June 28th, 1914: The Day the World Changed, World War I & Our Unfolding Future – Part III

“Young men, soldiers, Nineteen Fourteen
Marching through countries they’d never seen
Virgins with rifles, a game of charades
All for a Children’s Crusade

Pawns in the game are not victims of chance
Strewn on the fields of Belgium and France
Poppies for young men, death’s bitter trade
All of those young lives betrayed”

Sting, “A Children’s Crusade”

Many of History’s most seminal events have come to pass involving factors considered to be highly unforeseen, most unusual, and totally unexpected at the time of their occurrence.

Karmic case in point, when the assassin of President John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald was being transferred by authorities from Dallas Police Headquarters to the County Jail in 1963, a major car accident took place directly in front of the police station’s main entrance. Realizing onlookers had already begun gathering to view what had taken place outside, authorities decided that Oswald be led out of the building through a quieter, less public side entrance.

The same side entrance a nightclub owner named Jack Ruby regularly used to deliver his monthly payoff of bribes to the local police.

As Fate would have it, Ruby was coming in just as Oswald was going out. Born beneath the impulsive sign of Aries, Jack Ruby decided to make full use of the spontaneous moment of opportunity placed before him by playing the role of American Hero and shooting Oswald at point blank range, right on the spot.

As we saw in Part II, much was already written in the Heavens decreeing that the date of June 28th, 1914 become one of the most importantly significant within the history of Modern Man. Even with that said, factors of the highly unforeseen, most unusual, and totally unexpected kind revolve around the Archduke’s assassination which greatly contribute to this historic event’s sense of karmic fatedness.

For starters, the date of June 28th, 1914 also happened to be the 14th Wedding Anniversary of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie. Their marriage was of a “morganatic” nature, meaning it was a matrimonial union made between a royal and a commoner. Because of this most unusual fact, Sophie was generally not allowed to be physically next to her royal husband during any kind of official event or procession which took place in public.

Upon arriving in Sarajevo however, an exception was made to Franz Ferdinand and Sophie’s morganatic marriage, given the couple would be publicly seen together in a procession occurring on foreign soil and it was, after all, the day of their Wedding Anniversary.

This unusual exception would prove to be deadly since Sophie would be seated next to her husband at the time of the assassination, resulting in the couple being fatally shot together. The tragic fact that not just the royal husband but his wife, too, had both been murdered in the light of day for all eyes to see, only added more vitriolic fuel to the fire of over-incensed reactions of nationalistic pride and ethnic prejudice in the weeks which followed, during which every major power in Europe declared war on one another.

The Accidental Assassination

Archduke Ferdinand and Sophie 5 minutes before assassination
A final photo of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie, taken a few minutes before the couple was assassinated on June 28th, 1914.

By far, the aspect behind the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife that’s the most highly unexpected and unforeseen was that it all occurred by mistake.

The “chart ruler” of any given astrological chart is the planet which rules over the sign that’s placed on the Horizon, or “Rising Sign” at the moment when the chart is cast.

The literal roles the chart rulers of both Franz Ferdinand’s individual birth chart, but even more so, the chart ruler for June 28th, 1914 play are nothing short of astounding, since they signify that the events which came to pass on that fated day were unquestioningly destined to happen.

The Archduke was born a triple Fire Sign, by virtue of both the Sun and the Rising Sign being placed in the Fire sign of Sagittarius at the time of his birth, along with the Moon being positioned in the Fire sign of Aries. With the element of Fire being action oriented, anyone born a Triple Fire sign would prefer to be in as constant a state of action as often as possible, along with their personalities bearing the Arien and Sagittarian trait of hardly possessing even the slightest bit of patience.

This would very much come into play on June 28th, given the fact the Archduke’s chart ruler, the planet which rules over foreign cultures, luck, and expansion, Jupiter, was positioned in the sign of death, Scorpio at the time of his birth. Whenever a person’s birth chart ruler is placed in either the sign of Scorpio or its correlating 8th House, their death will be highly significant and will in all likelihood involve the traits which the chart ruling planet naturally oversees.

When Franz Ferdinand and Sophie first arrived in Sarajevo, six conspirators lined within the crowds from the nationalistic group, The Black Hand, made an initial assassination attempt by tossing a hand-made bomb at the royal motorcade as it left the train station in processional file. Not surprisingly, as the Archduke’s double Sagittarian luck would have it, the bomb bounced off the folded roof of Franz Ferdinand’s limousine and exploded beneath the front wheel of the car behind it, seriously injuring the vehicle’s passengers and those bystanders who were in close proximity nearby.

Sagittarians have a knack for being consistently lucky. Double Sagittarians, as the Archduke was, tend to have a daredevil-like approach towards anything considered risky or dangerous, based on their presumption that everything always works out for them and they tend to end up in tact and landing on their feet. After the failed car bombing, the motorcade drove to the Sarajevo Town Hall where it was strongly advised for the Archduke and his wife to wait for military troops to both line the streets and escort the royal couple with their remaining public appearances.

Franz Ferdinand was having none of it.

The attempt against his life infuriated the Archduke in such an anxiously explosive way, he ragingly refused to wait in any capacity whatsoever and demanded that instead of going to their next appointed stop of a museum, he and his wife be immediately driven to the hospital where the bomb’s wounded had been taken.

The double Sagittarian’s short fuse of impulsive impatience created an atmosphere of such hurried chaos, many within the Archduke’s entourage were left uninformed of Franz Ferdinand’s change of travel plans.

This included the Archduke’s driver.

Assuming his passengers were going to their next appointed stop on the day’s schedule, the Archduke’s driver drove the royal limousine towards the direction of the museum. Upon being informed of the change of plans, the driver went to immediately turn the car around and head towards the hospital,

…when he pulled up a mere 5 feet away from one of The Black Hand conspirators, Gavrilo Princip.

Witnessing the botched bombing but unable to make any kind of valid assassination attempt of his own due to being engulfed by the on-looking crowds, the Serbian teen went to drown his sorrows by having a beer at Schiller’s Delicatessen. The very same spot where the Archduke’s driver had taken a wrong turn while assuming all parties were still going to the original museum destination and had decided to stop directly in front of, in order to turn the car around and speed off towards the opposite direction of the hospital.

With the limousine’s roof top rolled down from the approaching mid-day summer heat, the Archduke and his wife were literally positioned in stop motion an arm’s length away from the young assassin. A positioning which the Serbian nationalist utilized to his full advantage by withdrawing his pistol and firing two shots at both back seat passengers at point blank range.

The Karmic Implications behind Bad Directions

Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand Astrological Chart

The chart cast for the assassination. Note Pluto at a Cardinal Point of 0 degrees Cancer at the top of the chart, the Asteroid Sarajevo next to it, and the chart ruler, Mercury near exactly conjunct Neptune.

At the time of the shootings for June 28th, 1914, at 10:45 AM, the Horizon was positioned in the sign associated with details and directions, Virgo. This meant that the planet which naturally rules over the sign of the Virgin and is the heavenly body associated with details, directions, and automobiles, themselves, Mercury, was the chart ruler for that fated day.

Jaw-droppingly, the chart ruler which oversaw the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the planet Mercury, was conjunct by almost exact degree to the planet which rules over chaos, confusion, and institutions of any kind, namely hospitals, Neptune.

When astrologically translated to formulaic terms:

The main point of focus (chart ruler) regarding the events of June 28th, 1914, would revolve around the details (Virgo Rising) involving the motion of a car (Mercury) and the confused (Neptune) details (Mercury) regarding the directions (Mercury) to a hospital (Neptune).

The Sign of Home and Homeland made both Planetary and Personal

The final factor of karmic significance regarding the events which fatedly came to pass on June 28th, 1914 involves the positioning of the planet Pluto, placed at a cardinal point in the sign of Cancer, the Crab.

In Part II, it was mentioned that Pluto astrologically oversaw the concept of Death, but even more importantly, it must be mentioned that the furthest heavenly body orbiting around our Sun also deals with one of the most powerfully dynamic of energies, that being the force of Transformational Change.

The second part of this series also discussed how the sign of Cancer, the Crab from a sociological perspective was the sign associated with the nationalistic patriotism felt for one’s Homeland, but from a personal level, the first of the Water signs also deals with an individual’s emotional attachments to both their Home and Family. Sociologically, the sign of the Crab represents the passage of History, itself. Personally, the sign of Cancer is the sentimental longing each of us holds dear for Past times lovingly spent with our friends and family .

Anytime a planet is positioned at the first degree, or 0 degrees of any of the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, it is said to be placed at a “Cardinal Point”, which is an astrological indicator signifying notoriety or fame.

For the chart cast for June 28th, 1914 at the time of the Archduke’s assassination at 10:45 AM within the Balkan city of Sarajevo, the planet Pluto is at the highest point in the chart, in the House of the Public, and placed at a Cardinal Point of 0 degrees in the sign of Cancer.

There’s no need to translate, formulaicly or otherwise, that a violent death would be the most famous and highly notorious aspect associated with the date of June 28th, 1914. Plus, as already mentioned throughout this series, the deaths of a husband and wife which occurred on that early summer’s day one century ago would have repercussions on a most massive scale, resulting in a global conflict that would change the world and eventually take the lives of over 37 million souls forever from this planet, nearly 5 million of them being American military.

This series began by discussing the impact one man and his death had over the course of Human History which still can be felt in many lingering ways today. This series will end in a most intimate manner by showing how that same man whose death affected the course of History, was himself, one single individual of a human being. A human being who like the rest of us, had his own history during his time on this plane of existence, as evidenced by the following words Franz Ferdinand wrote to his mother after becoming a father for the third time:

“By far the cleverest thing I ever did in my life was to marry my Sophie. She is everything for me: my wife, my doctor, my advisor — in a word my whole happiness. …And then our children! They are my whole pride and joy. I sit with them all day long in amazement that I can love them so much. And then the evenings at home when I smoke my cigar and read my papers. Sophie knits and the children tumble about, knocking everything off the tables. It’s all so cozy and precious…”

As our future continues to unfold deeper into the 21st century, may today’s society always keep the date of June 28th, 1914 fresh within its collective memory for us to learn from so as not to perpetuate the wrongs of humanity’s past.


**Brad Kronen has recently written a book which focuses on the role War has played so far within Humanity’s evolution .  Entitled “The Cosmic Force of War”  Kronen analyzes the  karmic purpose War has had to undertake in order to reach these current modern times by looking at two key moments from the Past which are the starting points behind two of the most significant events of the 20th century – the beginnings of both the Second World War and of course, World War I.  “The Cosmic Force of War” is available for purchase on amazon.com.  Click on the link below to get a complete listing of Brad’s many published titles:

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