Santa Claus, Saints, & Sagittarius – Part I

Santee Claus

What makes something universal? What qualities are needed for something to not only be loved by all but universally accepted as well?

As human nature advances in its knowledge of the sensual world, anything considered universal tends to be broken down into buffet-style pieces for people to pick and choose which parts apply to their individual needs and leaving, one would think, universality a permanent fixture of the past.

How is it then that a 3rd century Turkish bishop has not only kept up with the changing times through the centuries but also managed to cross religious and cultural boundaries, which these days seem to be their most prickly and insurmountable?

As with anything considered mythological, legendary, or even universal, historical fact is transcended in order to create an overall essence that can be readily embraced by all. The essence of the legend of St. Nicholas is based on the benevolent deeds of a man known to have existed in Asia Minor roughly between the years of 270 – 330 A.D. The fact this one individual has transformed into the universal icon of goodwill for most of the world’s population today is nothing short of a divine decree, since the life of Nicholas the man along with anything associated with the universal Santa Claus are all housed beneath a single astrological concept: the sign of Sagittarius and its planetary ruler, Jupiter.

Sagittarius – ‘Tis The Real Season

Technically, the official date of the Christmas holiday occurs after the Sun has passed through the sign of Sagittarius but there’s not  much regarding “the most wonderful time of the year” which readily fits the zodiacal period of Capricorn other than the marked calendar day of December 25th. Every aspect associated with Christmastime is thoroughly Sagittarian, from goodwill towards men to the icon and legend that is Santa Claus.

Sagittarius is one of the three fire signs. Elementally, the fire signs are “action” based. Their initial reaction to things as well as their natural tendency is to be in an active state of “doing” as often as possible.

The “quality” or astrological essence of the sign of Sagittarius is “Mutable”. The Mutable signs, namely Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius are at the tail end of each of the 4 Seasons and mark those transitional times of year when one season is drawing to a close just before another is to begin. Sagittarius’ time takes place during the latter portion of Autumn just before the Solstice, the marker which begins both the sign of Capricorn and the season of Winter.

Because the Mutable signs take place during seasonally transitional times throughout the year, those born beneath any of the 4 Mutable signs crave variety and change and are the true multi-taskers of the Zodiac. Anything done in a solitary fashion will most likely not be done well or won’t be done at all if the Mutable person has to approach any given job with a one-at-a-time method versus juggling various tasks simultaneously.

Added to that, the Mutables are most productively effective when they procrastinate any given job until the midnight hour, resulting in the Mutable person crossing the finish line or meeting their deadline at the last possible minute like a Tazmanian Devil in triple speed.

When just those two basic descriptions of Sagittarius are put in formulaic terms, the result alone may convince you this sign does indeed relate to the holiday season:

Fire (action) + Mutable (multiple tasks usually done at the last minute) = CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!

True, there are plenty of other actions taking place during the holiday season besides shopping for gifts for Uncle Bud or your cousin’s newly arrived twins, but most people expend a goodly amount of their energies preoccupied with, and at the last minute grappling for, Christmas gifts.

Let’s take that same formula and apply it to Santa’s persona:

Fire (action) + Mutable (multiple tasks usually done at the last minute) = THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

You’d be hard pressed to find any other god, superhero, or mythological being that can traverse the globe in under 10 hours, let alone successfully meet the gifting needs of every man, woman and of course, child, over the course of just a single evening.

As we shall see in Part II, Santa’s Sagittarian traits astrologically stem from the planetary source which rules over the last of the fire signs, the largest planet in all the Solar System, mighty Jupiter.



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