Brad Kronen’s Welcome to the Zodiac Series – Sagittarius

Renowned astrologer Brad Kronen presents the archived recordings from his “Welcome to the Zodiac“(WTZ) series, a group of 12 introductory lectures originally broadcasted on, each dedicated to one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  In each show, Brad explains everything you’d ever want or needed to know about those particular residents of that cosmic wheel of the Universe otherwise known as the signs of the Zodiac.  Not only are the basic personality traits associated with each sign thoroughly discussed in easy to understand language, Brad also relays detailed aspects to each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac most never knew existed, such as their origin along with the variety of everyday things assigned to them such as a sign’s  – tree, flower, spice, animal, foodstuff, dedicated cities throughout the globe, as well as famous personalities born beneath each sign and how their personas reflect the nature of the particular sign each celebrity was born under.  Accompanying every WTZ show is a formal announcement which opens with three choice quotes said by three famous personalities born beneath that show’s highlighted sign. The series also has a “WTZ Icon” for every show, an image chosen by Brad which captures each sign’s overall essence, as well as a “WTZ Song”, a piece of music chosen by Brad which he considers to be that sign’s unofficial “anthem”.

So join the first astrologer on reality TV and author of the 21st century guide to astrology and relationships “Love in the Stars” on a journey like no other, as Brad Kronen introduces the basic wonders which form the foundation of one of Mankind’s most ancient studies, better known as Astrology by welcoming you to the Zodiac.


The Infectiously Optimistic or

The Ineffectively Irresponsible?

“People have forgotten how to tell a story. Stories don’t have a middle or an end any more. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning.”
Steven Spielberg, Sagittarius

“I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.”
– Winston Churchill, Sagittarius

“Luck is only important in so far as getting the chance to sell yourself at the right moment.”
Frank Sinatra, singer of the song “Luck Be A Lady Tonight” and Sagittarius

We leave the dark oceanic lair of Scorpio and emerge into the golden light of in born blessings and abundance that is Sagittarius. With the ego being officially killed by the flames of Scorpionic desire, the sign of the Centaur at its most evolved should act as an “ambassador to the Universe” with the self being inherently aware of a much bigger plan that transcends beyond mere individualized need. I emphasize the word “should” because the sign that’s naturally blessed with immense luck and good timing at its most unevolved tends to never fully appreciate their bounty nor partake in their bestowed abundance with others.

Being ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, fortune and opportunity, those born beneath the sign of the Centaur are walking 4 leaf clovers, possessing a knack for being in the right place at the right time and having a natural luck factor which leaves the rest of us speechless. But just as everything in the Universe has qualities that are both beneficial and challenging, so too does being born lucky. Without a sense of discipline, a diligent work ethic, as well as actively practicing the benevolent act of “goodwill towards men”, dumb old luck has a way of transforming into anything but a blessing past a certain age by making the person who does nothing constructive with their lucky bestowments both highly hypocritical and ineffectively irresponsible.

The life of the Sagittarian in many ways is a morality tale of good versus evil with many a Centaur being some of the best story tellers out there. In my youth, I avoided the films of Steven Spielberg due to their consistent sugar coating, especially their endings. Only in recent years have I been able to fully appreciate the man’s artistry by observing how he is just as adept at portraying the opposite end of sugar with such intensely dark films as “Munich” and “Schindler’s List”.  Taking his sign’s natural propensities, Spielberg applies them to his filming techniques with results that are like no other. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign and optimally functions being busy while doing multiple activities at once. With that said, NO ONE can capture multiple actions all taking place at the same time in film (often with one unedited sweeping shot) like Steven Spielberg can. Some prime examples being : the multi-national news reporters in “Munich”, the protestors and reporters in “Jaws”, and pretty much every scene in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” especially those involving the military with international cultures (another Sagittarian feature since the Centaur is the sign associated with foreign travel).

So join me won’t you? And leave your rabbit’s feet and lucky purple socks* behind if just for one night.

Brad Kronen’s Welcome to the Zodiac Series archived on – Sagittarius

*Extra points of sunshiney goodness to anyone who knows what the “purple socks” mention listed above refers to!

Sagittarius Fun Fact: Earlier a Christmas-y phrase was mentioned – “goodwill towards men”. When looking at the holiday season through an astrological lens, it’s no surprise that Christmas’ most popular icon is someone who is jolly (a Jupiterian personality trait), laughs with a bowl full of jelly (fat cells are bodily aspects which are Jupiter ruled) and comes bearing gifts or said another way actively lives a lifestyle based in the foundation of  goodwill towards men. It’s highly recommended that every Pony Boy and Girl attempt mirroring themselves along the lines of a certain Mr. S. Claus (post diet and lypo surgery, of course) as a way of life for the Sagittarian to optimally function.

It’s also highly recommended for Sags and non-Sagittarians alike to learn more about this “goodwill towards men” thing by reading Brad’s multi-part series which focuses on the man who is both the historical and astrological source behind Santa himself, St. Nicholas.

Santa Claus, Saints, & Sagittarius – Part I
Santa Claus, Saints, & Sagittarius – Part II
Santa Claus, Saints, & Sagittarius – Part III
Santa Claus, Saints, & Sagittarius – Part IV

Welcome to the Zodiac Icon for Sagittarius: Every sign of the Zodiac has its symbol. Brad has taken things an astrological step further by choosing images which capture each sign’s essence and making them their official “Icon” for his Welcome to the Zodiac series. The icon selected for each sign ranges from the obvious to the esoteric.

Winston Churchill Top HatRead Brad’s piece, “Winston Churchill – Envisioning Victory in the Darkest of Times” to find out why he chose this image as a befitting icon for the sign known for its inherent optimism.

Winston Churchill: Envisioning Victory in the Darkest of Times

Welcome to the Zodiac Song for Sagittarius: Nothing in this world is thoroughly easy nor purely smooth sailing – not even Luck. As stated earlier, with their sign being ruled by the planet known as the “Great Benefic”, the typical Sagittarian has an uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time along with being blessed with that fortune drawing essence better known as “Luck”.

I teach that throughout the Universe nothing exists that is “all good” or “all bad” and the song I have chosen for Sagittarius brings that point home even when considering their sign’s trait of being lucky. Sung by fellow Centaur, the great Joan Armatrading, one would think the song with the title “I’m Lucky” would be a toe tapping uplifting ditty.  Instead the song is written in a minor key that’s noticeable from the piece’s very beginning which traditionally is associated with all things unlucky.

The lyrics are the bragging words of the unevolved Sagittarian who has nothing to worry about due to being so naturally luck filled. But in spite of not needing such things as salt, crosses, and rabbit’s feet the singer’s luck doesn’t necessarily extend to those around her when she asks: “You’re happy too, Ain’t you baby?”

Extreme luck can often elicit reactions of intense resentment and jealousy from others, making a person who is naturally lucky feel isolated and lonely at times. Luck is random and bestowed upon those regardless of their actions or whether they’ve earned it or not. And for those who lack it or are experiencing great difficulties the last thing they need to hear is someone loudly stating how lucky they are. Despite the song with the lucky title, “I’m Lucky” is a warning that there’s a price to pay for everything in this world, even the lucky stuff.

Despite that being the case, I must say how lucky I personally am to be familiar with the music of the lucky one herself, iss. Joan Armatrading.

“I’m Lucky”
by Joan Armatrading

I’m lucky, I’m lucky, I’m lucky, I’m lucky
I can walk under ladders
Yes I’m so lucky that I’m as lucky as me

Struck it rich, dirty rich
No work and get richer
And the world Loves a winner

Yes I’m so happy that you’re happy with me
You’re happy too, Ain’t you baby?

Numero Uno, living for right now
And it’s L-I-V-I-N-G
When I’m here with you

I’m lucky, I’m lucky
I don’t need a bracelet
No salt for my shoulder
I don’t own a rabbit
No clover
No heather
No cross
No wonder, I’m lucky

**Dedicated to a Sagittarian whose sense of fun and optimism truly is infectious – Gina Giusto 

*Brad Kronen has written an astrological dating guide series for each sign of the Zodiac entitled “Love in the Stars”.  The guide written specifically for the sign of the Centaur can be purchased at the link below:

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