This really IS the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Moon Landing

This really IS the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

“When the Moon is in the 7th House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And Love will steer the stars.”

These are the opening lines to the song “The Age of Aquarius“, from that most psychedelic of 1960’s musicals,  “Hair“. Unfortunately, I never was too personally inspired by the song considered by many to be the unofficial Hippie National Anthem.

…That is until researching the actual dawning of the Age of that most iconoclastic of  signs, Aquarius.

The “Ages” of Man are periods of time lasting approximately 1,000 – 1,200 years which mark the evolution of the human race while on planet Earth. The Ages move through historic time by rotating in counterclockwise motion through each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. They theoretically commence with humanity’s earliest and most primitive beginnings as nomadic hunters where Man had to assert its authority over other living creatures (The Age of Leo).  The next Age is marked by Man first establishing shelter for itself along with our early ancestors domesticating animals such as pigs, goats, and bees (The Age of Cancer).  This was followed by early Man stating its superiority over the animal kingdom through the act of  communication with both images and the written word (The Age of Gemini). Proceeded by the Age where major constructions were built, some of which from that time period like The Pyramids of Giza remarkably stand to this day (The Age of Taurus). It’s only natural to follow an age of construction with an age of self-serving destruction where Man perfected working with iron to create tools of both self sufficiency and war (The Age of Aries). We then come upon our most recent Age where a goodly portion of Western Civilization was either born of or destroyed in the name of God and Christendom (The Age of Pisces).

The dawning of the Age of Aquarius” is a debate that rages to this very day. Many feel the Age marked by the sign which oversees such things as technology and that which is considered futuristic has yet to begin. Others, myself included, strongly believe the world we currently live in is proof that the Age of Aquarius is already in full force. My reasoning for this is arguably controversial unto itself since I feel the starting point of the Age of the Water Bearer began on July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong took his first steps on Earth’s satellite, the Moon.

The controversy stems not only from reducing the beginning of an “Age” which roughly lasts a millenia to a single start date but also from the conspiracy theory that  America’s Moon Landing didn’t actually take place and was merely a staged illusion created by the U.S. government for the sole purpose of deceiving the Soviet Union.

From what I have researched the Moon Landing could very WELL have been a deceptive decoy of smoke and mirrors when considering the role of Lilith, the asteroid which influences things such as dirty tricks in America’s chart for that particular day . Regardless if that should be the actual case, it doesn’t alter the perception that a new marker of growth and progress had begun for Mankind at large back on that summer’s day in 1969 .

Aquarius is the futuristic sign that actually believes in the possibility of Utopia, a state of living where everyone is treated equally. Real or staged, I personally view the Moon Landing as a Utopian moment in time where the residents of this planet looked towards the future and beyond as if one egalitarian societal whole.

Aquarius takes the “fairness and truth” of Libra and applies those two archetypal themes   by speaking to every strata and age of society at large as an equal. Interestingly enough, the first words supposedly uttered from the Moon were undeniably Aquarian in essence when Neil Armstrong made his historic statement of global equalization:

One small step for Man, one giant step for Mankind.”

Only recently did I discover that Neil Armstrong was NOT the first choice of astronaut to take the first human step onto the Moon. The historic task was originally intended for Buzz Aldrin but for all practical purposes Armstrong made the monumental leap due to being closest to the hatch door. From a karmic perspective, no one else but Neil Armstrong could have taken that first step for Mankind.  It was his astrological destiny.

Returning once more to the opening lyrics to “The Age of Aquarius”, the song begins by referring to the placement of the Moon itself and its positioning in the 7th House. Fascinatingly, Neil Armstrong was born with his natal Moon in the 7th house, quite literally. The astronaut’s Moon also was placed in the sign of foreign or exotic travel – Sagittarius.

Additionally, Armstrong’s Ascendant was in Gemini along with his Mars being placed in the first house in the same sign.  When put in formulaic terms, Neil Armstrong was meant to be a man who by his words (Gemini’s strongest mode of communication) would let the world know (the nature of the Ascendant or Rising Sign) of his physical actions (Mars) that took place in his local area or neighborhood (the domain of Gemini’s natural 3rd house and the sign Mars is placed in). Sounds just about right for a person destined to announce to all the world the historic phrase “One small step for man.”

Lastly, Armstrong’s Midheaven, or the highest point of inspiration or overall goal achievement was placed in the sign which deals with outer space and anything to do with space travel, you guessed it, Aquarius.

It would appear Neil Armstrong’s destiny was to ascend beyond our home planet by serving as the physical embodiment of the Age of Aquarius in its beginning phase or dawning.

Aquarius Glyph

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