Practice Makes Virgoan Perfect – The Wise Words of Sonny Rollins

Sonny Rollins


Time and again I am thrilled to observe Life imitating Astrology.  Today’s example is of a thoroughly Virgoan nature.

Practice makes what? Perfect? Only a Virgo could come up with a catch phrase that would deceive a person into believing if they repetitively practiced whatever discipline they were trying to master hard enough, then they would achieve that unattainable, not in any way possible state of existence better known as Perfection.

Despite this flawless state being of a purely fictitious nature, many a person born beneath the sign of the Harvest Maiden not only thinks it possible, a large number of Virgos will use Perfection as the working standard in their lives.

I recently listened to a fascinating interview with Jazz great and legendary saxophonist Sonny Rollins, the last person living who played with such Titans of the Jazz World as Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk, Dizzie Gillespie, the list goes on and on, etc. Mr. Rollins helped me to better understand the rationale behind the Virgo self deceiving themselves into the possibility of achieving Perfection.

At the height of his fame from 1959-1961 Sonny Rollins decided to take a two year sabbatical. Why? To practice. Every single day for two full years this already globally reputed musician went to the Williamsburg Bridge in NYC and practiced. When asked by the interviewer why he did this, in the Jazz great’s own words of heightened Virgoan humility:

“I’m such an incomplete player. I know that there is “more”. I need to get to that “more” place. I love to practice and I need to get to that “more” place.”

In this particular case, “more” by the way = “Perfection”.

The interviewer interrupts to ask – “Can you get there or is it like pushing the boulder up the hill? (referring to the myth of Sisyphus who is punished in Hell by pushing a boulder up a hill, laboring to the top, only to have the rock be invisibly pushed back to the bottom again)”

Rollins’ response is one said by a truly evolved Virgoan.

“It may be like that but each step further you take you see more, like a vista. You might never get there but every step you push the ball up there’s more exposed there for you to see. It’s a beautiful trick.”

Mr. Rollins turned 87 years old when he gave that interview last September 7th. Despite not being able to play his saxophone any longer due to health problems, the Virgo still practices.

“By the way I’m always practicing the saxophone in my mind. I’m always playing exercises and sequences and all that stuff.”

Practice may not lead us to that impossible state of being otherwise known as Perfection but following Sonny Rollins’ example may bring us pretty darn close.



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