Rupert Murdoch & His Media Empire: The Humbled become the Hunted, Part III


Demonstrators dressed as James and Rupert Murdoch protest outside the High Court in London

Protestors in Britain expressed their views regarding Rupert Murdoch and his media empire quite strongly during his questioning by Parliament in 2011 by not only resembling the father and son team but also insinuating the Murdoch enterprise was its own corrupt version of the Mafia.


“The phone, TV and The News of the World got into the house like a pidgeon from Hell…”
The Pretenders, “Back on the Chain Gang”

2011 was a momentous year. As stated in Part I, in 2011 the planet Saturn traversed through the sign of its exaltation, Libra, while at the same time the heavenly body Neptune entered the sign of its rulership, Pisces, which last occurred in 1847.

With the ringed planet travelling through the sign associated with the concepts of Truth and Justice, Libra, the Universe bestowed a cosmic opportunity upon society in 2011 to re-define the parameters of what modern Man considered to be collectively “Just”. We have already witnessed a goodly portion of the world’s population take a very active stand with this restructuring by overhauling former standards of Justice, as evidenced by the sweeping changes throughout the Middle East. These aggressive, and many times violent pushes towards more “Just” societies by those residing in Northen Africa and throughout the Islamic world have already bestowed 2011 with historical distinction, since that period of time will hereby be forever known as “The Arab Spring”.

Zeitgeist – Brad Style

Zeitgeistnoun, from the German words “Zeit” meaning Time, and “Geist” meaning Ghost. Referring to the spirit of the time.

Knowing how strong an influence Saturn and Neptune can each have on our society, I have observed recent happenings which have involved the adjusting parameters of Saturnine Justice over circumstances involving the Neptunian ruled. The legal proceedings uncovering the Murdoch media empire with numerous phone hacking/spying scandals are an excellent example of the astrological zeitgeist occurring today, since the simultaneous effect of Saturn and Neptune affects so many and the resulting judgments made over the Murdoch case will direct the tides of how much influence Justice shall have over communications in the 21st century and beyond.

The societal significance of the hearings involving Rupert Murdoch with his associates extend far beyond the media being given a wrist slapping for invading the privacy of average every day folk. The undertones involving how and why this underhanded process of spying occurred are far more serious and affects all of us going forward as a societal whole.

The News of the World & Neptune

The legal hearings being called “Murdochgate” reflect the astrological importance of planetary events occurring in 2011 by hearkening back to a time which changed the very foundations of both astronomy and astrology. The branch of Murdoch media accused of committing the most wrongdoing is the now defunct newspaper, The News of the World. This paper, in and of itself, is a symbol of the changing times and the current astrological zeitgeist when considering it first came off the press in England on October 1st, 1843, the same year that Englishman  John Couch Adams began testing his mathematical theory which stated a heavenly body must exist beyond the orbital path of the planet Uranus, which, in turn, lead to the world receiving the news of the discovery of Neptune in 1846.

Changing the focus from a societal perspective to an individualized level, the natal and progressed charts of Rupert Murdoch and his key associates strongly indicate that they too, are a part of the astrological zeitgeist of 2011.

The 12th House – Astrology’s Equivalent to Phone Hacking & 
Father & Son Karmicly Bound Together Through the Act of Secretive Spying

In Astrology, anything concerned with that which is secretive or “what lies beneath” is of a watery nature. The water based 12th House, otherwise known as the House of Secrets and Secret Enemies, is the area of the chart where we find those particularly secretive activities of a phone hacking or spying nature.

What made me further investigate Murdochgate was the eye-popping fact that both Rupert Murdoch and his son, James were born with their natal Moons in the 12th House. The Moon represents one’s internal, emotional state and when placed in the 12th House, a person would have a natural proclivity to interpret or look for any kind of language which was not obvious or verbal, such as being able to “read between the lines“, being able to read body language, or being very adept at spying on others.

As if that wasn’t karmicly intriguing enough, both father and son’s natal Moons are conjunct with each other’s natal Suns. Rupert Murdoch was born with his Sun at 20 degrees Pisces and his Moon in the 12 House at 24 degrees Sagittarius. James Murdoch was born with his Sun 21 degrees Sagittarius with his 12th House Moon at 18 degrees Pisces. When someone is born with their Sun in the same place as another’s Moon, it can be said that both people will very much see eye to eye on most things. When these two people are closely related to each other, such as a father and son, the conjunction of one’s Sun to the other’s Moon would indicate a highly karmic tie between the two.

The combination of this powerfully karmic astrological tie between father and son with its interrelation taking place in the 12th House intimate that not only were Rupert and James Murdoch fully aware of the phone hacking and spying activities which took place at The News of the World, the father and son team most likely implemented these unethical business practices, themselves.

Natal & Conjoined Nemesis of Father & Son

As mentioned in Part II, Rupert Murdoch’s natal Nemesis is positioned in his Sun Sign of Pisces, in the 3rd House of Communications. This would translate to the cause of the media mogul’s self undoing would be things he has communicated or said (3rd House) about his involvement (Sun Sign) regarding issues of spying and/or phone hacking (activities associated with the sign of Pisces, whose naturally ruling House is the 12th).

When conjoining the birth charts of father and son, we find a conjoined Nemesis positioned at 23 degrees in Pisces in the 2nd House. The conjoined Nemesis shared between the Murdoch men at 23 degrees Pisces is in close conjunction to Rupert Murdoch’s natal Piscean Sun at 20 degrees. This would indicate the foundation behind the Murdoch Empire’s undoing would be sourced by the power and urgings of Rupert Murdoch over his son, all for the sheer purpose and gain of that which is the main topic of focus beneath the domain of the 2nd House – Money.

Besides the Murdoch men, the person put under the most scrutiny by British government officials is the former editor and chief of The News of the World during the height of that companies’ phone hacking activities, Rebekah Brooks. As her natal and progressed charts indicate, Ms. Brooks played a crucial role with the Murdoch Empire’s power to manipulate through her triple mutabled ability to manipulate others as well as by allowing herself to be manipulated for the best interests of those in power above her.

The Tongue of the Golden Chameleon

At first glance, Rebekah Brooks’ birth chart is noteworthy. Before looking at any details behind the dynamics of her astrological personality overall, Ms. Brook’s natal chart stands out for the placement of her “big 3” – the Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant. At the time of her birth, the Sun was in Gemini, the Moon was in close conjunction to the Sun, also positioned in Gemini, and the Horizon/Ascendant/Rising Sign was placed in the sign of Virgo. This would categorize Rebekah Brooks as a “Triple Mutable” personality. Anything of a mutable astrological quality is most adept to changes in the overall environment as well as mutable oriented people inherently possess the ability to be changeable in a most chameleon-like way themselves. With her Sun and Moon both being placed in the communication oriented sign of Gemini as well as being  positioned in the 9th House of the Law, Rebekah Brooks was born with a proclivity of being incredibly skilled at adapting to the Law as well as to those who administered it. How she best “adapted” was through her mutable signed Sun and Moon being placed in the element of Air. In other words, Rebekah Brooks was able to say whatever was needed in order to work around the Law, or in many circumstances, in order to make the Law work for her. Whether what was said was true or not, was inconsequential, to adapt and mutate was what was paramount.

Rebekah Brooks & July 17th, 2011

Those born under the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius) have a tendency for making things happen, changing the tide of events, or even escaping the jaws of defeat – all at the midnight hour. It must be stated that those accused of the most wrongdoing associated with Murdochgate are all mutable signed: Piscean Rupert Murdoch, Sagittarian James Murdoch, and Gemini Rebekah Brooks.

Reacting and/or making things happen at the last possible minute or midnight hour is a staple of Rupert Murdoch’s power and success. When Murdoch decided to launch his paper, The Australian, throughout the entire continent of Australia in 1964, former colleagues remember the entrepeneur driving to the airport in his pajamas in the middle of the night with the intent of begging pilots to fly their planes despite inclement weather conditions, in order to have his papers delivered on time.

The occurrence of some last minute events which transpired right before the Murdoch Parliamentary hearings first scheduled day of July 19th in 2011 have raised more than a few eyebrows. Three events in particular being the death of one of the main whistle blowers behind TNOTW phone hacking activities, the sudden resignation of the head of Scotland Yard, Paul Stephenson, along with the arrest of former TNOTW editor, Rebekah Brooks – all occurring on the same day of July 17th.

In Part II, I mentioned that in the days preceding the start of the Murdoch hearings, particularly July 17th, Nemesis was positioned in the sky at a cardinal point, or indication of notoriety/ a societal “heads up” at 0 degrees in the sign of Justice, Libra. Considering the mutable nature of the Murdoch Empire,  being at a cardinal point does not necessarily indicate the events that transpired on July 17th translate to Justice being served. Rather, events may have transpired to give that impression. Unexpected deaths of key witnesses aside, the Nemesis of Rebekah Brooks with that of her superiors intimate the former editor’s arrest was more of a last minute chess move of manipulation versus any kind of strict adherence to the Law.

The News Of The World and the people who ran it are being brought before a Parliamentary subcommittee not just for the insinuated illegal activities of phone hacking and spying. Extortion and bribery of public officials, the police in particular, are also being called into question by the court as well. With what’s been previously stated about her inherent ability to mutably adapt for the Law and vice versa, astrological factors would hint Rebekah Brooks being the main point of contact between any/all bribed government officials and police, given her natal Nemesis is placed in the 9th House of the Law, in the sign associated with the stuff bribes are made of – money and material gain, Taurus.

Since Rebekah Brooks was scheduled to be a key witness for cross examination during the Murdoch hearings, rumors emerged at the time of her arrest which spoke of the police doing whatever they could to block her testimony from happening. Many said that even if she was able to be present, Brooks’ testimony would be extremely limited due to anything being said having the possibility to prejudice ongoing police investigations.

Ms. Brooks still managed to fulfill her obligations on the first day of hearings, projecting a quietly humble aura that would make any given spinster of a librarian proud. A lawyer was present next to Ms. Brooks during her entire testimony, but said or interjected very little (that fact alone raises every suspicious bit of bone marrow in my body); even when the triple mutable former editor made the following statements:

– She knew nothing about any phone hacking activities and was supposedly  first made aware of them by reading about the hacking of teen murder victim Milly Dowler’s phone in The Guardian, calling it “abhorrent”.

– She hoped those who are culpable are punished, and expressed her views regarding the integrity of those who labor within that hallowed work environment, otherwise known as the newsroom. “A newsroom is based on trust.” Brooks testified. “You rely on the people that work for you to behave in a proper manner.” (Who knew?)

– When asked about her involvement or knowledge of bribes made to the police, Ms. Brooks enlightened those present by saying, “I can say that I have never paid a policeman myself. I have never sanctioned, knowingly sanctioned, a payment to a police officer.” She blew the lid off the mystery of the newspaper business by further stating: “In my experience of dealing with the police, the information they give to newspapers comes free of charge.” (Who knew again?)

When asked to clarify why was it, then, in 2003 she testified with the following statement: “We have paid the police for information.”, Rebekah Brooks responded in true triple mutable fashion by making things as unclear as possible. Despite doing the verbal Charleston, Brooks replied with the most authoritarian of 9th House soapbox preacher voices. The speak-no-evil former editor testified that when making her earlier comments in 2003, she was referring to a “wide-held belief” that payments had been made in the past, and not to a “widespread practice.” (Works for me.)

Surely someone who receives information from the police free of charge could do no wrongdoing?

By observing Nemesis’ running thread  through the composite and progressed composite charts made between Rebekah Brooks and her Piscean power player of a former boss on the day of July 17th 2011, it would be safe to Saturnine presume Ms. Triple Mutable’s legal travails are far from over despite being bailed from the hoozgow.

The valiant testimonies given by each member of the Triple Mutable Trio of Murdochgate may have been a temporarily convincing act of smoke and mirrors, least of them being the arrest of Rebekah Brooks on July 17th. Some observers of the Murdoch hearings have wondered if the events which transpired in court on July 19th was staged, right down to the deranged pie thrower, which besides being an obvious distraction, many analysts believe the embarrassing pie pelting put the Murdochs in a better light after such an unplanned, “humbling” event.

The Emperor is Never Incriminated.

Just this week, Brunhilde Pomsel, the 100 year old former secretary of the Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Josef Goebbels, broke a 66 year silence by granting an interview to speak about her War time boss in the German newspaper, Bild. Ms. Pomsel denies to having any knowledge about The Holcaust at the time, for the simple reason that Herr Goebbels “did not commit such things to paper.

Apparently, neither do the Murdochs.

As a number of astrological features strongly suggest, when sleeves needed to be rolled for actual dirty work to be done within the Murdoch Empire, Rebekah Brooks was the henchman for both father and son. This is astrologically supported by the placement of Nemesis in the conjoined chart of Rebekah Brooks with her former boss, Rupert Murdoch.

The composite Nemesis between RB and RM is placed in Aries in the 6th House of Service, Servants, and Detailed Communications. To translate, the source behind the undoing (Nemesis) of that particular entity known as Rupert Murdoch & Rebekah Brooks revolves around detailed communications (6th House) with the police (Mars ruled job associated with the sign of  Aries).

Rebekah & Charlie Brooks walking to trial

A matronly dressed Rebekah Brooks gives her best attempt at the modern day school marm or head nun look as she and her husband Charlie enter court in July of 2011.  Unbeknownst to Rebekah, not only would her emails of panic filled reaction be read by the prosecution, the entire court would also be informed of the extra-marital affair she was having with British actor, Ross Kemp during her time as News of the World editor (

The Deflective Yods of James Murdoch

Both the composite and progressed chart cast for the date of Rebekah Brooks’ arrest, July 17th, between NOTW’s past editor and her former superior, Rupert Murdoch contain an uncommon astrological karmic configuration known as a “Yod” or “Finger of God“. In my article which discussed a far happier pairing of 2 English people of renown, Prince William & Kate Middleton, I define a Yod as:

“A Yod, or Finger of God is the formation of 3 planets into an isosceles triangle in an astrological chart. Two planets are at the base corners and have 150 degree demarcation lines emanating from the base to the triangle’s tip where the 3rd, or “pointed to” planet is positioned. With the visual emphasis directed to the 3rd planet, the influences associated with this planet are of major karmic importance for the Yod person, since the notion behind the Finger of God formation is that it appears as if a Higher Power is pointing at or directing things toward the 3rd planet’s positioning. “

In these particular karmic formations, the Finger of the Higher Power is pointing to a 16 degree Piscean Moon of one Yod and a 20 degree Sagittarian Moon of the other. In other words, all karmic forces point to –  James Murdoch, whose natal Sun is 1 degree away from one Yod’s pointed planet and whose natal Moon is 2 degrees away from the pointed planet of the other.

Considering the Yod of July 17th points directly at James’ Sun by virtue of the Yod’s Sagittarian Moon hints that Rebekah Brooks’ arrest, which, by the way, was “by appointment“, could have been a last minute distraction to possibly deflect the eye of legal scrutiny away from James Murdoch at that time.

Time, rather, Nemesis will tell.

The Murdochs make a Scapegoat Sacrifice to Nemesis

It appears Nemesis isn’t quite done with Rupert’s dear Ms. Brooks considering her testimony of denial was given  with an obviousness so blatant even the brain dead could understand, which truth be told was a serious contender with ole’ Grampa Rupert’s sworn oath of senility. This is made quite apparent when observing the placement of Nemesis within the progressed chart of the shape shifter of sworn testimony for the day of her arrest, July 17th, 2011. On that day, which may prove to be chock full of dramatic displays worthy of Oscar versus anything actual, Rebekah Brooks’ Progressed Nemesis was exactly conjunct with her natal Sun at 6 degrees Gemni. This would strongly hint that the former editor of NOTW may have permanently tarnished her reputation since she unknowingly has assumed the role of the scapegoat of sacrifice – all for the better good of the Murdoch Men and their Media Empire.

Anywhere You Turn – There’s Nemesis!

The third and final part of this Series opened with a discussion of the current zeitgeist of the times. As mentioned earlier, The News Of The World is a symbol of the current astrological zeitgeist since the newspaper began its long reign of publication in 1843, the year Neptune was mathematically theorized here on Earth.

When looking at the progressed composite chart of The News Of The World with its Media Magnate owner on its last day in print, we see the goddess of divine retribution herself permanently boarding up the doors. In other words, on July 11th, 2011, the final day The News Of The World was sold to the public, Nemesis was exact by 1 degree to the progressed composite Ascendant of the Publishing Baron and his notorious newspaper.

Nemesis – O Brave, New, & Just World

The times, they’re a changin’. But the swift movement of both time and societal change occurring in 2011 does not necessarily mean that Mankind helplessly moves along with these forces as if victims of circumstance down the conveyor belt of Life. As we have seen with The Arab Spring, humanity can play a significant role with how these changes occur and the society of the modern day has a choice to either accept the status quo or alter their environments considerably.

As this brave new world of change unfolds before us, the core absolutes of Truth and Justice move forward into the future as well, and are the key proponents of the astrological zeitgeist that took place in 2011. On the surface, it would appear the Murdochs have molded the Law to once again meet their needs of material gain, allowing their dynasty of manipulation to continue relatively in tact. Maybe so,

…but I wouldn’t count on it.

In 2011, the Universe gave the world a momentous sign affirming the Ancient Gods of Retribution are not only present and very much still keeping karmic score in our world of the present day but will be accompanying us into this brave, new, and just world of 2011 and beyond. In between publishing Part I of this Series and writing Part II, I was stunned to hear that an ancient Roman temple dedicated to the Goddess Nemesis had been discovered in April within the fortressed city of Alba Iulia, in modern day Romania.

Nemesis Temple in Romania

While in the midst of writing this series, Brad was stunned to hear of an ancient Roman Temple dedicated to the goddess Nemesis being discovered within the fortressed city of Alba Iulia, Romania in April of 2011. (


It would seem with this newly felt presence of an ancient force of retributive restoration resurfacing before us in the present day that the goddess of divine retribution is making a strong yet simple message of affirmation both to the Murdoch Empire and to 21st century society at large:

Justice SHALL prevail.



*11/24/2011 It appears that Nemesis has already had an effect on the heir to the Murdoch Empire, James Murdoch. According to Mr. Murdoch has officially stepped down from running any/all of the Murdoch newspapers still in business. This will be the first time in over 40 years that a Murdoch was not overseeing the Murdoch Empire.

I vote Nemesis get the corner office.



*Brad Kronen has written a number of books, many of them focusing on the role Astrology plays in historical events.  Although the Murdoch Media Empire is a completely different matter altogether from the propaganda of the Third Reich, one of Kronen’s recent books entitled “Evil’s Devotion” focuses on how influentially important a force the media can be over the state of an entire nation. “Evil’s Devotion” can be purchased at or by clicking on the link below:



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