Michael Jackson: A Virgo Haunted by the Hubris of Perfection

Michael Jackson The King of Pop

The King of Pop purveys his kingdom of Perfection better known as that cultural phenomenon of a double album entitled “Thriller” in 1983.


Many in my generation are still unsettled by the death of Michael Jackson right through to the present day . For those of us who grew up when MTV first emerged during those days of long ago when that channel actually played videos (or even music at large for that matter), Michael Jackson’s persona, image, and artistry were ubiquitous.  The King of Pop was such an integral part of the early 80’s and MTV, that many of us who were alive all the way back then assumed the man would be just as consistently present today as he was back in 1983.


Thus even in the current here and now it still takes reinforced effort to remind myself the man left this world in 2009 at the age of 50.


An aura of bittersweet melancholy surrounded Michael Jackson’s overall persona whenever in the eye of the public that seemed as ever present to his individual self  as his music was to early 80’s culture. This sheen of melancholia not only appeared to never take its leave of Mr. Jackson, it seemed to follow the King of Pop the course of his entire life. Astrologically, this pervasive sense of distant sadness can be explained as the Virgo being haunted by perfection.


Entering this world on the 29th of August, 1958  Michael Joseph Jackson was born beneath the astrological sign of Virgo. The sign of the Virgin, or Harvest Maiden is considered the “worry wart” of the Zodiac as well as one of the three “karmic” signs. Those born under any of the karmic signs function best when they are in service to others. The typical Virgo does this by producing as close to perfect work as possible.
Because of their karmic need to serve, Virgos take their analytically precise minds and strive to please their superiors by performing tasks rich in challenging detail. For Jackson, this striving would result in a life long subconscious pursuit to please his superior who never seemed to be satisfied, let alone approved of his ceaseless, hard work – his father, Joe Jackson.


It’s stupefying to see early Jackson-5 footage and realize the band of brothers’ lead singer with the powerfully commanding voice and naturally sleek dance moves wasn’t only a 9 year old, but a Virgo to boot.


Known as the most “humble” of signs, Virgos who end up being thrust into the spotlight seem to never fully adjust to the constant attention which fame and notoriety inevitably bring nor are they ever comfortable being under the scrutiny of the public’s eye. It’s not a coincidence Jackson’s song of indignation written to the international press in 1987 entitled “Leave Me Alone” was in essence stated by another megastar in the entertainment business born beneath the same sign who deeply desired that same sentiment some 50 years earlier when Virgoan film legend Greta Garbo famously coined the phrase “I Want To Be Alone.”








Spanning across the decades, two of the most famous celebrities of their time both born under the sign of the Virgin emphasizing the same message:  the Virgo is uncomfortable under the spotlight of fame and notoriety.  Greta Garbo was a Virgoan superstar in the movie business when Hollywood had newly made the leap from silent films to “talkies” and was just beginning it’s heyday period better known as its “Golden Age”.  Pictured above in the 1931 film “Dishonored”, Garbo  was  famously known for her phrase,  “Ayee Vont tuh beh AH-lohn” or said in non-Swedish influenced English “I Want to be Alone.”  In similarity of both theme and head gear fellow Virgo music megastar Michael Jackson pictured above on the set of his 1987 video “Leave Me Alone”.  Your author is of the firmest belief both Virgos were more than happy to become isolated and reclusive when each of their respective  spotlights were turned off for good.


Virgos identify their entire sense of self with their near perfect work and if their
work is repeatedly not appreciated by their superior over time, the stress caused from never hearing those badly needed words of praise or appreciation will eventually affect their bodies and health. Ironically, the sign that’s healthiest usually by regimen, lifestyle, and hygiene tends to be the same sign that’s most susceptible into tricking themselves with absolute certainty they’ve succumbed to the most disastrous and deadly diseases known within the history of medicine. When a Virgo’s thoughts are burdened with the stress of incessantly analyzing why they aren’t getting rave reviews from their superiors, their constant self criticism ends up generating some of the greatest hypochondriacs among we human folk.


Michael Jackson’s meteoric rise to fame as a child lead vocalist was a burden of responsibility that weighed heavily enough in its own right, his father’s lack of parental praise only exacerbated everything (that, along with Joe Jackson regularly whipping Michael as well as telling his son what a “fat nose” he had throughout the duration of his childhood).  With Virgo being the worry wart sign, young Michael worried enough individually just in trying to please his father, but the worry was ever present as a child since he single handedly  had to face the ever mounting pressure to maintain The Jackson-5’s profitability and survival. The entire family’s prosperity of all 9 Jackson children including sisters, Rebbie, La Toya, and Janet rested solely on young Michael’s shoulders.  No worries, right?


Jermaine and Jackie may have had their choice share of groupies among Jackson-5 fans but truth be told what everyone really wanted to hear and see was  a 4th grade Michael belting away while working some seriously hot dance moves even at such a young age.  In fact, the thought of the Jackson-5 without Michael in the band brings about the same effect as Jermaine, Jackie, Randy, Marlon, and a very portly Tito releasing a song without their younger brother under the name “The Jacksons” entitled “Torture“.


What I feel truly broke the Virgo’s mental state which in turn contributed in eventually  taking his life was Michael Jackson realizing he had created work that was as close to perfection as humanly possible with his double album, “Thriller”.


Jackson’s hubris was knowing none of his labors following his 1983 masterpiece would even remotely come close to the vicinity of perfection.  Nearly every track from “Thriller” was released as a hit single that in turn would stay at number one far longer than initially expected, which would then delay the release of the next subsequent hit track from said album. It’s been said that at any given moment for the duration of the year 1984 a song from “Thriller” was being played over the radio waves somewhere on the globe and to this day it remains the best selling album of all time.  Perfection!


But Perfection, which for the Virgo is their ultimate state of existence, can also be their worst enemy. For just when every possible ounce of popularity or exposure had been squeezed out of that warhorse album of never ending Top 10 hits is when word first emerged of Michael Jackson’s mysterious disorders, diseases, and conditions of the skin along with his desperate attempts to eradicate them.


The night before his death in June of 2009, I happened to be giving an internet talk radio show about the sign of Virgo. After discussing the condensed details mentioned above, I stated on the air: “Michael Jackson doesn’t suffer from a rare disease or physical abnormality, he bears the burden of being a Virgo slighted by the absence of appreciation.”


A burden which he relinquished a mere 10 or so hours later.


When his untimely death occurred, this most hard working of Virgos most likely hadn’t the slightest clue of how influential his work would be and what an iconic behemoth his talent would come to represent for multitudes both now and for generations to come. For those still grappling with the loss of Michael Jackson, let us hope this Virgo  FINALLY attained that much needed rest and well deserved praise he never seemed to find in his daily toils during his time here on Earth.


May Perpetual Light shine upon Michael Jackson’s soul.


*Brad Kronen has written numerous books on the role Astrology plays in our lives especially through such venues as History and Pop Culture.  Kronen has also written astrological dating guides custom made for each sign of the Zodiac entitled “Love in the Stars” that are available for purchase on amazon.com.  In honor of the sign Michael Jackson was born beneath the Virgo edition of Love in the Stars is shown below.  Click on the image to see that book as well as a complete listing of all of Brad’s published work:



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