Beneath the Surface – The Cancerian Camera of Ringo Starr, Part I

Beneath the Surface
The Cancerian Camera of Ringo Starr
Part I
Brad Kronen

Ringo Starr Photograph


The Funny one. The Last one. The Fourth one.

These are some of the various nicknames that have been tagged onto the personage of Ringo Starr, former drummer and part time vocalist for the band that many regard to be the most influential group in rock history – The Beatles.

Being a Beatles aficionado myself, I’ll be the first to admit the Water signed members of The Fab Four got the short end of the stick when it came to the band’s overall global popularity and international fandom. True to their astrological elements, the Watery duo of Ringo the homey Cancerian and George the humble Piscean quietly took an emotionally sensitive back seat to the non-stop jet stream of verbal communication and creatively rich ruminations that emanated from the Air signed duo of Libran John Lennon and Gemini Paul McCartney.

Despite the majority of the Free World waiting with anxious anticipation over every thought and utterance that came from the powerhouse pair of Lennon & McCartney during the height of the band’s popularity, the watery members of the Fab Four seemed content simply in being exactly just that.


John Lennon in Air
John Lennon flying through his own element of Air


The core foundation behind the astrological element both John and Paul were born under, Air, is based in mental stimulation and communication. Together as a unified team, the song writing duo of Lennon & McCartney mutually created a goodly number of the world’s most beloved pop songs. John and Paul’s impressive ability to prolifically produce so many infectiously catchy pop hits as a song writing team came about from the chattily creative atmosphere the two Air signs made whenever together. Verbally volleying back and forth, one Air signed Beatle would accentuate and many times complete the musical or lyrical thought initially created by the other.


Paul McCartney being heady
Paul McCartney the Air sign getting all “heady”


However among the Beatle obsessed, it’s inherently understood The Fab Four didn’t become a musical religion in their own right due to Ringo and George meekly shutting up, looking pretty, and playing their respective instruments whenever needed. Both Water signed mop tops were crucial contributors to the Beatles’ stratospheric success by ways that were indicative of their shared astrological element of Water.


George in Water
George Harrison at home in his element of Water


George Harrison’s influence exponentially expanded the band’s musical range and artistic boundaries when the Pisces introduced his band mates to the other worldly realms of spirituality by exposing them to the transcendental meditative practices of Eastern mysticism. This is evident in the band’s dramatic change of musical course taken during their later period when The Beatles became the first western group to incorporate a musical instrument from the Far East in a recorded single. An eastern musical instrument which George the Piscean taught himself to masterfully play – the scitar*.



Ringo Starr sea shell
Ringo Starr listens closely to his Watery essence


Ringo’s influence over the band was just as tantamount as George’s, and although his water signed contribution is more subtly diffused, its effect lasted for the entire duration of the band’s existence. The Cancerian was responsible for keeping the behemoth personalities of John, Paul, George, and himself a unified entity of one band, regardless of their individual levels of famed notoriety. In the words of Mr. Starr:


“The Beatles always shared. We only had 2 rooms. Any 2 of us would be in any 2 rooms. It was all about the brotherhood….We always travelled together. We had one car and the four of us were always in whatever car it was. And the cars did get better as it went on. We shared rooms. We were together. It was also good to get to know each other really well when you’re in the next bed.”


Ringo’s words quoted above were taken from an interview given on “The Tavis Smiley Show” taped on October 2, 2015. Mr. Starr appeared on the PBS program while promoting his recently published book entitled “Photogragh”. As we shall see in Part II, the last member to join the most influential band in music history contributed to its incomparable success in ways that extended far beyond just shared lodgings and requisite carpools.


And every one of them is thoroughly astrological in nature.


*Western audiences were first introduced to the musical instrument of ancient India, the scitar, with The Beatles’ hit single released in December 1965, which many claim to be the first example of “Raga Rock” – “Norwegian Wood”.



Backdrop photo of Ringo Starr –
Photo of book cover to “Photography” by Ringo Starr –
Photo of John Lennon in Air –
Photo of Paul McCartney –
Photo of George Harrison –
Photo of Ringo Starr with Sea Shell –


*Brad Kronen has written numerous books about Astrology’s role in both in both History and Pop Culture.  This includes his astrological dating guides custom made for every sign of the Zodiac entitled “Love in the Stars”.  The edition for the sign Ringo Starr was born beneath, Cancer,  is available for purchase at at the link listed below.



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