Rationalizing Genocide: The Trial of Oskar Groening, the Bookkeeper of Auschwitz, Part I

Oskar Groning Then and Now
Oskar Groening, Then and Now – On the left, the 93 year old German on the first day of his trial, on the right, the same man 75 years earlier having his portrait photo taken as an official member of the Nazi Party’s SS military squad.

Rationalizing Genocide: The Trial of Oskar Groening, the Bookkeeper of Auschwitz
Part I: Setting the Generational Scene

Originally published on April 24th, 2015 and posted to this web site on the 71st anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz Birkenau on January 27th, 1945

Much like Psychology, Astrology is a field of study which analyzes human behavior.

Unlike Psychology, by observing the placements of the heavenly bodies within our Solar System at any given point in time, Astrology can indicate how human behavior will be influenced, both individually and collectively.

Those heavenly bodies which affect society as a whole have the longest and furthest orbits from the Sun and are known as the “generational” planets, namely Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

And each of the generationals have undergone a key transitional shift over the last decade, causing our world as we know it to alter itself in order to reflect their change of position in the Heavens.

Cosmic case in point, on the exact day when Saturn, the planet of Restriction, Pain, Loss, and Karma entered the sign associated with Justice that also is the polar opposite of the sign of the military, Libra, the worst attack of a military base on American soil occurred with Fort Hood’s mass murders in November of 2009. Saturn’s transit into the communication based sign of the Scales was a wake-up call for society to realize that much work needed to be done to improve communications between the United States governmental departments of the FBI and the CIA, as well as change needed to urgently happen regarding the outlets of communication made available to military personnel, especially those whose psychological health was in jeopardy due to PTSD or suicidal thoughts, etc .

At the end of 2008, two weeks after the planet of Death, Transformative Change, and that which is Hidden or Taboo, Pluto, crossed over into the sign of the “corporate” and business administration, Capricorn, the world was stupefied to learn of Bernie Madoff and the greatest case of financial fraud in humanity’s history. The arrest and subsequent incarceration of the most manipulative con-artist of all time was Pluto’s way of warning 21st century society that the excessive displays of blatant greed and materialism which were the norm before Madoff’s arrest could no longer continue in the big scheme of things if humanity still wished to move forward into the unfolding future.

A few years following Pluto’s shift, the most powerful of the recent generational transitions occurred in March of 2011, with the planets Uranus and Neptune not only changing signs simultaneously, but especially with the Watery Planet transiting into the sign it naturally rules over, Pisces, as well as it making its first full orbit around the Sun in July of 2011 since its discovery by we Earth folk in 1846.

With both powerhouse planets switching signs simultaneously on the same day AND leaving each other’s ruling signs, the mirroring influence the two generational heavenly bodies exhibited on our very own planet at that time was nothing short of cataclysmic. On March 11th, 2011, as Neptune, the heavenly body which oversees tsunamis was in the last degree of the Uranus ruled sign of Aquarius, and Uranus, the planet which rules over earthquakes and sweeping societal change was exiting from Neptune’s home turf of Pisces, the Earth was literally rocked off its axis when the 4th most powerful earthquake in humanity’s history took place off of Japan’s Honshu coast, that was in turn followed by an even more devastating tsunami.

As discussed in my piece “The Astrology of Deluges and Critical Mass” the natural disaster’s main point of focus was to bring attention to the alarming degree of human error associated with nuclear energy, as evidenced by the radioactive meltdown which subsequently occurred at Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Facility following the Honshu quake and tsunami.

Which brings us to the real time Present of the Here and Now….

Fascinatingly, Neptune’s most recent transition into its ruling sign is currently being reflected by a trial which began just this week in Germany involving a 93 year old man named Oskar Groening.

Neptune oversees anything belonging to UN-reality. Within the negative spectrum, the Watery Planet rules over such unrealistic things as deception, disillusionment, lies, and addiction. From the opposite spectrum of that which is positive, the planet named after the Lord of the Seven Seas is King over such unrealistic aspects as Spirituality, Unconditional Love, Universality, along with the Highest Aesthetics of Artistic Expression.

When considering Neptune’s role as one of the generational planets, throughout the course of history the Watery Planet has brought about societal waves of either disillusionment or false grandeur. Waves which have bewitched entire nations by either dividing the populace individually through either mass chaos or confusion or by unifying all parties by having them share a mass mindset of lies and deception.

A perfect example of a mass induced mindset affecting an entire nation is the pivotal role Nazism played in the collective brain washing of the German people throughout the 1930’s and 40’s.

A time period of contention during which the actions of the aforementioned Mr. Groening are currently being placed under legal investigation at present.

And how is a trial dealing with events which took place during the early part of the 20th century be in any way significant to the current times of today?

For the first (and undoubtedly last) time in history, Oskar Groening has admitted his guilt by association with both Nazism and the atrocities of the Holocaust on the first day of his trial’s legal proceedings which commenced this past Monday.

Whereas those who have been accused of Nazi war crimes in the past not only maintained their innocence but also adamantly denied being associated in any way with the accusations made against them, Mr. Groening has openly stated before the court and jury of Luneburg, Germany that he was “morally complicit” with the crimes against humanity which took place at the Nazi extermination camp of Auschwitz during the Second World War.

After officially being read his charges, Mr. Groening turned to the presiding judge and proceeded to say the following:

“It is beyond question that I am morally complicit. This moral guilt I acknowledge here, before the victims, with regret and humility.”

A startling change from the societal perspective taken over the decades following the War as Neptune transited first through the sign of duty and obligation, Capricorn, then into the sign associated with the masses, Aquarius, where the accused hid behind a blanket excuse of non-responsibility by claiming to either not have known what was occurring all around them or diverted blame by stating they, like the rest of the masses, were merely “following orders”.

Despite Mr. Groening breaking the Watery Planet’s pattern of societal non-responsibility as of late, Part II discusses how Neptune’s force of UN-reality still holds considerable influence over the 93 year old individually by highlighting the role Rationality irrationally plays in the life of the former Nazi otherwise known as “The Bookkeeper of Auschwitz”.


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