Born Beneath a Self Combusting Sun: Arnold, Bill, Martha, and Monica

Sun Combusting

Born Beneath a Self Combusting Sun:
Arnold, Bill, Martha, & Monica
Brad Kronen


Free Will versus Fate. Destiny versus Self Made Manifestation.

These opposing dualities of existence have been grappled with in the mind of Man since the inception of rational thought. Whenever I begin a Tarot session, I make it a point to reference both existential concepts, along with giving each equal validity. As I lay the cards down during a reading, I begin by reminding the client they have free will and can do as they please. I then proceed to inform them that Tarot reflects the decisions and behavior patterns the client has built up until the present moment and if they continue to do what they are used to doing without making any active changes, then….

THIS” shall happen!  THIS being the future. The client’s future, to be exact.

(A theremin mysteriously can be heard somewhere off in the distance).


Which begs the following existential question – When a person is born with an astrological chart heavy with a strong sense of self or ego along with other factors which complement that state of being, are they destined to do certain things in a certain way?


To quote “The Simpsons’ Reverend Lovejoy when asked if salvation was imminent upon the Rapture’s arrival even for those not of the same religious inclination as himself:


“No with a maybe, Yes with a but.”

When looking at a person’s astrological chart, one can never say that certain events shall absolutely come to pass, however, certain well known scandals have come to pass which can be seen as evidential proof that a cosmic map is laid out for each of us and within these maps are indicators of potential which bear the defined likelihood of actual occurrence, (provided no work is actively undertaken on the evolution of our souls).


Surprise Quiz, Everybody!
What do the following famous personalities all share in common?
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, and Martha Stewart

Big Teeth?
Interesting observation. One in which both Bill and Martha would place a distant 2nd when compared to the monstrous mouths of famous contestants #1(Arnold) and #3 (Monica).

Big Hair?
Close, but no Cosmic Kewpie doll just quite yet, despite this condition applying to all parties involved, especially of the male variety.

The correct answer: They are all born beneath the Solar ruled sign of Leo the Lion.

But that’s not astrologically all, Folks! There is far more distinction for that big haired clique than simply being born under the sign of theatrics and self imposed monarchy – They are all Leos who brought about their own undoing.


And there’s still MORE which binds this motley crew of these famous Fire Signs:

They are all Leos who brought about their own undoing, indications of which are evident in each of their astrological birth charts.


After reviewing the details behind each of their shocking scandals made known to the public it dawned on me that our lives are intricately interwoven with both Fate and Free Will far more than we ever imagined.


Before hoop jumping directly into the scandalous specifics, some foundational basics need to be relayed regarding the inherent nature of that feline astrological beast better known as the Leo.


The Sun & The Leo – Centers of their Own Universe


In order to get a better understanding of the unevolved Leo’s nature, please read the following link of your author’s very own take on the ancient Greek myth of Phaeton & the Chariot of the Sun:


Phaeton – The Ancient Greek Myth of a Cocky Kid & His Deadly Ride on the Chariot of the Sun

In astrology, every sign is ruled by a planet of the Solar System. Despite being the source of life which all matter revolves around, the Sun is categorized as one of the astrological “planets”. Why?

So it can handle being the planetary ruler of Leo!

From an archetypal perspective, the Sun represents one’s ego or overall sense of Self. Having the center of our Solar System as their ruling planet, one thing a person born beneath the sign of the Lion tends never to lack is a sense of self worth.


The evolved Leo knows who they are and loves it. The unevolved Leo is under the impression that since everything already revolves around them, then you and everyone else should cater to their every whim….and love it, too.


Leos and Politics


Polly Populace: Wow, When will these Leo men learn to never mix sex with politics?

Mikey Masses: Or at least learn to better hide their dirty laundry from their Scorpio wives. Ha!

Polly Populace:
Exactly. I feel really bad for Maria.

Mikey Masses: Maria? I was talking about Hillary.


Leo Politician. Sex Scandal. On Premises. Scorpio Wife.

The mock dialogue above refers to two separate scandals, both nearly identical in detail.  In 1998 an American President was almost impeached for deceitfully denying to the country and his Scorpionic wife his association with certain actions performed with a White House intern when his zipper was down. The world subsequently found out the actual truth regarding the aforementioned “actions” and the President’s very active involvement with them. Fascinatingly, a similar scandalous scenario erupted in 2011, when the former Governor of California was also caught with his zipper down which he initially denied  to both his Scorpionic wife and the masses at large.  However further details later revealed the tryst involved the family maid employed for nearly 20 years that also resulted in a 13 year old (at the time) “Love Child”.


The hubris of many an unevolved Sun ruled person is the mistaken belief of them thinking he or she is equal to the Gods or above reproach from the Laws of Man. What began as an astrological “connect the dots” of recognizing a running theme of the Leo basking in the spotlight of fame with that same Leonine personality being the cause of their own undoing has unfolded further out into “The Grid” of the Cosmos, with the birth chart taking on an entirely new dimension of meaning and karmic purpose.


By re-analayzing the birth charts of 4 famous Leos from the modern day who were center stage beneath their own self combusting spotlights of scandal, we might newly arrive at the realization that the Universe provides us with embedded indications of karmic warning at the moment of our birth, that if triggered will come to pass for all the world to observe.


We’ll begin with the most recent inductee into the Leo Hall of Shame. That larger than life force of fame once known as “The Terminator”, who served as Governor of the state of California and was affectionately referred to by the tabloid press when his scandal broke as “The Sperminator” – Arnold Schwarzenegger a Leo born July 30th, 1947.



Arnold admires Arnold

The man marvels at his own myth. Along with winning the Mr. Olympia title numerous times, Arnold Schwartzenegger would go on to receive other titles of distinction in the years following his reign as the world’s greatest bodybuilder.  His most well known acting role as  “The Terminator” would be both parodied and given further distinction at the time his sex scandal broke when Herr Arnold was dubbed by the press as “The Sperminator”. (Photo by



Now and then on his late night talk show, Conan O’Brien would parody California’s former governor by employing one of the cheapest visual gags known to Man – the upside down talking mouth. The late night host would attempt having a conversation with said mouth as if he were conversing with the man himself, Mr. Arnold Schwartzenegger. The skit would always result in Conan having to forcibly dismiss or kick out the parodied Arnold due to there being nothing conversational about their interchange. The banter was always bulldozed by Arnold discussing how Arnold felt about any and all things Arnold.

Upon reviewing the man’s birth chart, I have now come to the conclusion – THAT WAS NO PARODY!

Having a sizable stellium (meaning 3 or more) of 5 planets consisting of Mercury & Venus in Cancer with the Sun, Saturn & Pluto in Leo, ALL residing in the First House of Self, one can see how the man could get seriously worked up by referring to himself as often as possible. The unevolved side to all of that super confident, self assured First House energy is coming to the eventual conclusion that indeed, you truly ARE Lord King Emperor of the known Universe & Beyond.


Schwarzenegger’s life and career are of such mythic proportions, they closely resemble the ancient Greek myth of Phaeton, except Herr Arnold didn’t need the God of the Sun as a pre-requisite for divine status. The man began forging away from mere mortals as an uber cocky teenager by winning the coveted title of bodybuilding immortality an incredible seven times – Mr. Olympia (FYI Anything from Mt. Olympus is considered to be god-like.). Even when his acting career was in its infancy and his English was for the most part completely incomprehensible, the Leo was given mythic roles, such as portraying Jayne Mansfield’s bodybuilder husband, Mickey Hargitay opposite fellow Leo, Loni Anderson in the title role, in “The Jayne Mansfield Story” along with embodying the Hercules of the Neanderthal Age, “Conan The Barbarian”. Only a Leo of the most supreme self confidence could have climbed the ranks among Hollywood’s most elite A-Listers in such a condensed short time and eventually establish himself as a global icon worthy of cultural worship.

LIGHTS PLEASE! (Your author steps onto podium under spotlight)


It was we, Western culture at large, who elevated the man to the mythic level of a demi-god.


(Your author leaves podium.)


To be fair, having an ego and a sense of self worth bigger than the Big G’s certainly comes in handy to an extent, especially when one is attempting to project an image of divine virility and pristine physical conditioning on the competitive bodybuilding stage. These traits also act as an effective buffer against rejection as well by accentuating an actor’s resiliency when pursuing the Leo ruled activity of acting in the La La Land of Disingenuousness and Empty Promises, Hollywood.


But one could also say those are the same traits Phaeton tapped into in order to demand it was his right to ride the Chariot of the Sun.


The Moon – The Hubris Manifester


With words like “Sun”, “Star”, and “Shine”often used to describe the Solar ruled personality, everything is lit up, out in the open, and on display for all to see. But nothing in the Universe can be that strongly one dimensional all the time nor can anything be so powerfully placed in the positive spectrum without there being some kind of opposing balance or without burning out altogether.


Enter The Moon.


Where the Sun is the part of ourselves which we openly display to the outside, the Moon represents the side of us which is private, that the world doesn’t see. Our Lunar Self is someone whom only our closest friends and family, and in some cases, only we, our solitary selves know since it is highly personal and of a purely emotional essence.


The Solar ruled person’s energy tends to mostly be forwardly outward, since they are motivated to be noticed by the outside world as often as possible. It is imperative for the Solar ruled to become familiar with their Lunar Selves in order to keep their egos at bay.


Alas. this is too often not the case.


Activities such as quiet time, breathing, emotional processing, intuitive development, even resting require conscious effort for the Solar ruled, given  their strong tendency to be in a state of active action (aka being busily involved) with the outside world.


The sign and placement of the Moon in a person’s birth chart indicates the optimal atmosphere for one to get in touch with their Lunar Self. Should the Lunar Self be consistently ignored, or worse, not recognized or cultivated, the Moon’s placement takes on an added karmic dimension by becoming the physical manifestation of that person’s Hubris. Earth’s satellite becomes a symbol of evolutionary warning, with the sign and House placement foretelling in what manner and style the person’s undoing shall take physical form should the Moon deem it necessary to manifest itself.


Since the quiet introspective atmosphere needed for the Lunar Self is totally foreign and many times, uncharted territory for the Solar ruled person of notoriety, the manifestation of their Hubris by the Moon hits them seemingly out of nowhere.  The hopelessly egocentric Solar personality is taken by total unexpected surprise akin to being struck by a lightning bolt from Zeus, himself. Due to the constant effort of their energies always being projected outward along with their ever striving need to be in the spotlight, the Solar person is left in a state of unprepared  shock when their Hubris is tangibly transformed to actualize their undoing.


For Arnold Schwarzenegger, this must have especially been the case when realizing the Moon is the planet which rules over his entire birth chart.


The Manifested Moon of Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Terminator in a Maid’s Uniform


In a person’s birth chart, where the Horizon was placed at the moment of birth is the most important feature, since the 12 Houses are delineated from that point as well as the planetary ruler of the Horizon/or Ascendant/or Rising Sign oversees the entire chart and is known as the “Chart Ruler”. At the time of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s birth, the Horizon was in the sign of Cancer, thus the Manifester of Hubris dominates his chart, given the sign of the Crab is ruled by none other than, the Moon.


And what a Luna Bella! As the most recent news maker of the 4 Leonine scandals, Arnold’s Manifester of Hubris is the most prominent, since his Moon rules the entire chart, and is the most literal in its symbolic representation of undoing!


As previously mentioned, with a stellium in the First House of Me Me and more Me, it would be rather difficult for Arnold not to think he wasn’t the center of the Universe with all things revolving around him. Added to that , there is a consistent theme of the Solar ruled muscle man believing he could grope whomever he pleased when considering his rather long history of womanizing as evidenced by the quote below:


“His dalliances make Bill Clinton look like a choirboy.” People Magazine, August 25, 2003


 Notice, good reader,  the year of the just referenced People Magazine is not the current one and much earlier.


With Herr Arnold showing no signs of changing his aggressively overt behavior, the Universe had no other choice than to manifest a Terminator for the Terminator – in the form of a house maid.


All of this is written in the sky with Schwarzenegger’s natal chart. The former governor’s Moon is in Capricorn in the 6th House. To translate that Hubris Manifester formulaicly:


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Moon (Hubris Manifester) is in Capricorn (the sign of age, obligation, and duty) in the 6th House (The House of Servants, Cleaning, and Daily Chores).


The significance of Arnold’s Moon is further reinforced by its opposition to his Uranus and Mars in Gemini in the 12th House, or said another way:


Arnold’s Moon (Hubris Manifester) is opposed by his Uranus (sudden, out of the blue events) conjunct his Mars (sex drive, physicality) in the 12th House (The House of Secrets) placed in the sign of Gemini (the sign of duality,specifically in this case, double lives).


According to the media, The Governor initially denied any wrongdoing at first, refusing to admit to his scandalous sins. His Scorpionic wife, Maria Shriver, however suspected as much and took a different route of approach by confronting the maid first who tearfully (and fearfully) admitted to the affair and subsequent love child, and only then confronted and cornered her husband, who had no other choice but to come clean about the tryst.


The Schwarzenegger scandal was released to the press on May 16th, 2011. At that time Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, was positioned in the sky within 4 degrees of conjunction with Arnold’s Moon. Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn in December of 2008, leading me to surmise the Scorpionic First Lady most likely had suspicions as early as then.


The larger than Leonine life movie star was undone by his Solar Hubris which took the form of a 50 year old cleaning maid who was far removed from the spotlight of fame through her obligated duty of cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry for California’s Movie-Star-Turned-Governor.



Hubris In Double Vision

The three biggest components that determine a person’s overall personality are: The Sun, The Moon, and The Ascendant or Rising Sign.

This next notorious example of Solar Hubris involves not one, but 2 Leos. One could colorfully describe this historic case of Leonine Self Undoing with extra panache by jokingly calling it: “Leos in Double Vision/Feline Mirror Imaging/Lions Seperated at Birth/Like 2 Lion Peas in a Pride/” etc. etc. Why?


BOTH President Bill Clinton, a Leo born August 19th, 1946 and former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, a Leo born July 23rd, 1973 are: Leo Sun, Libra Rising, Taurus Moon.



This solitary fact alone would indicate there was much more behind the causes and dynamics of this national disgrace of a scandal than the obvious factors of perversely stained blue dresses and sexually obsessed defense lawyers who reveled in discussing every remotely obscene detail. Realizing the two starring leads in this passion play of political insanity share the same astrological foundations elevates the Clinton Administration’s Sex Scandal to a series of events that bear immense karmic significance not just for those actively involved but for all of society as well.


Keeping that shocking astrological thread of a fact in mind, having their Moons placed in the same sign, one would assume both Bill and Monica would have the same Manifester of Hubris.


So close, but no blue dress dry cleaning bill!


Both Leos have the same Moon by sign placement, but the House Delineation of their Lunar Selves is very very different and very very fitting for both Solar ruled transgressors.


Spray From the Tsunami of Charm & A “BFF” From Hell:
The Manifestations of Solar Hubris for Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky


Although sharing a natal Moon in Taurus, how the 42nd President of the United States and his former intern tap into and express their inner emotions, for better or worse, vastly differ from each other due to each being located in two different, but equally crucial Houses. President Clinton was born with his Taurean Moon located in the 8th House of Sex, Death, Transformation & Other People’s Money. Ms. Lewinsky ‘s natal Moon is positioned in the 7th House of Marriage, One on One Partnerships, and “Open” Enemies”.


Bill & Arnold – Masters of their First House Domain


To reiterate from the earlier referencing of Mr. Schwartzenegger’s birth chart, a “stellium” is when 3 or more planets are located together in the same area of the chart. Having a stellium in one’s birth chart is a big deal, due to there being so much concentrated energy in one area. To have a stellium consisting of five planets in this same place is an even bigger big deal because additions which extend beyond the formulaic 3 planets make the area now larger than life due to there being such a massive amount of focused emphasis there.


It should not even partially raise anyone’s eyebrow to know that 2 out of 4 of this larger than life grouping of Leos have stelliums of 5 planets in the First House of “and what do YOU think of ME” or said another way the House of Self.


Like Herr Arnold, Bill Clinton was born with a stellium of 5 natal planets in the House of Self. However, whereas the majority of Mr. Schwartzenegger’s stellium has an exaggerated emphasis of self-centeredness due to 3 of the 5 planets being placed in the sign of the spotlight hogger, Leo, Slick Willy’s is solely focused on being the paragon of charm and a Ladies’ Man like no other since his entire stellium is positioned in the sign of charm, diplomacy, and romance, Libra.


I have always made a mental note to myself to observe anyone who has met Bill Clinton in person, even if for a matter of seconds, to watch their expression change when I ask them what the President was like. Across the board, demonstratives such as “nicest, warmest, sweetest’ are used, along with the person’s eyes glazing over into a euphoric mist as they recall their experience of being placed directly in the path of that tsunami of congenial charm that is Bill Clinton.


The more planets there are in a stellium, the more things become cartoon-like. With a whopper of 5 planets grouped together that is thoroughly Libran, the essence of gentleman-like romantic savvy  if not kept in check morphs into a sickly sweet, self gratifying lech who gets off mostly from the conquest of sexual pursuits versus the actual deeds themselves. I would imagine having the ability to charm Eskimos into buying refridgerators would, for the unevolved person, over time make them feel like a god who could do whatever they pleased.


Bill and Monica

Even with your god-like charm, feign to deny it, Mr. President,
you actually DID have sexual relations with that woman.


President Clinton’s Hubris Manifester is his 8th House Moon in Taurus, or said another way, the sperm stained blue dress used as evidence to contradict the Officer and Chief’s vocal denial that yes, he DID have sexual relations with that woman. To formulaicly translate:


Bill Clinton’s Moon (Hubris Manifester) is in Taurus (the sign ruled by the planet of Pretty, Venus, and rules over tangible things, fashion – more specifically, dresses, and whose color is blue) in the 8th House (The House of Sex and its by products, namely Sperm).


Monica Made Hers A Double

Monica Lewinsky & Linda Tripp

Linda Tripp & Monica Lewinsky – Fire Signed BFF’s Forever


For Monica Lewinsky, her Hubris Manifester came in the form of a Best Friend Forever!…..The kind of BFF you wouldn’t wish upon your most open of enemies, or said another way, Linda Tripp.

Not to reduce her entire person in a disparaging manner, but whenever I would see Monica Lewinsky speak, the 2 words that loudly came into my mind were “ATTENTION!” and “PRETTY!”,


She certainly got more than her share of the former when the Clinton Scandal broke, but never seemed to get her fill of the latter, to which she constantly sought affirmation for through her one on one relationships, an area of life which lies under the domain of the 7th House. When I mentioned Ms. Lewinsky’s Moon being placed in the 7th House, a colleague of mine commented “Did she think she was going to marry the President?” The 7th House is the House of Marriage, but we must keep everything within the perspective of Hubris. Monica’s ever growing black hole of needing attention made her oblivious and indiscrete to whomever was approaching her posing as a close one on one friend and confidante.


Plus for Monica to even remotely come into reach of Bill marrying her, she would have to go through that force of Scorpionic power better known as Hillary first…..’Enuff said.


In order to balance the expanding cartoon like levels of Slick Willy’s charm and Monica’s needs for attention and being pretty, the Universe sent a person born beneath the sign of empty promises, hypocrisy, and exaggerated amplification.


And made it a double.


Linda Tripp was born a double Sagittarius with a Sagittarian Sun and Sagittarius Rising. With the sign of the Centaur overseeing a particular area of life known as “Politics” Ms. Tripp deeply.craved to be a White House correspondent and was willing to do whatever it took to get her foot through the White House back door.


Enter Monica Lewinsky.


Sagittarians have a knack of being in the right place and time, and Linda was no exception to this Centaur’d rule.  In fact, being born a double Sag, Linda’s timing was impeccable nearly all the time.  Like when she became friends with that girl who worked with her in the Pentagon’s Public Relations office named Monica.


The two Fire Signs became fast friends and it wouldn’t be long before Monica would confide to her bestest of BFF’s about her sexual affair with the President. Sagittarius is all about the big picture and quite often will have a tendency to overlook the details involved. Craving to know and hear every single juicy nitpicky detail, the action oriented Fire sign decided to take action.


The Sag began to secretly tape record any/all conversations she partook in with her fellow Fire signed bestest of BFF’s.


Despite it being illegal to tape record a person without their knowledge, Linda said she went through it because it was, in her own words, her “patriotic duty”.  Tripp worked the BFF ploy to such a heightened level of saccharine falseness, Monica didn’t even notice the wires coming out of Linda’s blouse, the microphoned hair accessory, or even the whirling sound of rolling tapes when the attention starved Leo was recorded blabbing about her sexual exploits with the President of the United States on January 13th, 1998.


When looking at Monica’s Manifester of Hubris formulaicly:


Monica Lewinsky’s Moon (Hubris Manifester) is in Taurus (the sign of tangible things, such as recorded tapes being used as proven evidence, the sign ruled by the planet of pretty, Venus, and let’s not forget the sign whose color is blue) in the 7th House (The House of One on One Partnerships and Open Enemies).


The literal nature of these actualized examples of Hubris is astounding for each of these Leos. For Monica Lewinisky, one person embodied her undoing by literally representing the entire range of the 7th House’s domain through her portrayal as the closest of confidantes while simultaneously being the most obvious of open enemies.



Martha Stewart – The Imprisoned Empress of Control


Martha Donald

Martha Stewart attempts to add some Leonine self control by adjusting the tie of a man whose vocabulary the word “control’ is nowhere to be found despite having a Leo Ascendant, President Donald Trump.

Our fourth and final Leo of Hubris-influenced distinction stands significantly apart from the other 3 by virtue of not reverting to behavior befitting the Cowardly Lion when her sins were discovered and instead showing the world she was a Leo that was truly lion hearted – Martha Stewart a Leo born August 3rd, 1941.


Think what you like of this Leo, but it cannot be denied that Martha is Empress of an Empire she single handedly made by her own doing. In many ways, Ms. Stewart represents the very best and worst aspects to the sign of Leo’s “quality” being of a Fixed nature.


And those who are Fixed are all about control.


Martha Stewart exerted total and absolute control over every action she took, given both her Sun and Rising sign are in the Fixed signs of Leo and Scorpio.  It wouldn’t just be best if things were done her way, it was an absolute necessity.  The good side to approaching Life with this all-controlling nature is when used constructively, can result into an Empire that is both self made and directed such as Martha Stewart’s Living Omnimedia.  The down side is when that all controlling person realizes they can’t control  absolutely everything, like they were a god or something.


Whatever Martha put her hand in, she excelled at.   While in college, she decided to try modeling to supplement her college tuition and ended up being in front of the camera for such elite clients as Chanel.  When Martha started a small catering business from her basement, it ended up becoming the multi- media platformed, multi-million dollar Empire it is today.


To emphasize the extent of how much Martha asserts her sense of control, when her company went public on the New York Stock Exchange in  1999, the Leonine leader served as Chairman, President, and CEO as well as held 96% control over Martha Stewart’s Living Omnimedia’s voting power.


And speaking of stock exchanges….


A problem emerged for Martha which grew over time.  When you’re used to always being in the driver’s seat of control and have a Midas touch with everything you remotely get involved with becoming a huge success, one can develop a perspective that’s a tad bit presumptuous.


And Martha did just that regarding her stock market investments made on Wall Street.


On December 27th, 2001 Martha Stewart sold all of her shares (3,928) she had invested in a biopharmaceutical company named ImClone Systems.  The following day ImClone’s stock value dropped 16%.


Stewart avoided a loss of approximately $45,000.


Martha Stewart was born with the Moon positioned in the 2nd House in the sign of Sagittarius. On the day she sold her stock shares, Pluto the planet of ruin, taboo and transformation was exactly conjunct her Moon and Saturn the planet of structure and Karma was in exact opposition to her Hubris Manifester.


When astrologically translated:

Martha Stewart’s Moon (Hubris Manifester) is in Sagittarius (the sign of luck, gambling and stock investing, along with stock exchanges in general) in the 2nd House (The House of Material Assets and Money).


Despite being this country’s first female billionaire when her company went public, Martha still took great risk in order to avoid losing a mere $45,000.  Dare it be said the Empress with so much abundance was nickel and diming the stock market with her greed, since Sagittarius is the sign ruled by Jupiter the planet of excess. Her hubris was in thinking she was above the laws which apply to those accused of conspiracy and making false statements to federal investigators.


Unfortunately the all controlling Empress had to face the painful realization of having not a shred of control over the severity of her punishment.


How Martha deviates from the other 3 Leos of sin filled example is that Ms. Stewart bravely faced the consequences of her actions by willingly going to a detention facility in remote West Virginia and fully serving her prison sentence of 5 months there.  She did not try to hide or avoid her punishment at all costs as we have seen with both the former Governor’s and President’s adamant denials of each of their wrong doings.  Martha not only served her time but as People Magazine would describe, the media mogul would take her “lemon of a sentence and make lemon soufflé”.  While in prison, Martha Stewart became an informal liaison for her fellow inmates and the administration, intent on improving the overall conditions for women incarcerated there.


By bravely facing the consequences of her actions, Martha the Lion Hearted proved the lion can rule the roost, anytime and more importantly, any place.



Saturn – The Karmic Judge with the Final Say


They say History repeats itself. This is especially the case when the Universe decides to make karmic example of a choice unevolved few as to leave a deep impression for all to hopefully learn from and not imitate.


As this article has shown, the majority of details behind two of this countries most notorious political sex scandals of California’s former Governor and America’s former President match each other almost to near completion.


Astoundingly, since none of the Solar Ruled personalities had the slightest intention of addressing their wrong-doings by actively divulging their sins to those they had wronged the most or by volunteering to admit what they had done in an open and upfront manner to society at large, The Universe added extra karmic emphasis for their Solar selves to finally own up to the fact they were not infallible by having their Hubris Manifester mirror their sins right back at them.


Saturn is known as “The Lord of Karma”, and its domain oversees such heavily serious areas of Life as the Law, Truth, Justice, and simply doing the right thing overall.


When both President Clinton’s and Governor Schwarzenegger’s Love Scandals were officially made known to the general public in January of 1998 and subsequently in May of 2011, The Lord of Karma was positioned in the sky during those choice moments when the public was made aware of the dirty laundry of these demi-gods, in a Venus ruled, or Love Oriented sign : Saturn in Venus ruled Taurus in 1998 & Saturn in Venus ruled Libra in 2011.


During those sobering Saturnine moments, the Universe confirmed to all of us these larger than Life Leos were most definitely not the demi-gods both we and they perceived them to be, nor were they above the reproach of modern society and immune from the laws established by their fellow mortals.


Here’s hoping all of us mark and remember these shining examples of Solar Sin as society bravely moves forward into the unfolding Future of the 21st century and beyond.

*The Natal Charts of all scandalous parties mentioned can be found in the slide show below entitled “Phaetons Across the Ages”.



Slide Show: Phaetons Across the Ages

Phaeton Classical

A classical rendition of the myth of Phaeton and the Chariot of the Sun

Phaeton cartoon

And a not so classical one. Image by Emma Webster



Arnold Natal

Arnold Schwartzenegger’s Birth Chart – Note nearly all of the planets positioned are on the left or Western hemisphere of the chart with the exception of the Hubris Manifester of the Moon all by its lunar lonesome on the right or Eastern Hemisphere, waiting to strike.



Bill Clinton Natal

The natal chart for the former President…..of Scandal, Bill Clinton.



Monica Lewinsky Natal

 Hey! why is the chart for Bill Clinton posted twice?
This one is Leo Sun, Libra Rising, Taurus Moon too…..
You mean to tell me Monica and Bill are the same person?



Martha Stewart Natal

The natal chart of the woman named “the goddess of domestic perfection” – Martha Stewart





As a Leo, Martha knows how to make her Solar self naturally grab everyone’s attention such as when her looks shined before the camera as a fashion model in the 1960’s:


Martha Stewart 1960s Fashion Model



Right until the present day with her love of Halloween and dramatic choice of costume.  Only a Leo could pull this look off, folks!



Martha Stewart as Dead Nurse Halloween 2016




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