The Birth of Britain’s Prince George – Five Generations of Royal Karma Rectified, Part II

Prince George with 3 Generations
Spanning across 4 Royal generations, the line of succession to England’s throne – the first British Royal born in the 21st century, Prince George, center, along with 3 prior generations of the Royal Family – George’s father, William on the far right, William’s father, Charles, England’s current”Heir Apparent” on the far left, and George’s great grandmamma, England’s longest  reigning  monarch, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II

It was early morning in the distant past, July the 29th, and so we’re all still on the same page, I was just as much NOT a morning person back then as I am in the present day.

This time around I was made aware of this ungodly hour by a force which had a far more foreboding presence than that of a mere cell phone – my mother.

The year was 1981 and instead of my sleep being interrupted by the rude ringing of a cell phone (they didn’t exist yet) from anticipating the occurrence of a royal birth, my ride through Snoozeville was veered off course due to another  royal wedding about to take place.

The Royal Wedding between the heir apparent to the throne of England, Charles, Prince of Wales, to a then barely turned 20 year old, Lady Diana Spencer.

Despite being on summer vacation from junior high school at a beach house in Manahawkin, NJ, off the Jersey shore (which no longer exists thanks to Hurricane Sandy), I was woken in the pre-dawn hours by my mother to accompany her in watching the live televised, matrimonial ceremony taking place in London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral between the Prince and Princess of Wales on July 29th, during that long ago year of 1981.

But before stepping directly into the fairy-taled storybook which was the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana, let us recap the first three generational links of Royal karma which unfolded before us in Part I.

The birth of England’s Prince George signifies both a new beginning as well as karmic closure for Britain’s Royal Family. The joyous event marked the beginning of a new generation of royals born during the 21st century and karmicly signifies the ending of a chain of unresolved familial karma which spans back across five generations.

The unresolved royal familial karma in question first began back in 1937, when Prince George’s great-great-grand uncle, the Cancerian King, Edward VIII abdicated England’s throne so that he could marry his true love, a twice divorced American socialite named Wallis Simpson.

With Edward’s abdication from the British throne, the chain of karmic instability and unrest was initially forged for the Royal Family. Upon the Cancerian King’s decision to change the line of rulership for England’s monarchy, karmic repercussions soon thereafter arose with the next two links in the royal karmic chain.

The Royal Family’s ever-growing karma of instability and unrest expanded across the same generational line as King Edward’s as well as travelled downward to include the second subsequent generation of Windsor nobility. These two people weren’t initially destined to be sovereign rulers nor did anyone expect either of them to successfully bear their mantles of royal responsibility: King George VI and his daughter, the current ruling sovereign of Great Britain, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Both father and daughter royally proved everyone wrong.

If your author may be so bold as to compare the two brothers from the Royal Family with another set of brothers from a Royal Family of Comedy, King Edward’s Groucho Marx was to King George’s Harpo…..and then some. Where Edward was charming and exceptionally well spoken, his younger brother Albert, now George was painfully shy and terror struck at the idea of having to ever speak in public due to a debilitating stuttering and stammering problem.

Realizing he would be leading his people into yet another global conflict of aggression, George VI not only faced his royal responsibilities as England’s King during the Second World War, he surpassed everyone’s wildest expectations. The petrified stutterer overcame his speech impediments for the greater cause of uplifting the morale of his people by delivering inspirational speeches given over the radio in real time throughout the duration of the War.

On an even higher sovereign note, King George VI, his wife, Queen Consort Elizabeth (who in 2002 passed away at the age of 101) along with his two daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret, refused to leave their people during the most dangerously life threatening of times. Whereas every crowned head in Europe hightailed it hard and fast off the continent when War broke, England’s Royals displayed a familial bravery never before witnessed by seating themselves alongside their subjects in London’s air raid shelters during the nightly horror that was the Nazi Blitzkrieg bombing of England throughout the summer of 1940.

By courageously facing the enemies which threatened from without and within, the man who was never meant to be King forged a new karmic destiny for himself by being remembered as one of the most beloved monarchs in English History.

Speaking of English History, traditionally, successorship to the throne was for the most part strictly a guy thing…. that is until Karma came to town.

The next link within the chain of royal karma shifts both by generation and gender with the mantle of royal responsibility being passed from King George VI to his daughter, Britain’s currently ruling monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

Just as no one ever foresaw George becoming King, it was equally unimaginable that the line of successorship to the British throne would be determined by the monarch’s non-traditional, non-male offspring. Having no sons upon his early death in 1952 at the age of 57, the succession of royal rule went from George VI to his eldest daughter, Elizabeth.

As mentioned in Part I, despite the original assumption that Elizabeth was not intended to rule England, the karmic significance of her birth strongly hinted otherwise. The Queen was born with a highly rare and just as highly karmic configuration of an unaspected Sun.

A person born with an unaspected planet must learn about the themes associated with the heavenly body that has no aspects with any of the other planets in their natal chart by directly dealing with that planet’s influences versus avoiding the burdensome challenges that usually accompany them.

With Queen Elizabeth’s Sun being unaspected, the themes she has had to consistently face have been distinctly Solar in nature – one’s sense of self, one’s inner confidence, even one’s father. With the Sun ruling over the royal sign of Leo, the princess that wasn’t intended to be Queen has had to consistently confront issues regarding her right to royally rule along with affirm her identity as a reigning monarch. One of the best concrete examples of royal confrontation the Queen has been forced to face happens to be the next link in the Royal Family’s karmic chain. The royal karma expands to now encompass three generations within the House of Windsor with the addition of the Queen’s former daughter-in-law, Diana, the Princess of Wales.

Returning once more to your author as a sleep deprived junior high schooler with a clearing complexion….

The Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana

Charles and Diana WeddingThe Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana in 1981 gave the impression of coming straight from a fairy tale, complete with the Princess of Wales’ bridal train appearing bigger than the state of Rhode Island at a little over 25 feet long.

If ever the pages of a fairy tale awakened to life, it was when Charles, the Prince of Wales, wedded Lady Diana Spencer, back in the summer of 1981. Every aspect of this event of royal matrimony seemed to emerge from the most surreal of story books, considering there was a prince, a princess to be, along with a horse drawn glass carriage complete with royal consorts and footsmen.

But alas, the story book had to eventually be shelved in order for the fairy tale mist to be burned away by the harsh, cold light of reality.

The themes within the Royal Family’s karmic chain have predominantly been Cancerian in nature, beginning with the Cancerian King, Edward VIII.  Edward sacrificed his title and kingdom and even more significant for his sign, his home and family all for Love. The sign of the Crab becomes the dominant force of karmic influence once again by virtue of the remaining three generational links of the Royal Karmic Chain all being born beneath the first of the Water signs, beginning with Princess Diana, followed by her son, Prince William, and ending with the recent birth of England’s Little Prince, George.

The Royal Family’s build-up of karmic unsureness and instability came to a crescendo when Diana became a member of the Royal Family upon marrying Prince Charles. Princess Diana was also born with an uncommon astrological configuration known as a “Yod” or “Finger of God” that although isn’t nearly as rare as the Queen’s unaspected Sun is still karmicly significant just the same.

A Finger of God is a formation of three planets into an isosceles triangle on a person’s birth chart. Two planets are at the base corners and have 150 degree demarcation lines emanating from the base to the triangle’s tip where the 3rd, or “pointed to” planet is positioned. With the emphasis being visually directed to the pointed planet, the influences associated with this planet are of major karmic importance for the Yod born person, since the notion behind the Finger of God formation is that it appears as if a Higher Power is “pointing” at or directing things toward the 3rd planet’s positioning.

Princess Diana’s Finger of God points to the largest planet in all the Solar System,  Jupiter, positioned in the sign of Aquarius.

Along with the sign of Leo and its ruling heavenly body of the Sun, Jupiter is often viewed as an astrological indicator of royalty, given the largest heavenly body in our Solar System is often called the “King” of Planets and the reflection of sunlight from its surface gives Jupiter sufficient illumination as to be considered a star in its own right.

The role Royalty plays in one’s life is a central theme in the birth charts of both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana given the planetary ruler of Leo, the Sun, is the karmic marker for one and the King of Planets for the other. But where the Queen’s royal themes deal with upholding royal tradition and asserting her royal right as monarch, Princess Diana’s dealt with transforming the societal role Royalty plays in the Modern Age.

Interestingly, the Universe had each royal lady serve as an embodiment of challenge to the inherent royal goals of the other.

Where Elizabeth was raised with the thoroughly British mindset of bearing a “stiff upper lip” and exercised that austere state whenever appearing in public, Diana was forthright about expressing her feelings and being openly emotional. Where the Queen demanded tradition by observing a protocol of detachment and distance, the Princess broke down royal barriers by displaying warmth and physical affection to others, both royal and non-royal alike.

At the height of the AIDS crisis in the mid-1980’s, the Princess of Wales went to hospital wards to visit AIDS patients and caused quite an uproar when she was seen not only hugging the terminally ill but holding their hands as well.  When asked about her behavior, in true nurturing Cancerian fashion the Princess responded that she did what she always had done whenever visiting someone in a hospital by showing she cared with hugs and hand holding.

Princess Diana is as well-loved today as when she was alive, mainly due to her appeal to the masses and her egalitarian treatment of others, royal or otherwise. Not surprisingly this is reflected in the Princess’ birth chart with the pointed to planet of her Yod, the King of Planets, Jupiter, as well as the ruler of Cancer, the Moon, both placed in the sign which oversees the masses at large as well as egalitarianism – Aquarius.

It’s no coincidence that the Princess of Wales is affectionately remembered with a term that is thoroughly Aquarian in nature, “The People’s Princess”.

With her karmicly marked birth planet being placed in the sign of the People, we can infer that although Diana’s life didn’t necessarily reach any kind of peaceful conclusion when she left this world, it would appear as if the Princess of Wales fulfilled her karmic destiny by becoming an icon of royalty that is still loved to this very day by people from every walk and status of life.

The final portion of this series discusses the last two generational links of the Royal Family’s karmic chain and how each serves a unique role in completing it – Diana’s son William by virtue of his marriage to Kate Middleton and the Princess of Wales’ grandson, Prince George, by virtue of his momentous birth.

Part III also culminates with a crowning jewel of a slideshow displaying each of the five karmic generations of The Royal Family.


*Brad Kronen has actually written an entire book about the 5 generations of unrectified karma within the Royal Family which became royally rectified with the birth of the first royal in the 21st century (aka Prince George).  Entitled “Five Generations of Unrectified Royal Karma: The House of Windsor 1894 – 2013”,  the book is available for purchase on  Just click on the coronation crown below to see an entire listing of Brad’s published works:


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