The Capricorn Icons of Culture Shock

The Capricorn Icons of Culture Shock
Brad Kronen

Capricorn Goat Green

Our most revered icons of Pop Culture have been those who at the start of their careers made the most shocking of first impressions while initially making their presences known to the public. Just as shocking as those first impressions is the fact that a significant number of these “Icons of Culture Shock” share a common astrological thread.


Were they impulsive Fire signs, willing to act out the craziest of dares by behaving and dressing as far from the cultural norms of their time as artistically possible?


No.  Despite these spitfire types drawing immediate attention to themselves for their spontaneous sense of wild abandon as well as benefiting from some last minute assistance from Lady Luck, their blow torched flames usually fizzled out not too long after their sparks of great timing ignited.


Were they mentally brilliant Air signs whose streaks of cultural genius were so ahead of their time, they single-handedly devised looks and trends the rest of us mimicked and copied?
No, again. These high IQ types may have come up with ideas that ascended to the heavens, but more often than not their lofty thoughts of cultural inventiveness retained their Airy essence by never materializing into anything concrete.


These artists who many times left audiences simultaneously booing and applauding when first starting their careers not only were born under the astrological element known for practicality, repetition, and financial shrewdness but for the vast majority of them, sex and drugs had NOTHING to do with how they rocked and/or rolled.


They were all born beneath the last representative of the element of Earth, the sign of the Mystic Mountain Goat better known as Capricorn.


Regardless of gender or historical era, the artists which made the biggest cultural splashes when first gaining notoriety tended to be Capricorns that did so with the most fastidious of planning and full application of grounded practicality. Things such as insanity, luck, and hallucinogens had nothing to do with their daunting debuts – good old-fashioned Capricorn elbow grease was the root cause behind their success.
Each icon’s look and sound varies as greatly as the changing times but make no mistake, the high level of culture shock associated with these Goat guy and girl’s entrance upon the world stage was devised as a means of reaching their individualized goals of Capricorn ambition.

But how could the sign associated with such conservative things as corporate culture and status elevation be a threat to any established societal structure or cultural norm? As with any sociological phenomenon, there is never ONE defined reason or absolute cultural determinant (except maybe having a middle name of “Mae” or being born on the 8th or 17th of January). In order to begin grasping the concept of the Capricorn icon of culture shock, we must first look to the opposite point of the astrological spectrum.


Cancerian Intuition & the Pulse of the Public

In astrology, each sign at any given point of the Zodiac is counter-balanced by another sign placed at its polar opposite point. If we are to gain in understanding of a particular sign, its polar opposite must always be considered. The polar opposite sign of earthy Capricorn is watery Cancer. The two domains of Life these signs oversee are the two areas of modern living most of the Western World actively participates in at any given moment in the 21st century – Home and/or  Career.

The society of today no longer spends goodly portions of  its time partaking in activities such as pilgrimages, initiation rites of passage, or colonizing unchartered lands; with the exception of being in a state of “to” or “from”, these days most of us are either at home or at work.


Capricorn is the professional sign that oversees a person’s career and one’s place within the public at large and its polar opposite, Cancer, is the personal sign which concentrates predominantly on one’s home and family. Whereas those born beneath the sign of the Mystic Mountain Goat strive to elevate their status in life, their polar opposite’s natural turf yields things far less tangible but just as effective. 


For those born beneath the sign of the Crab success lies in security with the inner self and bonded emotional connections with others who are close to them.  Cancer is a Water sign and the element of Water’s core foundation is emotion. Since the Water signs are emotionally based and “feel” first before any other kind of human reaction, they inherently know that although emotional energy cannot necessarily be measured or gauged, its effects are powerful and potent just the same.

The polar opposition between two signs tends to have a “push me/pull you” dynamic through their opposing differences which usually stand out quite obviously, however they also share just as many similarities of character which tend to be far more subtle.


Let’s apply the optimal results from the environmental influence of the Cancerian at Home to the individual Capricorn in the early phase of his or her newly developing career.

Security with the Inner Self

The Earth signed attributes of paying one’s bills on time or being able to correctly accrue interest rates although beneficial in their own right aren’t necessarily the things that gets one initially noticed by the public, especially when the choice of vocation is in the arts and/or entertainment fields. Here is where the influence of its polar opposite of Cancer plays a critical role for the Capricorn to break from their inherently formal style and conservative decorum.


Naturally demure and non-bombastic, the culture shocking Cappie must go against every fiber of their earthy self by creating a first impression look and sound which shockingly draws the attention of as many people initially as possible.


Despite the Capricorn actively taking this “daring to be as different from their usual” course of action in order to  be initially noticed by the public, the strategy often causes the majority of Capricorns a substantial amount of inner angst by virtue of their approach veering perilously far from their naturally earthy proclivities.

It is imperative that the aspiring Cappie be emotionally secure from deep within their core sense of self with the dilemma of breaking from their natural Goat signed tendencies. For if the public perceives any doubt or unsureness with their daunting debut, the result could backfire on the insecure Capricorn even more shockingly than their original culture shocking plans of intent.

The Transmuted Capricorn Pulse of the Public

This is where the Capricorn borrows the influence from its polar opposite sign but alters it in such an extremely subtle way that its effects are as far reaching as possible. When a Cancerian’s home environment makes them feel safe and secure, they will develop bonds with those whom they are emotionally connected with that at their core are maternal in essence. Just as a mother can “sense” when her child is in trouble or needs her assistance, the emotionally secure Cancerian with a solid home base can intuit the needs of his or her loved ones, regardless if they are related by blood or not.


The Capricorn borrows this intuitive connection with others and applies it to the needs of the public at large at the advent of their careers. Whereas the sign of the Crab’s intuitive connection to others is distinctly personal being stemmed in the House that Cancer naturally rules over, the very private 4th House of Home, the Capricorn’s sensors of emotional need are diffused, but reach a much larger audience since the sign of the Mystic Mountain Goat naturally oversees the very public and “seen by all” 10th House of Career. Although this faculty of emotional intuition is made less direct by departing from Cancer’s element of Water, the lessening of focus on the personal and private gets transmuted to encompass society at large, thus giving the Capricorn a natural ability to feel “the pulse of the public.”


Politics and Punks

Before music retrospectives became seriously overdone, I can remember watching an early one about the Punk Movement in both England and the U.S. which left me thinking a great deal about astrology’s influence in Pop Culture. After every possible piece of Sex Pistol interview footage was shown, the retro documentary presented a sociologist who stated that whenever the political landscape changed in either Britain or America, the music trends of that time shifted into the opposite spectrum. Thus, the British Punk scene in music resulted from Margaret Thatcher’s years in political power and the American Punk movement emerged during the Reagan Era. This “Pop cultural reaction” to politics at large can best be observed when seen through the lens of the Capricorn pulse of the public.


Upon further review of my list of Capricorn Icons of Culture Shock, almost each one whose careers came into public prominence after 1975 did so during the Reagan and Bush years. The same cultural factor can be applied to those Cappies who came into the spotlight of yesteryear with Elvis Presley’s hips making the public swoon during the conservative Eisenhower years and Marlene Dietrich’s cross dressing occurring simultaneously as totalitarianism was on the rise in 1930’s Europe.

Each iconic Capricorn listed is noteworthy not only by their individualized efforts to actively go against their inherently conservative and practical natures, it appears as if each Culture Shocking Goat person was destined to serve as vessels of equilibrium to shake things up whenever societal trends leaned too far in any particular cultural direction.


The Capricorn Icons of Culture Shock

Based on what’s been discussed, your author has compiled a list of the 10 (the sign of the Mountain Goat is the 10th sign of the Zodiac) most influentially significant Capricorn Icons of Culture Shock.  Except for selection #10, the Capricorns mentioned are presented in chronological order and not necessarily by order of importance.

It must be emphasized that this list barely scratches the surface of the many Goat Guys and Girls who throughout the ages have been integral in pushing society’s aesthetic standards to their limit.


The Capricorn Icons of Culture Shock are a societal subset that is truly unique astrologically, historically, sociologically, and of course culturally when realizing a significant number of the most effective disruptors of cultural conformity were born beneath that most conservative and hard laboring of Earth signs, Capricorn.


Capricorn Icon of Culture Shock #1
Henri Matisse

Matisse Woman with a Hat 1905


Born December 31st, 1869, Henri Matisse is considered one of the three seminal artists of the 20th century despite his career beginning with a raucous start. After going against his parents’ plans of becoming a lawyer, Henri the Capp-ie exhibited his first set of paintings with a group of artists called the “Fauves”, or “Wild Beasts” in 1905.  Critics at the time decried the exhibition which included Matisse’s iconic “Woman with a Hat”(seen above) by stating :

A pot of paint has been flung in the face of the public”.

Despite the aesthetic sensibilities of nearly all of Paris being deeply offended by the garish art expo, there were a choice few who clearly saw the young Capricorn painter’s artistic worth. American avant garde expatriate Gertrude Stein gave Matisse her nod of culture shocking approval by purchasing his painting created with an array of colors never before arranged together.  Stein displayed “Woman in a Hat” in her Parisian salon of artistic influence which in turn began the ascent of Matisse’s artistic reputation gaining international notoriety.

Matisse is a Capricorn Icon of High Culture not only for his work’s initial shock value but also for his ability to express his creative insights well into old age when considering the sign of the Mystic Mountain Goat’s association with such olden things as one’s elderly years, Wisdom, and Time itself. When his hands could no longer maintain the ability to paint, they were used to produce paper cut out works of Capricorn aged art, such as the inspirational “Icarus” created when Matisse was aged 78 as seen below:

Henri Matisse Icarus 2

Henri Matisse, “Icarus”, 1947


Keeping in mind Capricorn’s planetary ruler of Saturn is often personified as Father Time, there is a tendency for many a Goat born person to become romantically involved with those who are significantly older than them when they are young and conversely those much younger than them when they are in their older years.  Henri Matisse is by far the best example of this romantic theory of Capricorn time reversal. 


The artistic great made his culture shocking debut in the art world with a portrait of his wife, Amelie, the woman in “Woman in a Hat” who was 4 years younger than him.  The Capricorn’s resurgence of creative self-expression, better known as Matisse’s “Cut Out Period” is believed to have been inspired by a woman who served as Matisse’s Muse, model, and lover throughout his later years to his death named Lydia Delectorskaya, who happened to be 40 years younger than the Goat Guy, himself.



Capricorn Icon of Culture Shock #2
Marlene Dietrich


Marlene Dietrich Morocco 2


Think Madonna and Britney were the first to shock audiences with their girl on girl stage kiss? Try 75 years earlier and with a Capricorn Icon of Culture Shock dressed in a man’s tuxedo. Marie Magdalene Dietrich, born December 27th, 1901, was nominated for an Academy Award for her shocking appearance in the 1930 film, “Morocco”. Dressed in a man’s tuxedo as a nightclub performer, Dietrich, ever the sassy Cappie gives a female patron attending her lounge act a wet one smack on the lips.

 Eyebrows may raise upon learning that Marlene’s girl-on-girl kissing scene is also notoriously known as the  first of its cinematic kind for a “woman to wear pants in film” but what’s truly shocking is at the time she filmed  “Morocco”  the German Goat Girl spoke next to no English for the one picture which brought her closest to Oscar – Dietrich  performed her entire role phonetically.


Marlene Dietrich is truly exemplary as a Capricorn willing to work towards a goal no matter the high staked consequences involved.  The sign of the Mystic Mountain Goat is also euphemistically known as “the sign of status” and this legendary Goat Girl attained a level of status few have ever come close to achieving.  When Adolf Hitler summoned Marlene back to Germany to be a Nazi icon of Aryan beauty and entertainment just before the start of World War II, the Goat Girl defiantly shocked the Fascist dictator by becoming an American citizen and proceeded to perform behind enemy lines for Allied troops throughout the duration of the war. 


Marlene’s determination to entertain soldiers in the most dangerous of circumstances earned her the highest award of recognition given to a civilian by the United States government, the American Medal of Freedom.  Among the many accolades bestowed for her service and bravery shown during the war that included France’s Legion of Honor and Israel’s Medallion of Honor, the Medal of Freedom was the status item Dietrich held in the highest regard since it tangibly represented her Capricorn work ethic that was like no other.



Capricorn Icon of Culture Shock #3
Elvis Presley

Elvis Milton Berle 1956



The man who eventually became the “King of Rock n’ Roll” left many screaming whenever he performed but in the early days of Elvis’ career which coincided with those of early television, many of those screams were anything BUT fan-based.
Born January 8th, 1935, Elvis “the Pelvis” Presley made television history when he appeared on “The Milton Berle Show” on June 5th, 1956.


The Capricorn southern boy from Tupelo, Mississippi had an altogether different approach to Pop Music, which until that point in time was associated only with African American culture. The King’s soulful gyrations of his midsection made early television audiences either screaming for more or shocked in silent disbelief.
Elvis’ fresh new sound and naturally sexy moves garnered so much concern, the Cappie King was brought to the attention of FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover, a fellow Capricorn and culture shocker in his own right with his penchant for cross-dressing.  Shocked and alarmed by Elvis’ television debut, Hoover whisked off  a letter to then President Eisenhower stating, “Presley is a definite danger to the security of the United States.
In true Capricorn formal fashion, when asked by the press about the criticism he generated, Elvis earnestly responded, “How would Rock n’ Roll music make anyone rebel against their parents?

Such a nice Cappie that Elvis boy is.

And although only 10 years separated the ages between Elvis and his wife, Priscilla Presley, like Capricorn Icon #1 Henri Matisse the King is another choice example of Capricorn time reversal given the Goat Guy and his future spouse  had their first date when he was 24 and she was a culture shocking 14 years young!



Capricorn Icon of Culture Shock #4
Eartha Kitt

Earth Kitt 1957


For the typical Capricorn, Life goes in reverse with the majority of those born beneath the sign of the Mystic Mountain Goat paying their dues in the earlier portions of their usually long-lived lifespans. 
Our next Capricorn Icon of both Music and Television fits the formula of the Goat born person paying their dues early in life far too well. Raised by a neighbor until the age of 8, then bounced between foster families after being ostracized for “lookin’ yella”, Eartha Mae Kitt experienced an abysmal childhood that is shocking enough to consider in its own right. 
Born January 17th, 1927 on a cotton plantation in rural South Carolina, the Southern “mulatto” girl who began life impoverished and unwanted eventually emerged before the eye of the  public as an international chanteuse who was fluent in four languages and performed in seven!


Most well- known for her portrayal as the sexily evil Capricorn Cat Woman, Kitt shocked audiences with her sultry voice and even sultrier looks but the Goat Girl’s words would have the highest voltage of culture shock while attending a White House luncheon in 1968.


When asked by fellow Capricorn “Lady Bird” Johnson about her stance on the Vietnam War, Kitt left the nation’s First Lady in a state of shock when she responded by saying:

You send the best of this country off to be shot and maimed. No wonder the kids rebel and take pot.”
Despite being blacklisted by the Johnson Administration immediately there afterward, Eartha displayed her Capricorn tenacity by finding work beyond her native country and establishing herself as a much sought after performer throughout continental Europe.


Your author is compelled to mention seeing Ms. Kitt perform at NYC’s Carlisle Hotel when the Capricorn legend was a mere 71 years young and to this day the Goat Girl who entertained like no other stands out as one of the best live performances he has ever had the immense pleasure to witness firsthand.



Capricorn Icon of Culture Shock #5
David Bowie

David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust
What does a Capricorn have to do to get noticed during a time period following the tumultuous 1960’s – dress up like a space alien drag queen?

You do if your name is David Jones.

Sharing the same date of birth as Elvis Presley of January 8th but in the year 1947, the man who would eventually become David Bowie roused the ire of many an NYC drag queen when he first hit the music scene of the early 1970’s by supposedly copying their glamorous looks of fabulousness. Audiences in 1972 were utterly shocked none the less when androgynous alter ego Ziggy Stardust took to the stage, ushering in that unique period of Rock History known as “Glam  Rock”.
Bowie’s musical styles and looks altered as often as Ziggy’s costume changes during those first Glam shows but this much loved Capricorn Icon proved that his artistry can outlast any passing trend given the Glam Goat and Grandfather of Goth was an active artistic force in the music industry for an impressive FIVE decades.


David Bowie not only made his entrance onto this plane of existence during the time of year attributed to the sign of Capricorn, this greatest of culture shock icons and most revered of artists took leave of this world during the season of the Mystic Mountain Goat as well, two days after his 69th birthday on January 10th, 2016.



Capricorn Icon of Culture Shock #6
Sissy Spacek

Sissy Spacek as Carrie


My, my, my.  How vastly different yet so oddly similar things must look when a Goat girl goes from being the Prom Queen of her hometown in rural Texas to the Prom Queen…..IN HELL! 
This was the dilemma for a 26 year old Capricorn named Mary Elizabeth Spacek, whom everyone called “Sissy”.  Born on December 25th, 1949, Sissy transitioned from being the honest and for true Prom Queen of her hometown high school in Quitman, Texas to the Prom Queen whose special night turns into a bloody bad time in the cult classic 1976 horror flick “Carrie”.
Director and fellow Earth sign Brian de Palma had not the least bit of interest in casting Sissy but her determined Goat signed grit forced him to take a second look.

That, along with showing up at the audition in Vaselined hair wearing a ripped sailor’s dress her mother made when she was 11 didn’t hurt either


Spacek’s second film role in which she portrayed a psychic girl with some serious rage issues consisting of equal parts victimization and vendetta with a deadly vengeance shocked movie audiences in 1976, garnering the Goat Girl actress the first of six Academy Award nominations which span the course of Spacek’s long lived acting career. A career, which must be mentioned, that’s still very much in business in the present day.

Undoubtedly, the person left most shocked by this quintessential horror film has to be its director, Mr. De Palma himself upon realizing just how willing this Goat girl was to play her part.


Although her requests for real pig’s blood were turned down for the film’s substitute of syrup and red food coloring, Sissy insisted the hand coming from the grave in the film’s final scene be hers – requiring the Earth signed actress to get seriously earthy by being buried 3 feet beneath the Earth’s surface in a coffin-like box for the better part of an entire day’s filming.

We’re not dealing with a diva, Mr. Director. We’re dealing with a Capricorn Icon of Culture Shock.



Capricorn Icon of Culture Shock #7
Pat Benatar

Pat Benetar Purple Leopard


Continuing with the culturally popular subject of divas, imagine a town’s horrified shock when the local starlet of every high school play and musical who is about to embark on a traditional path of divadom as a coloratura soprano studying at NYC’s prestigious Julliard School of Music suddenly halts teen dream production by telling the world “I don’t think so.

So it was with Patricia Mae Andrzejewski when she decided to ditch her plans of grand opera in order to marry her high school sweetheart, Dennis Benatar in 1971. Born January 10th, 1953, young Pat Benatar decided to put singing on hold by working as a bank teller until she saw Liza Minelli perform live in concert in 1973.

The ambitious Capricorn proceeded to work her way up until landing a regular singing gig at Manhattan’s “Catch A Rising Star”, but it wasn’t until Pat got held up in NYC’s West Village’s Halloween parade in 1977 that the world finally took notice of the classically trained, First Lady of Hard Rock.

Being uncharacteristically late as both an individual and a Capricorn, the Goat Girl had no time to change out of her Halloween costume, a vampire outfit consisting of spandex black tights, black silk top, and heavy Cleopatra-esque black eye liner.


Behold, the birthing of the Capricorn Queen of Hard Rock!


Pat Benatar was a major player in the worlds of Hard and Classic Rock at a time when for the most part there were no other chicks playing in the sandbox. Her spandex wearing, eye-linered look was imitated by SO many young girls, it became immortalized in the 1982 cult classic film, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. After the camera pans on three teens dressed in the style of La Benatar in a high school cafeteria, Phoebe Cates’ character, “Linda” says to newly transferred high schooler “Stacy” played by Jennifer Jason Leigh:
There are three girls at Ridgemont who have cultivated the Pat Benatar look.


Although Pat and her high school sweetheart of a first husband are no longer together, the Goat Girl eventually met another romantic partner whom the Rock legend shares some foundational commonalities with, namely a fellow musician of the Goat born persuasion – lead guitarist of the Benatar band and kindred Capricorn, Neil Giraldo.



Capricorn Icon of Culture Shock #8
Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox Sweet Dreams

Much like fellow Capricorn Icon Sissy Spacek, when your birthday matches the biggest holiday in Christendom as well as all of commercialism and capitalism for that matter, you get used to being upstaged and going unnoticed.
This could very well have been said of a Scottish girl named Ann Lennox born on Christmas Day, 1954. Annie Lennox grew up an only child in a small two bedroom apartment in a block of flats near the Aberdeen shipyard in the northeastern coast of Scotland. As a Goat kid, young Annie would sing Beatles songs to herself to pass the time during her lonely childhood years. A natural musician, Lennox was accepted into London’s Royal Academy of Music, where she studied the classical flute. Annie parted ways from this most hallowed of English music schools one year short of graduation, admitting later how lonely she was there.
Multiple small jobs and one failed band later, Annie found the right artistic fit with fellow Earth sign Dave Stewart when they formed the pop duo “Eurythmics” in the early 1980’s. Eurythmics was instrumental both musically and culturally by ushering in that era of synth based quirky Pop music better known as New Wave.


Annie’s look in the early 80’s was a radical departure from the mod style most English girls were trying to emulate at the time. Eurythmics drew the attention of British and American audiences alike when fans from both sides of the pond were put in a serious state of culture shock to see a strikingly beautiful Goat Girl dressed in a man’s Brooks Brothers suit and donning a crew cut colored a flaming clown red all while singing in the most soulful of contralto overtones.

Lennox enjoyed her “androg” look so much that for a period of time after Eurythmics’ initial success, she took to dressing, looking, and acting like one of her music icons – fellow Capricorn Culture Shocker, Elvis “The Pelvis” Presley.
Keeping in mind the Mystic Mountain Goat is also known as the “sign of status” Ms. Lennox’s status as a British citizen was elevated on June 29th, 2011 when the Capricorn commoner was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire or OBE.  For her “tireless charity campaigns and championing of humanitarian causes” the Capricorn’s status was made no longer common in an investiture ceremony honoring her entry into the British Order of Chivalry at London’s Buckingham Palace that was officiated by none other than Great Britain’s highest status holder, HRH Queen Elizabeth II as shown below:


Annie Lennox made a Dame

Culture shocking looks were put aside when Annie Lennox was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire by Great Britain’s reigning monarch, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II on June 29th, 2011.



Capricorn Icon of Culture Shock #9
Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson


This most modern of the Capricorn Icons of Culture Shock is no stranger to drawing the attention of others by virtue of his look, sound, and natural sense of controversy. When Brian Hugh Warner, born January 5th, 1969 decided to front his newly formed band, “The Spooky Kids” in 1989, he and his band members re-christened themselves by taking the first name of a model or pretty girl with the surname of their favorite mass murderer or serial killer.


Enter Marilyn Manson, the man, the band.


Marilyn Manson began to gain notoriety in Fort Lauderdale’s underground scene in the late 80’s but things didn’t get seriously shocking until Nine Inch Nails lead singer and fellow Earth sign, Trent Reznor took notice of the band in 1993. And just as any decent dose of culture shock should do, Marilyn Manson soon enough became a household name to Goth and non-Goth fans alike.
Manson the man truly terrified his audiences by taking androgyny to a whole new level of culture shock in both look, clothes, and body appendages.


This Goat Guy Icon of Shock Rock has paid both direct and indirect homage to earlier Capricorn Icons of YesterYell by wearing milky colored contact lenses reminiscent of the naturally bi eye colored David Bowie and with the band’s first EP single where the androg lead singing Goat Guy paid homage to the androg lead singing Goat Girl  when Marilyn Manson covered Annie Lennox’s hit with Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).



Capricorn Icon of Culture Shock #10
Betty White

Betty White SNL


The final Capricorn of culture shocking distinction is truly unique in that her shock factor may not have occurred at the dawn of her long, illustrious career in acting and entertainment but is still stupefying none the less when considering that life gets easier and funnier for the Capricorn as they age with Time.

Betty Marion White
was born on January 17th, 1922 and began her professional career as an actress right after high school graduation in 1939.  Betty not only acted in front of the camera, she also was one of a small handful of women who both wrote for and created those earliest of programs when TV was still in its infancy in the early 1950’s.

With her self-entitled radio and TV shows, White presented a public persona of a wholesome, nice lady that you, too, would enjoy getting to know. This sweet, all be it saccharine personality type was used as an auditioning standard for a newly written guest character named Sue Ann Nivens for “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” in 1973.


During a production meeting for her self-entitled show, lead actress and fellow Goat Girl, Mary Tyler Moore suggested to the network heads who were present:

 “We need somebody who can play sickeningly sweet, like Betty White.


This might be a stretch, but how about Betty White?


In your author’s humble opinion, Betty’s portrayal as Sue Ann Nivens on the MTM Show stands as one of the best examples of comic acting and comedic timing in all of modern entertainment to this very day.


On May 8th, 2010 at the age of 88, Betty White became the oldest person to ever host “Saturday Night Live”, earning a Primetime Emmy Award for her performance.


 What truly shocked people most that momentous evening was not the fact that White was performing fast lined comedy with kids 50 years or more her junior in front of a live television audience.  Nor was it that when the live show took place Betty was a late octogenarian (the Golden Goat Girl is now a nonagenarian).

What truly stunned viewers both at home and in the live studio audience that illustrious night was Betty’s ability to render everyone speechless not only with her bone-dry brand of wicked wit, White’s natural, dead pan delivery of her bawdy humor supplied a jolt of culture shock no one saw coming.




My favorite guffaw from the Goat Girl’s gala comedic performance that night occurred during her opening monologue where she, who is old, addresses that which is new, by saying:

“Facebook? The only way I have of getting in touch with old friends is a Ouija board.”



To conclude, I have truly gained in wisdom by writing this book.  Your author has learned that not only do the Capricorn Icons of Culture Shock play a vital role to society at large by shocking the rest of us into the realities of the present day, I also now am able to spot these special Goat Guys and Girls a mountain away, due to nearly every member of this special Club of Capricorns having kept their sense of grounded stability and hard working practicality fully in tact.

Along with their real first and last names.


Capricorn Glyph


Photo of Marilyn Manson:
Woman in a Hat photo by Henri Matisse :
Marlene Dietrich promo photo from the film  “Morocco”:
Elvis Presley appearing on the Milton Berle Show:
Eartha Kitt at the microphone:
David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust:
Sissy Spacek as Carrie:
Pat Benatar:
Annie Lennox:
Betty White on SNL:



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