Pearl Harbor: A Cosmic Date Which Will Live In Infamy – Part III

Seal of Solomon

Beneath the horror of Pearl Harbor lies an astrological configuration indicating the mystic workings of the Universe.

*Originally written on December 7th, 2011

Part III: The Cataclysmic made Cosmic

Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for Love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame.”

– Song of Solomon, 8:6

The Swastika and the Star of David

Place these 2 symbols side by side together and one immediately thinks of the Second World War. When associated with World War II, the swastika and the Star of David’s combined imagery denotes the darkness of the human soul, referring to an ideology which believed Man could have total disregard for his fellow man. A belief system which promoted treating human beings worse than vermin with the intent of racial purification for the sole purpose of annihilation.

Many don’t realize the swastika as well as the Star of David have existed well before the years of 1939-1945. Both are ancient symbols Man has used for millenia by different cultures and in different religions.

Swastika used in Hindu ritual
A swastika of candles used in a Hindu ritual to bring forth “shakti” or good luck.

The swastika is an ancient tantric symbol used to evoke “shakti”, the Sanskrit term for good luck.  For Buddhists, the symbol represents the flow of eternity. The swatiska is an ancient image used mostly in Hinduism and Buddhism but was also utilized by the Native American tribes of the Navajo and Hopi in North America as well. It’s believed the swastika was first used in ancient India some 4,000 years ago and the image is still widely used in Nepal and parts of India today.

Ganesh and swastika
In Hinduism, the swastika is a symbol of good luck and the Hindu god of luck is the elephant headed Ganesh.  The planet of luck is Jupiter and its animal is, you guessed it, the elephant.  Big planet, big animal, big money!

The Star of David or Seal of Solomon (the backdrop and top image for this piece) is the centerpiece on the flag of modern day Israel and for the last 4 centuries has been strongly associated with the Jewish religion but this symbol reaches much further back into Time and with far more cosmic implications. Although The Star of David is associated with one organized religion in the modern day, for a goodly portion of humanity’s history, the image has denoted the workings of the Universe for all living beings and the mysterious force which Man has named God.

In Part I, I mentioned how a cursory glance while in line at the local supermarket led my eyes to a magazine commemorating the 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, thus stoking my mental curiosity to cast a chart dated December 7th, 1941 for the Naval Base area at the time of the first attacks on Ford Island which occurred at 7:51AM.

With this particular cursory glance, I certainly wasn’t expecting to see one of the rarest configurations in all of astrology upon first pulling up the chart for this historical cataclysm – The Seal of Solomon.

Solomon’s Seal & “The Big Three”

The Middle East is an area known for being a hot bed of war and constant fighting which never seems to abate. One country in particular which appears to be forever embroiled in the seemingly endless displays of aggression in that particular area of the globe not only has Solomon’s Seal as its flag as previously mentioned, but Israel’s most important city, Jerusalem, is a focal point of worship in the world’s 3 biggest religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and is said to have been founded by King Solomon himself.

All 3 religions consider King Solomon a prophet and all 3 give credence to the legend of his magical Seal.

King Solomon & His Seal – The Biblical and Koranic Prophet of Magical Legend

In both the Bible and the Koran, King Solomon, whose prophetic name in Islam is Sulaiman and in the Bible is Jedidiah was the son of that Biblical hero known for his great aim whom giants never messed with, and is also considered to be the ancestor of a certain Jesus of Nazareth, King David.

The son of King David is said to have founded the ancient city of Jerusalem and within its mighty walls is credited for building The First Temple, a venerated place which housed The Ark of the Covenant. King Solomon was reputed for his wisdom and fine sense of judgement, whose decisions always considered the best possible solution for all parties involved.

King Solomon
King Solomon exercises his superb sense of judgment by issuing a 50/50 baby split.

A well known Biblical story which demonstrates Solomon’s sage perception of life is a tale about 2 women who lay claim over an infant and are put before the renowned ruler to determine who is the child’s real mother. After hearing the king ordering the baby to be cut in 2 to be evenly distributed between them, the real mother forfeits her rights to the child begging for it to be spared. Solomon decrees that only the child’s true mother would show such alarmed concern, even if it meant giving the baby up in order to save its life. The wise monarch then reunites mother with child.

The Seal of Solomon of legend refers to a magic ring which when worn by the powerful and wise King gave him the power to summon and control demons as well as commune with/speak to animals. The first Djinn, or Arabic demon captured in a bottle is said to have occurred when Solomon commanded it into the enclosed space, imprisoning the dark being by sealing the top of the glassware with the signet of his magic ring.

The Astrological Seal of Solomon

Geometrically, a Seal of Solomon is referred to as a hexagram, or six-pointed star pattern comprised of 2 evenly spaced, interlocking triangles with the base of one of the triangles pointing upwards and the other’s base being inversed and pointing downward.

This geometric pattern appears in an astrological chart when the 2 interlocking triangles are formed by 2 seperate “grand trines”. Grand trines, unto themselves are triangular formations which occur whenever 3 planets are placed in each of the 3 signs of any of the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Since all 3 planets of a Grand Trine are positioned in a harmonious trining angle with each other, they are said to be in perfect harmony together and the element in which the 3 are placed in is said to be the area of life where a person should experience blessings or encounter exceptional ease along with possess inherent gifts and talents.

Because of the hexagram’s exact even spacing between 2 sets of Grand Trines, the occurrence of this geometric pattern is one of the rarest astrologically. Due to its highly infrequent occurrence, the astrological Seal of Solomon represents the workings of The Universe itself, and many consider the symbol’s appearance to be the mysterious presence of the Creator, or the higher power which many refer to as God.

Deus Ex Astrologica

The interlocking Grand Trines of the Seal of Solomon astrologically represent the presence of the divine on this plane of existence, with the upwardly pointing triangle referring to God and the downward triangle denoting Man’s existence on Earth, along with the 12 points of the star’s formation symbolizing the Universe at large, since each of the 12 signs of the Zodiacal wheel are being pointed to, or activated.

The Seal of Solomon is also considered by many to be an astrological symbol of perfection since not one, but 2 of the 4 elements are working within the harmonious framework of the Grand Trine, which by their triangular union incorporates a minimum of 6 planets interacting with each other in a state of dynamically perfect balance.

Numerologically, the number six represents perfect union and is the energetic emblem of soulful integration not only between the divine with the human, but also of the male with the female, the passive with the aggressive, and the Yin with the Yang.

Pearl Harbor’s Seal Of Solomon

With all the divine goodness associated with the astrological Seal of Solomon, how can it be, then, that this powerfully mystical symbol which supposedly represents the presence of Divine harmony on this plane of existence is associated with a historical event renowned for its extreme shock, fear, horror, and death such as Pearl Harbor?

That, my good readers, is, and always will be, a Divine Mystery.

However, our mortal minds must realize that by virtue of the presence of the Seal of Solomon over Pearl Harbor on that doomed day, December 7th, 1941, a date “which will live in infamy” and not merely as President Roosevelt originally referenced as a happening “which will live in world history”. Astrologically, The Seal of Solomon of Pearl Harbor can be interpreted as an act of God and by virtue of its rare symbolism was destined by the Universe to come to pass.

FDR Pearl Harbor speech draft
A copy of the speech FDR hurriedly wrote asking both the American people and Congress to declare war on Japan. Note the famous first sentence where the phrase “world history” is replaced with “Infamy”.

Although a Divine Mystery can be considered a Universal event, it is still highly personal since its transcendance of the tangible world requires each of us to gauge our sense of faith in that which is unseen and immeasurable, so that we may each come to our own individualized conclusions based on our soul’s perception of that which is “ever unperceived, ever understood.”

Below are my astrological interpretations of the Divine Mystery of Pearl Harbor in regards to the dynamics which coincided with the actual event in 1941 as well as its interrelation with other astrologically significant events of more recent times.

Pearl Harbor Chart
The chart cast for Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7th, 1941.  Note the blue lined Star of David or Seal of Solomon in the middle.

Left Out Jupiter – In astrology, Jupiter is considered the planet of luck and blessings and many would consider the largest heavenly body orbiting our Sun to also be associated with saints and even with the big G, itself. Notice in the Pearl Harbor Seal Of Solomon, which herewith shall be abbreviated “PHSS“, every planet of our Solar System is a part of the overall configuration of the 2 triangles which form the star, except one. Jupiter is the only planet found outside of the PHSS. Why? Although Pearl Harbor could be interpreted as a Divine Mystery, it stands as one of America’s greatest war tragedies and its destruction and massive loss of life cannot be associated with Jupiter’s realm of blessings. Keeping along the “non-blessing” Jupiterian perspective, on that day Jupiter was positioned in the sign of its detriment, or the sign opposite the sign it rules, Gemini, meaning the planet’s benefic influences were greatly diminished.

Mars in Ruling Sign at the IC – Despite Jupiter’s placement in the sign of its detriment, Mars, the planet of violence, aggression, and most importantly, War, was placed in the sign it rules naturally, and was positioned at a most intriguing section of the chart. In Part I, I mentioned that the Isolationist Movement in The United States at the beginning of World War II was quite strong and very vocal about the US not getting involved in yet another European based conflict. Only an overt act of war on American soil would unite the American people to fully back their President when on the day following the attacks, December 8th, FDR gave his famous radio speech asking both Congress and his people for a Declaration of War against the Empire of Japan. This is evidenced by Mars, the planet of War and action positioned in its ruling sign of Aries, the sign of military aggression, at the very bottom of the chart, the IC or Immum Coeli, which begins the 4th House of Home, Homeland, and Home Turf.

The Moon in its Ruling Sign Conjunct Pluto in Leo in the 7th House – Like Mars in Aries, the Moon was positioned in the sign of its rulership, Cancer at the time of the attacks. Pearl Harbor was a crucially key event which rallied the American people to unite and cohesively join forces like no other time in history. The United States went from being a neutral, agriculturally heavy country with an understaffed, non-equipped military and no real munitions industry in 1940 to a nation incensed by what occurred within its borders on December 7th, 1941.  This one event would inspire the American people to work cohesively and relentlessly as a unified whole, surpass Germany’s mighty production of munitions, and eventually defeat the forces of Fascist oppression. Many astrologers forget  the Moon and its ruling sign of Cancer not only deal with the social themes of one’s home, mother, and family but it is also of one’s Homeland, Motherland, and overall sense of patriotism. With the planet of Patriotism conjunct the planet of transformation, Pluto, in the sign of heart felt pride, Leo,  in the 7th House of Cohesive Partnerships, it’s evident that Pearl Harbor was the catalyst which unified its people like never before in order to defend their homeland and work together, united by national pride.

All Mystical Signs Point to the Bad Direction Of Miscommunication

As this series has indicated through discussions of historical fact along with psychological behavioral analysis as seen through the lens of astrological interpretation, if the attacks at Pearl Harbor could be boiled down to one cause, unarguably, the biggest source of contention is the running theme of “Miscommunication”. The remainder of my interpretations of the PHSS strictly deal with with that solitary theme going forward, since it has sparked much discussion and has literally been the most problematic.

The Mutual Reception of Mercury and Jupiter in their Detriment – In my article about Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami which occurred in March of 2011, “The Astrology of Deluges and Critical Mass”, I referenced the astrological term of “Mutual Reception“, which is a temporary window of time when 2 planets transit through the other planet’s sign of rulership. Mutual Reception acts like a cosmic pinball machine when it occurs, since both heavenly bodies will influence and affect the other by virtue of receiving their ruling sign’s energies from one another. Japan’s Sendai earthquake and tsunami occurred on March 11, 2011, as well as was the final day of Mutual Reception between Uranus, the planet of earthquakes, in the Neptune ruled sign of Pisces, and Neptune, the planet of tsunamis, in the Uranian ruled sign of Aquarius, with both planets positioned that day at the very karmic, or final 29th degree of those signs.

This same Mutually Receptive planetary dynamic which rocked the Earth off its axis in March of 2011 is just as explosive with the PHSS, but is transmuted to a social scale. PH’s Mutual Reception is extremely powerful since not only were both Mercury and Jupiter in mutual reception with each other when the attacks occurred, but they were in opposition with each other as well as positioned in their respective signs of detriment! A planet is in its “detriment” when it is placed in the polar opposite of the sign it naturally rules. Placing a planet in the sign of its detriment results in an environment where the planet’s influences are half as effective, muted, or even negated at times.

All of those detrimental results occurred when Mercury, the planet of communication was placed in the sign of foreign influences and cultures, Sagittarius on December 7th, 1941. Placing Mercury in the sign of its detriment creates an overall environment of constant distraction or one in which there is so much frenzied activity, it’s nearly impossible to decide upon a set course of action. This is indicated with the smallest planet of the bunch in mutual reception with The King of Planets. In other words, Jupiter was placed in Mercury’s ruling sign of Gemini and Mercury was positioned in Jupiter’s ruling sign of Sagittarius at the time of the attacks.

Keeping in mind the main mystical theme of miscommunication, the broader perspective of planetary Mutual Reception provided by the planets of Communication (Mercury) and Exaggerated Expansion (Jupiter) emphasize just how monumentally out of hand the miscommunications had snowballed since their inception with the diplomatic blunders of Secretary of State Hull with Japan’s ambassadors.

The theme of Miscommunication is just as valid when there is a silently loud absence of much needed communication that can either enlighten, direct, or clarify. This particular communication-less scenario was enacted precisely when the powder keg of political tensions were at their worst between the US and Japan. Effective communication, which could have possibly been the key in preventing the attacks on Pearl Harbor altogether were avoided, due to the fixed sign foolish pride of President Roosevelt refusing to admit his erroneous judgment by promoting the sanctions which included the strangulating oil embargo placed on the Japanese and allowing them to stand.

The Triumverate of Tactless Talkers

It must be noted the biggest sources of miscommunication in the dynamics of Pearl Harbor, namely Libran Secretary of State Cordell Hull, Aquarian President FDR, and yet to be introduced, Deputy Chief of Staff, Gemini Richard Marshall were each born under the 3 signs of the element which utilizes communication as its initial reaction to any kind of stimuli from the outside world – Air. With Jupiter, the planet of exaggeration in mutual reception to Mercury, the planet of communication AND positioned that day in the same sign as the Deputy Chief assigned to warn all American naval commanders in the Pacific of an impending Japanese attack, the Universe saw to it that the environment of communication would be as blown out of proportion with misinterpretation as humanly possible in order for the events at Pearl Harbor to unfold, right up to notifying all parties of the impending danger of the approaching Japanese bomber planes on the day of the attacks.

The warning……waylaid.

The Japanese were given a 14 point plan of “solutions” haughtily made by Secretary of State Hull at the end of November, 1941. On the night before the attacks, Tokyo telegraphed their ambassadors in Washington a list refusing 13 of those 14 points, explicitly explaining that the 14th response would be sent the following morning and needed to be hand delivered to Secretary Hull’s person as close to, and definitely no later than, 1 PM on the 7th of December. With the Japanese unaware of the fact the US had recently cracked their secret telegraphic code, the American interpreters said nothing and waited for this last piece of information to come the next day, hoping it would be the diplomatic glue that would salvage the nearly disintegrated relations between the United States and Japan.

The interpreters realized with a foreboding sense of grim disappointment that the much hoped for 14th point did indeed arrive the next morning but instead of mending the situation, it was a mandate informing the United States that herewith, all diplomatic negotiations with the Empire of the Sun were terminated and that this announcement needed to be personally delivered to the Secretary of State, precisely at 1PM.

Realizing the last part of the telegraphed cable ominously hinted that Japan would most likely be taking some sort of aggressive action against the United States at that appointed time, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Pacific Theater of Operations and Gemini, Richard Marshall acted upon the need to dispatch dire warnings to all Pacific naval stations as humanly fast as possible. Marshall moved with Mercurial speed, cranking out a notification of warning which read:

“The Japanese are presenting at 1PM what amounts to an ultimatum. Just what signficance the hour set may have, we do not know, BUT BE ON ALERT!”

– “No Ordinary Time”, Page 288

But, just as he was about to send the warning out to all parties, the Deputy Chief of Staff wondered that if the Americans had de-scrambled the Japanese secret telegraphic code, then who was to say the Japanese hadn’t already done the same? At that crucial moment, Marshall opted to send the warning by the much slower route of commercial telegraph AND by order of priority. The warning was first sent to Manila, then Panama, followed by the last on the list to be notified, Hawaii.

By the time Honolulu’s telegraph station received Marshall’s message, the attacks at Pearl Harbor were already well under way.

The Top of Solomon’s Seal – A Very Karmic Lord Of The Sea

When looking at the PHSS, the top of the mystically configured star is the positioning of Neptune at the last, or very karmic 29th degree within the other Mercurial sign ruled by the planet of Communication and known for its efficiency and attention to detail, Virgo, in the 9th House of Foreign Influences.

Allow me to give some formulas of planetary positioned interpretation for some historically significant events of the recent past:

September 11th, 2001 – On 9/11, Saturn, the planet of structures and buildings was placed in the Air sign of The Twins, Gemini, and was in opposition to Pluto, the planet of Death, which when placed in the fundamental fire sign of Sagittarius, is an indication of religious zealotism

Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami, Honshu, Japan, March 11, 2011 – As already detailed, on March 11th of 2011, the day of the Sendai earthquake and subsequent tsunami off the Honshu coast of Japan was also the final day of Mutual Reception between Uranus, the planet of earthquakes, in the Neptune ruled sign of Pisces, and Neptune, the planet of tsunamis, in the Uranian ruled sign of Aquarius, with both planets positioned that day at the very karmic, or final 29th degree of those signs. During this natural disaster as with Pearl Harbor, the Sea was the focal stage where these events took place with PH’s attacks taking place in a Hawaiian harbor and the epicenter of the Sendai earthquake and subsequent tsunami occurring beneath the ocean’s waves near Japan’s coast.

The Attacks at Pearl Harbor – On December 7th, 1941 a Seal of Solomon was formed with Neptune, the planet of the Sea, sea ports, and also of delusion and confusion being the uppermost point with its positioning in the communication based sign of reality and details, at the very karmic, or final 29th degree of that sign in the Jupiter ruled 9th House of God and Foreign Influences and Cultures. Also at the top of the chart, the asteroid Ixion, which represents offenses to the gods made by unknowing or unevolved mortals was also placed in the 9th House of God in the sign of diplomacy, Libra.

The mystically mysterious themes which lay beneath the carnage of Pearl Harbor at the time of its occurrence are as follows:

God, Foreign Influences and Cultures, Communication, Karma, Diplomacy

For the most part a Divine Mystery remains just that- a mystery unto itself. However, one of the goals of writing this series especially during a milestone anniversary of commemoration is to hopefully expand one of the core symbols of the Second World War. For myself, World War II’s Star of David has now expansively transformed into representing much more than just an image of scapegoated victimization and nihilistic atrocities consciously committed by Man against his fellow Man.

The fire of a Holocaust must always be vigilantly kept alive in our minds if Humanity wishes to never repeat such unimaginable horror.  But where the World War II Star of David connotes wide scale annihilation, Pearl Harbor’s Seal of Solomon denotes regeneration from the flames of Death where Victory eventually emerges as a renewed testament to Life itself.

Dedicated to the memories of John Gangloff, Lewis A. Suiter, and all the men and women who fought, died, and survived during this most auspicious moment in our country’s history on this day marking the 70th Anniversary of the Attacks at Pearl Harbor.

December 7th, 1941 – December 7th, 2011

Pearl Harbor Memorial

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