The Birth of Britain’s Prince George – Five Generations of Royal Karma Rectified, Part III




The number carries a high level of significance throughout various forms of spiritual study within the esoteric world. Numerologically, 29 is reduced to the number 11, since 2 + 9 = 11, and the numbers 11 and 22 are known as “Master Builder” numbers. The presence of either of the Master Builder numbers represent the force of the Divine interceding through this plane of existence in order for we imperfect mortals to rebuild or start anew.

Astrologically, the number 29 is karmicly significant by virtue of it being the very last degree of a Zodiacal sign before another begins. Each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac are comprised of 30 degrees, or increments, starting from 0 degrees and ending at the last, or 29th degree. Astrologically, anything positioned at the 29th degree is theorized to embody a more concentrated effect of the traits and energies associated with the sign which is about to end.

Just as the number 29 bears significance through various spiritual studies, the birth of England’s Prince George is a noteworthy event from many perspectives ranging from the literal to the highly karmic.

– Prince George is technically the 3rd in line to the throne of England, coming after Prince Charles (who is the current Heir Apparent) followed by his father, Prince William, but before his uncle, Prince Harry.

– Prince George is the first member of the Royal Family born in the 21st century.

– Being the first born son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, George’s official title is “The Prince of Cambridge”.

But as this series has shown, the birth of England’s Little Prince signifies far more than merely an assigned queue number to the throne or exact wordage of a royal title. Prince George’s entrance onto this plane of existence marks the end of a karmic chain which stretches back across 5 generations of his bloodline. For those who are unaware,

Karma runs through families.

Should Karma be left incomplete or neglected, it will many times stay within the familial thread and travel across Time through generation after generation until it is resolved or made complete.

As mentioned in Part II of this series, the Royal Family’s Karma initially began with a King born beneath the sign of Cancer, Edward VIII, who consciously chose to forego the two factors of Life which motivate those born beneath the sign of the Crab the most, namely “Home” and “Family”, sacrificing all for True Love.

Being left unresolved along with expanding to include additional unforeseen trials and consequential causes/effects and actions/reactions, the Royal Family’s Karma has incrementally increased in the years since King Edward’s time in 1937 to the present day.

Two key factors attest to this:
the predominant presence of the first of the Water signs, Cancer
– the repeated generational frequency of the highly karmic number 29.

Just as each of the representatives of the Royal Family’s final 3 karmicly influenced generations hearken back to their original karmic source by being born beneath King Edward VIII‘s sign of Cancer, the lives of Princess Diana, her son, Prince William, as well as the Royal Family’s first member born in the 21st  century, Prince George, have each been marked by the mystically momentous number of 29.

Wedding Ceremony of Charles, Prince of Wales, to Lady Diana Spencer July 29th, 1981

Wedding Ceremony of William, Duke of Cambridge to Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge – April 29th, 2011 during a calendar year when both the bride and the groom were turning 29

The birth of George, Prince of Cambridge, occurring on the Master Builder numerical date July 22, 2013, when the Sun was positioned at the 29th, or last degree of the sign of Cancer

As mentioned in Part II, the Royal Family’s build-up of karmic unsureness and instability came to a crescendo with the life and tragic death of Princess Diana. Theoretically, the extremely sensitive, kindhearted Princess had two karmic battlefronts from which she had to singlehandedly guard and fight for both herself and those she nurtured.

The first karmic war waged against the Princess of Wales was an ever present battle with her mother-in-law, the current ruler of England, Queen Elizabeth II. The elder Royal had dedicated her life to upholding tradition and royal protocol which unexpectedly was offset and challenged by the mere presence of the Princess’ emotionally expressive and openly congenial sense of self.

Diana’s other karmic battle pitted the Princess against the rest of the world, quite literally. As stated in Part II, the Royal Wedding Ceremony between Prince Charles and Diana in 1981 was truly a surreal event when considering the attention of detail given to the fairy tale smoke screen associated with the royal couple’s big day.

“Here was a fairy story, that everybody wanted to work.” – Princess Diana

As cathedral bells pealed with majestic joy while the dashing Prince escorted his newly married Princess bride with a wedding train bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island from the Cinderella-esque glass coach to wave from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, the populace at large projected the highest of idealistic hopes and that not only would Chuck and Di’s marriage be long lasting,

….it would be the greatest marriage EVER!

Jupiter isn’t only the “King” of Planets, the largest heavenly body within our Solar System deals with any/all kinds of amplification or exaggeration, as well. With Princess Diana’s birth chart having a highly karmic marking of a “Yod” or “Finger of God” pointing to the planet of amplification, Jupiter placed in the sign of the masses, Aquarius, it seemed as if everyone in the whole wide world projected the most unrealistic of idealistic expectations that the Prince and Princess of Wales’ fairy tale wedding would naturally result in all parties living happily ever after….and after……..and after.

Unfortunately, with that kind of projected pressure how could theirs or anyone else’s marriage do anything BUT miserably fail and leave an aura of bone-crushing disappointment?

The world was still grappling with the harsh realization that Charles and Diana had officially divorced, when Saturday evening television programs across the globe were interrupted in 1997 with news flashes from Paris announcing that a deadly motor crash had just taken place involving the Princess of Wales.

The unresolved amassed royal karma additionally created by the failure of Charles and Diana’s marriage ballooned exponentially upon the world learning of the Princess of Wales being taken from this world so tragically young at the age of 36.

As stated earlier, Karma runs in families. With Princess Diana’s royal karma being so all encompassing and relentlessly pervasive, the Universe counterbalanced the challenging obstacles presented by her generational presence by creating a karmic carbon copy in the next subsequent generation of Royal representative,

…..but with the potential to be the catalyst for Karmic completion.

Like Mother, Like Son, Like Princess, Unlike Prince

Prince William is his mother’s son in every way and not strictly just by his physicality. The Prince is a near carbon copy of his mother astrologically, as well.

At the time of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton in late April of 2011, your author published an article entitled, “With This Ring of Saturn, I Thee Wed” which discussed the karmic significance of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s marriage by it counteracting the residue disappointment left by the failure of Charles and Diana’s union. While in the midst of researching that piece, I often made the mistake of taking Prince William’s natal chart and referring to it as if it were Princess Diana’s – their birth charts are THAT similar.

– Both Diana and William were born with their Sun placed in the sign of Cancer
– Both Diana and William were born with their Cancerian Sun positioned in the 7th House of Marriage and Partnerships
– Both Diana and William were born with the sign of Sagittarius on the Ascendant, or “Rising Sign”
– Both Diana and William were born with a “Yod” or “Finger of God”

By far, Prince William is the most pivotal character in the Royal Family’s karmic chain. Having the same astrological foundation as his mother, William was destined to face many of the same issues his mother had to deal with but with the additional burden of being a part of their subsequent cause and effect.

Where Diana’s Yod pointed to the planet of royalty and amplification, Jupiter, William’s Yod picks up where his mother’s life tragically left off, by pointing to the planet of Love, Venus, conjunct the Asteroid of Pain, Chiron. In other words, Diana’s Yod placed her in a royal environment with the purpose of finding her place and holding her own. William’s Yod has forced him to hold his own and find his place in an environment where Love was painfully void by virtue of his parents’ marriage disintegrating during his childhood and his mother’s tragic death occurring when he was just 15.

Case in point, at the age of 7 William reportedly told his mother he wanted to become a police officer when he grew up so that he could protect her. A statement to which his younger brother, then 5 year old Prince Harry responded:

“Oh, no you can’t. You’ve got to be King.”

Even at an early age, it was quite apparent the elder prince had some seriously heavy obligations.

And speaking of “serious” and “obligations”, can anyone karmicly guess who the planetary guest of honor was at William and Kate’s Wedding Ceremony?

That’s right! The Lord of Karma, himself, the ringed planet Saturn.

To quote myself from “With This Ring of Saturn, I Thee Wed”:

“From a karmic perspective, the Saturnine significance of this particular Royal Wedding is powerful in every dimension of its symbolism and meaning, since both participants of this matrimonial union are currently experiencing their Saturn Return, both were born with Saturn in its exaltation, and both are being betrothed as The Lord of Karma transits through the sign of its exaltation in the Here and Now Heavens above, currently.”

The influences of the planet Saturn function best, or is “exalted” in the sign which oversees Marriage and Partnerships, Libra. Becoming bound to another in holy matrimony while Saturn was transiting the sign of its exaltation, Libra, where the bride and the groom are high profile personalities both born with Saturn in Libra in their individual natal charts and while both were experiencing their “Saturn Return” during a calendar year when they were each turning 29 was all a significant sign for society to mark and remember.

William and Kate’s marriage not only offset the heavy karmic residue with what had transpired with Princess Diana’s failed partnerships and untimely death, their royal bond of matrimony boldly set a new standard of obligated commitment for generations of young couples to come.

The Karma of the Royal Family had now been set to change with their Cancerian offspring marrying one of the Lord of Karma’s very own, with Kate “The Looking Great” Middleton being born under the sign which Saturn rules, Capricorn.

The Little Prince

As mentioned in Part I, The Prince of Cambridge, George Alexander Louis, first born son of William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and 3rd in line from the House of Windsor to the throne of Great Britain was born on the 22nd of July, 2013 at 4:24 PM GMT in London, and during a Full Moon, no less, where the Sun was placed in his father’s sign at the time of his birth and the Moon placed in his mother’s.

In discussing the last 3 generational Royal Family representatives, this series has observed a running theme where not only was the source of the Royal Family’s original, unresolved Karma a Cancerian, King Edward VIII, but Princess Diana, Prince William, and now Prince George were all born beneath the first of the Water signs as well.

Part I also relayed my reaction upon being told that the Duchess of Cambridge would be giving birth on either the 22nd or 23rd of July.

Karmicly, there was no range of dates. England’s Little Prince HAD to be born on July 22nd. Period.

The birth of Prince George at the 29th degree of Cancer not only is a momentously karmic event in and of itself but when the arrival of the 5th generation is compared to that of the 4th, a divine sign has been given signifying that a change has occurred within Britain’s Royal Family by virtue of its familial  karmic burden being finally lifted and resolved.

Being born on June 21st, Prince William was born at the first degree, or 0 degrees of Cancer.

Being born on July 22nd, Prince George was born at the last degree, or 29 degrees of Cancer.

With the final two generations of Britain’s Royal Family each making their entrances on this plane of existence during the beginning and end dates which mark the range of time when the sign of the Past and Family, Cancer, begins and subsequently ends here on Earth, the Universe has decreed that the karmic chain which stretched across 5 generations over the House of Windsor has been made complete with all members now being unencumbered to go bravely forward into the 21st century and beyond.

William, Kate, George, Charlotte
The newest generation of Britain’s Royals – Prince George (left) with his sister Princess Charlotte (center) and their parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.



*Brad Kronen has actually written an entire book about the 5 generations of unrectified karma within the Royal Family which became royally rectified with the birth of the Little Prince.  Entitled “Five Generations of Unrectified Royal Karma: The House of Windsor 1894 – 2013”,  the book is available for purchase on  Just click on the coronation crown below to see an entire listing of Brad’s published works:






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