Unprecedented Hate: Orlando’s Massacre and its Karmic Ties to Mass Shootings of the Recent Past, Part II


East St. Louis Riot Headline
Many modern day historians tend to selectively forget two of America’s worst cases of mass murder – the East St. Louis Riots (above) and the Massacre at Wounded Knee (cover picture).

American History is a curious thing. Despite there being a pervasive lack of awareness of it in the present day, a goodly number of those that actually reference History tend to do so quite selectively. Aspects of the past containing realities that are too overtly painful are more often than not overlooked or their significance is greatly downplayed to the point of being nearly erased from America’s collective memory. Two historic events in particular stand out which although are part of this country’s foundation, bear only a hint of a presence within the American psyche of today – the effect and influence of both Slavery and Native American culture.

Orlando’s mass murders have been given distinction by being called the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. How can this be when it’s estimated over 100 black people were shot and killed during the East St. Louis Riots in Illinois in 1917 and roughly 150 Lacota Indians, 47 of them women and children were shot dead at the Wounded Knee Massacre in South Dakota in 1890.

The media is amiss for not stipulating that Orlando stands out as the worst case of mass shooting carried out by a lone gunman to date in American History. But even with these distinctions of darkness being clarified, Orlando’s horror is still very much connected to the tragedies which took place in East St. Louis and Wounded Knee by virtue of its displays of violence being concentrated towards a select group of people, namely the LGBT community.

We as a society must remember the significance of these horrific events in the hope of preventing them from being repeated in the future. In my series about the Charlie Hebdo murders which took place in Paris in early 2015 entitled “Global Fraternity: An Astrological Analysis of France’s Terrorist Attacks” I stated the following:

“Twenty first century society must become more of a global fraternity by being as all-inclusive to the many varied parts which make up its entirety. For it stands to reason only larger, more pervasive acts of terror await humanity’s unfolding future if we do not.”

Devastatingly, “more pervasive acts of terror” have already come to pass since the Charlie Hebdo murders took place, not just recently in Orlando but within the same city later that year when 130 people were gunned down in Paris on November 13th, 2015.

Astrologically, the tragedies which took place at the Pulse nightclub bear markings which unite it with other mass murders of the past but forebodingly new features have been added to this most recent display of evil signifying new dimensions of hate have infiltrated into society’s collective perception of the world.

Orlando’s Karmic Ties with Norway and Newtown

As stated in Part I, Orlando’s murders share some key astrological features which have been prominent in every mass shooting as of late. These involve the interplay and significant placements of the following heavenly bodies: the Moon, Pluto, Mars, and the asteroid Eris.

Astrologically, these planets oversee the following areas of life:

Moon – the public at large, one’s Home, one’s Homeland, one’s emotional and internalized sense of self
Pluto – Death, that which is taboo, subversive, secretive
Mars – Action, Violence, Aggression, Guns, the Military, and the Police
Eris – Confusion, Deception, Strife

Newtown’s similarities mirrored in Orlando
The astrological charts cast for both Orlando and the worst mass shooting ever to occur in an American grammar school, the 2012 slaying of school children in Newtown, CT bear an uncommon configuration known as a “Yod” or “Finger of God”. I describe a Yod in my article about the Sandy Hook Elementary School murders entitled “Newtown – A Hamlet Forever Changed” as follows:

“A Yod, or Finger of God is the formation of 3 planets into an isosceles triangle… Two planets are at the base corners and have 150 degree demarcation lines emanating from the base to the triangle’s tip where the 3rd, or “pointed to” planet is positioned. With the visual emphasis directed to the 3rd planet, the influences associated with this planet are of major karmic importance for the Yod person, since the notion behind the Finger of God formation is that it appears as if a Higher Power is pointing at or directing things toward the 3rd planet’s positioning.”

At the time each of their tragedies occurred, both Newtown and Orlando had two Yods simultaneously taking place. Newtown’s Yod planets involve the Moon, Saturn, and Pluto all pointing towards the asteroid Lilith in the sign of Gemini in the 5th House of Children.

Orlando’s Yods involve the heavenly bodies of the Moon, Mars, Venus, Eris and Uranus. As mentioned earlier Mars deals with aggression and violence but also with the concept of masculinity as well with this key planet positioned in Scorpio in the 8thHouse (both sign and House deal with the concepts of Sexuality and Death) in one Yod’s “pointed to” planet and Uranus, the planet of sudden events and of homosexuality, itself conjunct Eris in Aries, the most “masculine” of signs being Mars ruled in the 1st House as the 2nd Yod’s “pointed to” planet.

Norway’s similarities mirrored in Orlando
Like Orlando, the murders which took place on Norway’s recreational island of Utoya in 2011 which I discussed in my 3 part series entitled “Norway’s Day of Deadly Discord” involved numerous victims with the vast majority of those who perished being under the age of 25. Both events involved the asteroid Eris in conjunction by exact degree with another heavenly body. Norway’s slaughtering involved the Moon conjunct Eris at the 22nd degree of Aries and Orlando’s bloodbath occurred while Eris was in exact conjunction with the planet Uranus at 23 degrees Aries.

Altering Karmic Perception from the Societal to the Individual
Where the karmic implications behind both Newtown’s and Norway’s tragedies are of a societal or sociological nature, Orlando’s karmic perspective alters from the two mass shootings with its focus shifting to a more individualized perspective by highlighting the astrological identity of the killer and his relation to the actual event, itself.

The unspeakable horror associated with the murder of twenty 1st graders and six faculty members at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School is astrologically reflected by its two Yods both pointing to the asteroid Lilith in the sign of Gemini. In ancient Jewish myth, Lilith was a demoness who defied God by actively seeking to destroy her own children. With the asteroid Lilith being placed in the sign associated with elementary school, Gemini, Newtown’s mass shootings astrologically stand as a societal warning given the karmicly violating nature of this disturbing event occurring at a place that used to always be considered safe and secure such as an elementary school being desecrated with both violence and death.

Karmicly, Norway’s mass murders represent a forcible change of perception as to how both the world and Norway itself viewed the northern Scandinavian country along with emphasizing that country’s and the world’s need to expand their definition of the term “terrorist”. Before 77 Norwegian teens and young adults were mowed down by one of its own citizens, the place associated with the Nobel Peace Prize and its people were collectively seen as a homogenously harmless lot. However, with the planet of both one’s home and homeland the Moon exactly conjunct the asteroid of confusion and strife, Eris, and placed in the sign of violence, guns, and the police, Aries, Norway was brutally forced to acknowledge that not only extreme violence but terrorism itself can take shape within the home grown, given the decimator of so many of its youth was a 6 foot tall, blonde haired, blue eyed resident of Oslo who falsely wore a policeman’s uniform and also was a devout member of the Scandinavian Neo-Nazi group Nordisk.

For Orlando, the karmic focus becomes inversed with the lens of perception shifting to the killer’s individualized role in relation to the nightmarish event he actively brought about at the Pulse nightclub on the evening between June 11rh and 12th.

The third and final part of this series will astrologically analyze the positions of each of the planets of our Solar System at the time of the Orlando mass shootings at the Pulse nightclub as well as discuss the astrological dynamics that may  have had a significant role of influence in motivating the killer to take action that deadly night.

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