The Brightest Spotlights shine upon more than just the Stage – the Marriage of Celine Dion & Renee Angelil

Celine Dion & Rene Angelil

The Brightest Spotlights shine upon more than just the Stage –
the Marriage of Celine Dion & Renee Angelil

Aretha Franklin. Mariah Carey. Chaka Kahn. Celine Dion.

It’s no astrological coincidence that the above list of powerhouse female performers with the powerhouse voices to match were all born beneath the most “masculine” of signs, Aries, the Ram.

In Astrology, the terms “masculine” and “feminine” have nothing to do with gender, but  everything to do with dynamics of energy. Where the astrological dynamic of feminine energy is passively inward and/or reactive, the dynamic of masculine astrological energy is aggressive and outwardly forward.

Returning once more to the aforementioned list of powerhouse Aries singers, it stands to follow that each vocalist was born beneath an astrologically masculine energy dynamic when considering how rich in resonance and stamina their instruments are by virtue of each performer possessing vocal strength that’s as naturally raw as it is powerful.

And no one embodies the vocal qualities of the female Aries singer more redolently than the name that’s last but certainly not the vocal least of the bunch – Celine Dion.

Celine’s voice of steel (Aries’ metal) has been described by Rolling Stone critic, Keith Harris, as a final link in a chain comprised of Fire signed female power singers – 2 parts Aries: Aretha & Mariah, and 1 part Leo – Whitney Houston:

“She stands at the end of the chain of drastic devolution that goes Aretha-Whitney-Mariah. Far from being an aberration, Dion actually stands as a symbol of a certain kind of pop sensibility—bigger is better, too much is never enough.”

Intriguingly, the Canadian singer with the biggest vocals of them all has an astrological foundation comprised of the same formula, 2 parts Aries with 1 part Leo, since Celine Dion was born with her Sun and Moon in Aries, and Leo on the horizon, or Rising distinctly marking her as a “triple fire sign” personality.

There are overtly clear advantages and just as overtly clear disadvantages for a person born with an astrological foundation  (Sun, Moon, and Ascendant) comprised of just one solitary element. When the element in question is Fire, one is blessed with a constant reserve of energy, so that regardless of one’s physical state, the necessary amount of motivation and drive can be summoned to do whatever action or task that immediately needs to be done.

This is a fantastic feature to have if one is constantly in a state of action, such as performing, but can seriously get in the way when one is required to be stationary in order to  focus on  things like numbers or details, etc.

Enter Rene Angelil, Capricorn.

If Aries can be likened to the sign of action, Capricorn can be likened to the sign of business administration that’s especially good in dealing with such focus oriented things as numbers and details. If Aries is a staged performance, Capricorn is the spotlight that provides illumination not just for the stage, but also for the detailed areas surrounding it.

Although Rene’s time of birth isn’t known, it appears his natal planets mirror those of the Energizer Bunny of Performers, that being his triple fire signed wife. But where Celine’s astrological core is based thoroughly within the action oriented element of Fire, Rene’s birth planets are concentrated solely within the element of tangibility, Earth.

Both Aries and Capricorn are known as “Cardinal” signs.  The Cardinal signs each take place at the advent of each of the Four Seasons with Aries occurring at the start of Spring and Capricorn happening at the beginning of Winter. The energies of those born beneath any of the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn function best when things are brand new and optimally work when things are in their earliest phase of starting from scratch.

With that in mind, the marriage of Celine Dion to Rene Angelil was a match made in Cardinal Heaven given both Cardinal signed people were born under the phase of the “New Moon”.  Our calendar month is based on the 30 or so days it takes for the Moon to fully orbit the Earth.  The phase known as the “New Moon” is when our planet’s only satellite is at the starting point of a new orbital cycle and is considered a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. The phase of the New Moon occurs whenever the Moon is positioned in the same sign as the Sun and takes place once every month for approximately 2 1/2 days.

With their Suns placed in Cardinal signs, it can be inferred both Celine and Rene preferred things to be freshly new as often as possible.  This preference for the new is even further emphasized given the two were both born with their Moons placed in Cardinal signs as well as their Sun. But things escalate to an entirely new Cardinal level with the Cardinal signed Canadian couple both being born under the phase of the New Moon.Combining the energies of two Cardinal signed people with each being born under a New Moon astrologically speaks of a couple that preferred to forge their own path through life through as much unchartered territory as possible.

There was only one catch – 26 years. That’s the difference of time which separated the two lovers that made up this particular Aries Capricorn union.

Celine and Rene met when she was 12 and he was 38 in their hometown of Montreal. Celine’s mother had arranged an audition with the well reputed music manager hoping for the best, but no one foresaw the young girl’s performance would move the business executive to tears.

Sensing her artistic potential, Rene not only agreed to be the girl’s business manager, his belief in her talent was so resolute, the Capricorn ended up taking a mortgage out on his home in order for Celine’s first album, “La Voix du Bon Dieu” to be released in 1980.

The singer and manager duo didn’t become a romantic duet until Celine was 19, and even then, the romantic spark came about from the Aries independently pursuing what she wanted.

To quote from the Aries – Capricorn chapter of my book, “Love in the Stars“:
“Aries go after what they want and are never too concerned about what others think.”

Also stated within that same chapter:
“The Capricorn likes to spend time/hang out with/date those that are much older than them when they are younger, and much younger than them when they are older.”

Aries may be impulsive and in the moment but the gauge which every serious minded Capricorn uses to evaluate the worth of something is the stuff which their planetary ruler of Saturn personally oversees – Time.

Think what you like about this May-December marriage but the sheer fact this particular Aries Capricorn union lasted over 2 decades for 22 years, produced 3 children consisting of one son and a set of twins, and remained devotedly strong until death parted them with Rene Angelil’s passing on January 14th is noteworthy for any given couple in these modern times, regardless of age difference.

The entertaining entity that is Celine Dion, international superstar would not have been possible without the business minded gifts of Rene Angelil and their efforts together as a married couple have made these two Canadian Cardinal signs fabulously wealthy as well.

As stated earlier, Cardinal energy is at its best whenever beginning something anew from the ground level up and Celine and Rene’s combined actions have re-birthed an entirely new trend in the Entertainment business.

Back in 2000, Rene and Celine came up with an idea that hadn’t been put into full force since the days of Elvis Presley – Las Vegas residency.

The two Cardinal signs put their preferences for the new together and Behold! – Celine Dion’s Caesar’s Palace extravaganza with the Cardinal-esque title “A New Day” was born.

The show, like Celine and Rene’s marriage, didn’t come without its share of risks and nay-sayers, and not just because there was doubt over mere ticket sales. Caesar’s Palace built from scratch a 4,100 seat theater for the Aries powerhouse performer at a cost of $95 million.

But starting from scratch is exactly how the cardinal signs of Aries and Capricorn like things best.

Fittingly, the show debuted a few days after the Spring Equinox, on March 25th, 2003, and closed after 717 performances with nearly 3 million people seeing the show overall on December 15th, 2007.

The Time factor of longevity alone clearly indicated what a success the entertainment gamble was for both Celine and Rene.

In true Aries self-confident fashion, Celine Dion had this to say to The Telegraph about undertaking such a highly risk-filled venture (note the use of such Cardinal sign oriented words of “whole new way” and “start”):

“I think you have to take chances in life. We had this project in front of us of presenting a whole new way of performing on stage. I was not concerned at all,” People thought, ‘They’re going to start this show and the Titanic is going to sink again.”

More like everyone jumping on the Titanic-sized bandwagon is more like it.

Celine and Renee began a second Las Vegas residency show, “Celine” which opened in March of 2011 and has a residency contract of an unprecedented eight years, lasting through 2019. Seeing how successfully lucrative a residency show can be with the success of  “A New Day”, household name performers like Britney Spears, Elton John, and Bette Midler have all tried their hand at Las Vegas residency shows.

Funnily enough, all three entertainers were born beneath the powerhouse of performers’ element of Fire.

A final note, the Cardinal signed Canadian couple began a new project in 2013 that unto itself extended past the Entertainment industry. In November of that year, Celine and Rene released a line of products whose very function is a testament to their exemplary marriage.

The product line is called “Celine Dion Quintessential Timepieces”  and showcases designer watches, those mechanical pieces of tangibility which gauge that quintessential thing which determines success, be it related to either a performer’s shelf life or the May-December marriage between an Aries and a Capricorn – Time.

Death is never easy nor is it justifiable. However, given the fact this devoted husband and father of three died 2 days short of his 74th birthday when the Sun was in the same area of the Heavens during his death as it was at the time of his birth, indicates that the time had come for Rene Angelil to leave this world in order for his soul to embark on an entirely new and unchartered journey.

Rene Angelil
January 16th, 1942 – January 14th, 2016

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