Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka: Life is but a Same Signed Dream

In the Foreward section of my book about Astrology and Relationships in the 21st century, “Love in the Stars” I reveal my personal take on same sign dating. To quote myself:

“As far as dating your own sign, there are a few exceptions (actually, just 1) but a good rule of thumb when considering dating another who is the same sign as your sexy self: Look at it as dating your own gene pool – would you date your cousin?”

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Brad Kronen’s Welcome to the Zodiac Series: Gemini

Gemini is the first representative of the element of Air which utilizes the functions of the rational mind as its primary tool to get through life. Not surprisingly, the foundation behind this most mentally agile of signs’ key phrase is rationally based – “I THINK”.

Mix all that mutably mental material up and you have the makings of a Gemini with a razor sharp mind kept forever young by approaching each day as a chance to learn something new about the world or on the unevolved side of the dualistic fence, a Twin born person being the perpetual motor mouth whose non-stop babble reflects just how much they actually know of a whole lot of nuthin’ .

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The Lotus Blossom Awaits to Bloom – The Mortal Life of Prince Siddhartha

Not long after leaving his sheltered lifestyle the royal heir known as Siddhartha would renounce his princely title along with his birthright to rule over his kingdom, as well as all earthly pleasures at large. This same mortal man would eventually become the first and only one of his kind to reach all 52 levels of enlightenment.

Some may be more familiar with the young Prince by his spiritual titles of “The Enlightened One” or “He who has Awakened” or said in a more universal way, The Buddha.

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