Pearl Harbor: A Cosmic Date which will Live in Infamy – Part II

Koblenz WWII American SoldiersAmerican Air Men take note of the bombs that actually did go off and hold a Nazi flag sans swaztika in war torn Koblenz, Germany, May, 1945. (

Pearl Harbor A Cosmic Date Which Will Live In Infamy
Part II: Diffusing Deadly Duds, The Folly Of The Fixed, & Simulating Stomach Strength

In order to move confidently forward into the future, there must be some semblance of reasonable awareness of the past.

To reinforce that thought, 21st century society has been given concrete reminders as of late, ranging from the very personal to the very potentially dangerous. Both were discovered in 2011 and both are representative of the World War II Era.

While writing this piece during the fall of 2011, the townspeople of Koblenz, Germany were forced to leave their homes in what is believed to have been the biggest post war bomb evacuation in history, after a 1.8 ton Allied bomb revealed itself in the neighboring Rhine River when its waters had receded from drought. Close to 45,000 locals, including those who reside in convalescent homes, hospitals, and even prisons were evacuated from the town’s vicinity while experts moved in to diffuse the giant explosive.
Koblenz WWII bombThe citizens of Koblenz, Germany were forced (more like force evacuated) to face their past when a 1.8 ton un-detonated bomb from Word War II revealed its presence in the receding waters of the Rhine River during the fall of 2011.

During that particular time, fascinatingly enough, transiting Uranus, the planet of bombs, was positioned in the sign of Aries, and was in retrograde motion at a cardinal point. In other words, the planet of bombs and of sudden “out of the blue” events was positioned in the sign of War, moving in a motion signifying the past or looking back to what has been, and its placement in the sky is at 0 degrees of a cardinal sign, which indicates notoriety or fame.

The other reminder is much smaller in scale, but just as powerfully poignant. While conducting a dredging exercise in the spring of 2011, the US Navy reported finding a skull believed to be that of a Japanese World War II fighter pilot. Although forensic testing isn’t complete, archaeologists have confirmed that items found near the skull, most particularly a Coke bottle, date from the War era. Should forensic tests positively confirm the identity of the skull, this would be the first time the remains of a Japanese soldier have been found at this particular site since the War.

In case you were wondering, the skull was discovered at the bottom of

“Pearl Harbor? Yep, I was there.”

I was surprised my cousin John brought up the War very soon after I introduced myself.

“Was 19. Was a real nice day, that day. Real nice.”

His suspended eyes became even more saucer like while looking straight ahead, as if he could see through the decades.

I asked him at what point did he realize they were being attacked.

The haunted huge blue eyes focused immediately back into the present, searing their attentions straight at me.

Even though he started to laugh, my stomach dropped as if the safety bar of a roller coaster I was deathly afraid of had just latched me tightly in, while its wheels lurched forward indicating the ride had begun and there was no turning back.

“It ain’t pretty. Besides, You’re too young to be hearing this stuff anyway, Kiddo.”

Unable to break away from the focus of my cousin’s haunted eyes, I lied to him, stating with a false bravado that I had a strong stomach and could handle the not so pretty.

I waited for his eyes to focus back through time again before I abrasively gulped.

“Like I said, it was a real nice mornin’. I got up early that Sunday and was up on deck. I heard some planes from far off, but didn’t think nothin’ of it, even though the carriers weren’t in the harbor.”

The U.S. carrier fleet just happened to be on maneuvers in the Pacific Ocean that day.

“By the time I figured out somethin’ was wrong, the Kamikaze already hit us.”

Kamikazes?? I interjected. There were suicide pilots at Pearl Harbor? They didn’t fly over, bomb, and fly out?

“Most of the Jap planes did. A few were kamikazes, though. Flew full speed straight at us.”

A kamikaze plane hitting your ship was how you realized you were being attacked?! I asked, wide eyed and stupefied.

“Yes and No. The plane that hit my boat, I’m guessin’ it had some kid flyin’ the damn thing and he must have still been green. His plane crashed, but didn’t explode or nuthin’.”

A kamikaze plane hitting your ship uncrashed was how you realized you were being attacked?! I immaturely interrupted and repeatedly exclaimed.

“The pilot.” The eyes were now searing directly back at me again.

The pilot….getting out of the plane was how you, ummm, realized? I asked in not such a rush to hear the answer.

“He got out alright, well half of ’em did, anyway. Kid got sliced in 2 when the plane hit. Torso shot right out and slid across the deck, right in front of me, just like a shuffleboard puck.”

I didn’t respond.

“Jeez, Kiddo, you look green. I warned ya it wasn’t pretty. Here, take my seat and have a breather. You better not lose your lunch on your grandma’s rug.”

We Now Return To Our Sponsors Of Miscommunication

In Part I, I mentioned that among the numerous theories regarding the hows and whys of Pearl Harbor, conspiratory and non-conspiratory alike, one theme in particular is cited most often – miscommunication.

FDR PortraitAlthough an effective President who led his people through both the Depression and World  War II, FDR operated both his offices and staff from a most unusual dynamic – Chaos.

The Head Honcho at the Oval Office during the War years, in particular in the times before and after Pearl Harbor, was the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR was born under one of the 2 signs which yields American Presidents the most, and both are fixed – Scorpio (the sign of his wife Eleanor’s Uncle Teddy, better known as the 26th President of the United States) and the sign of this particular Roosevelt President in question, Aquarius.

For those of you who live with or love a person born under the sign of The Water Bearer, you will more than intimately know the faux persona the typical Aquarian likes to project to the world:

It’s all good, dude. No worries, man.”

A laidback, super easy going person giving off the essence of the most groovily relaxed hippie or surfer, who is totally tight with all residents of Mother Earth and is the most open minded out there. A fierce egalitarian, who treats everyone the same, never allowing anything petty or materialistic to obstruct their round sun-glassed view of the Utopia that is so soon to come.

I’ll even go along with all that and say a good many of you Aqua folk actually do embrace portions of that mentality for isolated stints of time…that is, until you try to get an Aquarian to do something they don’t want to do or that they feel the need to resist doing.

Should that occur, all the easy breezy “Let’s partake in Utopia together, dude” stuff goes right out the window, because don’t let them fool you, non-Aquarians!! This sign, by far, is one of the biggest control freaks you’ll find and one of the most stubborn signs you will ever encounter!

And a common unevolved trait shared among the fixed signs, (Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, this means you) is the inability to admit partaking in any kind of wrong doing, miscalculation, bad judgment, erroneous action, addition or subtraction boo-boo, and while we’re at it, any overall fallibility or variation of mistake whatsoever.

The 32nd President of The United States was no exception.

Part I described the circumstances in 1940 which drove Japan to invade Indochina and briefly mentioned how that seemingly nominal occurrence in the Far East would be the snowball of miscommunications which would eventually result in the blizzard of horror and chaos, otherwise known as Pearl Harbor.

Speaking of chaos, what’s one of the best ways for a fixed signed person to delude themselves into thinking they have total control over everything in their world? Chaos!

Why? Because if things are chaotic and everyone only knows a portion of what’s going on, then they’ll all need to come to the fixed signed person to oversee every nitpicky control freak detail.

But what to do if said fixed signed person isn’t present, like at some Atlantic Conference with other leaders of the Free World, for example?

The chaos moves ahead in the form of those particular things which, at the time, seem right and not a big deal, but in the grand scheme of history, can be deadly – assumptions.

And to quote my 4th grade teacher, Sister Rita Stoneface, “Mr. Kronen, when you assume you make an ASS of U and ME.”

Upon learning that Japan had invaded Indochina, FDR agreed to a policy of sanctions being implemented by a number of nations against The Empire of the Sun.

This included an embargo of oil.

Assuming the embargo applied to high octane oil only, FDR left his Oval Office of chaos and in turn, left the details of the Japanese sanctions in the hands of his subordinates, while he frantically wheeled away to join Winston Churchill at The Atlantic Conference in the summer of 1940.

When the President eventually got around to review the details associated with the Japanese sanctions, it was too late.

Too late, that is, in his fixed signed mind.

The embargo against the Japanese, FDR later was told, included oil in every form and price. Japan was being cut off from access to any/all variations of oil, period.

The President’s futuristic Aquarian mind processed with lightning mental speed the realization that it would only be a very short period of time before the country with no natural resources of her own would be brought to her knees with this oil embargo left unaltered, eventually putting all decisions into the hands of Japan’s martial authorities. Despite being enlightened of the severity of this overlooked, grave error, FDR allowed the sanctions to stand. Some historians theorize The President did not want to appear weak in the eyes of the Japanese if such a harsh embargo that had already been firmly established was then rescinded and lifted for no reason.

That may be true to some extent, but the theory doesn’t provide adequate explanation as to why actions were not put into place that could have made December 7th be just another Christmas shopping day in 1941.

FDR the President did not want to appear weak to another power wielding country, but just as valid, FDR the fixed signed man had no intention of admitting to himself or his staff he had made a crucially bad error of judgment and was, well, wrong.

Hey, someone had to finally come out and say it. That diffused bomb wasn’t the only one holding things in for a while.

In Part III of our Pearl Harbor Series, Brad will do a quick touch up on one of the rarest and cosmicly significant of astrological configurations….which also just happens to be an ancient and modern symbol of religion, magic, art, and architecture through most of humanity’s major organized religions for the past 5 or so thousand years.

**Brad Kronen has recently written a History book about the Second World War of his very own entitled “For King & Country: The Wartime Windsors”, a top notch recounting of the early days of World War II when England was forced to face the war machine of Nazi Germany on its own by undergoing “The Blitz”.  To learn more or to directly purchase, click on the link below:


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