Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka: Life is but a Same Signed Dream

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka:
Life is but a Same Signed Dream
Brad Kronen

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

In the Foreward section of my book about Astrology and Relationships in the 21st century, “Love in the Stars” I reveal  my personal take on same sign dating.  To quote myself:

“As far as dating your own sign, there are a few exceptions (actually, just 1) but a good rule of thumb when considering dating another who is the same sign as your sexy self: Look at it as dating your own gene pool – would you date your cousin?”

To blow the lid off that age old question as to which sign is the exception to the same signed dating rule – the resident of the Zodiac most readily identified with the convergence of two equal entities as evidenced by its symbol of the Twins, Gemini.

This pan Gemini love theory is based in an ancient foundation of romantic belief.  A good number of Mankind’s earliest cultures believed each and every person was born with merely half a soul and that everyone has a spiritual “Twin” with whom we are separated from upon entering this plane of existence at the time of our birth.

Along with the obvious requirements which any given person must have with another in order to be suitable romantic partners such as mutual attraction, mutual respect, and (hopefully) more than a few points of interest shared in common, the optimal romantic match for those born beneath the sign of the Twins extends even further beyond the standards of the norm.

The typical Gemini romantically functions best with a partner whom they share a sense of comraderie and companionship with, much like a best friend from elementary school days. In other words, a romantic partner who on top of everything else, the Gemini can regularly joke/horse around/giggle with as nearly often as they jabber jaw with non-stop.

A great example of this same signed dynamic is the double Gemini partnership of Neil Patrick Harris, a Gemini born on June 15th and his husband, David Burtka also born beneath the sign of the Twins on May 29th.

Not only do these two Geminis of renown ideally embrace this same signed theory, the lives of both Twin born men reflect the essence of what motivates a Gemini most – Duality and Versatility. We’ll begin by astrologically analyzing the better known of the two – Neil Patrick Harris.

Despite modern society’s evolution into the 21st century it was only until quite recently that an unspoken rule of the most dualistic kind archaically ruled all of Tinsel Town regarding the representation of homosexuals in movies or on television:

Thou shalt have only heterosexuals portraying gay characters.

With the exception of those choice few pioneering gay actors who dared to actually portray gay characters, such as film and theater’s iconic Harvey Firestein and TV’s Sean Hayes, (the former, not coincidentally being born beneath the sign of the Twins, the latter, born under Gemini’s cusp), along with trailblazing fellow Air sign, Ellen DeGeneres, viewing audiences had to be content with the “likeness” of a gay character, since only straight actors like Eric McCormack and Greg Kinnear (a Gemini actor, all be it a heterosexual one) were hired to play them on the big screen.

But that was all before Neil Patrick Harris hit the scene.

An openly gay actor playing a gay character was one thing, but the unspoken dualistic old school rule of homosexual portrayal being turned in on itself? Neil Patrick Harris took Hollywood’s dualistic standard and very dualistically turned it on its ear by being Tinsel Town’s first openly gay actor to portray the stereotype of the skirt chasing, party hardy straight dude on the big screen. The versatility of inversing Hollywood’s rule of homosexual duality could only have  been pulled off by an actor born beneath the sign of Dualistic Versatility itself, Gemini, The Twins.

Harris’ ground breaking work came in the form of  portraying the womanizing playboy, Barney Stinson, on the hit television series, “How I Met Your Mother”.  Not only was Harris’ love’m and leave’m straight boy character created with an intentional Gemini-like duality, the role which first catapulted the Gemini actor into public prominence was equally influenced by the sign of the Twins as well.

The first representative of the Air signs is ruled by Mercury, the planet which oversees activities that are as mentally curious as they are driven: communication, education, and learning. With that in mind, the “Age of Man” the sign of the Twins oversees is that period of Life when one learns a little something about every aspect of their known world – the elementary school years.

Neil Patrick Harris first achieved national prominence playing the role of “Doogie Howser, M.D.”, on the same entitled television series which lasted from 1989 – 1993. Despite the show’s backdrop taking place in high school, the mentally mighty traits displayed by the show’s lead character formatively occur during his elementary school years, along with the Gemini actor playing the self-entitled role (aka Harris) physically looking at that time as if he still belonged in that pre-high school institution of learning.

“Doogie Howser” focused on the trials and tribulations of a child genius who graduates college at the age of 10 and proceeds to finish medical school at 14. As if those Mercurial, Twin-like traits weren’t enough, just as every mentally curious Gemini functions best with a Twin-like best friend, the show had Doogie’s teenaged teaching sidekick and bestest buddy, Vinnie Delpino, portrayed by Max Casella, himself a fellow Gemini. Harris’ depiction of the teen surgeon who physically looked as if still in 5th grade made him a household name. Unfortunately, the household name known by so many was of the character Harris portrayed, not his own.

Gemini’s essence doesn’t associate strictly with the concept of Duality alone, the foundation behind the sign of the Twins’ deals with the concept of Versatility as well. Not many Doogie Howser fans were aware that the actor who played the boyhood genius also embodied the versatile essence of his sun sign with Neil Patrick Harris’ singing and musical abilities equally matching his acting skills.

Along with performing next to fellow Gemini, Anne Heche in the theatrical drama, “Proof”, Harris wow’d audiences when he sang the role of the Emcee alongside the Sally Bowles of fellow Mercury ruled, child-performer-all-grown-up, Deborah Gibson in the Broadway musical “Cabaret”.   Neil’s masterful interpretation as Cabaret’s dualistically dubious, singing Emcee earned him the accolade of being the top drawing headliner of that role by, surpassing even another Air signed openly gay actor/singer known for playing roles of both the gay and non-gay varieties, Alan Cumming.

With Harris’ versatility earning him well-reputed renown as a talented performer of both the dramatic and musical stage, it only made astrological sense in 2009 for the Twin born showman to be asked to host the most prominent awards show for both dramatic and musical stage performers which traditionally takes place during Gemini’s time of year during the second week of June, The Tony Awards. Neil Patrick Harris has successfully undertook hosting the Tonys four times overall in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013, three of which earned him an Emmy Award for actually hosting The Tonys.

2014 saw Neil Patrick Harris the Gemini at his most dualistically impressive when he sang the lead role of transgendered rock diva, Hedwig on Broadway in the glam rock musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”  which earned him the highest accolade in his craft when he took home the 2014 Tony Award for Best Actor in A Musical.

A stereotype is a kernel of Truth wrapped up with layers of cartoon-like exaggeration.   Not only has Neil Patrick Harris brought to life the stereotype of the womanizing heterosexual party boy with his portrayal of Barney Stinson, the Gemini has brought the straight boy stereotype to life by playing a parody…..of himself.

To juxtapose the household name of the squeaky clean, teenaged persona of Doogie Howser, Harris wonder-twin’d his dualistic Gemini powers once again by playing a hallucinogenic popping, car stealing, large breasted hooker pursuing version of himself in the Harold and Kumar stoner series of films. Harris insisted the film’s credits listed his full name playing a fictionalized version of his full named self. In true dualistic, parodied fashion of the most Mercurial kind, despite Harris officially coming out after the first two Harold and Kumar films were made, in the 3rd installment of the series, “A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas”, the gay Gemini who plays the stereotyped version of his hedonistic straight Gemini self tells the two stoned lead characters that in actuality he was only pretending to be gay, if only for the purpose of snagging even more chicks in bed.

Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t the only Gemini actor portraying the hedonistic side of his dualistic alter ego. In that same film, another actor born beneath the Mutable sign of the Twins also brought wanton hedonism to life when Harris’ partner and fellow Gemini, David Burtka played the role of ““Neil Patrick Harris”’ Drug Dealer”. Not to be outdone by his Gemini partner in the versatility department for being adept on both the dramatic and musical stages, David Burtka made his Broadway debut singing the role of Tulsa next to fellow Mutable sign Bernadette Peters in the musical “Gypsy” in 2003, and in 2001 won the Clarence Derwent Award of Most Promising Male Performer for his portrayal of “The Boy” in the American premiere of the theatrical drama, “The Play About The Baby” by fellow Mutable sign, Edward Albee.

Because Gemini is a “Mutable” sign, those born beneath this sign are reputed for being the multi-taskers of the Zodiac. Much like his husband’s multi-tasking talent for being a magician, not only is David Burtka versatile as a performer of both dramas and musicals, the Gemini added yet another multi-tasking hat to his repertoire upon becoming a professional chef with his graduation from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in 2009.

As if one Twin-born versatile performer romantically bonded to another of the same kind wasn’t Gemini-esque (ish?) enough, in 2010 Neil and David became proud parents when a surrogate mother bearing eggs fertilized by both Geminis gave birth to, I kid you not, twins.

To add the perfect touch to this Air signed union, the two fathers born beneath the first of the Air signs welcomed their fraternal twins Gideon and Harper into the world on October 12th, 2010, when the Sun was positioned at the best harmonious angle possible to the sign of Gemini during the element of Air’s second manifestation, Libra.

It’s as if things for Neil, David, and children currently appear to be an extended Double Mint Gum commercial filmed on location in the blissful breezes of Air signed Heaven. Of course nothing in this world is certifiably perfect, but just looking at their Halloween portraits over the last few years would hint that for the Burtka-Harris family, Life is but a same signed dream.

Neil Patrick Harris Halloween 2013

Neil Patrick Harris Halloween 2013 2

2013 – Part 2

Neil Patrick Harris Halloween 2014


Neil Patrick Harris Halloween 2015


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*Brad Kronen’s has written over 30 books which focus on Astrology;s role in our daily lives.  His most recent work is a series of dating guides tailor made for each sign of the Zodiac entitled“Love in the Stars”.  In honor of our double Gemini duo, below is an image for rhe Gemini edition of “Love in the Stars” that is available for purchase at your local book seller or  by clicking  below.

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