Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton: A Love Writ in Water

In 1964, three of the greatest interpreters of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” converged to mutually star in the film, “Becket”- Peter O’Toole, Sir John Gielgud, and Richard Burton. During the first week of shooting, the three acting greats dined together on the film’s set. Although usually known for his Victorian sense of propriety, Sir John impishly presented […]

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Abraham & Mary Todd Lincoln: Constancy in the face of Dualistic Decimation

The dichotomy of differences between the personal lives of Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, made them not only appear truly odd together as a couple, it must additionally be stated neither was the other’s first choice for a romantic partner.

Much like their opposing backgrounds, History has placed nearly every one of President Lincoln’s deeds through a predominantly positive lens, while dualistically the vast majority of his wife’s actions have been put through a filter that’s as unattractive as it is thoroughly negative.

Astrologically, the Lincolns’ historical personae reflect the inherently best and worst aspects of the signs each was born under.

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The Tale of Cupid & Psyche – Part X: Death, Dragons, and Dark Draughts

The external circumstances may differ from real life but our approach, actions, and reactions in essence remain the same. Each of us must find from within our own sense of bravery befitting the strongest hero or heroine yet not be so foolhardy as to think every battle can be fought entirely on our own. Being born mortal, Life is best faced with the solidarity and assistance from members of the animal and plant worlds as well as with others that are of like mind and heart. And there must always be an awareness both in good times and bad, that divine intercession is a very real and possible thing.

Surely as the most glorious god or goddess dwells within each of our hearts.

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