July 1st, 1858: The Most Importantly Insignificant Day in Human History

Darwin Natural Selection Linnean Society

July 1st, 1858.

For those of you who just said to yourselves “The Declaration of Independence, right?”  Very Good!

….for being 3 days and 82 years off.


This particular date which took place on a Thursday at the midpoint of both the sign of Cancer and the 19th century may not be common knowledge that many of us would immediately recognize, but it still stands as a pivotal turning point within the history of humankind, just the same.


Despite its monumental significance, the event which occurred on that Cancerian day back in 1858 came and went with barely a whisper and with hardly anyone even taking notice. On that particular Thursday on the 1st day of the 7th calendar month in London, members of the Linnean Society, the oldest biological club in England, gathered for one of the scientific group’s regular meetings.


The records show thirty people in all were in attendance at that particular meeting. It was scheduled to be longer than usual that day due to it being the Linnean’s final gathering before the summer recess. One of the attendees, George Bentham, recalled how a goodly portion of those present “looked fatigued”. Over the course of that longer than usual meeting the Secretary of the London Linnean Society, John Joseph Bennett, read a total of seven botanical and zoological papers, one of them being a joint presentation entitled,


On the Tendency of Species to form Varieties; and on the Perpetuation of Varieties and Species by Natural Means of Selection”.


Neither of the scholarly paper’s two authors were in attendance and the records show that despite the proposal of discussion being announced, none took place following the paper’s reading.


In his presidential report written in 1859, the Linnean Society’s President, Thomas Bell wrote:

“The year which has passed has not, indeed, been marked by any of those striking discoveries which at once revolutionize, so to speak, the department of science on which they bear.”


Thus, it came to pass that the world was first told of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace’s theory of Evolution by Natural Selection.


Before July 1st, 1858, Western society as a whole prescribed to the theory of “Creationism” which believed that all forms of Life were created by God out of nothing.


Many still prescribe to Creationism to the very present day.


Incredibly, both Darwin and Wallace came up with their scientific theories independently of each other.  Much like how 2 mathematicians (Urbaine le Verrier and John Couch Adams) in France and England theoretically deduced  that a heavenly body was pulling on the gravitational path of the planet Uranus, eventually leading to the discovery of the gas giant Neptune in 1846**, it appears as if the theory of Evolution by Natural Selection was the zeitgeist of the decade following Neptune’s discovery, with both exploring naturalists finalizing their theories practically at the exact same time in 1858.


Alfred Russel Wallace

Alfred Russel Wallace b y Peter Selly, 2013


Alfred Russel Wallace was born a Capricorn and nearly 15 years younger than his paper’s co-presenter. The sign of Capricorn is Cardinal, or said another way is inherently well equipped to initiate or start things from scratch. Alfred Wallace independently came up with his own theorized version of Natural Selection while delirious with malaria in the South Pacific. Soon after experiencing his A-ha! Moment, the still sick and sweaty Capricorn quickly jotted his ideas down and forwarded them off to England, addressing his first of a kind findings to a referred colleague considered to be the authority on all things “naturalistic”, a Mister C. Darwin.


Darwin Potrait

A portrait of “Mr. C. Darwin” by John Collier. 1881


When Charles Darwin received Wallace’s parcel of fever filled notes, he was crestfallen. In a fit of delusional illness, the man had summed up in just a few days what Darwin had spent the last 20 years organizing and consolidating in a 10 volume master opus just prior to receiving his co-discoverer’s correspondence.


Darwin Wallace Cartoon

Unfortunately, despite Alfred Wallace being a highly acclaimed and well known scientist at the time of his death in 1913, over the years the theory of Natural Selection has been attributed solely to his colleague, Charles Darwin


So why is the name of Alfred Russel Wallace a new experience for most, while the theory of Evolution by Natural Selection is primarily attributed to Charles Darwin, a name that’s familiar to almost everyone living in the Modern Age?  In fact, it’s acceptable to say that in the 21 st century,  Alfred Russel Wallace has been all but pushed out for being associated as a co-discoverer of the theory of Natural Selection.

Because Charles Darwin was born beneath the sign of science, groups, and the Future, itself – Aquarius.


Although the sign of the Water Bearer is notorious for their “Fixed” or highly stubborn nature which works with methodical tenacity until completion, as evidenced by Darwin’s 20 years of work on a 10 volume opus, Aquarius is the sign of invention. The last of the Air signs intellectually revels in breaking down pre-established modes of thought in order to usher in that which is shockingly new and completely unfamiliar.


Astrologically, it’s no surprise this particular Aquarian’s first of their kind thoughts which according to Randy Alfred, in his article “July 1st, 1858”, says were responsible for “inventing the reigning paradigm that organizes modern biology — and in some sense, all of modern science”. rocked the very foundation of how humanity saw the world around itself. And despite the diminishing fact these revolutionary findings of Natural Selection were first officially announced to the world during the time period of Cancer, a sign which derives comfort from the Past, along with anything considered familiar and “home”-like.


After July the 1st, 1858, the planet which we humans call “Home” would be forever changed and never could be seen the same way again from that date onward. Intriguingly, both Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace credit the foundation of their theories being based in the barely known findings of a previous work, the 1798 essay by a British reverend named Thomas Malthus entitled, “Population”.


Additionally, both Darwin and Wallace overtly claimed to not know the exact mechanism of how traits which assisted in the survival of a species were passed down to subsequent generations. Two years prior to the July 1st Linnean Society presentation, an Austrian monk named Gregor Mendel began experimenting on the crossbreeding of peas, eventually discovering the concept of dominant and recessive traits which he published in an 1864 article that went largely unnoticed entitled, “Experiments On Plant Hybridization”. So unnoticed in fact, Mendel’s work would not be given its full scientific significance until its later re-discovery in 1900.


Just as Art imitates Life, Science imitates Astrology.  For just as the concepts which forever altered Modern Science by an Aquarian and his associate were presented to the public during the time attributed to the nostalgic sign of Cancer, when these concepts were later proven research would show the theory of Evolution by Natural Selection was based in a scientific foundation built by the work of an Aquarian named Thomas Malthus and later concretely proven by a Cancerian monk named Gregor Mendel.


For this upcoming 1st of July your author recommends having a cocktail. The drink’s very name commemorates a revolution of thought which affected every species of living creature right to the present day.


This potent potable debuted as an official cocktail on “International Charles Darwin Day”, February 12th, 2009 and like July 1st, 1858, the date is not well known in the present day since it marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of an Aquarian whose revolutionary thoughts turned the world upside down, most especially for a particular “group” of people , better known as Humanity at large.


The Natural Selection Cocktail
1 oz. Berry Infused Vodka
3/4 oz. Apple Pucker
3/4 oz. Hypnotiqu
Splash of Pineapple Juice\

Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice.
Shake well, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.



**Brad Kronen has written a number of books regarding Astrology’s role in our world.  One book in particular looks at how much the world of Man was altered in the mid-nineteenth century when the planet Neptune was first observationally discovered.  Immediately following the Watery Planet’s discovery,  a majority of the greatest works of High Art were created during a period otherwise known as the Romantic Era.  Entitled “The Discovery of Neptune & Its Ensuing Romantic Age”  that book along with Kronen’s many other titles can be purchased at amazon.com.  Just click on the Neptune image below to see a full listing of Brad’s published work:

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