Richard & Pat Nixon: Bound by Duty, Dedication, & Disgrace

Richard & Pat Nixon (2014_03_30 22_29_35 UTC)

Away from the press and public scrutiny, the Nixons truly were as wholesome as a Norman Rockwell painting.

Richard & Pat Nixon: Bound by Duty, Dedication, & Disgrace


Brad Kronen

Among the American Presidents and their wives who have led this country, Richard and Pat Nixon bear the unique distinction of being quite the anomaly from the rest of the Presidential pairs. In an observational overview given in 1999 of the annual Gallop Poll of the Most Admired Men & Women conducted between 1948 through 1998, the Nixons’ popularity rankings did fairly well overall, with President Nixon coming in 6th among the men by virtue of being nominated 20 times over the last 50 years into the Most Admired’s Top 10 List, and Mrs. Nixon being tied for 12th with Eleanor Roosevelt among the women, totaling 14 nominations into the Most Admired Top 10 over the last 50 years.

But as everyone well knows, public opinion for the Nixons significantly shifted after 1974.

In a 2012 poll conducted regarding the Presidential Popularity of every Chief Executive Officer this country has had to date, far and away the 37th representative of America’s most prominent job, otherwise known as Richard Nixon came in dead last.

Two years later in 2014, when a similar poll was given by CSPAN and The White House Historical Association regarding the reputations of First Ladies, of the 39 Presidential wives listed, Pat Nixon came in at a dismal 33rd.  Even the woman whom the term “First Lady” was created for in mocking jest, Mary Todd Lincoln, beat Mrs. Nixon with her ranking of 31st.

The Nixons may have lost the level of respect they once garnered from their fellow Americans, but it must also be stipulated that among the husband and wife duos that have led this country over the past few centuries, Richard and Pat Nixon bear the distinction of being the Presidential pair that’s far and away the least understood, as well.

The couple’s notorious reputation for being at the bottom of the Presidential Barrel is not surprisingly due to our 37th Chief Executive Officer’s disastrous involvement in the Watergate Scandal and his subsequent impeachment from America’s top political post during his second term in office.  It is truly unfortunate that this man’s sins will forever overshadow anything exemplary and/or worthy of praise achieved during his time served as President of the United States.

Even more disheartening is the fact that lumped deep within this shameful branding of all-encompassing negation is President Nixon’s wife, along with any/all of her commendable efforts and noteworthy contributions made during her time as America’s First Lady.

Keeping that nefarious Nixon negativity both in and out of mind, it is with dubious distinction that your Author would like to state the following:

Richard Nixon is one of the best historical examples of the Capricorn personality at its most unevolved AND evolved state.

The 37th President of the United States was born a Capricorn, the only sign of the Zodiac for whom Life works in reverse.

The dynamic of living undertaken by those born beneath the sign of the Mystic Mountain Goat works in almost diametric opposition from every other Zodiacal grouping on this planet – all dues are paid during the early years of their child and young adulthood.

For the typical Goat kid, childhood simply doesn’t exist. On paper, official records may show the Capricorn child to be 10 years of age, but don’t let that superfluous fact of insignificance fool you….

Beneath the child proofed facade of every Goat kid lies the soul of a fully grown 45 year old adult.

The earliest segments of the Capricorn’s life are completely non-childlike, even when they actually ARE children. This is mainly due to the Universe thrusting adult responsibilities upon the tiny shoulders of the Goat kid very early on; such as being a parent to their actual parent, or even more Capricorn common, having to work at an appallingly young age.

It’s precisely because they are burdened so early in life with such non-childlike responsibilities that those born beneath the sign of Mystic Mountain Goat are considered to be the hardest working of the Zodiacal bunch.

Even with that being the Cappie case, the labors of the Goat Guy or Girl are at their most productive whenever they’re associated with a particular thing – THE GOAL.

No matter how far ahead in the distant future, or how stratospherically high above their current status in life, should the Capricorn establish a firm goal on which to focus their hard working superpowers on, then elevated status and assured success are practically guaranteed for this most labor intensive of signs.

Once a defined goal has been chosen and established, the Goat Guy or Girl will proceed to embark on their career oriented trek by steadily scaling Mt. Ambition hoof by hoof, until eventually reaching the summit of their towering peak of personal achievement.

Richard Nixon’s life fits the fated formula of the Capricorn paying their dues early on and working relentlessly toward his aspired goals almost a bit too perfectly.  However, with the planet of obsession, power, and that which is hidden, Pluto, positioned in  the Capricorn’s naturally ruled House of Career and Public Achievement at the time of his birth, President Nixon’s goal attaining ambition would prove to be his greatest enemy that would eventually cause his downfall of disgrace.

“Always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them and then you destroy yourself.” –  Exit Speech given by President Nixon to his White House staff on August 9th, 1974

The man who spoke and earnestly tried to live the sage words of advice mentioned above was born on January 9th, 1913 in the dusty town of Yorba Linda in southern California, which at the time barely had a population. His parents were Quakers, meaning that on the whole while growing up, happiness was simply not allowed within the Nixon household. Pleasure causing activities such as singing, dancing, and celebrating holidays of any kind were strictly forbidden.

Richard was the 2nd of 4 sons born to the Nixon family. His little brother Arthur died at the age of 7 when Richard was 12, and his eldest brother Harold died when the future President was only 20. While the Capricorn was still a child, the family ranch failed, forcing Richard and the entire Nixon clan to move in with his mother’s relatives where he, along with his father and brothers worked in their grocery store.

Upon graduating high school, young Mr. Nixon received scholarships from BOTH Harvard and Yale; BOTH of which he had to decline due to his family’s non-existent finances. While attending a small Quaker college, the future President was a formidable debater and played on his school’s football and baseball teams but still had to live at home, due to the familial obligation of working every day of the week at, you guessed it, the relative owned grocery store.

After graduating college, Richard Nixon decided his highest reaching goals would be made within the world of Politics, and upon establishing those goals, the Capricorn began his long ascent up Mt. Political Ambition.

And here is where our Goat’s tale is at its most evolved, my good readers.

Although the only Chief Executive Officer to resign from his post, no American (I did not forget to type the word President afterwards), I repeat, no American has served more time in national office than Richard Milhouse Nixon.

The man appeared on the Republican Party’s Presidential ticket FIVE times, securing the nomination for President 3 out of those 5 times. Even more politically impressive, Richard Nixon was elected TWICE as BOTH President and Vice President of the United States.

Richard and Pat Nixon in China at Emporer's TombThe Nixon Administration’s foreign policies allowed for the United States to improve relations with the Soviet Union as well as establish relations for the first time with the People’s Republic of China. Pictured above, President and Mrs. Nixon visit an ancient Emperor’s tomb during their historic visit to China in 1972.

Clearly this was a Capricorn who earned his dues by getting hands-on work experience and in practical pecking order fashion, with each step steadily rising up the path of political power. Despite anything considered remotely positive associated with his Presidency being dwarfed by the disgraced darkness of Watergate, Richard Nixon achieved the following during his time served as America’s Chief Executive Officer:

– Ended American involvement in the Vietnam War and brought American POW’s home following the removal of troops.

– Opened diplomatic relations between the United States and the People’s Republic of China, as well as was the first U.S. President to make an official visit to that country.

– Established the Environmental Protection Agency.

– Placed relations with the then Soviet Union on positive terms by drafting the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty

And none of these accomplishments would have come to pass without the dutiful dedication and unshakable faith displayed by President Nixon’s Piscean wife, Patricia.

Where her husband was the quintessential Capricorn at its karmicly best and worst, Pat Nixon was the quintessential Pisces, also for better or worse.

Pisces’ planetary ruler is Neptune, the heavenly body which oversees the effacing of the self. Along with ruling over such self-effacing concepts as escapism and non-reality, the watery planet also deals with another dimension of self-effacement that’s thoroughly entrenched within the harsh world of reality: Self-sacrifice.

“I have sacrificed everything in my life that I consider precious to advance the political career of my husband.” – Pat Nixon

If anyone could compete with the hard knocks of President Nixon’s early life, hands down it was his wife, Pat.

“I don’t have time to worry about who I admire or who I identify with. I’ve never had it easy. I never had time to dream about being anyone else. I had to work.” – Pat Nixon in a 1968 interview with Gloria Steinem

Thelma Catherine Ryan was born the youngest of 5 in a Nevada mining shack to a previously widowed, German immigrant mother and a second generation Irish father who worked the coal mines.

At the time of her birth, the future First Lady was born not only when the Sun was placed in a Mutable sign, the Moon and the Rising Sign or “Ascendant” were positioned in Mutable signs as well, making her personality to be astrologically distinct by virtue of it being categorized as “Triple Mutable”.

Mutable energy thrives on variety and change and this would explain the fact that not only did Mrs. Nixon hold many names with many people, but “Pat” or “Patricia” was never even her real name to begin with.

True to varied Mutable form, the woman called “Babe” by those closest to her and “Buddy” by her friends was born on March 16th, 1912. Born a few minutes shy of midnight, her Irish father called his youngest child “my St. Patrick’s babe in the mornin’”, which inspired her to eventually adopt the names of “Pat” and “Patricia” in honor of him.

Pat Nixon was born into a tough world rife with restriction. The Pisces worked hard practically from birth on and complaining was never an option for her. Early life for Pat began on a truck farm in California where the Ryan family had no running water nor electricity. Throughout her childhood, the young Pisces worked on the farm, went to school, and was sick nurse to her mother, who eventually died of cancer when the future First Lady was 12 years old, leaving her full responsibility to cook and clean for her father and two older brothers.

Not too long afterwards, Pat Nixon was orphaned at 17 after tending to her dying father whom she adored, when he succumbed to the illness which took the life of many a coal miner – black lung disease.

Given the snarky title “Plastic Pat” by the press, Mrs. Nixon was perceived by many as being thoroughly unemotional – the ultimate subservient in what appeared to be a far too traditional, old school marriage. She projected an image of being the kind of self-effacing wife that when given the opportunity to speak for herself could be imagined as meekly replying with, “Whatever you think is best, dear.”

Pat Nixon first First Lady to speak at Republican National Convention 1972
Pat Nixon made history in 1972 as the first First Lady to address the Republican National Convention.

Those born beneath the last sign of the Zodiac tend to shy away from the public, are never showy, and truth be told, abhor being in any kind of spotlight. Although this was very much the case with Mrs. Nixon, the Piscean became a First Lady of many “Firsts”. Regrettably, many of those “Firsts” largely went unnoticed by both the American public and the press. As First Lady of our nation during her husband’s administration as President, Pat Nixon achieved the following “Firsts”:

– Addressed the Republican National Convention.

– Set foot in Communist China & Russia.

– Traveled to the continents of Africa & South America.

– Acted as “personal representative of the president” at the inauguration of a foreign leader, President Tolbert of Liberia.

– Represented the President on an international humanitarian mission by traveling to the Andes Mountains to personally deliver relief supplies to the Peruvian victims of the worst earthquake in the history of the Americas in 1970.

– To enter an active combat zone — in South Vietnam.

– Officially wear pants in public.

Pat Nixon wearing pants

Pat Nixon with Big Bird

Pat Nixon was a First Lady of many “Firsts”.  Most notably as the first First Lady to be seen in public wearing pants (left) and the first to entertain Big Bird at the White House (right).

The losing of the self is at its most evolved when one is in the process of helping others. The evolved Piscean enjoys nothing more than helping those who need help the most, namely the underdogs of life. This Piscean sense of selflessness is only natural when considering Neptune’s domain of influence includes charity and volunteer organizations, as well as “institutions” of all kinds such as hospitals, prisons, rehabilitation centers for the disabled, and orphanages.

Contrary to consensus, one of the key astrological purposes behind the planet which rules over the self-effacing sign of the Cosmic Fish is to refine perception. All of these Neptunian things come into play when considering the scope of Mrs. Nixon’s efforts during her time as First Lady.

Throughout her husband’s administration as President, this child of Neptune was undaunted in promoting her special interest of choice – the very unglamorous and media neglected service oriented activity of volunteerism.   When asked what project she would be focusing on as the newly elected First Lady in 1969, Pat Nixon the Piscean boldly replied, “People are my project.”

Pat Nixon White House PortraitMrs. Nixon’s portrait at the White House clearly shows the empathetic eyes of the hyper-sensitive Piscean.

For her first Thanksgiving in the White House in November of that same year, Mrs. Nixon organized a holiday meal for 225 senior citizens who had no families.

Twentieth century White House renovations are commonly attributed to Jacqueline Kennedy with her Leonine flair and sumptuous sense of style, but Patricia Nixon holds the distinction of being the First Lady who made the most contributions to the White House’s permanent collection. Not only did her Neptunian sense of refinement add over 600 paintings and furnishings to the residence of the President of the United States, as First Lady Mrs. Nixon also oversaw the installation of wheelchair ramps inside America’s most famous home, as well as added soft, white lighting along its outside grounds, allowing the White House to literally “glow” all night and for the American flag to be flown there 24 hours a day.

Nixons on the Beach
The Nixon family enjoying a day at the beach with their dog “Checkers”.

Say the words “Richard Nixon” and the following attributes usually come to mind:

– Alone

Seated in a dimly lit office surrounded by heavy wooden furniture or festooned with papers

– Furtively speaking on the telephone in a hushed or hurried manner

– And while we’re at it, always indoors.

Making the above photo of the Nixon family strolling along the beach even more disjointed and bittersweet .

Becoming President for Richard Nixon astrologically represented the Capricorn culmination of achieving his penultimate goal that he had worked so hard towards and for so long – reaching the top of Mt. Ambition by attaining this country’s highest political position of social status.

Sadly, History will most likely only remember the “impeached” President as a loner whose formidable sense of ambition soured into a deplorable state of illegally obsessive paranoia. The perversion of his rightfully attained political power would eventually force this most hard- working of Capricorns along with his wife and the entirety of her impressive efforts to plummet from the pinnacle of his self-made success to the darkest depths of societal shame and international disgrace.

Richard Nixon resigned as President at the age of 61, a time when the Capricorn had fully paid his dues, amassed wealth and success through decades of hard work, and should be fully enjoying Life by putting their sense of professional formality aside and replacing it with the bemusement of a child on permanent summer vacation.

Even amid the devastation of Watergate and resigning as President, the Capricorn’s Piscean partner was at his side both before and after their time at the White House.  Pat Nixon died in 1993 and her husband born beneath the 10th sign of the Zodiac died exactly 10 months later in 1994.

Rather than remain mired in the tar pit of Nixon negativity, this piece shall instead close with an excerpt from a letter written towards the end of the Second War  by an enlisted future President to his then newly married bride during a time when anything and everything on the horizon seemed attainable for both themselves and our great nation:

“Every day and every night I want to see you and be with you. Let’s go for a long ride every Sunday; let’s go to the mountains weekends; let’s read books in front of fires; most of all, let’s really grow together and find the happiness we know is ours.”

*Backdrop image of Presidential podium seal for President Nixon –

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