Abraham & Mary Todd Lincoln: Constancy in the Face of Dualistic Decimation

Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln
Despite their extreme differences of personality and background, Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln’s relationship was the glue of constancy that held our nation together as America faced the threat of dualistic decimation.


Abraham & Mary Todd Lincoln:
Constancy in the Face of Dualistic Decimation
Brad Kronen


There could be no greater dualistic force within the history of the United States than that which befell our country during the mid-19th century, otherwise known as The Civil War.


During those bloody years, juxtaposing armies charged head on against each other, each being diametrically opposed to the beliefs and opinions held dear by the other:


North versus South
Slave owner versus Abolitionist
Confederate Rebel versus Union Soldier


The violence and destruction that ensued between these two distinctly dualistic divisions within the nation’s populace resulted in more Americans dying during the Civil War than all American deaths in every war on foreign soil combined.



White House under guard Civil War
The Civil War was a force felt by every American at the time of its occurrence, most especially the Lincolns. In the picture above Union soldiers and their cannons stand guard on the White House lawn, due to Confederate battalions breaking through the threshold of Washington D.C., with some nearly reaching the President’s front door in 1862. (pinterest.com)


Mirroring those dualistic times, the President and First Lady of the nation during this period of warring opposition themselves had a diametric dynamic of extremes associated with their individual persons, as well.


He was categorized as a “Westerner” and his towering figure, unto its sole self, symbolized the Union of States, along with his personage representing any and all things “Non-Confederate” and “Un-Southern”.


She came from a Southern family of aristocratic slave owners, with her own brothers fighting for the Confederacy against the Union during America’s Civil War.


He was born on February 12th, 1809 in a one room log cabin to frontiersmen, with most of his childhood being spent living with his family as “squatters” on public land  and his education being almost entirely self-taught.


She was born on December 13th, 1818 into the wealth and privilege of Southern gentility, the latter half of her childhood being spent living in a luxurious 14 room estate house and her education consisting of the finest “finishing schools”, where she not only became fluent in French but also was well-versed in the “social graces”, as well.


The dichotomy of differences between the personal lives of Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, made them not only appear truly odd together as a couple, it must additionally be stated neither was the other’s first choice for a romantic partner.


Abraham’s first love, Ann Rutledge, died of typhoid fever at the age of 22 and Mary’s beau prior to being betrothed to the President was her husband’s arch rival, Stephen A. Douglas, the very same from the famous Lincoln-Douglas Debates.


Much like their opposing backgrounds, History has placed nearly every one of President Lincoln’s deeds through a predominantly positive lens, while dualistically the vast majority of his wife’s actions have been put through a filter that’s as unattractive as it is thoroughly negative.


Astrologically, the Lincolns’ historical personae reflect the inherently best and worst aspects of the signs each was born under.


We’ll begin by looking at History’s “glass half full” perspective by analyzing the astrological Mr. Lincoln, first.


Abraham Lincoln –THE Aquarian of Representation


To represent.

When a person is faced with the challenge to represent an entire “group”, there is an expectation for there to be a duality of the self. Simultaneously, one must be both alike and separate. One must blend by belonging to a defined group, yet must also stand out by virtue of one’s individual attributes and unique capabilities.


From an astrological perspective, those who best bear the burden of responsibility associated with the dualistic act of representation tend to consistently be born beneath the sign of Aquarius, The Water Bearer.

And no better example exists of an Aquarian of Representation who dutifully served and represented his group more admirably than the 16th President of the United States – Abraham Lincoln.


President Lincoln not only upheld and fiercely defended the societal qualities which the sign of the Water Bearer holds in highest regard, that being Egalitarianism and Equality for All, this most earnestly humble of American Leaders also composed one of the greatest Aquarian Mandates ever written, The Emancipation Proclamation.


When a person is born beneath the sign of  Aquarius, they are naturally different in a unique and highly individualistic way, causing those born beneath the last of the Air signs to inherently stand apart from any given group.


When a person is born an “Aquarian of Representation”, the separation from the group extends beyond the realm of mere human personality.


The planet of individuality and uniqueness which rules over the sign of the Water Bearer, Uranus, leaves its mark physically on those Aquarians who must represent their group by setting example for the greater good of all involved.


Abraham Lincoln’s physical height measured in at 6’4” tall. In 1860, physical proportions over 6 feet were better suited for the likes of Titans and Giants, given the average height for an adult male living in the mid-19th century was 5′ 7 inches. The President’s extremely tall stature had him towering over anyone in his vicinity, enabling the Aquarian politician to “stand out”, both literally and figuratively among his peers and rivals.



Abraham Lincoln Height Difference
Where the average height for an adult male in 1860 was 5′ 7.6″, the President born beneath the sign that dares to be different stood above the rest, quite literally at 6’4″. (history.com)


Abraham Lincoln represented the American people as a unified whole and the Aquarian President was unshakably determined to keep the people he represented bound together as “one nation…. indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.


Two of the more challenging personality traits attributed to the Water Bearer’s quality of being a “Fixed” sign are the tendency to be inflexibly obstinate, a nice way of saying “pig headed stubborn”, along with their tendency to be loyal to a fault. Despite both traits being placed in the unevolved spectrum, President Lincoln took those difficult aspects of the Aquarian personality and used them to both his and the Union of States greatest advantage.


From the President’s perspective, things were upfront and straightforwardly simple:
Secession from the United States was unacceptable and not an option. Period. End of discussion.


Lincoln was so obstinately hell bent on that singular notion, the Aquarian CEO was willing to allow the nation he was leading to fall into a state of Civil War in order to uphold and defend his hyper-stubborn stance on the matter.


Being the last of the Air signs, Aquarians tend to have the loftiest of ideals regarding the role society should play in the lives of individual citizens. So lofty are these mental musings of an idealistic society, that a significantly high proportion of Water Bearers firmly believe in the possibility of a particular societal state, which unto itself, is the stuff of sheer make believe –



A place somewhere in the not so distant Future where everyone is equal (along with every resident unicorn and leprechaun as well).


Your author believes the closest we humans have ever come to catching even the faintest glimpse of Utopia’s outermost borders was through the tireless tenacity of an Aquarian of Representation named Abraham Lincoln. In particular, through an executive order issued by President Lincoln as a War measure during a time when his nation stood at risk of dualistic decimation.


Lincoln was responsible for one of the greatest written Aquarian mandates in humanity’s history. A document of the highest egalitarian idealism, which although didn’t reach Utopian status, theoretically proclaimed to the world that there should exist a set group of people and within that group, all are equal – The Emancipation Proclamation.


Aquarius is the intellectual giant of all the Zodiac. The last representative of the mentally motivated element of Air is driven by ideas that are unique, original, and futuristically inventive. Unfortunately, the process of transferring the lofty musings from the mind of the Aquarian to the nuts and bolts nature of the real world, more often than not, doesn’t lend itself to success.

Abraham Lincoln with freed slave

Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was truly a Utopian document by stating all American citizens were theoretically equal, despite it being the least bit able in making the Aquarian dream an actual reality.  Pictured above, an idealistic representation of President Lincoln presenting his mandate to abolitionist, Sojourner Truth for her approval. (sojournertruth.com)



Historic Truth be told, there wasn’t much about Lincoln’s Proclamation that was actually “emancipating”. The Egalitarian Mandate may have proclaimed that herewith, slaves were free….but not “every” slave, such as those which resided in Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, Missouri, Tennessee and various excluded counties of Virginia.


The Emancipation Proclamation didn’t exactly outlaw slavery either. The ultra-Aquarian document made the eradication of slavery an explicit goal of the Civil War. Lincoln’s law was also never passed by Congress and made no provisions to allow those who were emancipated actual citizens of the country that had formerly enslaved them.


Throughout the entirety of America’s bloodiest War, Abraham Lincoln’s sole intent was to keep the Union of States together with all other issues being addressed at a later time.


Sometimes, it’s just the Aquarian thought that counts.


Moving from expansive thoughts to expansive wallets, my fellow Americans the time has come to analyze the very vilified and first “First Lady” of the United States.


Mary Todd Lincoln: Hey Big Sagittarian Spender!

Mary Todd Lincoln Ball Gowns
A wax likeness of Mary Todd Lincoln on display along with a selection of some of the First Lady’s most choice (aka expensive) custom made ball gowns at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. (patrickrussell.com)


Whereas President Lincoln’s actions were unanimously lauded, even the ones which he did not actually do, dualistically every move his wife made was criticized to the hilt and judgmentally deemed wrong and almost always in very bad taste.


Unfortunately for the Sagittarian First Lady, much of the blame is based in the nuts and bolts reality of actual Truth.


John C. Breckinridge

Mrs. Lincoln’s reputation at the White House wasn’t helped by the fact she was cousins with the most senior ranking public official in American history to commit treason, former Vice President and Confederate general, John C. Breckinridge. (wikipedia.org)


From the moment she became the nation’s First Lady, Mary Todd Lincoln had things far from easy. Southerners in Washington D.C. considered the woman who came from slave owning aristocracy to be a traitor to the Confederacy, and the Northerners who snubbed her as clearly not being one of them at the nation’s capital, accused many of the First Lady’s actions as being treasonous to the Union.


Mary Todd Lincoln was born a Sagittarius, the last of the Fire signs ruled by the planet of abundance, Jupiter and true to astrological form, had grown up with the comforts which both wealth and privilege can provide.


But what to do if said person becomes presumptuous, or over-accustomed to those comforts? Worse, what if same said person is made to feel immensely insecure by those around her?


Then the child of Jupiter proceeds to buy and spend, over and over, again and again.


Mary Todd Lincoln ColorMary Todd Lincoln Caricature

The term “First Lady” was initially created for Mary Todd Lincoln, but rather than being a term of respect, it originally mocked Mrs. Lincoln’s extravagance in regards to her spending sprees and ability to put on airs.  Pictured above, the press makes a most unflattering caricature of the “First Lady’s” portrait. 


The term “First Lady” was originally said in reference to Mrs. Lincoln, but ironically most people who used the term at the time of its inception were implying anything but respect. Mocking her extravagances of spending and false airs, the status term of feminine political power we are familiar with today was first used to poke fun at Mary Todd Lincoln’s inclinations to both behave and speak as if faux royalty.


Jupiter is the planet which oversees expansion and growth in both the positive and negative spectrums of human behavior. Take a child of Jupiter who is made to question herself in doubt and insecurity simply for her presence, and quite often what emerges is a person with an over-amplified sense of self who constantly feels the need to be putting on extreme airs.


And my good readers, just because a person has a lot of money does NOT automatically translate to them possessing an equally proportionate “pile” of good taste.


Mary Todd Lincoln’s time in the White House is best remembered for its spending sprees. Jupiter may be the planet of abundance, but the King of Planets does not officiate over such tasteful things as aesthetics or style.


Mrs. Lincoln may have lavishly drained both her personal and the White House’s financial funds, but whether the beaucoups bucks were spent tastefully is an entirely different matter, altogether, as evidenced by this scathing critique made by English reporter, William Howard Russell in 1861:


“Did you cast your eye over Mrs. Lincoln’s Ball? Was there ever such snobbery & ridiculous sickening trash?”


Russell goes on to cattily intimate that the First Lady’s garishly ornate style of dress would look better on her astrological element (aka Fire) than on her:


“She struck me as being desirous of making herself agreeable, and I own I was agreeably disappointed.”


Boldly stating that the country needed to project a national image of security in 1861, Mrs. Lincoln took it upon herself to completely redecorate both the White House….and her wardrobe. During one particularly Jupiterian 4 month shopping spree in New York, the Sagittarian big spender managed to buy herself close to 400 pairs of gloves.


Mary Todd Lincoln Gloves
One of the nearly 400 pairs of hand embroidered gloves Mrs. Lincoln purchased during one of her most notorious shopping sprees in NYC. (pinterest.com)


In her thoughtful essay in The New Yorker, “Reconsidering Mary”, Michelle Dean sums up Washington’s reaction to the First Lady’s affinities towards expanding upon the nation’s surface image at the White House:


She caused just as many cracks as she hoped to cover over with new rugs and wallpaper.”


We mustn’t forget that Mrs. Lincoln was First Lady during a time when the force of Duality reigned supreme. Just as money was lavishly spent for the main purpose of showing off to the outside world, on the domestic front the Mutable signed wife of the President miserly pinched her pennies worse than the stingiest of Scrooges.


As mistress of the White House, Mrs. Lincoln was known to have haggled like a trinket peddler over every purchase she made for meals and supplies, most especially in the procurement of strawberries.


Her combative nature among the White House staff was notorious. So much so, President Lincoln’s secretaries dubbed the First Lady with a nickname that belied her unevolved fiery behavior – “the Hellcat”.


She now and then could not restrain a witty, sarcastic speech that cut deeper than she intended.” – Childhood friend of Mary Todd Lincoln


Sagittarians are prone to displaying a most unevolved communication style, where their action oriented selves speak from a place that is purely reactionary, otherwise known as “Foot in Mouth Syndrome”.


The role of First Lady has greatly altered over the decades since Martha Washington,  however that fiendishly difficult political position demands that anyone who takes on that immensely important job possess a personality trait that has remained unchanged in its significance since the position’s beginnings – Discretion.


What began with a snubbed child of Jupiter reacting from a place of sheer insecurity by personally granting favors to whomever was the most sycophantic (a polite way of saying “ass kissing”) with their words upon first reaching the White House, later evolved into Mrs. Lincoln being escorted back to Washington towards the end of the Civil War due to the First Lady having “liberally divulged State secrets.”


Acts of Espionage the likes of Mata Hari or desperate attempts for attention from a highly insecure, blatantly rejected child of Jupiter?


Each of you may decide from which side of the indiscrete fence the First Lady acted upon, my good readers.


Two final tidbits about our country’s most famous Sagittarius Aquarius couple that are quite astrologically specific:


– Mary Todd Lincoln’s erratic spending sprees, along with her diametrically different displays of penny pinching has led many a modern day scientist and historian to theorize that the First Lady could very well have suffered from a disorder of a most dualistic nature. An affliction which happens to affect a significantly high number of Mutable Signs : Bi-Polar Disorder.


– As already mentioned, Aquarius is the sign which oversees intellectual brilliance, as well as anything “Futuristic”. Combine those cerebral concepts and it results in most of the world’s greatest inventors being born beneath the sign of the Water Bearer. And wouldn’t you know it all? Our Aquarian of Representation once again towers over the rest, by being the only American President to hold a patent. In his days as a riverboat man on the waters of the Mississippi, young Abe Lincoln invented a flotation device that allowed riverboats to move in shallow water, or in other astrological words, be better Water Bearers!


Abraham Lincoln Invention Flotation

The 16th President born beneath the sign of the Water Bearer is the only American CEO to hold his own invention patent – a flotation device that made Mississippi river boats better “water bearers“. (smithsonian.org)


Modern History chooses to remember nearly all of the Aquarian President’s deeds as being of a highly evolved, exemplary nature, and it looks as if History’s Annals will have the Sagittarian wife of the President’s actions being remembered as anything but evolved or exemplary.


Although on the surface of things, Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln seemed so dualistically different from each other as individuals, as a couple their unfaltering sense of constancy made the Lincolns indomitable together as a romantic team.


An enduring love-by Mary’s confidence in her husband’s ability and his gentle consideration of her excitable ways.” – WhiteHouse.gov


President Lincoln was heard to have said the following while observing his wife receive guests at a reception in 1864, less than half a year before his untimely death:


“My wife is as handsome as when she was a girl, and I…fell in love with her; and what is more, I have never fallen out.”


By being each other’s complementary source of constancy with one reaffirming the faith of the other’s convictions, Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln’s love union acted as a shining beacon for the United States to remain steadfast in its own union, as it suffered through one of the worst periods of Dualistic Decimation this great nation has ever known.



*Brad Kronen has written numerous books on the role Astrology has played throughout History.  One of Kronen’s recent historical works of non-fiction tells the story of the earliest days of World War II when all seemed lost as England was left on her own to combat the war machine that was Nazi Germany while the English underwent the horrors of “the Blitz”.  Entitled “For King & Country: The Wartime Windsors”  Kronen’s book is available at amazon,com.  Click on the icon below to see a complete listing of Brad’s published work:



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