Rupert Murdoch & His Media Empire: The Humbled become the Hunted, Part I


*Originally written August 21st, 2011


“Nemesis, winged balancer of life,
dark-faced goddess, daughter of Justice”
Mesomedes, “Hymn to Nemesis”, 2nd century AD

“This is the most humble day of my life.” – Rupert Murdoch, 21st century AD

The current times we live in are precedent setting.

The ancient deities which sprang forth from humanity’s collective unconscious long, long ago may not necessarily be rumbling directly over our heads these days, as they swear swift vengeance upon those who have dared to transgress their decrees.

Nor are they making their all-powerful presences known to us by materializing before our lowly human eyes in all their godly glory, complete with blaring bolts of thunder announcing their arrival as they demand our unfaltering allegiance to them.

Even with all of that dramatically said, the essence of the ancient Gods from Man’s antiquity is a valid, palpable force of influence in this post- post-modern world of ours, and their divine will is still very much present within the present day of 21st century society.

Each one of us has opted to be alive and breathing at this particular convergence of global real-time within the current space and time continuum. In other words, our souls have chosen to exist in the Here and Now of the present day. The reasons why we are all living entities during the early 21st century from a personal perspective vary as vastly as there are actual people in the ever rising population of the planet. However, as a collective, we are residing on Planet Earth at this moment in time for some very core, key reasons which are crucially pivotal now and in the immediate years ahead. These societally collective reasons will prove to be major determinants to both the survival of our planet and our species as a whole.

By far, the most existentially intense of these reasons is based on whether we choose to take an active or passive role with how we live our modern day lives. Do we make ourselves open to the many signs and indications The Universe has been regularly providing us, which have been getting consistently stronger, as evidenced by the mirroring of the Heavens with events here on Earth, or do we keep doing what we always have done, dealing with whatever is directly in our immediate view, never looking up to observe the impending forces of cosmic change which draw ever closer all around us?

Ponder that for a karmic moment while I relay our current atmosphere of Heavenly cause and Earthly effect….

Saturnine Justice

My first published article was a “heads up” commentary  written in the autumn of 2009. Entitled “And Justice For All” the piece discussed the societal impact the planet Saturn would have as it began its 3 year trek through Libra, the sign the ringed planet functions best in, otherwise known as Saturn’s exaltation.

I emphasized the importance of this exalted Saturnine period from 2009 – 2012 with the following statements from that piece:

“With Saturn, the god of hardship, labor, challenges, time and wisdom entering Libra, the sign of truth, balance, harmony and impartiality for the next 2 ½ years, we as a society have a window of opportunity to alter a number of things that have eroded in the legal and justice systems, giving us one of the best chances to get as close as we can to embodying the phrase: And Justice For All!”

Along with:

“I am hoping that over these next few years, sweeping reforms and constructive changes will occur on every level of status and person in our legal and justice systems but also within our military as well.”

The Lord of Karma/The Great Malefic/The Goat Hooved Horror Show of Hardship, all better known as the planet Saturn takes roughly 30 or so years to fully orbit around our Sun, with 2 1/2 to 3 years or thereabouts being spent in each sign of the Zodiac. As Saturn was about to embark through the sign it functions best in, Libra, many people logically presumed that society would see an alleviation of those stiflingly sobering things which comprise the usual thoroughfare associated with the Ringed Planet since it would be traversing through the sign of its exaltation for 3 years beginning in the fall of 2009.

Guess again.

King of Pain

The Lord of Karma – with no pain? So sorry, that simply will not do. The two are forever linked like Madonna and frontal teeth spacing. The 3 year period of Saturn’s transit through the sign of Truth and Justice, Libra, from October of 2009 to October of 2012 isn’t remembered for Justice joyfully frolicking over all the land due to an atmosphere of a free, unobstacled reign. The Lord of Karma makes its best examples, especially while in its exaltation, of those particular cases or events where Justice has clearly been ignored, denied, or even desecrated. Ruling over life’s lessons learned the hard way, an exalted Saturn will often allow these notorious Justice snubbers to at first think they have gotten away with their hubris heavy sins against society. Saturn truly enjoys taking its own unsweet lengthy time, because it is just when the violators of karmic Justice relax into thinking they are scott free, that The Lord of Karma’s goat hoof steps directly in front of their path leading to the crossroads of Easy Street by way of Acquitted Alley.

2011 was a crucial time not only for Saturn’s exaltation, but the Watery planet better known as Neptune re-entered the sign of its rulership during that time as well, which previously occurred 164 years earlier in 1847. 2011 would also be significant for Neptune making a complete Solar orbital for the first time in modern Man’s recorded history. When addressed from a more astronomical angle, the 2nd furthest planet from the Sun, entered the sign it naturally rules over, Pisces, on April 5th of 2011 since its last transit into that sign 164 years earlier, along with July 12, 2011 marking the first full orbit around the Sun Neptune has made since its discovery on September 23rd, 1846.

In my 4 part series entitled, “Neptune Returns Home – For The First Time Ever”, I discussed Neptune’s upcoming 14 year trek through the sign of its rulership that began in 2011 and theorized how the Watery Planet’s transit would affect society at large from both a constructive and destructive perspective. Of the latter, I stated:

“The next decade will also most likely see an alarming increase in the number of suicides, drug overdosed deaths, sex crimes, and ritualistic murders – all of these brought about by those being pulled by Neptune into “The Other” of that which is dark, desolate, and completely un-connected.”

Unfortunately, we have already witnessed the black beach ball of Neptune’s dark side begin to roll with the untimely drug related deaths of such celebrities as Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and singer Scott Weiland, just to name a few so far to date.

Powerstroking out of those murky waters, in that same Neptune Series, I also made mention that a particular portion of today’s population would be the most influenced by the Watery Planet’s trek through the sign of the Cosmic Fish:

“…during this upcoming 14 year period of Neptune transiting its ruling sign, everyone, but even more so, water signs, but even more so than that, Pisceans, will be feeling the pull of the watery planet’s most powerful influence over humanity – the need for the Self to completely lose itself in “The Other”.”

One of Neptune’s favorite modes of unreality is deception of not only others but of the self as well. Anything absolute becomes clouded over and hazy when seen through Neptune’s lens of deception. This can be most readily observed when the unevolved Piscean convinces themselves of their version of the Truth, when in reality they are deceiving both themselves and others through the Neptunian process of deception.

Taking into consideration the momentous timing that came about in 2011 by virtue of the Lord of Karma being positioned in its exaltation with the Lord of the Seven Seas also simultaneously beginning its 14 year dip through its own sign that year, events occurred during that time involving the salt of Saturn’s exalted brow made even more saline by Neptune’s naturally briny liquid. Said another way:

2011 would see legal cases that would openly defy Justice involving those influenced or ruled by Neptune, namely Pisceans, where the Truth would be deceptively altered, the accused would be initially exonerated, followed by society deeming the verdict to be unacceptable and demanding a re-evaluation of the actions of those initially in question.

Such legal cases came to pass in both the United States and Europe with the July 2011 trials of Pisceans Casey Anthony in Orlando and Rupert Murdoch in London.

Both cases were highly publicized and watched by a majority of the populace in each of their respective countries. Both involved the actions of the accused being associated with the death(s) of innocent people. Both trials involved the accused submerging whole heartedly into their ruling planet’s guise of total deception, where they convinced themselves they had done nothing wrong and proceeded to convince everyone else of just that under sworn oath in a court of law.

Although Casey Anthony’s trial was described as “the social media trial of the century” and despite the astrological fact she was born under the very karmic last degree of Neptune’s sign at 29 Pisces, the ramifications of her actions were associated with the death, which unarguably tragic as it was, of just one person. This necessitates that the societal and karmic implications associated with her case need to be discussed at a later time.

Given the reaction of appalled indignation garnered from a goodly portion of the American public when her acquittal was announced, it would be safe to assume the Lord of Karma is far from finished dealing with this legal case of massively publicized notoriety, and will be summoning Ms. Anthony to court at some point in the not so distant future. It might also be reasonable to assume when she is once again brought to trial, karmic Justice will have just as much shrift during this upcoming time around, as inconsequential evidence had the previous time Ms. Anthony was brought before a court of law.

The ramifications involving the actions of Piscean media mogul, Rupert Murdoch are far more extensive, and are believed to be incriminated by association with 100’s of people, many of them family members and loved ones of victims of murder and terrorism. Mr. Murdoch was brought before a British Parliamentary Committee in July of 2011 to be questioned regarding his actions which were insinuated to have been not only unlawful since they encroached upon the privacy of others, the Publishing Baron has also been accused of being the guilty source behind 100’s of people being spied upon during their darkest times for the purpose of profitable gain for both himself and his business Empire.

Rupert Murdoch adamantly denies having even the slightest bit of knowledge to such morally bereft acts. As if that wasn’t enough to make Justice drop her scales in horror, the Murdoch trial garnered the acute displeasure of the Gods when the Media Monopolizer attempted to gain the sympathies of the court by self-deceiving himself to appear as a martyred victim of circumstance to both judge and jury. Rupert Murdoch’s hubris was to deflect blame by convincing both himself and the court that someone as fragile as his underdog self, who had already experienced far too much derision and strain couldn’t possibly be considered guilty of such ghastly wrongdoing.

After all, could poor Piscean Rupert help the fact he suffered from bouts of amnesia whenever being interrogated to recall each nitpicky detail regarding what he knew about those appalling spying activities, which for everyone’s information, had been brought to his little old man attentions a very short time before his summons to court? Heaven offend!

As we shall see in Part II, Rupert Murdoch’s astrological chart, both natally and by progression, along with the birth charts of his lackeys are rife with the mythological symbols and references that would indicate the reigning Emperor of Publishing has aroused the disapproving anger of the Gods of Antiquity, and that retribution must be made in order to restore the desecration of Justice, itself. Today’s society must hereby be vigilant with Rupert Murdoch and his media empire who with his son and a few other key players have openly mocked Justice outright by spying on numerous people during their darkest times, as well as actively partaking in Neptune’s power of delusion with the intent of manipulating the outcome of the Committee’s final verdict.

Unknowingly, Rupert Murdoch’s hubris has caused the gates of ancient Hell to tremble, which, in turn, have summoned the presence of the restorer of Justice and the Goddess of Vengeance herself, Nemesis, to rise and unremittingly seek her prey.

Nemesis by Alfred Rethel
“Nemesis” by Alfred Rethel, 1837


Backdrop Image – Close up of “Nemesis” by Gheorghe Tattarescu, 1853


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