The Birthing of “The Donald” – Donald & Ivana Trump

Donald & Ivana 80s style

Donald & Ivana Trump at the height of their hay day as a mutable signed married couple in Manhattan in the 1980’s.

Before vying for the highest and hardest job in this country, there was The Donald. Before TV audiences watched him terminate members of his staff with nervous anticipation each week, there was The Donald.

From the very start of his campaign for the Presidency of the United States, Donald Trump has made his presence more than well-known on the current world stage as of late. With his abrasively brash communicative style and over assured aura of self-confidence, the man sets himself apart from the rest of the Presidential candidates, for better or worse.

But the larger than life persona of supreme self-credence currently being projected by Mr. Trump doesn’t have its beginnings within the arena of banter and mud-slinging otherwise known as politics. The American public first became aware of the man whom some believe is this country’s last hope to politically redeem itself over 30 years ago when Donald Trump’s vast array of properties and extensive material assets solidified into a corporate empire bearing just his surname.

The decade of the 1980’s was a time of high polished surface glitz where an up and coming person’s success was best determined by how blatantly they displayed their obscenely expensive clothes, cars, and even spouses.

Donald Trump was no exception to this glitzy rule.

Emerging from his wild bachelor days at Studio 54 and the like in the late 1970’s, the business mogul chose a partner suitable enough to stand by his side while ruling over his kingdom of top dollar corporate properties – a former professional skier and model from Europe named Ivana who projected a public image that was sexy yet acceptable.

Despite Manhattan’s toast of the town couple coming from vastly different backgrounds, the two share a common trait. Both Donald and Ivana Trump were born beneath “Mutable” signs.

The mutable signs occur at the tail end of each of the Four Seasons. Because they take place while one season is shifting into another, those born beneath any of the mutable signs inherently crave variety, regularly require change, and are stimulated most by the conceptual joining of opposites otherwise known as duality or juxtaposition.

When re-telling how she and her former husband first met, Ivana Trump anecdotes using juxtaposing terms in describing the night she crossed paths with the Overlord of both corporate properties and shameless self-promotion at a Manhattan bar in 1976.

“He offered us a table. I told my girlfriend I had good news and bad news – the good news was that we could get a table fast, the bad news was that Donald was going to sit with us.”

What truly fascinates me most about this financially famous pair is how throughout their marriage each took the opposite dynamic of what was expected of their respective mutably signed natures.

Allow your Author to explain.

Ivana Trump was born a Pisces, the most emotionally sensitive of signs that often sees communication as an inadequate mode of conveying what they so naturally feel. Despite being born beneath a sign that isn’t necessarily known for its concisely clear verbal skills, it was Ivana the Piscean who came up with a title of succinct summarization for her former husband. By virtue of its short but powerful simplicity, this two word title is just as, if not more popular than her spouse’s TV two word-er of termination – The Donald.

As every resident of this planet and additional floating space rock should already well know, Donald Trump has a penchant for talking. (Earth shattering statements such as the previous sentence is precisely why Brad gets paid the big bucks.) Astrologically that’s hardly a surprise, given the-ever-amused-by-his-own-words power talker was born beneath the first of the communication based Air signs most associated with both power talking and turbo babble, Gemini.

With that astrological fact in mind, assuming a corporate tycoon born beneath the sign of the Twins will come across as the quiet, introverted type has less of a chance of happening than a certain area reserved for bad people freezing over.

Despite the above being cheekily said, the Twin born tycoon’s words have been anything BUT loud and clear in times past when The Donald has been asked to dispel the multitudes of mistruths which lingered around himself and his crumbling marriage. Rather than barrage those around him with a fiery hailstorm of words, the tongue-tied Master of Motor Mouths would instead either rationalize himself into strange and new galaxies of existence, where the population consisted of just The Donald and himself or where Trump simply wouldn’t say a single word whatsoever.

For example, when told by a member of the press that the Stratosphere Tower was the highest free standing structure in all of Las Vegas and would be nearly twice as tall as Trump’s skyscraper hotel as it was nearing building completion, The Donald replied to the architectural fact by stating, “That’s not a building.

An astrological side note: It must be mentioned because of their “mutable” natures, many, but certainly not all of those born beneath the signs of both Gemini and Pisces have been known to partake in the #1 relationship killing pastime – Cheating.

Donald Trump the Gemini is no exception to that mutable signed propensity.

Returning once more to the other worldly communications The Donald has displayed in public times past for all to be confused by, such as the time when the business magnate was asked by Playboy Magazine if his marriage was monogamous and the Gemini not so skillfully replied, “I don’t have to answer that.”

Or here’s another one. When Ivana confronted her husband on the ski slopes of Aspen asking if the rumors were true about his extramarital affair with Marla Maples, the business mogul must have lost all Air signed powers of rational thought, because not only did The Donald not respond to the accusation, the foolish Gemini tried to escape by skiing away.

 In his mutable signed defense, Mr. Trump was probably so mentally flustered, the cornered Gemini must have rationally juxtaposed the fact that his WIFE was the former professional skier and that he was merely a cheater who couldn’t face the adulterous truth behind his lecherous actions. Needless to say, Mr. Trump’s snowy escape plan was thwarted in microseconds. Ivana not only caught up with him, she proceeded to still get in her husband’s face and lecture him – all while skiing backwards.

But it was the following statement uttered by The Donald in an interview given to People Magazine right before the legal proceedings began with his mutable signed wife that your author feels was the actual crux behind the Trump divorce:

“Listen, we never had a fight. The kids never saw anything wrong. And they’re gonna be great. She’s gonna be great.”

The point begs to be differed since it must be conversely stated, when a couple doesn’t fight, things are anything BUT great and won’t be getting anywhere near that relationship dynamic in the upcoming future.

Because of their non-verbal tendencies, a common Piscean pitfall is a propensity to “assume”. Quite often, the Piscean will assume those around them automatically know what they are thinking and/or needing without having to verbally express themselves. And to quote my 4th grade teacher, Sister Rita Stoneface, when one assumes, one makes an ASS-of-U-and-ME.

Despite detailed legal documents of both the pre- and post-nuptial varieties being mutually signed, Ivana Trump assumed she would get far more than what was originally agreed upon during the divorce proceedings with her husband without discussing any details. This Piscean weapon of passive aggression not only served as the first declaration of War between the Trumps, the non-verbal assuming would have been the stale mate that kept both battling Trump camps in an unresolved state of bitter aggression…if the Universe hadn’t stepped in.

Just as things were starting to get truly ugly with the dissolution of the Trump marriage and their business empire of untold millions, Ivana’s beloved father unexpectedly died of a massive coronary.

Donald was at Ivana’s side at the funeral and the divorce was quickly and quietly settled soon thereafter.

Bizarrely enough, Ivana Trump is famously known for words she uttered in a film entitled “The First Wives Club”. Words which were anything but Piscean or Water sign-ish in any way: “Don’t get mad, get everything.”

A person born beneath an element where their first reactions to the outside world is through their feelings is telling the outside world not to feel anything at all? Once again, that confused mental displacement of juxtaposition is the only possible explanation for that non-heart felt statement because if a relationship between two people is to not only thrive but survive, all parties must get mad, must fight, must communicate, must cry, must laugh, and must converse.

Keeping both Donald and Ivana in mind, let us return once again to the present day. Since their union was legally dissolved in 1992, both mutable signed celebrities have been married twice each. In true dualistic fashion, the couple whose odious divorce is more notoriously remembered than their 25 years of marriage have come full circle in the midst of The Donald’s run for President. As imagined, Donald the Gemini and Ivana the Pisces kept their persons icily distant from each other following the media circus which accompanied their divorce proceedings back in the early 90’s. .

Juxtaposingly, this is not the case in the present day.

In a recent interview given to the New York Post, Ivana Trump has publically stated she not only supports her former husband as the Presidential front runner for the Republican Party, the Piscean socialite claims at this present time to be serving as an advisor to The Donald on policy .

“We speak before and after appearances and he asks me what I thought.” says Ivana.

With that currently being the case, The Donald’s former spouse was asked to give her take regarding her former husband’s wavering stance on certain controversial subjects which have gotten him into political hot water as of late, such as Trump’s attitude on women. Much like the communicative style her husband embraced throughout the duration of their marriage, the mutable signed First Wife dodged the question directly by juxtaposingly responding with an answer of what her former husband most definitely was not.

“He loves women. But (he’s) not a feminist.”

In that same interview, The New York Post states that after giving her initial response, Mrs. Trump dualistically changed her opinion regarding her former husband’s stance on feminism several times, ultimately concluding that he is indeed most definitely a feminist.

Hail to The Donald.

*Brad Kronen has written over 30 books which focus on the role Astrology plays in our daily lives.  His most recent work is a series of astrological dating guides tailor made for each sign of the Zodiac entitled “Love in the Stars”.  Since this article focuses so prominently on “The Donald”‘s Sun sign. below shows a link of the Gemini edition of “Love in the Stars” which  along with all of Brad’s self published work can be purchased by clicking on the link below or by going online to

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