Libran Love – The Lie behind True Romance and the Truth behind Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

The number 25 plays quite a significant role in the lives of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas given both stars were born on the 25th of September, 25 years apart from each other.  Numerologically, 2 + 5 = 7 which translates to the sign of the Scales being the 7th resident of the Zodiac and naturally ruling over the 7th House of Marriage and Partnerships.


In whichever language you say it, the “L” word is pretty darn important to those born beneath the “L” sign. (Leos, for once this is not all about you). Believe it or not, Libras, there have been moments in times past when even that core thing which is the essence behind the Libra’s  motivation to live, breathe, and survive…..was openly mocked.

In November of 1991, Saturday Night Live debuted a comic gem to their much loved treasure chest of commercial parodies. This particular jewel of buffoonery was entitled, “The Love Toilet”. The early 90’d pseudo-advertisement presented Victoria Jackson and Kevin Nealon portraying lovers who are utterly and madly enamored with each other. The camera pulls back to reveal the infatuated pair partaking in a number of activities together – quietly conversing while dining in candlelight, laughing with full abandon while bicycle riding through Central Park’s autumn foliage, even champagne toasting their endless love while soaking in a luxurious bubble bath together.

As these amorous actions for 2 are being displayed for the audience’s romantic viewing pleasure, a deeply rich, bass-toned announcer’s voice can be heard saying:

“You dine together. You play together. You sleep together. You even bathe together.”

The visuals then move indoors as the camera begins to zoom in on Victoria and Kevin, who at first glance from afar are lovingly staring into each other’s eyes with full emotional intensity while sitting next to, but oppositely facing each other on what appears to be some sort of ceramic, back-less divan couch. The announcer then softly purs:

“So why not share the most intimate moment of them all? With..The Love Toilet.

love-toiletSNL’s Kevin Nealon and Victoria Jackson get truly intimate seated on the “Love Toilet”

Knowing how even mere white versions of another “L” word that is non-truthful in nature can seriously offend those born beneath the sign whose symbol represents Truth and Justice, I’m more than sure there’s no need to deliver the waste product’d punch line and assumes everyone got the overall gist as to why the potty room parody was even brought up in the first place.

Because when two Libras join romantic forces, there is a higher than usual probability of an environment being mutually made that has the potential to be as scarily similar as the aforementioned “Love Toilet” scenario.

If the double Scale couple wishes to avoid having their budding bloom of a romantic relationship from going right down The Love Toilet, the overall traits of the Libran personality must first be weighed and balanced.

The sign of Libra is the middle representative belonging to the element of Air. The signs belonging to the Airy Family, namely, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra are the only residents of the Zodiac whose symbols aren’t animals. Why? Rather than employ behavior associated with the Animal Kingdom such as instinct, or tap into functions belonging to the right hemisphere of the brain, such as emotion or intuition, the Air signs initially react to the outside world by exercising their brain’s left hemisphere through the processes of the rational mind.

These rational processes consist of the following mental activities: thought, speech, and communication. As previously mentioned, Libra is the middle representative of the element of Air. Whereas the first representatives of each of the 4 Elements focus predominantly on themselves as solitary individuals, and the last representatives focus on themselves as members of entire groups of individuals, such as humanity at large, the middle representatives focus on themselves predominantly from the perspective of one on one relationships.

And just how does the sign of Libra differentiate itself from both the Air signs and the middle representatives of each of the 4 Elements? Here’s a hint, the answer starts with an “L”.

You got it, LOVE. Actually, that would be telling a little white lie, which we already know how well those things go over with a particular sign starting with “L” that shall be nameless. The answer isn’t exactly Love, itself. It’s the heavenly body named after the ancient Roman Goddess who ruled over it – Venus.

Throw Venus into the mix of the astrological foundation of a person who predominantly focuses on one on one relationships, and we get a better inkling as to why the “L” word is so important to the “L” sign.

Hold it! Your author needs to ‘fess up yet again. Using the word “important” in describing the role Love plays in the life of the Libran once again is another little white “L” word. A bit more emphasis needs to be relayed, such as most Libran females coming out of the womb knowing exactly which shade of café au lait they’ll use for their bridesmaids dresses, along with the perfect locale for where their wedding photos will be taken, or how the word “single” doesn’t exist within the vocabularies of either sex born beneath the sign of the Scales, overall. Why such extreme Libran behavior regarding Love?

Blame it on the Goddess of Gorgeous.

When first hearing the name of Libra’s planetary ruler, one at first might think of a gentle and loving deity whose beauty was only surpassed by her acts of benevolent kindness to others. At least this time it wasn’t a little white lie, because in all honesty, the Venusian statement mentioned above is one of the biggest and fattest of untruths ever uttered within the known Universe.

Venus didn’t just rule over Love. She was a totalitarian dictator who enforced her will with an iron fist and fear for your pathetic mortal life if you dared to defy her!

Your  Author pities the mortal who thought Venus took a laidback, lovey-dovey approach to the “L” word. Quite the contrary, the goddess has a defined structure of rules and behavior which her devotees must strictly adhere to whenever in amorous pursuit of another. Falling in Love for the Venus ruled is much like a procedural manual that has defined guidelines and stringent rules of play. And if one wants to play Venus’ game of Love with the intention of eventually winning, Romance must be actively involved nearly every step of the way.

Romance – The Untrue Side of Love

For the Venus-ruled, Love cannot exist without the presence of Romance but did you know the phrase “True Romance” is actually just another little white lie? Saying the phrase “True Love” to emphasize a purity of amorous feeling is acceptable and apropos but the fictitious nature of Romance’s origins technically makes the phrase “True Romance” a contradiction of terms.

The origin of the word “Romance” is believed to have come from France in The Middle Ages. Its original meaning referred to the Roman Empire, with Romance’s first usage literally translating to being “of the Roman manner”.  Oddly enough, the word originally referred to anything localized or being linguistically in the vernacular, or local language spoken, since across the entire Roman Empire, Latin was the language used for anything serious or official.

A bouquet of roses with a life’s supply of baby’s breath to the Libra who knows this next one:

What do the languages French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, and Romanian (you read me right) all have in common?

For those Venus ruled who just replied, “They all sound pretty.”, try exercising those rational minds just a smidge harder.

Answer: They’re all “Romance” languages.

The countries of origin of each of the languages listed were all territories which the ancient Roman Empire conquered and oversaw back in its super powered hay day. At first, the word Romance referred to something which was localized and/or home grown, but that was until the Romance Epic came into being.

From the Middle Ages also emerged the “Romance Epic”, which over time evolved into the “Romance”.  It’s defined as “a novel or other prose narrative depicting heroic or marvelous deeds, pageantry, exploits, etc., usually in a historical or imaginary setting.”  Back then any and all important documents were written in Latin and frivolously non-serious tales which spoke of knights and dragons were penned only in the vernacular.

In a relatively short period of etymological time, “Romance” took a 180 degree shift in meaning. Where it originally referred to a person’s localized area of origin, the word then transformed into a point of reference which spoke of lands most fantastical and highly imaginary.

To analyze in present day terms: Romance = Local Area + Fantastical + Love.

What’s it spell?   COURTING

Cour-ting (noun, and for you Air signed wordsmith sticklers the word is more specifically a gerund) – a way of getting to know a person through gradual stages of increased intimacy by incorporating Romance with social activities.

I’m sure every child of Venus is already well aware how painfully unromantic the world is these days.   Mention the word “courting” in the present time and most people will think you’re referring to the latest basketball stats or your plans to actively sue someone. This has led many a Libran to become almost fully convinced that Chivalry is dead and Romance went out of style long ago, right along with Barbara Cartland, or the paperback romance novel at large.

When a Venus ruled person is paired with another, the initial phases of dating are required to transpire through the romantic framework of “courting” (See definition listed above should you shamefully have forgotten it already). Because two Libras know how to properly court each other, the initial phase of acquaintanceship, otherwise known as “the honeymoon period” can be so intoxicatingly romantic for both Venus ruled parties, you’d think either Scale person was living in a fairy tale world, given their romantic sensibilities were being so fully utilized and stimulated.

A suitor who’s just as pretty as my beautiful self and meets the requirements of the Venusian courting schedule, what could possibly go wrong?


After being denied even the slightest hint of anything remotely resembling Romance, when two Librans meet and begin dating, they could easily go into….

Which, if not treated by big, cod liver oil sized spoonfuls of reality, could be followed more alarmingly by HALLUCINOGENIC ROMANTIC IDEALISM!

Are you Scale Kids able to see the full “scaled” picture regarding the fantastical origin of Romance having the influential potential of clouding everything over into one big idealistic untruthful “L” word?

Since the sign of Libra is based in the mentally driven element of Air, those born beneath the Scales are prone to becoming addicted to the Romance filled, fantasy land o’Love which unfolds in their minds. The addicted Libran longs to succulently bite into that fantastical poisoned apple otherwise known as Romantic Idealism, wanting never to return to the crass and coarse world of unromantic reality.

To be honest Scale Kids, it is especially here that your Author cannot do the negative “L” verb. Overall it’s not highly recommended for a person born beneath one sign to date another born beneath the very same sign. Each sign encounters their own unique set of challenges whenever romantically doubling up with itself, and two Librans have quite the hefty set of same signed challenges to wade through together, by far.

The most problematic challenge was already just discussed in hardcore drug-ish detail – Romantic Idealism. A challenge which places a very close 2nd is Libran Non-Confrontation. Should one Libra have a bone to pick with the other, or feel the need to debate or argue their point, they tend to never say a word, keeping every gripe or problematic issue held in. Why?

Once again, blame the Goddess of Gorgeous.

Besides Love and the rest of all the pretty crap, Venus also rules over such niceties as Peace and Harmony, as well. People who are Venus ruled abhor any kind of overt displays of aggression such as heated arguments. Those kind of loud and obnoxious occurrences are SO distasteful to the Venus ruled, that some will often do anything just to “keep the peace”, “not rock the boat”, etc., ….right down to never telling their partner that their constant knuckle cracking or loud humming is driving them certifiably INSANE!

More often than not the partner of the Libran may not even be aware their lover finds fault with them due to the Venus ruled person keeping every issue of romantic contention to themselves the entire time.

Imagine when the holders of the contentious are both Venus ruled.

What both Venus ruled parties want to avoid is coming home one day only to find a note stating their Libran paramour has left them with no explanation whatsoever. Built up gripes and held in grievances simply became too much with no discussion allowed.

Libras, there comes a time in any given relationship occurring on this planet, where differences and held in hurts must be voiced. Communication is vital for a relationship to not only be healthy, but survive, no matter how uncomfortable the things needing to be communicated should seem. Relationships comprised of two born under the same sign aren’t the easiest. Some, for reasons most obvious. Others, like yours, for what lies beneath the relationship radar.

If both Librans fight their natural tendencies to make their relationship all sugar and spice and everything non-argumentative, and both learn to communicate openly with their fellow Venus ruled partner anytime a problem, gripe, or grievance should occur, AND around the time they experience them (no procrastinating for a year or two), then Life truly will take the form of a True Romance.

Two Love: The Libra Union of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Not only are both members of this famous couple from the silver screen born beneath the sign of the Scales, both Libras perfectly balance each other by being born on the same day as well, the 25th of September, to be exact. ….25 years apart.

Romance was present from the very start of their Venus ruled relationship. How’s this for a Romantic Epic of a beginning? After being swept away by her romantically driven performance in the Romance sopped film, “The Mask of Zorro”, Michael Douglas asked the film’s romantic lead and mutual friend Antonio Banderas if he could be introduced  to the Welsh beauty in 1998. Jumping through time one year later, the Libran Academy Award Winner who was older than the other Libran Academy Award Winner’s father, romantically proposed to her on New Year’s Eve, 1999 and their first child was born 8 months later.

With both the bride and the groom being Venus ruled, the two A-list actors were married in the kind of tastefully elegant wedding ceremony that was fit for, well……two A-list Libras at Manhattan’s Plaza Hotel in November of 2000.


Love was done up right at the double Libran marriage of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones at one of Manhattan’s finest hotels, The Plaza in November of 2000.

Marriage suited Michael and Catherine exceedingly well with neither being bothered by their difference of age. From the moment they tied the matrimonial knot, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones were hailed as the hottest May/December union throughout all of Hollywood.

Until Saturn came to visit Tinsel Town…..

Throughout 2009 – 2012, the planet known as “The Lord of Karma”, Saturn, made its 3 year transit through the sign of the Scales. During that time period, every person born beneath the middle of the Air signs was karmicly tested and neither Michael nor Catherine were exceptions to the ringed planet’s trials.

Unfortunately for the two Libras, neither was their marriage.

The first of Saturn’s Libran tests arrived with an unsettling announcement Douglas made while appearing on “The David Letterman Show” in 2010. The actor had been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer pertaining to a body part that is Venus ruled – the throat.

Both husband and wife put their careers on hold during most of 2011 to battle the disease. No sooner had Michael been given a cancer free bill of health, then the planet which rules over pain and suffering delivered a Saturnine test specifically designed for his Libran wife. In 2012, Catherine Zeta-Jones was diagnosed with the mental ailment which commonly affects many born beneath the element of Air, Bipolar Disorder.

By the time Saturn exited the sign of the Scales in October of 2012, many assumed the double Libran marriage of fame had fallen prey to the numerous trials and tribulations imposed by The Lord of Karma during its 3 year visit through the sign the couple was born under. Catherine and Michael were photographed in April of 2013 and then weren’t seen together in public for months afterwards. The two were even uncharacteristically not together on their shared birthday later that year causing every tabloid and Hollywood gossip column to announce that the Douglas – Zeta-Jones marriage had been tested one too many times and finally had failed for good.

However, while the Sun was in the final degrees of the beleaguered couple’s sign in the middle of October of 2013, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas were spotted walking hand in hand together while shopping in Connecticut.  Knowing they were under close scrutiny by the press, the Libran couple’s simple romantic gesture of hand holding loudly stated to the world that their relationship was alive and well and had passed the tests imposed by The Lord of Karma with flying pastel colors (Pastels are Venus ruled).

The Venus ruled Welsh beauty looking better than Venus herself with Catherine Zeta Jones gracing the March 2016 cover of Good Housekeeping Magazine.

It would appear for the couple born beneath the “L” sign that the “L” word that is based in the warmest of positive emotions has conquered over all fears, doubts, and yes even that dishonest “L” word based solely in the negative, as well.
See, Libras? If two people born beneath the sign of the Scales can overcome such a concentrated period of challenge and difficulty both individually AND as a couple, then nothing can stop the union of those who place the utmost of importance on True Romance and more importantly, True Love, itself.

And that’s no negative “L” word.



Brad Kronen’s  dating guide written  specifically for the sign of Libra entitled “Love in the Stars: Libra Edition” can be purchased  at at the link listed below:



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