The Astrology of Easter – Part I

The Astrology of Easter
Part I
Brad Kronen

The Angel Of Easter Johne Roddam Spencer Stanhope

“Why seek ye the living amongst the dead?” the angel asks Mary Magdalene and her posse on the first Easter morning. Painting by John Roddam Stanhope, 1886.

Did you ever wonder why Christmas falls on the same day of the year but Easter doesn’t?

Why does Easter have bunnies delivering eggs? Bunnies don’t lay eggs….do they?

What’s with all the pastels?

Why is lamb eaten at Easter and not rabbit?

In every sect of Christianity, the most important day of the year just happens to be Easter, not Christmas. Easter is considered the day that Christians believe Jesus, be He myth to some or flesh and blood to others, was resurrected or in other miraculous words, rose from the dead.

– This factor is what separates Christians from Jews, since Jesus’ rising from the dead officially meant that He was the 2nd coming of the Messiah, which the Jewish faith believes still has yet to occur.

This factor is what separates Christians from Muslims, since the miracle of returning to the living elevates Jesus to the status of the Son of God, and not just a Prophet, as the Islamic faith believes Jesus to be. (FYI – Christmas, or the Birth of Christ, is in the Koran)

Although Easter’s significance spans a vast range from being one of the most important holidays to one of the most silly complete with walking, talking, giant rabbits leaving items that aren’t even within their capability to create (hint: eggs), the fact remains this springtime celebration is based in a foundation that is  thoroughly astrological.

December 25th Versus April…Or Is it March….?

The official date for Easter? Well it’s gotta be April. No wait! I KNOW I remember it taking place in March a few years back? Hold it!

That reply is both right and wrong: Despite its occurrence usually taking place during the month of April, Easter has also  been known to fall in the month of March  as well BUT even so, the holiday has no “official” date. Why?

Blame it on the Moon.

Unlike Christmas, which falls on the 25th of every December, Easter’s date of celebration changes with each passing year and the reason is completely astrological. Get ready for  your Easter egg shells to spontaneously combust, here’s how the date for the Easter holiday is determined for each year:

Easter is officially determined to be the first Sunday after the first Full Moon which occurs following the Spring Equinox.

Swear to Bugs Bunny! I couldn’t make that up even if I tried. Let’s break that all down, shall we?

– Taking the official Easter formula, the Spring Equinox falls on March the 20th.

– The Spring Equinox is the “New Year’s Day” of Astrology, since it is the first day of the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries.

– The Moon is considered Full, or viewed as completely round in the evening sky when it is in the polar opposite sign of wherever the Sun is placed with the Full Moon occurring once every month.

– Since Easter is the Sunday AFTER the Spring Equinox, or after the official start of Aries, that would mean the Full Moon would be in the sign of Libra, the polar opposite sign of Aries.

– Easter is the first Sunday AFTER the first Full Moon AFTER the Spring Equinox

– In 2021, the Moon will be Full, or in the sign of Libra, the Sunday which takes place after the Spring Equinox  on March 28th.  The Sunday after March 28th is the 4th of April.

Easter 2021 = April 4th.

By the way, Egg Day’s official date can fall anywhere between March 22nd and April 25th.

No hopping away thinking you’ve Easter-aced all there is to know about this high holy day that’s associated with both bunnies and eggs. The Moon isn’t the only astrological aspect associated with Easter.

As we shall see in Part II, Astrology is intimately involved with many more aspects behind this very unique holiday.

*Brad Kronen not only has written an article series on the Astrology of Easter, he wrote an entire book about this very special subject.  Entitled “The Astrology of Easter and Other Holy-days” it can be purchased at by clicking on the picture of Ukrainian Easter Eggs listed below:

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