselves into thinking was at the height of its super powers and ready to come to the aid of both Liberty and Democracy, due to its fantasized imaginary states of top notch preparation and fully equipped manpower.

The US Unarmed Forces

At the advent of World War II, America was not the super power of military force as it is known as today. Not only were the American armed forces insignificant in number, their munitions were non-existent and astoundingly outdated.

According to America’s historian, Doris Kearns Goodwin in her Pulitzer Prize winning account of the Roosevelt Administration during WWII, “No Ordinary Time”, in 1940 the US Army ranked a very less than impressive 18th in the world. Whereas 10% of Germany’s populace (6.8 million) had received compulsive military training, less than .5% of America’s population (504,000) were on active duty or in the trained reserves.

Even more shocking, the German military were actively using the most cutting edge equipment and tools of war, such as all terrain, river crossing tanks which advanced in tandem with bomber planes and aircraft. When the American military held their first official war game exercises in the summer of 1940, a mere handful of 2nd rate tanks were utilized with the majority of mobile forces being woefully led by the cavalry.

Said another way, in 1940 Germany incorporated the best weapons possible at the time, namely tanks and bomber airplanes, to crush even the slightest quiver of opposition which stood in its path of absolute military domination. On the other hand, during that same period the United States had no assembled Air Force that could be spoken for, had only a few cheaply made tanks at their disposal, and were still using horses as their main mode of troop advancement in times of battle.

In the beginning of the Second World War, there was no known munitions industry in the United States, whereas Nazi Germany possessed more planes than all of its opponents combined.

You Think Today’s Economy Is Bad?

Try 1940’s.

War broke out at the very end of the decade which marked the worst economic years this country had ever experienced, otherwise known as The Great Depression. Whereas the national unemployment rate is 9.1% in the modern day, in 1940 nearly 10 million Americans, namely 17% of America’s work force were without jobs.

Added to this staggering statistic of economic sobriety, in the times leading up to December 7th, 1941 of the 74 million Americans 25 years old or older, only 2 out of 5 had gone beyond eighth grade; 1 out of 4 had graduated from high school, and just 1 out of 20 had completed college.

In the months preceding the events at Pearl Harbor, the last thing in almost every American’s mind was war, least of all preparing for its imminent arrival.

An Empire Surrounded

Although extremely complex and layered with as many theories as one can humanly devise, the central theme which many historians attribute to the cause of the attacks of December 7th, 1941 revolve around the central theme of miscommunication. The biggest source of consistent miscommunication began and ended with the diplomatic failures between the US State Department and the delegates representing the Empire of the Sun better known as Japan.

Ironically, the Secretary of State in the years and months leading up to Pearl Harbor, Cordell Hull, was born beneath the sign of diplomacy, Libra, but failed to keep peaceful ties with the Japanese. Hull’s inability to maintain cordial relations with Japan can be reduced to 2 predominant factors:

During crucial negotiations with top Japanese military leaders on more than a few occasions, the Secretary of State would arrogantly give unrealistic, last minute ultimatums which were both unforeseen and unexpected.

Whenever Hull reached moments of diplomatic impasse in his dealings with Japan, he would either become noticeably flustered or worse, would simply wipe his hands of things, insisting matters were in the hands of either President Roosevelt or the then Secretary of the Navy, William Knox. Despite his sign’s inherent sense of manners and social skills, Secretary Hull behaved in a most un-Libran fashion during those critical times of diplomacy by either blatantly ignoring or overlooking the highly formalized, culturally layered-with-manners style of social decorum used by Japan’s ambassadors and diplomats. Some feel this undiplomatic behavior came about due to the Secretary of State’s impatient sense of ignorance regarding Japanese culture, that of itself, was tinged with racial prejudice.

Cordell Hull with Japanese diplomatsSecretary of State Cordell Hull seen here keeping his distance from Japanese representatives as they walk to speak to President Roosevelt after having failed once more in maintaining diplomatic relations between himself and the Empire of the Sun.

Japan is a country with next to no natural resources of its own and has always depended upon the resources of other countries in order to fully function, even to the current day. It also is a nation comprised of many islands. Islands, which in 1940, were almost completely encircled by the colonial settlements and outposts of the United States, Britain, the Netherlands, as well as by the Allied countries of China and Russia.

Fearing she would be cut off from any/all outlets of natural resources, the Empire of the Rising Sun invaded Indochina in July of 1940.

This would be the seminal event that would commence the steady streams of miscommunication which would eventually snowball into larger and larger diplomatic impasses right up until when the last Japanese bomber plane returned to its aircraft carrying fleet, leaving Pearl Harbor to smoulder in its fiery, oil slicked waters.

With the historical foundation now put into place, in Part II Brad will discuss the astounding cosmic significance of the astrological climate over Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. The astrological chart cast for that particular day over America’s key naval port reveals one of the most profound configurations in all of astrology – the Hexagram, better known as The Star of David or Seal of Solomon.

**Brad Kronen has recently written his very own History book about the Second World War entitled “For King & Country: The Wartime Windsors”, a top notch recounting of the early days of World War II when England was forced to face the war machine of Nazi Germany on its own by undergoing “The Blitz”.  To learn more or to directly purchase at ,click on the link below:

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