Unprecedented Hate: Orlando’s Massacre and its Karmic Ties to Mass Shootings of the Recent Past, Part I

Orlando Vigil

There are particular circumstances where the dynamic of History acts more like an athletic world record rather than merely repeating itself. Some historical events often bear a unifying theme causing many an observant historian to correctly predict its future based on the outcome of similar events from the past. Other historical events, however, dynamically compete against each other, where the most recent of its kind will try to break the record of whichever “thing” was at its most quantifiable in times past.

This is especially true regarding the high frequency of mass shootings as of late.

Despite two decades having yet to fully pass, the 21st century has already seen its fair share of mass shootings. According to CNN.com, of the 30 deadliest shootings in the U.S. dating back to 1949, 16 have occurred in the last 10 years. The last 5 years alone have produced some of the worst cases of mass murder by lone or duo gunmen in recent memory:

Newtown, CT, Washington, DC, San Bernardino, CA, Roseburg, OR, Aurora, CO, Charleston, SC

A grammar school, a naval ship yard, an office Christmas party, a community college, a movie theater, an Episcopal church – the location sites where these recent acts of horrific violence have occurred are as diverse as the various factions which comprise American society in the modern day.

Unfortunately, the most recent addition to the list of mass shooting sites not only includes a new geographic location and backdrop setting, it surpasses the rest by instilling a different dimension of blind hatred as its motive, making it the worst case of mass murder by a lone gunman in America’s History to date.

The wanton killing of 49 people in a Florida nightclub which took place on the evening between June the 11th and 12th now has added the city of Orlando to the grim list of mass shooting sites. What makes this unspeakable event record-breaking is Orlando’s killings go beyond the common mass shooting themes of “terrorism” and/or “mental instability” as its motive for occurring. With the slaughter of so many innocent lives taking place at a gay night club, Orlando’s tragedy reaches a new height of unprecedented hate by virtue of the mind numbing event being both the worst case of mass shooting in American history by a lone gunman as well as the most notorious example of a hate crime being perpetrated by one individual towards a particular minority group.

Astrologically, Orlando shares many common features with other mass shootings of the recent past such as the significance of the Moon, Pluto, Saturn, along with the pivotal role two heavenly bodies in particular have played in every mass shooting as of late: the positioning of the planet named after the Roman god of War that oversees Aggression, Violence, and Guns, Mars, along with the placement of the asteroid named after the ancient Greek goddess of Strife, Discord, and Confusion, Eris.

Even with those unifying ties, Orlando’s murders stand apart from other recent mass shootings by virtue of another heavenly body being karmicly highlighted as they took place – the planet which oversees the concepts of rebellion, “out of the blue” events, and homosexuality itself, Uranus.

Part II astrologically analyzes the positioning of the planets over the city of Orlando at the time of the shootings. The second installment of this series will also discuss the shooter’s astrological identity and his interrelation with the planetary placements of that fated evening.

Cover photo: fox6news.com

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