Brad Kronen’s Welcome to the Zodiac Series – Scorpio

Renowned astrologer Brad Kronen presents the archived recordings from his “Welcome to the Zodiac“(WTZ) series, a group of 12 introductory lectures originally broadcasted on, each dedicated to one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  In each show, Brad explains everything you’d ever want or needed to know about those particular residents of that […]

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Saints Francis & Clare – Honoring Humility and Dedication of Purpose

On March 13th, 2013, a man was newly elected as the leader, or Pope, of the Catholic Faith. The Argentinian Cardinal named Jorge Mario Bergoglio was not only the first Pope to hail from South America, his choice of Papal name was a first of its kind as well – Francis. The newly elected Pontiff affirmed his choice of name on the saint’s feast day of October 4th, 2013 when Pope Francis made a pilgrimage to his namesake’s source – the village of Assisi.

Nestled within Italy’s central midsection, in the province of Perugia, lies the tiny town of Assisi. Despite being a small Italian hamlet, Assisi, which lies 110 miles away from Rome to the Northeast, and 250 miles away from Venice to the Southwest, is the birthplace of two of the most well-loved and highly venerated saints in Christian history.

Born nearly a millennia ago, these two saintly people not only hailed from the same tiny town in central Italy, each started their own cultural revolution in that quaint yet remote area of the globe, as well.

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Libra – The Radically Extremist Sign of Peace, Truth, and Justice

The graciously mild mannered sign known for its knack of avoiding any/all forms of confrontation equally possesses the potential to confront the powers that be with an in-your-face aggressiveness that would make even The Donald run for cover. The sign that usually needs a full change of seasons before deciding upon anything remotely definitive can become radically decisive at will should they believe the concepts of Peace or Justice to be at stake.

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