Sendai, Sumatra, & the Astrology of Deluges and Critical Mass

Ukiyo Wave

*Originally written on March 15th, 2011 and commemorating the 5 year anniversary of the 4th deadliest earthquake ever recorded which took place off Japan’s Honshu coast on March 11th, 2011.


Our planet is a finite thing. A time will eventually come when the Earth shall simply no longer be. No one knows exactly when the “Gotterdamerung” of Planet Earth shall exactly come to pass, as well as nobody is quite sure if the decimation of our bespeckled orb will happen as the result from either a Revelation-like catastrophe from outer space or from an obliterating implosion emerging from the violent forces that lay just beneath our feet. What gives me repose amidst the numerous theories as to how our planet shall one day vanish from this plane of existence are the cosmic air traffic controller signals Astrology provides humanity each step along our evolutionary path.

A prime example of these cosmic signals being the Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami which took place on March 11th, 2011.

When those catastrophic forces of nature occurred, your author was rendered awe struck and speechless at how the astrological events occurring in the Heavens were mirrored on our planet in such a thoroughly literal manner on that day.

We humans shall never comprehend the workings of the Universe in their entirety, however, in order to grasp even a partial bit of understanding of the heavenly dynamics happening all around us, certain terms must be applied. This latest strange sounding phrase of the astrological kind is the cosmic crux behind the Sendai earthquake and tsunami – “Mutual Reception”.

Back in September of 2008, I defined “Mutual Reception” in my article, “A Ray of Light for the World Weary Aquarian” as follows:

“Mutual reception is a temporary astrological climate where two planets are in each other’s sign of rulership. Uranus is currently transiting the sign of Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune and Neptune is currently transiting the sign Uranus rules, Aquarius. When two planets are in mutual reception they almost act as a team by feeding each other the energies of their natural rulership.”

In December of 2009, I published a piece that followed up on the original content of the article previously mentioned. I further described the term as such:

“Mutual Reception is when two planets are transiting the signs of the other’s rulership and act as a cosmic pinball machine to each other, heightening both planets’ energies and influences for all of us on Earth.”

There are three planets in our Solar System whose orbital paths are further away from the Sun than the furthest planet that can be seen with the naked eye, namely Saturn. In Astrology, these three heavenly bodies are categorized as the “Trans-Saturnine” group. Each of the trans-Saturnine planets are considered to have a “generational” influence here on Earth due to the long stretches of time their orbits take to fully encircle the Sun. The trans-Saturnine planets are: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami occurred during a pivotal point within the astrological climate involving the Mutual Reception between two trans-Saturnine planets – Uranus and Neptune.

Astrologically, the grim events which took place off Japan’s Honshu coast on March 11th, 2011 were astoundingly literal. Incredibly, the window of time in which the Mutual Reception between Uranus and Neptune occurred didn’t just end with a catastrophic event of global proportions, it began with one as well – seven years earlier.

The Stupefying Range

Mutual Reception between any two planets is a temporary range of time due to the constant motion of heavenly bodies in our Solar System. When looking at the Mutual Reception which occurred between Uranus and Neptune, the mind is stupefied when considering the Earth altering event commenced quite similarly to how ended, all on the same calendar date . The range of time the planets Uranus and Neptune were in mutual reception juxtapose in an almost too organizationally tidy way the violent manner in which the Earth was literally wobbled off its axis when this astrological condition both started and stopped:

Mutual Reception of Uranus and Neptune : March 11th, 2003 – March 11th, 2011

At first glance, the range of dates may not be in any way exceptional, all be it for the fact they begin and end at an exact yearly marking, along with the very odd cosmic coincidence the Sendai Earthquake occurred on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Neptune’s discoverer, Urbain Le Verrier on March 11th, 1811. What needs to be considered is that soon after Uranus entered Neptune’s ruling sign of Pisces, the planet of rebellion began a cycle of retrograde or planetary backwards motion on June 7th, 2003 and dipped back into the sign of Aquarius on September 16th, not returning to the sign of the Cosmic Fish until December 31st, 2003. The Piscean Uranus would once again go into retrograde motion at 6 degrees of Pisces right as I was about to blow out the mere handful (cough) of candles on my birthday cake on June 11th, 2004 and would do the backstroke until November 12th, later that year. At the beginning of 2004, Neptune was approaching the halfway point of 15 degrees through the sign Uranus rules, Aquarius, but would go into Retrograde motion on May 18th, 2004, not to enter forward planetary motion again until October 24th.

When observing all the stops and starts associated with the planetary cycles of motion weaving back and forth between zodiacal signs, the Mutual Reception between Uranus and Neptune does not, in theory, really begin by virtue of both planets being in the sign of the other’s rulership until October 24th, 2004, a mere 2 months and 2 days before:

The Third Deadliest Earthquake in Recorded History, the Sumatra Andaman Earthquake & Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 26th, 2004

The world was altered, quite literally, in the aftermath of the geological catastrophes that both began and ended the mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune. Both the Sumatra and Sendai disasters occurred with such powerful bursts of raw dynamic energy, the Earth literally “wobbled” and was moved off of its axis after both earthquakes and their accompanying tsunamis hit. Additionally, land masses such as coastlines and in regards to Sendai, Japan’s main island of Honshu, were literally moved due to the shifting of certain tectonic plates which comprise the Earth’s surface, along with the average day was shortened due to the alterations of the Earth’s rotational axis in correlation to sunlight exposure.

The range of time which marked the Mutual Reception between Uranus and Neptune was bookended at its beginning with the third deadliest earthquake in recorded history and on the exact day of its completion with the fourth deadliest earthquake in recorded history. The 2004 Sumatra Earthquake registered a seismographically awe rendering, 9.1 on the Richter Scale. Although much of the finalized data regarding the Sendai earthquake has yet to be completely calculated, it is generally believed the Sendai quake registered an almost equally astounding Richter Evaluation of 9.0.

The Mutual Reception of Uranus and Neptune in literal form

As stated earlier, Mutual Reception occurs when two planets are placed in each other’s sign of rulership. When analyzing this astrological term in a formulaic style, the application of its meaning to the actual events which occurred on Earth when this temporary astrological climate both ended and began becomes quite literal:

The Mutual Reception between Uranus and Neptune: March 11th, 2003 – March 11th, 2011= Uranus (the planet which astrologically oversees sudden “out of the blue” events, lightning speed, electricity, nuclear/radioactive energy and lest we not forget earthquakes) would be transiting through Neptune’s (the planet which astrologically oversees fantasy, illusion, and unreality in all its variations, spirituality, and lest we not forget, tsunamis) ruling sign of Pisces (the sign of intuition, unconditional love, and deception) while Neptune would simultaneously be transiting through Uranus’ ruling sign of Aquarius (the sign of the masses, egalitarianism, and technology).

It must be noted that both the Sumatra and Sendai earthquakes’ epicenters occurred on the earth’s surface in the ocean and not on land to emphasize the watery emphasis of both Neptune and its ruling sign of Pisces.

The Sendai Earthquake – the Culminating Crescendo of the Mutual Reception between Uranus and Neptune

Each of the planets move at varying speeds, depending on their orbital path around the Sun. Some, like Saturn, move with an almost clockwork like precision.  Others, like Uranus and Pluto, circle the Sun with an orbital motion that is highly irregular and atypically erratic. Because of this sense of proprietary independence with each of their orbital paths, it would not be feasible to interpret an event where it would appear as if two planets are working in tandem together based on the exact positioning of their orbital paths at any particular moment in time. Astoundingly, however, Uranus’ quirky orbital speed weaved the oddball planet with its up and down concentric rings in and out between the signs of Pisces and Aries over the preceeding 8 months before the Sendai quake, bringing the planet of rebellion to be positioned at the final degree of Pisces for the final time exactly as Neptune was placed in the final degree of Uranus’ ruling sign of Aquarius. March 11th of 2011 not only signified the final day of the 8 year interplay between the Mutual Reception of Uranus and Neptune (Uranus entered the sign of Aries the next day), it was also a day when both planets were placed at the 29th degree of the signs they were respectively located in at that particular moment in time.

In karmic astrology, the 29th degree is of major significance since it is the final degree of a sign (each sign consists of 30 degrees, beginning with 0) and represents a highly concentrated point that can be either life altering, explosive, or cathartic.

In the days which followed March 11th, 2011 Japan’s biggest cause for alarm reflected the unsure future whose foundation was based in the collective memory of that country’s painful past – the ever looming threat of radioactive nuclear melt down.

The two points of karmic interest regarding Japan’s nuclear facility crises at Fukushima which must be mentioned are:

– Considering there weren’t any threats of nuclear meltdown with the Sumatra quake, I am led to theorize the Universe marked the Sendai quake and tsunami with such a high level of karmic significance for the intent of one overall global purpose: Changing Man’s understanding, construction, destruction, and safety implementation with anything related to nuclear energy. It’s shocking to realize the country that experienced the terror of impending nuclear meltdown in the days immediately following March 11th, 2011, despite their precautionary measures taken that should have circumvented the unthinkable is the same country that was the first target of nuclear warfare, with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II. As the world is witnessing first hand with Japan’s recent radiation horrors, Nuclear Energy is a power humanity can never assume to fully know along with it being a force with a potential as deadly as Mother Nature, herself.

– Nuclear Energy was confirmed to me as the highly significant, area of life-altering concentration in regards to the 29th degree symbolism of Uranus’ and Neptune’s Mutual Reception after hearing a panel of American nuclear specialists discuss the Sendai Quake. They emphasized that the earthquake itself was not the cause as to why the nuclear facilities at Fukushima failed to function properly and subsequently released residue radiational energy in the form of intense, concentrated heat into the ocean and atmosphere at large. All of Japan’s nuclear facilities were built to withstand the shock of critical mass moving during an earthquake, and indeed they did on March 11th, 2011. It was the tsunami which came after the quake which caused them to malfunction and eventually  become the impending threats of even more cataclysmic proportions that they are now.

The root source behind Japan’s recent disasters of a non-natural kind is the same underlying theme that  comprises the Mutual Reception which caused them. That which rules over both the sign of Pisces and its ruling planet, Neptune –  the Sea

Two other astrological factors occurring at the time of the Sendai quake point to the Universe providing tools for modern society to use in order to effectively adapt in a most cathartic way after such a transformational event on this planet.

The Moon and Saturn Speak amidst the Tragedy

Death and devastation are things which render us speechless. Whenever a world event takes place involving those two things, no human explanation can ever suffice or fully explain their meaning. Besides the Sendai Earthquake happening on the final day of the Mutual Reception between Uranus and Neptune, AND when both planets were positioned at the 29th degree of each other’s signs of mutual reception, two other astrological factors of interest must be mentioned that could assist humanity in partially comprehending the profundity of this globally tragic happening. They involve the positioning of Saturn in its exaltation at the exact time of the oceanic eruption as well as the Moon’s newly changing of signs.

When the Sendai Earthquake occurred at 2:46PM on the afternoon of Friday, March 11th, 2011 off the Honshu coast of Japan, Saturn, the planet of Karma and Life’s Lessons Learned the Hard Way, was in retrograde motion at the exact midway point in the sign of its exaltation at 15 degrees of Libra. The Lord of Karma’s placement at the moment the earthquake hit gives an extra emphasis on communication, since the ringed planet was positioned in both an Air based sign, Libra and in an Air based House, the 3rd. The 3rd House is naturally ruled by the Air sign Gemini and is known as the House of Communications.

Simultaneously, the heavenly body which governs over the ocean’s tides with its gravitational pull on Planet Earth, the Moon, had just newly entered the communicative sign of Gemini when the quake occurred, in the House that Saturn rules over naturally, the 10th. The 10th House is also known as the House of the Public.

When looking at the astrological charting of the Heavens at the moment the Sendai Earthquake hit, Saturn and the Moon are the only planets on the Eastern, or Left, Hemisphere of the chart. Every other planet in the Solar System besides those two heavenly bodies are tightly clumped together on the Western, or Right, Hemisphere, predominately in the 7th House of One on One Partnerships and in the 8th House of Death and Transformation.

In the simplest of terms, the Eastern Hemisphere of a chart is an emphasis or reliance on the Individual or Self, whereas the Western Hemisphere deals with a reliance or emphasis on Others or Society at large.

As I have emphasized in previous pieces regarding the Lord of Karma, Saturn, along with anything of a karmic nature in general, a sufficient amount of time must pass before any kind of analysis or processing can be done. When a Saturnine or highly karmic event occurs, it’s as if the rug of reality is pulled out from underneath us and all we can do is ask ourselves “Why?”.

Looking at the chart of the Sendai Earthquake, the Universe is informing us that Man’s world as a whole has been affected by this supremely karmic event and one of the best ways to address its significance going forward is to ask each other “Why?” once the searing pain begins to dull with the passage of Time.

Most likely none of us will ever fully know the answer to the question of Why?  However, if effective communication is utilized by today’s society in order to devise a new approach on how to move forward into this permanently changed karmic world, the question of Why bears the potential of peacefully being a part of the emotionally processed past.

Sendai Earthquake Chart

An astrological chart cast when the Sendai Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011 at 2:46 PM. Note Uranus and Neptune @ 29 degrees along with Saturn and the Moon’s placement on the Eastern Hemisphere, left half of the chart.


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