Halloween & The Season of Scorpio – A Time for the Sheared Soul to Shine

Halloween is the most fascinating of holidays. Despite modern society existing within an age marked by ever increasing technological advancement, during the Halloween season we as human beings behave with an almost instinctual reverence to that which has died, that which is unknown, and to that which cannot be seen, but felt to exist.

A reverence that is ancient and very much still a part of our core as living persons on this planet, no matter the era.

All Hallow’s Eve takes place during the astrological season of Scorpio, which occurs from October 23rd through November 21st. Just as ancient man devised the Zodiac with its categorization of 12 signs, it’s no coincidence that the modern holiday which focuses on all things spooky and death-like occurs during the time period dedicated to the astrological sign associated with the themes of Death and Transformational Rebirth.

In other words, the scariest of holidays which occurs with yearly regularity every October 31st is Scorpionic in every way.

There may be a lot of light-hearted fun associated with Halloween and its gag costumes along with its activities centered around the kiddies but just like the Scorpios we know and love, this autumn holiday is at its very essence INTENSE and HARDCORE by virtue of it dealing with:

– Nighttime (The Sun MUST set first before the revelries begin)

– Ransom (How else would you categorize a command like “Trick or Treat!”)

– Terror or Fright (“The one with the scariest costume wins the Halloween Grand Prize!”)

– The Recognition of Death Itself (said another way, the Horror Film in all its gratuitous glory)

– The Recognition of Those who have Died (The predominant imagery associated most with this holiday are gravestones, skeletons, and ghosts)

– The Recognition of Forces unseen by Mortals (Witches and Witchcraft, Demons and Demonic Possession, and lest we not forget the Donald Trump of all that is diabolical, the Devil himself)

– The Recognition of Our Own Mortality (The Jack-o-Lantern)

The bullet points listed above can also be likened to the various layers which shroud the intensely bright glow of the Scorpionic soul, as well.

Let’s take those same points and apply them to the Scorpionic personality as if we were peeling away the many layers of mysterious intrigue which surround this sign in all of its raw power:


Nighttime: Scorpions are nocturnal desert creatures and many born beneath the sign of the Scorpion enjoy the hours of night most, with many a Scorp attesting to the fact their best work is usually done well after the Sun has set. Even if your Scorpio is the biggest Sun worshiper who rises at the crack of dawn every day, those born beneath the sign of the Desert Deadly figuratively love being shrouded with the night.  Said another way, the typical Scorpio loves being seen or perceived as “mysterious”. One of the worst things you can do with a Scorp you don’t know well is to get too personal with them too fast. Try to pierce a Scorpio’s sense of lingering mystery too soon and it’s practically a guarantee you’ll most likely never get to know that Scorpio…..ever.


Ransom: The polar opposite sign of Scorpio is Taurus, an Earth sign that derives the most security from the material possessions they own. Despite Scorpio being a Water, or emotionally based sign, which “feels” first before anything else, the sign of the Scorpion borrows their Taurean opposition by having a tendency to treat those with whom they have emotional investments with almost as if they were their property or material assets. Added to that fact, Scorpio’s planetary ruler is Pluto, the heavenly body which astrologically oversees the concepts of Power and Control. Those Scorpios who dip into the unevolved spectrum of their natural propensities are very well versed in playing power games and using emotional weapons such as guilt, desire, and security as their ransom to attain as close to absolute control as they can over others, where their power tricks, I mean trips, are anything but treat-like.


Terror or Fright: Scorpios have an innate awareness of the darkest depths of human behavior. Watch a “Cold Case Files” show or CSI program at some point this Halloween season with a Scorpio. Should you be in a state of sadistic shock from not being able to  fathom the countless inhumane methods Man can take to be as cruel as possible to his fellow Man and should the Scorpio notice your sense of stunned disbelief, it’s practically a guarantee they’ll be mildly annoyed at your naivete. That same Scorpio will in all likelihood then proceed to rattle off at least five extra modes of appalling approach even MORE effective for the killer to get the murderous job done right, rendering you fetal and twitching in a silent scream for the next few days afterwards.


The Recognition of Death Itself: People, if you have a death, whether it be of a loved one or of a cherished pet – call a Scorpio. This sign’s natural sector of life, or “House”, is the 8th House of Death, making every person born beneath the sign of the Scorpion inherently aware of the force of Death from birth onwards. This is the sign that’s astrologically designed to handle and deal with the force that removes Life; whether it be escorting you to identify a body or assisting with the burial of your beloved Mrs. Meow Meow.


The Recognition of Those Who Have Died: The Water signs at large (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) are adept at being naturally intuitive or “psychic”. Oddly enough, most Scorpios consider themselves to be intuitively impaired. Even with that said, the intuitive gifts of the Scorpio come to surface for the most part whenever having to deal with issues concerning the non-living – from simply “knowing” the exact moment when a loved one has passed to having detailed dreams of those same loved ones after they’ve left this plane of existence which many times is direct communication from beyond the grave.


The Recognition of Forces of Power unseen by Mortals: Since those born beneath the middle of the Water signs tend to not divulge too deeply into subject matters they consider to be personally private, chances are you most likely haven’t had a discussion with your Scorpio about the forces of Light and Darkness. However, now is the perfect time of year one might come across a film or documentary dealing with such spiritually sensitive themes as demons and demonic possession along with angelic protection and guidance.  Should you and your Scorpio find yourselves watching a program that deals with the other worldly during this spooky season, try stating out loud, “Who really believes in this stuff anyway?”. Chances are your Scorpio’s response might thoroughly surprise you. Most born beneath the sign of the Desert Deadly are inherently aware of, and give firm credence to beings and things from realms both terrible and terrific, whether they’ve enlightened you on their systems of belief or not.


The Recognition of our own Mortality: One of Halloween’s most popular symbols is the Jack-o-lantern. In his book “Astrology, Karma and Transformation”, Stephen Arroyo explains why the Halloween season inherently holds such a powerful influence over each of us through his description of the Jack-o-lantern in the most Scorpionic of terms:

“It is striking that the cultural symbol for this time of year in the United States is the Halloween pumpkin with its insides removed, leaving only an empty shell with a blankly staring face. In fact, the jack-o-lantern is a symbol of death, a symbolic skull with the glimmering remains of the departed life force represented by the candle within it.”

I euphemistically refer to Scorpio as “the sign of the survivor”. This is the one resident of the Zodiac that when faced with calamity, death, or even Hell itself, can continue to carry on even if left with just the barest of necessities. This is due to those born beneath the sign of the Scorpion being blessed with sheared souls which at their core possess an indomitable Life Force that’s determined to survive at all costs.

For as your favorite astrological author has been known to both jokingly and seriously say throughout this special month:


“After the nuclear holocaust, there will be cockroaches, Cher, and……SCORPIOS!”

May each of our Life Forces shine their brightest during this magical time of year.
Happy Halloween, Everybody!


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