Brad Kronen’s Welcome to the Zodiac Series – Virgo

Renowned  astrologer Brad Kronen presents the archived recordings from his “Welcome to the Zodiac“(WTZ) series, a group of 12 introductory lectures originally broadcasted on, each dedicated to one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  In each show, Brad explains everything you’d ever want or needed to know about those particular residents of that cosmic wheel of the Universe otherwise known as the signs of the Zodiac.  Not only are the basic personality traits associated with each sign thoroughly discussed in easy to understand language, Brad also relays detailed aspects to each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac most never knew existed, such as their origin along with the variety of everyday things assigned to them such as a sign’s  – tree, flower, spice, animal, foodstuff, dedicated cities throughout the globe, as well as famous personalities born beneath each sign and how their personas reflect the nature of the particular sign each celebrity was born under.  Accompanying every WTZ show is a formal announcement which opens with three choice quotes said by three famous personalities born beneath that show’s highlighted sign. The series also has a “WTZ Icon” for every show, an image chosen by Brad which captures each sign’s overall essence, as well as a “WTZ Song”, a piece of music chosen by Brad which he considers to be that sign’s unofficial “anthem”.

So join the first astrologer on reality TV and author of the 21st century guide to astrology and relationships “Love in the Stars” on a journey like no other, as Brad Kronen introduces the basic wonders which form the foundation of one of Mankind’s most ancient studies, better known as Astrology by welcoming you to the Zodiac.


Virgo Glyph

Detail Driven Analyst or
Anally Retentive Criticizer?

“I feel I want to be very, very, very discriminating.”Peter Sellers, Virgo

“Be faithful in the small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

– Mother Teresa, Virgo

“I’m no fool, I’ve killed the boss! Do you think they’re not gonna fire me for a thing like that?”
– Lily Tomlin, Virgo as larger than life worrier Violet Newstead in the thoroughly Virgoan film, “9 to 5”

– When you walk into a stationary store, do your eyes immediately glaze over?

– At any given moment is there some kind of “list” on your person?

– Are the cans in your cupboard or pantry arranged alphabetically or better yet, alphabetically and then by size delineation?

Who are you kidding, you’re a VIRGO!

We leave Leo’s blinding spotlight still rubbing our eyes to come across a very neat and tidy place freshly scoured with Ajax and Bleach – the land of Virgo.

Virgo is the first of the 3 karmic signs (Scorpio and Pisces being the other 2) and for those born under any of the karmic signs Life functions best being of service to others. Virgos know this all too well since they identify their entire sense of self with the work they do. Despite this sign’s mistaken belief that “Perfection” actually exists, Virgo’s key phrase reflects their detail driven, hard-working mindset none the less:


Although the middle representative of Earth is one of, if not THE healthiest sign of all the Zodiac with natural and homeopathic medicines being under their domain, many a Virgoan can fall prey to being quite the hypochondriac concluding with absolute certainty they are the next recorded case of a disease that’s 10 syllables long ending in “itis”.  Along with having healthy regimens of daily good habits as well as possessing a standard of cleanliness so stringent one could eat off their floor at any given moment, the typical Virgo will crumple like a fly if they feel their work isn’t being appreciated or worse, if they themselves don’t appreciate their boss.

 Virgo Fun Fact: The animals assigned to the domain of Virgo are domestic pets, or said another way, cats and dogs. With that said don’t even think this astrologer would bring his pet to a non-Virgoan veterinarian. It may take a bit of coaxing or dirty looks from your Vet’s receptionist but determining whether your doggie doctor or feline physician was born in late August or early September is definitely doable with persistence.

So join me won’t you? Provided everyone bring their own cleaning supplies and latex gloves. Sharing is so un-sanitary.

Brad Kronen’s Welcome to the Zodiac Series on archives – Virgo

Welcome to the Zodiac Icon for Virgo
: Every sign of the Zodiac has its symbol. Brad has taken things an astrological step further by choosing images which capture each sign’s essence and making them their official “Icon” for his Welcome to the Zodiac series. The icon selected for each sign ranges from the obvious to the esoteric.

St. Therese of Lisieux

To me all religions equal God. Religion is inconsequential, spirituality is how the soul shows its evolution. Be that said, I was raised quite Catholic by going to Catholic grammar and high school as well as attending a Jesuit College. Say what you like about the boys club hierarchy of the Catholic Church and all its hypocrisies but there is one Catholic joke I will never appreciate – making fun of nuns. These overlooked women are a force of hard work and selfless sacrifice unto themselves which allows Catholicism to be sustained as a viable institution of faith to the present day.

St. Therese of Lisieux
was technically born a Capricorn on January 2nd, 1873 but to me she embodies the essence of the spiritually evolved Virgoan. Therese entered the Order of Carmelite Nuns at the age of 15 and died of tuberculosis at the age of 24. On paper her life seems rather unremarkable, however this poor French nun is only one of three women to ever receive a doctorate of the Church and is the person in the modern age who has the shortest range of time between her death to being canonized a saint. She called herself “The Little Flower of Jesus” and described her life as the “Little Way”.

Therese believed that in the smallest, most mundane tasks and actions we can see the face of God. The key was how one approached the everyday world. Therese wrote in her autobiography that she constantly tried her best to make every last little thing an act of love.

The Little Flower inspired a Virgoan girl in Albania named Agnes Bojaxhiu who took Therese’s “Little Way” and in turn pain-stakingly applied the saint’s humble philosophy on a daily basis as best she could so that over time she was able to literally change the world.

Young Agnes chose Therese’s name when she took her vows to join the order of nuns known as the Sisters of Charity.  Her title upon first entering her Order was “Sister”, but because she ventured off and began an Order of nuns that were strictly dedicated to the poorest of the poor entirely on her own, her title changed.  A title which most of the world knows her by today – Mother Teresa.

A Virgo may criticize others, but those whom they critically beat to a bloody pulp the most are themselves since no one is exempt from their standard of living otherwise known as Perfection. Not only would it greatly benefit those born beneath this most hard-working of signs to remember that Perfection doesn’t exist, Life will be far, far  easier and lighter should the Virgoan of any creed also keep the following words said by the Little Flower in mind as well:

“I know of only one means by which to achieve perfection: LOVE.”

Welcome to the Zodiac Song for Virgo: Virgo is the worry wart of the Zodiac. At any given time the typical Virgoan is in some sort of worrying state and their worries can often be reduced to 2 categories – perfection and being of service to others.

Virgos KNOW that the fictitious state of existence otherwise known as Perfection doesn’t exist but for some reason it always ends up being the standard they apply to both themselves and their work. And when you’re constantly comparing the quality of your work to perfection, what else can you do but worry?

The other Virgoan side of worry is not only do they worry about themselves but everyone else they care for or love. I see those born beneath this sign as the upkeepers of humanity by their always checking in to see that everybody has things running as efficiently as possible and if that isn’t the case the Virgo is the first to roll up their sleeves and be of helpful service.

With that in mind, the song I have chosen for this most hard-working and worrying of signs is “Overkill” by Men at Work. I consider it a beautiful piece of music unto itself and always think of the sign that overkills things with their detail rich sense of worry whenever I hear the following lyrics:

“Especially at night
I worry over situations that
I know will be all right.
It’s just overkill.”

So if there’s a Virgo in your life you hold near and dear, I’d suggest telling them out of the blue “Thanks for worrying.” They’ll simply get it.

By Men at Work

I can’t get to sleep
I think about the implications
Of diving in too deep
And possibly the complications

Especially at night
I worry over situations
I know will be alright
Perhaps it’s just my imagination

Day after day it reappears
Night after night my heartbeat shows the fear
Ghosts appear and fade away

Alone between the sheets
Only brings exasperation
Its time to walk the streets
Smell the desperation

At least there’s pretty lights
And though there’s little variation
It nullifies the night
From overkill

Day after day it reappears
Night after night my heartbeat, shows the fear
Ghosts appear and fade away

I can’t get to sleep
I think about the implications
Of diving in too deep
And possibly the complications

Especially at night
I worry over situations
I know will be alright
It’s just overkill

Day after day it reappears
Night after night my heartbeat shows the fear
Ghosts appear and fade away

**Outer image is a painting of the Zodiacal sign of Virgo by the Dutch visionary Johfra Bosschart.

Brad Kronen’s dating guide written specifically for the sign of Virgo entitled “Love in the Stars: Virgo Edition” can be purchased at at the link listed below:






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