Unprecedented Hate: Orlando’s Massacre and its Karmic Ties to Mass Shootings of the Recent Past, Part III

Orlando Shooting Victims
Although 49 is the official statistic being given, the number of victims of Orlando’s massacre extends far beyond the statistical data, with friends and family of those who have died being permanently affected by their untimely loss for the rest of their lives.

“Death, be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;
For those whom thou think’st thou dost overthrow
Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me.

From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be,
Much pleasure; then from thee much more must flow,
And soonest our best men with thee do go,
Rest of their bones, and soul’s delivery.”

John Donne, 1609

Adam Lanza. Anders Behring Breivik. James Holmes. Seung Hui Cho. Dylann Roof.

In the present day, the list of notorious names mentioned above are becoming more prevalent and recognizable to the general public – but for all the wrong reasons. These are the names of the lone gunmen who have committed some of the worst mass shootings so far this century.

As of last week, the name of Omar Mateen not only has been added to this most heinous roster of murderers, the man who indiscriminately gunned down 49 strangers at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando officially tops it.

What’s most noteworthy about this monstrous list is the fact each and every killer mentioned performed their individual displays of evil using semi-automatic weapons.

Breivik, Cho, Roof, and most recently Mateen employed the Glock semi-automatic pistol to commit their crimes, while Lanza, Holmes, and the perpetrators of the San Bernadino killings used what’s currently being called “the mass shooter’s weapon of choice”, otherwise known as the AR-15 to murder their victims.

As mentioned in Part II, each of these abominable events of mass murder are united to one another by sharing common astrological features that act as warnings to all of us as a modern society. Unlike Newtown, Norway, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Paris, and Brussels, however, Orlando’s dead weren’t random victims of horrific circumstance.

Much like Charleston’s mass shootings being racially motivated as evidenced by the gunman murdering 9 African Americans during a Bible study class at a Methodist Episcopal church last year, Orlando’s displays of violence taking place at a gay nightclub were also specifically targeted towards a select group of people as well, namely the LGBT community.

Whereas the astrological charts cast for the majority of other recent mass shootings have societal implications karmicly, Orlando’s murders shift to a more individualized focus by virtue of its astrological chart providing a fuller perspective behind the cause of this event of unprecedented hate, Omar Mateen.

Below is a freeze frame of the planets as they were positioned in the sky over the city of Orlando at the approximate time when a fully armed Mateen first entered the Pulse nightclub in the early morning of June 12th, 2016:

Orlando Massacre Chart

When an astrological chart is cast for a specific event, the dynamics which emerge from it are usually interpreted in relation to all parties present when the event in question took place. This is not the case when observing the chart cast for Orlando’s massacre. My interpretation of the chart cast at the time of the mass shootings listed above analyzes the event’s planetary dynamics in relation to their effect strictly on the killer only.

The Man behind the Massacre : Omar Mateen was a 29 year old  (Note the killer’s karmic age at that time) American born Muslim whose parents were first generation immigrants from Afghanistan. He was married twice with his first wife leaving him after only 9 months for supposed domestic violence in 2009 only for Mateen to remarry a second time shortly thereafter. He has a 3 year old son with his second wife. At the time of the killings Mateen worked as a security guard for the G4S Company where complaints were previously made by co-workers about his conduct, with one former colleague stating that Mateen “talked about killing all the time.

Questions Raised over Mateen’s Sexuality and the Possibility of living a Double Life Omar Mateen’s murder spree took place at a popular gay nightclub in Orlando called Pulse. In the aftermath of the murders and Mateen’s subsequent death, at least 4 regular patrons of the nightclub have told authorities that he had been spotted in Pulse at least “a dozen times”. The FBI also recently discovered Mateen had used a gay dating app called Jack’d and authorities are also investigating leads as to whether he was a member of a gay hook up site using a false name called Adam4adam.com. Many former acquaintances have told authorities Mateen would often say homophobic slurs yet a friend from high school who was gay and performed in drag shows at Pulse claims that Mateen would often hang out with him and his gay friends.

When interviewed by the press following the murders, Mateen’s father, Seddique Mateen revealed his stance on homosexuality by denying his son was “whatever you call it” and telling reporters “God himself will punish those involved in homosexuality.” Mateen’s first wife, Sitora Yusufiy, said the following regarding the FBI’s current investigations in connection with her former spouse’s sexuality:

“…one other thing was that, was his possibility of being homosexual….I really believe that that is definitely something to look at because that can tell us more about him and his reason for doing “it” more than creating other judgments and stories of our own. It was in the moments when he would be angry about something, or just had a fight, or pissed that he would continuously make gay comments. And, you know, he felt strongly about homosexuality.”

Sitora Yusufiy, ex-wife of Omar Mateen

The chart cast for Orlando at the time of its mass shootings displays an atmosphere surrounding Mateen where everything seemingly had come to a boiling point all at once, resulting in him snapping and proceeding to take murderous action.

The Karmic Features of Orlando’s Chart
When initially looking at an astrological chart, I first look for karmic features and not surprisingly Orlando’s chart is rife with them.

Cosmic Rectangle: Looking at the geometric patterns of the blue and red lines in the center of the chart, a red rectangle can be seen of a box square with lines intersecting its 4 corners and crossing each other. A Cosmic Rectangle symbolizes an antagonistic environment where multiple areas of influence are presenting themselves all at once with each area vying for attention and dominance simultaneously. With most of the chart’s planets forming this challenging configuration, it would indicate Omar Mateen felt like he was being pulled in every direction and at the time directly before the shootings nothing must have seemed to be going in any way right from his perspective.

Prominence of the number “29”: The number 29 in Astrology is highly karmic given each sign of the Zodiac is comprised of 30 degrees with the 29th being the final degree of a sign before a new one begins at 0 degrees. The number is associated with the planet known as “the Lord of Karma”, Saturn, and a heavenly body placed at that crucial degree indicates the aspects associated with it must be intensely focused or acted upon before a new cycle can begin.

At the time of the killings, Orlando’s 4 points (positioned much like the compass points of North/South/East West) were all positioned at the 29th degree, suggesting  that Mateen was being made to realize his style of living as he knew it could no longer continue forward without him implementing extensive change or adjustment. Additionally, Orlando’s chart has 3 aspects positioned at the 29th degree – the asteroid Juno, the Vertex, and the planet of communication, Mercury.

With the asteroid related to domestic harmony, Juno placed at the 29th degree of the sign of harmony and relationships, Libra in the 7th House of Marriage and Partnerships which that sign naturally rules over, Mateen could very well have been grappling with the prospect of having to change his behavior at home towards his wife and child or else risk losing them both.

The Vertex is a karmic cause and effect point. With the chart having this highly karmic point being placed at the karmic 29th degree in the karmic sign of service, details, and day to day liVirgo, and in the House which Virgo rules over, the Universe was forcing Omar Mateen to realize that not just his thoughts but his overall regimen of living down to the last detail had to immediately change.

Mercury is the planet of thought and communication. With that personalized planet placed at the 29th degree of the sign of money, Taurus, located in the House of Money, Mateen not only had to deal with drastically changing his overall approach towards his finances, he also had to significantly alter how he communicated about money matters as well. The 29th degree would indicate there most likely was a bare minimum of communication regarding money or a noticeable absence of it altogether.

Authorities discovering Mateen had purchased $9,000 worth of jewelry six days before his shooting spree would intimate the killer had tried to make up for his communication deficiencies – all at once and at the last minute.

Mateen’s Saturn Return: Expanding upon the karmic influence of the number 29, the planet known as “the Lord of Karma”, aka Saturn takes 29-31 years to fully orbit around the Sun. The years between the ages of 29 and 31 is known as a person’s “Saturn Return” and is seen as the period of time when we astrologically become adults. During one’s Saturn Return, things that are no longer integral to your growth as an adult or seen as part of your child-like past are removed with change often being forced upon us. Rather than accepting his evolutionary responsibilities by letting go of the aspects and attitudes which no longer worked in his life and embracing the change that was all around him, it would appear Omar Mateen instead projected his fears and worries away from himself and onto the outside world, given the killer viciously took his aggressions out by killing 49 people when he was in the midst of his Saturn Return and was 29 years old at the time of the murders.

The Possible Presence of “Roid Rage”: Similar to other perpetrators of mass murder, Omar Mateen was a loner with few friends in his adult years who was ostracized and bullied during his childhooa. Former school mates tell of Mateen being “brutally” made fun of while in junior high school due to being overweight. Mateen compensated for being ridiculed by reacting with rage which would end up getting him expelled from his local high school. However, his anger eventually found a proper outlet through working out and taking nutritional supplements. But as we are learning more and more about Omar Mateen’s excessive nature, his muscle building regimen became over-enhanced by taking a “massive” amount of steroids. According to cbsnews.com a former co-worker at a GNC store says Mateen admitted to his steroid use being “too much” as evidenced by this co-worker stating how Mateen’s body transformed with his “arms went from 20 inches around to 40 inches around”.

The 6th House is naturally ruled by the sign of Virgo and oversees such things as Health, Working out, as well as a person’s daily regimen for living.   With the planet of internalization and emotional security, the Moon positioned in the 6th House conjunct the planet of amplification and “over doing things”, Jupiter both being placed in that House’s naturally ruling sign of Virgo, working out and gaining muscle mass became the perfect outlets for Omar Mateen to channel both his rage and extremist tendencies. But with the Moon and Jupiter directly opposed by the chart’s overall ruler, the planet of deception, drugs, and un-reality, Neptune, placed in its own ruling sign and House, Mateen’s physical transformation may very well have been fueled by the misperception of body dysmorphia which in turn could have obsessively influenced him to overdo using steroids possibly resulting in the shootings being an extreme display of residue “roid rage”.

Categorizations of Confusion:
 Considering the planet which rules over Orlando’s overall chart, or “chart ruler”, is the planet of deception, confusion, and UN-reality, Neptune, not surprisingly Orlando’s massacre sets itself apart from other recent mass murders in ways most obvious, unobvious, and absurd. As mentioned in Part II, a discrepancy has arisen since the shootings where Orlando has been given the distinction of being called “the worst mass shooting in U.S. History”. This simply is not the case when considering certain horrific events from America’s past which most aren’t aware of or choose to selectively forget far surpass Orlando’s 49 victims such as the East St. Louis Riots of 1917 where 100 black people were shot and killed or the Massacre at Wounded Knee where roughly 150 Lacota Indians were slaughtered in 1890. To clarify, Orlando is the worst case of mass shooting in American History by a lone gunman to date.

Strangely enough, Orlando’s nightmare is currently undergoing discrepancies of definition as well. Although Omar Mateen was a Muslim who claimed to have ties to the terrorist group, ISIS, authorities are beginning to conclude the killer had no direct connections with any radical Islamic terror organizations in the Middle East and acted on his own volition individually. Based on Mateen’s religious zealousness along with the site of the shootings being a gay nightclub, President Obama has defined Orlando’s massacre as “an act of terror and an act of hate”.

Even with that said among many Republicans, the President’s definition of Orlando’s bloodbath simply does not suffice.

Absurdly, many Republican members of Congress refuse to either call or define Orlando’s mass shootings as a “hate crime”, with Republican House Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell omitting any mention of gay people whenever discussing the massacre and Texas Republican Representative Pete Sessions publically stating the murders did not take place at a gay club altogether.

Returning to sanity once again, according to a CBS News Poll released last June 15th, the vast majority of Americans in the private sector asked consider Orlando’s massacre to be both a hate crime as well as an act of terrorism.

To be karmicly clear, the blood bath which took place in the early morning hours of June 12th at an establishment that promotes itself as “Orlando’s premier gay ultra-lounge, nightclub and bar” was an event of unprecedented hate specifically targeted towards the LGBT community.

With the source of this unprecedented hate himself being a self-loathing, latent homosexual whose sexual tendencies were both dualistic in essence as well as heavily repressed.

The final analysis of Orlando’s chart will focus on the subject of homosexuality and its influence over the man responsible for the massacre at the Pulse nightclub, Omar Mateen.

Of all things Sexual, Secretive, and Scorpionic :Omar Mateen was born on November 16th, 1986 when the Sun was placed at the 23rd degree of the sign most associated with both secrecy and sexuality, Scorpio. With Scorpio’s element being Water, or emotionally based, those born beneath this most intense of signs tend to feel their emotions to their deepest core. However many born beneath this sign can actually come across to the outside world as being stoic or even emotion-less due to the typical Scorpio opting to commit Scorpionic suicide rather than show their emotions in public or in front of strangers. The processing of emotions is THAT intensely private an experience for them.

The sign of the Scorpion along with its ruling planet, Pluto, oversees the following areas of Life – Power, Sex, Sexuality, Death, that which is hidden, secretive, taboo, or subliminal. Every sign of the Zodiac has good or bad, or said in more karmic terms, “evolved” or “unevolved” qualities. With Scorpio overseeing such “heavy” areas of Life as Sex and Death, the unevolved side of this sign can make those born beneath it intensely serious in how they deal with the world, especially in their relationships with others. Unevolved problems such as jealousy, possessiveness, domination, and vengefulness, can often arise for the Scorpio personality if their emotions, most especially their emotional reactions aren’t carefully monitored.

When the various pieces of the puzzle supplied by former school mates, past co-workers, and family members are fit next to one another, a problematic portrait can be seen just prior to the shootings where Omar Mateen was at a critical breaking point at that moment in time. In the 2nd week of June of 2016, the Scorpio whose only valve to his deeply pressurized emotions were expressions of sheer rage was facing numerous oncoming issues approaching him all at once, while simultaneously was deeply conflicted over his sexual identity at that same time.

Astrologically, the final factor that was the catalytic spark which ignited the unprecedented hate poised deep within Omar Marteen to violently explode was quite literally, himself.

As previously mentioned, Omar Mateen was born with his Sun placed at the 23rd degree of Scorpio. Orlando’s chart shows that transiting Mars in the sky was in retrograde or backwards in the early morning hours of June 12th. As discussed in Part I the city of Orlando at the time of the shootings had 2 Yods or Fingers of God positioned over the Pulse nightclub. Karmic configurations like Yods often lie dormant or their energies for the most part will remain dynamically inactive…..until an outside factor sets them off.

In Orlando’s case, Omar Mateen’s overall self, represented by his 23 degreed Scorpionic Sun was the outside factor which not only ignited the karmic energies of both Yods at the same time, it also was in near exact conjunction with transiting Mars in Scorpio by one degree. By interacting with both Fingers of God simultaneously, Mateen’s sense of self activated the astrological atmosphere surrounding him, causing every karmicly involved heavenly body to be triggered all at once, as if a cosmic pinball machine had been brightly lit into a state of permanent TILT.

To repeat, the “pointed to” areas of each of Orlando’s Yods are Uranus conjunct the asteroid Eris in Aries intercepted in the 1st House of Self being one, and Mars in Scorpio in the 8th House of Sex and Death being the other. This would indicate the Universe was “pointing” to the following crucial areas:

Eris – Confusion, Strife, Discord
Uranus –Individuality, Homosexuality, Sudden “out of the blue” events
Mars – Action, Violence, Masculinity, Guns

With each event involving mass murder as of late, I have observed that the asteroid of confusion and discord has consistently been a key factor of influence each and every time. As with Norway’s mass shootings where Eris was in exact conjunction with the planet of one’s people, the Moon, Orlando had the very same feature, except this time the Moon had been replaced by the planet associated with individuality and homosexuality, itself, Uranus.

Aries is considered the most “masculine” of the 12 signs and was “intercepted” or hidden but still very much present in Orlando’s chart. Eris and Uranus being positioned in the manly but intercepted sign of Aries at the time of the shootings not only inferred that Omar Mateen could not reconcile the concept of being both a homosexual and a man, most likely his masculinity was called into question as well, provoking his rage to explode from his core.

The other Yod pointing to transiting Mars at 25 degrees Scorpio in retrograde motion being activated by his 23 degree Scorpionic Sun hints at the possibility of Mateen running into a male during the time directly preceding the shootings with whom he was physically involved with at some point in his past. Retrograde motion many times can refer to energies from the Past and with the planet of sex and masculinity merging with Mateen’s Sun, not only could his masculinity have been questioned through this encounter, the killer’s sexuality could very well have been called out into the open as well, causing his self loathing to lash outwardly in retaliation like never before.

With all things karmicly considered, one astrological feature prominently stands out in Orlando’s chart by being a key factor in both of the massacre’s Fingers of God along with serving as the connecting bridge which activated the chart’s karmic energies with those of the killer – the planet of sexual drive but more importantly of Guns and Firearms, Mars.

A plague has already begun not just in the United States but globally where militaristic weapons of war are being purchased by individuals who in turn proceed to use those same weapons to destroy as many innocent victims as they can before either doing themselves in or being forcibly removed from this world by surrounding authorities. By not demanding our government to enact the strictest of requirements that significantly  limit access to purchasing these Martian ruled tools of death, we are tacitly inviting more massacres like Orlando to occur once again in the unfolding future, but on an even more unprecedented scale.

In this day and age, when we as a technologically savvy, civilized society should be tolerant of every race, creed, color and variation of sexual orientation, Omar Mateen unto himself regretfully represents how much more work humanity has yet to still accomplish.

May Perpetual Light shine upon the 49 souls of those whose lives were tragically taken from this world on June 12th, 2016 and may Orlando’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community find Peace once more.

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