Brad Kronen’s Welcome to the Zodiac Series – Scorpio

Renowned astrologer Brad Kronen presents the archived recordings from his “Welcome to the Zodiac“(WTZ) series, a group of 12 introductory lectures originally broadcasted on, each dedicated to one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  In each show, Brad explains everything you’d ever want or needed to know about those particular residents of that cosmic wheel of the Universe otherwise known as the signs of the Zodiac.  Not only are the basic personality traits associated with each sign thoroughly discussed in easy to understand language, Brad also relays detailed aspects to each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac most never knew existed, such as their origin along with the variety of everyday things assigned to them such as a sign’s  – tree, flower, spice, animal, foodstuff, dedicated cities throughout the globe, as well as famous personalities born beneath each sign and how their personas reflect the nature of the particular sign each celebrity was born under.  Accompanying every WTZ show is a formal announcement which opens with three choice quotes said by three famous personalities born beneath that show’s highlighted sign. The series also has a “WTZ Icon” for every show, an image chosen by Brad which captures each sign’s overall essence, as well as a “WTZ Song”, a piece of music chosen by Brad which he considers to be that sign’s unofficial “anthem”.

So join the first astrologer on reality TV and author of the 21st century guide to astrology and relationships “Love in the Stars” on a journey like no other, as Brad Kronen introduces the basic wonders which form the foundation of one of Mankind’s most ancient studies, better known as Astrology by welcoming you to the Zodiac.


The Phoenix that Rises from the Flames of Desire

or The Vulture that Bears the Deadly Grudge?

“I do not seek.  I find.”
Pablo Picasso, Artist and Scorpio

“Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.”
Marie Curie, discoverer of Radium, Nobel Prize winning Chemist and Scorpio

“It’s not easy to cut through a human head with a hacksaw.”
Michael Crichton, Best Selling Author and Scorpio

We leave the etiquette manual for the Libran tea party behind us to delve to the deepest, darkest core of the human psyche and soul – Scorpio!

I consider Scorpio along with Aquarius to be the two most misunderstood signs in the Zodiac, BY FAR. Whereas Aquarius slips through the filing cabinet of categorization due to that sign’s quirkiness and “out there” qualities, Scorpio’s inherent intensity and understanding of power is misinterpreted and much like Virgo only their unevolved characteristics seem to be the traits that come to mind, and even then from a most hyper exaggerated, cartoon-like perspective:

Vindictiveness with a vengeance, Jealousy which borders on the psychopathic, and a Sex Drive that only Caligula could rival.

Being ruled by the planet named after the ancient Roman god of the underworld, Pluto, Scorpio is the most “hardcore” of signs, with those born beneath it committing themselves only if their emotional core responds in its entirety. If there is ambivalence or doubt, the Scorpio simply won’t bother. This “all or nothing” emotional approach is definitely intense but makes the middle representative of the element of Water the most loyal, steadfast and devoted of signs. If a Scorpio is on your side, they can practically always be  counted on, no matter how life threatening the circumstances. Naturally overseeing the 8th House of Death and Transformational Change, Scorpio is considered the sign of the survivor – able to endure the very depths of Hades’ Underworld  if they feel something to be right and true from their emotional core.

With that in mind, Brad might as well break his own protocol by adding yet another quote about the sign of the Scorpion,  his own:

“After the Nuclear Holocaust, There will be Cockroaches, Cher, and….SCORPIOS!”
 Brad Kronen, Astrologer of Renown and Non-Scorpio

Scorpio Fun Fact:    It’s no coincidence the day on which the leader of the Free World is chosen in the United States takes place during the sign of the Scorpion – electing a President is that intensely serious of an event.  Speaking of American Presidents, care to guess which sign of the Zodiac most of the Chief Executive Officers of this country were born under? It’s actually a tie between the 2 freaks of the Zodiac – Aquarius and Scorpio! The Scorpio Presidents: Adams, Polk, Hayes, Garfield, T. Roosevelt, Harding

So join me won’t you? Surely a President of the United States can’t be all THAT bad.

Brad Kronen’s Welcome to the Zodiac archives on – Scorpio

Welcome to the Zodiac Icon for Scorpio: Every sign of the Zodiac has its symbol. Brad has taken things an astrological step further by choosing images which capture each sign’s essence and making them their official “Icon” for his Welcome to the Zodiac series. The icon selected for each sign ranges from the obvious to the esoteric.

burghers-of-calaisAuguste Rodin’s master Scorpionic sculpture, “The Burghers of Calais“, 1889

 (Very Hushed Whisper) “Is she a Scorpio?”
(Very Hushed Reply) “Who?”
(Impatient Hiss) “Whoopi Goldberg.”
(Annoyed Half Voice) “Why are you even asking?”
(Full Voiced Indignant Summation) “Look at the mouth drop!”

That was me annoying my Scorpionic friend whom I went to see the movie “The Color Purple” with back in 1985. Despite my temporary lack of movie theater etiquette, I have a knack of ALWAYS being able to nail a Scorpio actor or actress by virtue of a particular facial gesture which I euphemistically  call the “mouth drop“: a physical expression where one is completely overtaken by the overriding force of one’s emotions. A physical expression which Scorpionic sculptor Auguste Rodin captures so painfully well in my all time favorite sculpture, “The Burghers of Calais”.

I highly recommend listening to the 7 minute clip from the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia which  explains how this piece came to be as well as provides a thorough description of Rodin’s intentions at the time of making his sculptural masterpiece :

The people of Calais openly rejected Rodin’s work stating the piece didn’t  adequately depict the heroes of their town who sacrificed themselves for the better good of their people during the 100 Years War.  However from the viewpoint of the sculpture’s  Scorpionic creator who allows us to see these men face their deepest emotions while confronting Death, aware their self sacrifice will save their countrymen – nothing could be more brave or tragically heroic. Death is something  the typical Scorpio is inherently aware of throughout life and how astounding that Rodin captures 6 very different but very painfully real reactions of a human being facing his impending mortality.

I personally see the Burgher holding the key on the far right as  Rodin himself: Why? Behold the Scorpionic mouth drop!

The Scorpionic mouth drop

I’m always surprised how many people misinterpret the Scorpio’s personality  as cold or even more confounding: “un-emotional”. How ironic, since I consider this sign to be the only of the 12 that can handle the full palette of deepest human emotions, where the rest of us would never dare to tread. The mouth drop significantly stands out since this one small  facial gesture of  flattening and lowering the corners of the mouth indicates the Scorpio has now been swept away by the tsunami of emotions inside him or her. Yet even though they are subservient to their emotions, only the Scorpio’s lower face externally reveals this most intense emotional state.

And it is precisely when they succumb to the emotional submission of their feelings that the soul is revealed through their eyes gleaming with the power of Life itself as the Scorpio unflinchingly goes forward to face their fate.

Welcome to the Zodiac Song for Scorpio: As stated earlier, the sign of the Scorpion is one of, if not THE most misinterpreted and misunderstood residents of all the Zodiac.  And the greatest of these misperceptions is many a non-Scorpio believing this sign to be inherently UN-emotional.

Just the opposite, actually.

Scorpios experience their feelings so acutely from the depths of their core, those born beneath this sign would rather commit scorpionic suicide than display their emotions in public or in front of strangers, their emotions are felt THAT intensely.  The song I have chosen for this most intense of signs brings this point across quite nicely – Amy Winehouse’s “Back To Black”.

It must be emphasized that in order to get the full Scorpionic effect of this song, the video must be watched while reading its lyrics. The Past is a potent force of influence for the entire Water signed family and this incredible song is no exception to that rule.  Its video is filmed entirely in black and white and places the viewer in what would appear to be New Orleans (a Scorpionic city) circa 1962.

We first see Amy doing some last minute primping in her funerary garb of all black before descending some stairs to join a processional headed for a graveyard. Scorpios take nothing lightly, least of all their emotionally bonded relationships, so that even a breakup of a short term relationship can feel as if the Grim Reaper has come by for a visit or as if Death has abducted the Scorpio with their own depth of feeling.

This is reflected in the song’s chorus:

“We only said goodbye with words
I died a 100 times
You go back to her
And I go back to black”

Not only is black Scorpio’s representative color, the middle of the Water signs naturally oversees the 8th House of Death under which such death-centric activities as New Orleans Jazz Funeral Marches, gravestones, and cemeteries are also housed under.  Upon reaching the graveyard, we see Ms. Winehouse throwing handfuls of earth into a freshly dug grave before solemnly turning away only before the last frame of this very Scorpionic video states the following:

“RIP the Heart of Amy Winehouse”

The sign of the Scorpion oversees not just the end of Life, it also is associated with its core beginning as well – Sex.  For centuries, the French have used a death oriented phrase to describe an orgasm, “le petit morte”  which in English translates to “the little death“.  The emotions of the Scorpio are so deeply felt, when attempting to describe the power they have over this most intense sign, they could be likened to dying during the best sex of one’s life.

Or similarly, listening to”Back To Black” by Amy Winehouse.


“Back To Black”
Written and performed by the most recent addition of the 27 Club
Amy Winehouse

He left no time to regret
Kept his dick wet
With his same old safe bet
Me and my head high
And my tears dry
Get on without my guy

You went back to what you knew
So far removed from all that we went through
And I tread a troubled track
My odds are stacked
I’ll go back to black

We only said good-bye with words
I died a hundred times
You go back to her
And I go back to…..

I go back to us

I love you much
It’s not enough
You love blow and I love puff
And life is like a pipe
And I’m a tiny penny
Rolling up the walls inside

We only said goodbye with words
I died a hundred times
You go back to her
And I go back to

We only said goodbye with words
I died a hundred times
You go back to her
And I go back to

Black, black, black, black
Black, black, black



*Brad Kronen’s book “Love in the Stars” published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Inc.  is available for purchase at your local book seller or online at at the link listed below.

Brad Kronen’s guide on Astrology and Relationships “Love in the Stars” for purchase on

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