Beneath the Surface – The Cancerian Camera of Ringo Starr, Part II

Beneath the Surface
The Cancerian Camera of Ringo Starr:
Part II
Brad Kronen


Ringo Starr Camera

The Cancer with the Camera
Ringo Starr



It began with an overlooked box.

Placed on a high shelf, the box had changed locations after numerous moves, numerous times. Nobody considered opening it.

Until 2012, when much to Ringo Starr’s delight he discovered the box contained old postcards that went back as far as 50 years earlier.

And that was just the tip of the sentimental iceberg.

While in the process of “tidying up”, the man known as the “Fourth Beatle” came across a hitherto unopened drawer that when discovered, revealed the most priceless of treasures – hundreds of photographic negatives, the majority taken during a time when the Beatles were still a band and more popular than the big G himself, 1964-1970.


With every photo being taken by the Fourth Beatle, himself.


Before any further recounting of Ringo’s long lost Beatles photos continues, some astrological basics must be relayed along with a personal recounting of my own regarding a particular union most mystical and mysterious:


The Cancer & The Camera

One of my most treasured photos was taken not too long ago by a person whom I didn’t even know well. The image was captured for posterity during an evening when I had the immense pleasure of meeting one of the most fascinating people I had ever encountered at the swank Beverly Wilshire Hotel back in 2008.

The elderly gentleman whom I spent the evening lost in fascinated conversation with was at the time ranked the 3rd wealthiest man in North America. That distinction is impressive enough when considering the only collateral he had upon first arriving in this country at the age of 20 and not knowing a word of English was a quarter hidden in his shoe. But his noteworthy ranking of wealth and status is not to be believed after relaying to me his life story of escaping from one of the most notoriously evil of Nazi concentration camps and surviving on his own with nothing but the clothes on his back for 2 ½ years as a teenager in the woods of Poland for the duration of the Second World War.

Every word that came from the man’s mouth kept me slack-jawed and spell bound. My attention was so intensely concentrated on his astounding life story, I barely noticed my client who had introduced us seated next to me, nor did I see her photographing our conversation. In all honesty, I didn’t even recall her having a camera on her person that night.

Only one photo was emailed to me and despite its detail being hazed over, this solitary snap shot had managed to fully capture the evening’s once in a lifetime essence of specialness. The picture shows the elderly man in mid-sentence, brow furrowed, his lower jaw slightly protruding while describing a particularly gruesome detail about his past life in a concentration camp as I listen mesmerized with both horror and awe struck fascination.


Brad lost in coversation with Alex Kaufman
A visual treasure presented to Brad by a Cancer and her covert Camera


The conversation’s aura of electrical intensity brought about by the elderly man recounting his incomprehensible past, which unto itself served as a testament to the human will to survive was palpable. And it was all right there, in that one out of focus photo.


The photo’s taker, by the way, was born beneath the same sign as Mr. Starr – Cancer.


In order to fully understand the profundity of Ringo’s Starr’s recently published photography book which is a compilation of snap shots considered long lost of one of the most influential bands of all time, some fundamentals need to be relayed regarding the first of the Water signs and fourth resident of the Zodiac – Cancer, the Crab.


Crab 101

Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign and is the first representative of its element of Water.  The 4th resident of the Zodiac rules over the 4th House naturally and its symbol is the seashore residing crustaceous creature, the Crab.


To get a decent understanding of this sign’s essence, let’s define each of the descriptions listed above.


First representative of the element of Water

– The core foundation behind the element of  Water is human emotion and intuition.  There are three signs assigned to each of the 4 elements and the first representative embodies that element’s foundation in its purest form and is said to be that element’s “truest” sign.   With Cancer being the first representative of the element of Water, the sign of the Crab is the most emotionally sensitive of all the Zodiac  since they feel anything of on emotional nature to its very core.


A Cardinal Sign

– The Cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra take place at the beginning of each of the Four Seasons with the sign of the Crab occurring as the season of Summer begins at the Summer Solstice.  Because they happen when each of the 4 Seasons commence, the Cardinal signs are naturally adept at “starting”  or beginning things from scratch or from the bottom up.


Natural ruler of the 4th House

– The 4th House lies at the very bottom of the Zodiac and it oversees the areas of Life which make up the foundation of a person’s core sense of self – one’s Past, one’s childhood, one’s parents (in particular one’s mother), one’s Home both childhood and present, one’s private and/or emotional self.  Cancer is known as the “Mommy” sign and regardless of gender those born beneath the sign of the Crab will “mommy” or naturally nurture those they have emotional bonds with, whether they are related by blood or not.

Due to its 4th House association, The Past has the strongest influential pull over the sign of Cancer, which is often referred to as the “the sentimental sign“.


Crab Symbolism

– Bearing a well-fitting shell that houses its body in its entirety, the oceanic creature known as the Crab is said to carry its home on its back.  In other words, the shell it bears provides both shelter and protection for the creature and serves as the crab’s primary source of security. For those born beneath the sign of the Crab, a solid home base is imperative for them to optimally function.  This is not a sign that can stay indefinitely on a friend’s couch or live out of a suitcase or hotel for the long term.


Not only does the typical Cancerian need a solid home base, most people born beneath the sign of the Crab prefer to stay in their home as often as possible. The Cancer’s strong connection to their home and heightened emotional sensitivities can lead to the Crab born person amassing things over time but never throwing anything out, due to every “thing” having sentimental value.  If not kept in check, this tendency can result in the Cancerian ending up with a behavioral disorder better known in the modern day as a “hoarding syndrome“.


With all of the above in mind, photographs taken by the Cancerian camera are personalized expressions of emotion since they capture the core essence of those whose picture is being taken, provided the photographic subjects have emotional ties with the Crab born photographer.


Beatles Magical Mystery Tour
A never before released photo of The Beatles during their 1968 Magical Mystery Tour as seen in Ringo Starr’s book “Photograph”.


“These are shots that no one else could have taken” – Ringo Starr


Mr. Starr’s quote rings true not merely because he happened to be in the same room or  had the best access to spontaneously take pictures of The Fab Four.  Ringo’s photography book is truly unique by virtue of the Cancerian taking candid unposed snap shots of his close friends which captured each Beatle’s core sense of self.


In October of 2015, I listened to Ringo Starr being interviewed on “The Tavis Smiley Show” to promote the mass edition publication of his book of long lost Beatles and personal photos entitled “Photograph”.  I was delighted to observe during that interview nearly every statement made by Mr. Starr, born by the way on July 7th, 1940  was unabashedly Cancerian to the core. With the Crab 101 info still in mind, below are some choice comments made by the 4th Beatle that reveal Ringo’s own essence as a person born beneath the sign of the Crab.


“In regards to the band, I had three solid brothers.”

– The Cancer’s nurturing core viewing his band mates as more than just friends, but actual family.


“I found a box on my shelf and was like, ‘What the hell is that?'”
“I was as shocked as anybody when we found a box with all these negatives and photographs in my stuff. I was absolutely mind-blown. I had no idea I had it.”

– Fortunately, the photos weren’t lost forever due to the Cancer not throwing any house items away because of their sentimental value.  Unfortunately, the Cancer’s hoarding tendencies caused these same photos to become long lost amid the other house items that also weren’t thrown away, taking  over 50 years to be found again.


Ringo Starr with Mum
A photo booth snap shot taken of Ringo Starr (then Richard Starkey) and his mother Elsie in 1947.


“I lived with my mother who worked every second of her day to support us. My mother loved me every second of my life. I was not at a loss for love. That saved me.”
“The other great find [for the book] was the photographs of my mother’s. She had two small suitcases full of stuff that only a mother would collect.”

– Be it positive or negative, the mother is by far the most powerfully influential person in the life of the Cancerian.


All proceeds from Ringo’s photography books benefit The Lotus Foundation, a charity established by Ringo and his wife, Barbara Bach, which provides much needed assistance to a vast array of worthy causes.


“I always support Water Aid. Everybody should have water.”
– says the Water signed celebrity.


“If we can help you and your start and you’re doing something really cool, then we will support you for 3 years so you have a chance to get off the ground…And we found that was really great since it helped a lot of start-up charities in England and here, so that the people who are actually doing the work it gives them the encouragement and the security that they can carry on.”

– Indicative of Cancer’s “Cardinal” quality which as stated earlier makes the sign of the Crab best suited for anything at its beginning stages or for anyone about to “start up“.


The Pulse of the Public

A not so well known trait associated with the sign of Cancer deals with the home based sign and its relationship to the public at large. Many Cancerians have a knack of intuitively sensing trends before they occur. Said another way those born beneath the sign of the Crab have an innate ability to sense “the pulse of the public” way ahead of societal schedule.

I’ll close this piece with two quotes.  Both sum up in a most succinct way the effect Ringo Starr has left on the pulse of the public of the past, present, and future.


“There would be no rock’n’roll drummers if it wasn’t for him, if it wasn’t for all those kids seeing that man beat the [heck] out of his drums.”

Steve Lukather, former band member of Toto and current fellow member with Ringo in the All-Star Band


Ringo Starr Photograph


“I like to say it’s the first selfie.”

– an observation made regarding the cover image of the book “Photograph” amusingly analyzed by the Cancerian with his finger on the Camera as well as the pulse of the public.


Mr. Starr on the water by Mark Seliger
A star in his own right of exemplary Cancerian proportions, the 4th Beatle makes himself karmicly at home in the elemental habitat of Crabs both astrological and natural.


“Photograph” isn’t just a noteworthy book by Ringo Starr whose proceeds go to some great causes…’s a song too!  Take a listen below:




Backdrop Image of Mr. Starr the sea star –
Image of the Cancer with the camera –
Image of the Beatles during Magical Mystery Tour –
Image of Richard and Elsie Starkey –




*Brad Kronen has written numerous books about Astrology’s role in both in both History and Pop Culture.  This includes his astrological dating guides custom made for every sign of the Zodiac entitled “Love in the Stars”.  The edition for the sign the other Watery member of The Fab Four was born beneath, Pisces, with George being the last topic discussed of all 144 romantic sign combinations is available for purchase at at the link listed below:







































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