Rupert Murdoch & His Media Empire: The Humbled become the Hunted, Part II

Nemesis & Justice
“Justice & Nemesis Pursuing Crime” by Pierre Paul Prud’hon, 1808

*Originally written August 30th, 2011

“Seeing that for light and winged words there is a most heavy penalty,–for over all such matters Nemesis, messenger of Justice, is appointed to keep watch; wherefore the son must yield to his parents when they are worth.”
– Plato, 4th century B.C.

“This is the most humble day of my life.”

The preceding quote was the official opening statement made by media magnate, Rupert Murdoch at the commencement of his cross examination by a Parliamentary committee of the House of Commons which began in London on July 19th, 2011.

The Universe responded in kind to Mr. Murdoch’s words in a variety of ways.

On one end of the warped Justice scale, the atmosphere externally mirrored just how truly heart felt and genuine this expression of supposed inner humility was, especially when considering it was being said with the intent of generating pity by the man Forbes recently ranked as the 13th most powerful in the world. Only a few hours into the hearings, a man wildly charged towards Mr. Murdoch’s vicinity in court, all for the purpose of serving the Publishing Baron some humble pie, quite literally. In this bizarre, yet very real instance which, in and of itself hinted of a slapstick comedy, the pie of clownish humility in question was of the shaving creamed variety, which only partially managed to pelt the clothes and face of the man who in the spring of 2011 was ranked the 117th wealthiest in the world.

Far more importantly, the quoted nine words stated by Murdoch hinted that the media mogul’s subconscious mind, especially that part of his individual Piscean subconscious psyche which is tapped into the collective unconscious of Man, has been keenly aware of much more than he has been willing to admit in court, least of which is an awareness of the presence of Nemesis, the ancient goddess of karmic retribution.

Nemesis – The Sun’s Dark Sister of Night

“Much of the debate over the Nemesis theory stems from the implications of “catastrophism.””David Raup, The Nemesis Affair

Nemesis Dark Star
The Dark Star Nemesis has been called our Sun’s “Death Star”.

The winged Goddess of divine vendetta’s name in Greek means “the distributor of dues”. Nemesis’s name astronomically is associated not only with an asteroid but also applies to a very distant heavenly body which some scientists consider to be a foil companion to the center of our Universe, the Sun, since it is categorized as a “dark star”.

This dark star is said to be the ancient mythological sibling with the source of human Life. Supposedly Nemesis became quite jealous whenever she crossed paths with our Sun, which occurs every 26 million years. So envious was she of her sister’s naturally bright state that Nemesis stormed off into the Oort cloud, an asteroid heavy section of outer space, and began hurtling a bunch of totally miffed pieces of space rock towards Planet Earth.

Nemesis’ envious hissy fit, which some cutting edge scientists now call “The Nemesis Affair” is believed by many to have caused the demise of the dinosaur, due to Planet Earth being pummeled by various asteroids and comets, all during a short window of time. The barrage of these space invaders from the sky is said to be why practically every species of dinosaur became almost immediately extinct, along with the resulting devastation to the Earth’s land, seas, and overall atmosphere being the catalyst for the Ice Age to commence at that same approximate time in Earth’s early history.

Nemesis & You (Or is it, The Shadow You?)

From a personalized perspective, the Sun astrologically represents one’s overall ego or self and how we naturally “shine” to others is dependent upon the coloring of one’s Sun sign. With Nemesis being astronomically personified as the sibling whose darkness equaled the shining light of her show off sister, the Sun, the positioning of the asteroid Nemesis in one’s birth chart can be interpreted as the following:

The “Anti” or Shadow Self – As the Sun’s equal, the placement of Nemesis in the birth chart by sign and house is an indication of the potential for a person to be one’s own worst enemy, where he or she can actively take part in self ruin. Here is where we find the necessary tools to bring about the total destruction of the Solar Self.

The Projection of Shadow People – If a person is karmicly unevolved and thoroughly out of touch with their inner self due to not wanting, nor having the ability to self-analyze or soul search, then the darkness which lies within is projected outward to the world at large. Nemesis’ House and sign placement would also indicate the kind of personality or behavioral traits others shall possess who have the potential to undo one’s solar self. The more self “un”-aware a person is, the more they will repeatedly draw to themselves the same kind of shadow person, over and over. These cycles of “shadow person attraction” shall repeat like karmic clockwork, but conversely, can just as immediately end the minute a person looks within to determine what the root source is of any/all potentially destructive shadow behavior happening around them. The sooner one becomes self-aware and ceases to assign all blame on the ubiquitous “them”, the more fulfilling Life shall become.

Nemesis Got Your Tongue, Rupert?

The potential for total annihilation of the self is embodied with the positioning of Nemesis in Rupert Murdoch’s natal chart, since the goddess is placed in the same sign as the media King’s Sun, Pisces, at 2 degrees in the 3rd House of Communications and is one degree away from exact opposition to his natal Neptune in the sign of details, Virgo, positioned in the 9th House of the Law.

On the first day of cross examination hearings on July 19th, 2011 Nemesis in the sky was in the first degree of the sign of Truth and Justice, Libra, and was positioned in Rupert Murdoch’s 10th House of the Public. Additionally, Mr. Murdoch’s natal 2 degree Piscean Nemesis in his House of Communications was bookended by close conjunction in the Heavens that day by the positioning of the ruler of his Sun, the planet of deception, Neptune, at 0 degrees of its naturally ruling sign, Pisces, along with transiting Chiron, the asteroid of self-causing pain, closely flanking the other side of Murdoch’s Nemesis at 4 degrees in the sign of his Sun, Pisces, all opposing his natal Neptune, in the communications ruled sign of Virgo in his 9th House of Law.**

Sounds just about right for the whirlpool of self-undoing to begin churning down and deeply inwards through both one’s communications which are equally deceptive to oneself and to everyone else, as well as through the soon to come, very ugly and very public accusations of finger pointing from “the others”, which will assign total blame on everyone else but the accuser.

All in The Family…. of Darkness

Although her godly persona is one of total neutrality (think along the immortal lines of Justice, but instead of instilling impartiality in a court of law, you’re totally neutral about whichever wretch of a soul you are cold bloodedly hunting down the 4 corners of the Earth to seek, find, and eventually annihilate), the essence of the Goddess of Vengeance is of darkness. The earliest of ancient mythologies say Nemesis was a child of Night (a smidge earlier than Bela Lugosi’s version), considering her mother was Nyx, The Night Mother or Darkness Personified.

And just to clarify, when you’re a member of the Darkness Family of Divinity, it’s pretty much a guarantee your job won’t be dealing with any of the following:

Sunshine & lollipops, Cornucopias of any kind, Any/all variations of fairy dust, Nor for that matter anything along the lines of Optimism, Fortune, Happiness, and heck, while I’m at it, surrender all Hope too!

Who’s Your Dark Daddy?

There was never any doubt as to who mothered the goddess of vengeance. Many ancient tales extrapolate on the genesis of Nemesis (say that 10 times fast), giving us additionally powerful details such as Nyx birthing her dark daughters from a silver egg which she laid in the Sea of Chaos.

Who Nemesis’ dark daddy was is a different matter. Some say the Mother of Night was all that was needed. Others say Zeus was her divine parent. And still others say the father of Nemesis was an ancient water god named Oceanus.

The Blister Sisters


 “The Erinyes” by John Singer Sargent, 1921

Another asteroid named after an ancient goddess, who like Nemesis, was a member of the Family of Divine Darkness has been playing quite the pivotally significant role in the astrological atmosphere behind 2 recent events in the news which will define 2011: the death of Osama bin Laden and Norway’s mass murders. In my articles, “Of Mars, Marines, & Mefistofele” and “Norway’s Deadly Day Of Discord”, I discussed the ancient derivations of the Goddess of Strife and Discord and the powerful astrological influence she has had over the strife on Earth today. Whereas Nemesis was the restorer of Justice and Harmony, the goddess Eris usually was the source of all the trouble in the first place. Not surprisingly, the two dark deities were sisters.

The Blister Sisters extended beyond just Nemesis and Eris. There were other daughters of darkness which comprised that gaggle of ghoulish goddesses. I have inferred that Nemmy must have been the oldest and Eris the youngest, with these next three nightmares in the middle – the Erinyes, or Furies. In my piece focusing on bin Laden, I discussed how Eris pretty much did her own thing, causing strife and discord whenever she pleased. I also mentioned in that piece that when situations on Earth had gone too far, the Furies were summoned. Apparently, they came to Earth upon the summons of Nemesis to do her bidding.

It seems that even in the ancient world the middle kids get bossed around by the oldest while the youngest did whatever they wanted and got away with murder.

The Defiled Swan & the Jailer of Tarturus: The Remainder of the Accused

“But some say that Helen was a daughter of Nemesis and Zeus; for that she, flying from the arms of Zeus, changed herself into a goose, but Zeus in his turn took the likeness of a swan and so enjoyed her; and as the fruit of their loves she laid an egg, and a certain shepherd found it in the groves and brought and gave it to Leda; and she put it in a chest and kept it; and when Helen was hatched in due time, Leda brought her up as her own daughter.”
Apollodorus, “Library and Epitome”, 2nd century B.C.

In 2010 I wrote about the dynamics of a planetary transit involving the largest planet in our Solar System, Jupiter which lasted 4 months starting in the late summer and throughout the entire autumn of that year. Entitled “The Sons of Swans”, the ancient myth of “Leda & the Swan” was infused in that piece to serve as a warning against hedonism and over-exhaustion through over-activity.

Leda & the pre-laid Egg

Some say the true source of the egg which hatched Helen of Troy was laid by Nemesis, who even transformed as a goose was raped by Zeus as a swan. Here, Leda finds the egg instead of creating it, herself.

Further research has informed me that some offshoots of this perverse tale of avian abduction and bird bestiality speak of the victim not being Queen Leda, but the goddess of divine retribution herself, Nemesis. The piece served as a warning to all, more particularly to the fire signs, even more particularly than that, to the children of bounty, Sagittarians. I used as symbolic counterexample to foil all the Sagittarian unevolved behavior, the final result of the Swan story, two of Queen Leda’s children that were “hatched”, Castor and Pollux, who ended up in the evening sky as the starry representation of Sagittarius’ opposing sign, Gemini.

Interestingly enough with Nemesis as the hidden source, the remaining of the accused parties involved in the phone hacking scandal regarding Rupert Murdoch’s now defunct newspaper, The News of the World, Rebekah Brooks and James Murdoch, just happen to be born under the foil signs of example used for “The Sons of Swans” – Gemini and Sagittarius.

Lastly, despite those Centaur Kids being given more than ample warning by yours truly, at the end of the Jupiter Retrograde of 2010, I wrote “Sagittarius: Tartarus Welcomes You!” in response to the children of Jupiter repeating their mistakes but paying the price for their spontaneity during the retrograde cycle of their planetary ruler. Certain ancient tales speak of the location where Nemesis resided when she wasn’t on this plane of existence relentlessly hunting the mortal makers of hubris – as Jailer of that final destination of specialized Hell, Tartarus.

Sagittarian James Murdoch is the representative of the Murdoch Empire who has been summoned by both the Prime Minister and Parliament for further questioning. As we shall see in Part III, far more has yet to unfold as evidenced by the astrological backgrounds of all of the parties in question from the Murdoch Empire.

Backgrounds, where hidden in the unobtrusive darkness, Nemesis bides her time before stepping forward into the cold, bright light of divine retribution.

Rupert Murdoch & his evil posse

Both mythological and astrological ties bind the accused involved with the Murdoch Phone Hacking Scandal. The culprits believed to be most involved have the most overt of symbolic indications within their natal and combined charts. Pictured above from left to right are Rupert Murdoch, Pisces, his son, James, Sagittarius, and Rebekah Brooks, Gemini.

It must be mentioned that the asteroid Nemesis was positioned at 0 degrees Libra a few days before the Murdoch hearings began on July 16 & 17, 2011. When a heavenly body is positioned at 0 degrees of any of the cardinal signs, it is known as a “cardinal point”, an indicator of notoriety or fame or a societal “heads up”. Interestingly enough, it was during the time when Nemesis was positioned at the cardinal point of the sign of Justice at 0 degrees Libra that Rebekah Brooks, the former editor of the Murdoch owned British newspaper, The News of the World, was arrested.

*Brad Kronen is so enamored of the world of ancient myth, his latest book is his own unique retelling of an ancient epic that is both a myth and one of the world’s greatest love stories – The Tale of Cupid and Psyche.  Go to or click on the winged deity below for more information or to purchase:



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